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Hello everybody,


since the first german personal geocoins have been released

(by JeeperMTJ, darth_maul_3, Manituela, minz) I think it is time for our first geocoin! :rolleyes:


Here are the facts:

  • Quantity: 190 Antique Silver & 10 Antique Bronze
  • Size: 1,75"
  • colored 2D Design on front & back (5 regular colors)
  • Numbered (1-200), but NOT Trackable
  • Limited: 1 Coin/Person

Here is my first layout:



It is primarily intended to be used for trading!

Some are for my friends & family as a gift and some are for placing in caches.

I would like to trade them for personal geocoins or other coins I am seeking (please take a look: HerrK's Coin List).


For all those people who do not have something interesting to trade,

i will sell the coin for maximum $10 (inclusive international shipping - uninsured)

If the interest is higher than expected, I will raise the quantity up to 250 coins.


For this moment I would just like to know who is interested in my coin!?

This thread is NOT for pre-ordering, please do not write me any eMails for pre-order!


If I get enough feedback from you, I will order the coin next week.

If the coin is on the way to me, I will open a new thread with a special eMail address and the possibility for pre-ordering.


For all my previous trade partners:

Before I will open the pre-ordering thread you will get an eMail for a chance of pre-pre-ordering! :)



Andreas (HerrK)

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