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  1. Ending the sale . Thanks to all those that bought coins from me!!
  2. All coins already paid for are packaged to be shipped out in the morning. Still need payments from: Thanks all have paid and shipped. I'll keep these 4 sale til Sat. night then I'll have to end sale.
  3. list updated and all emails answered and invoices will follow soon. Thx
  4. Got to run to dentist appointment, will update later .
  5. Selling off a few of my extra trackable geocoins . All coins are trackable and unactivated. Shipping fees: $2.00 for first coin and $ .50 for each additional coin. US addresses only ( Sorry only have time to do US orders) Payment is Paypal only, I will send an invoice and will ship when paid. I'll give 24 hrs for invoice to be paid then I if not paid , I will offer coins to someone else. Email me thru my profile (NO PM's) $5.00 ------------- 2006 Indiana Micro - Gold ( 810 available) 2006 Kansas Sunshine BN ( 13 available) 2006 California Poppy micro $6.00 --------- 2006 Indiana Micro - LE silver (12 available) 2006 CITO (2 available) $7.50 --------- 2006 Indiana Micro XLE BN ( 45 available) 2006 Not another micro - camo, polished silver (2 available) Christ Centered - Narrow Gate version ( 23 available) 2006 Temecula Valley Event ( hot air balloon) Geoswag coin and pin club -( So this is a geocoin - coin only) Geoswag coin and pin club - ( Camo boots) Geoswag coin and pin club ( tools of the trade) What was in your Mailbox ver. 1 (silver) What was in your Mailbox ver 1 ( gold) 2006 USA (USXXXX tracking number version) Geocoin Club- Eat, meet and Greet 2006 Indiana CCCooperAgency MOGA event 2005 San Diego geocoin BN 2005 Germany (bronze) 2005 Germany (sliver) Thanks for looking ! UPDATED.
  6. The company I work for now mainly runs Midwest, South, and Southwest. But If I'm heading out that way, I'll let ya know. Do You get to Ohio? We are considered Midwest. LOL Thanks USA 45 Sometimes, but usually I get loads that deliver in Ohio, but drop off at our yrd in Southern Indiana so I can get home.
  7. The company I work for now mainly runs Midwest, South, and Southwest. But If I'm heading out that way, I'll let ya know.
  8. Yes it was great to meeting you both! Wish we had more time to go caching, maybe next time!
  9. Thanks for all the contact info. , as you know truckers have tight schedules and sometimes not much notice of where your going next. If I have time available to cache I usually check for nearby caches and check its logs and see whom I might know and email them. Met many cachers that way and think its makes trading personal coins more meaningful. Keep em coming as I am keeping notes so if I'm thru your area and time permits and of course parking spot for the truck , I will shoot you an email with my ph #.
  10. I'm sitting at the Petro off I 10 at exit 200 right now and will probably be leaving out Sunday morning, but not sure about time. Got to get to CA early enough to find a parking spot for the night. Email me what exit you're near and I'll see what Can happen. I also have a geocoin and TB that I'd like to place in a cache that I picked up in Iowa a few weeks ago.
  11. Hope that never happens again...at least not in a BIG truck.. You were great host when I was up there last year! New company, new routes , NO East coast with this company, but you already know that.
  12. I wish I started this sooner, I was just up there a few weeks ago. Maybe next time!!
  13. I sure will!! Thanks! I haven't been up that way yet but hope to someday.
  14. I'm an OTR truck driver and I'm currently sitting in Eloy, Arizona and wonder if there are any close geocoin collectors/ cachers that would like to meet up with me and maybe do a few caches and trade personal coins. I will be here from tonight 11-23 til 11-25 early am. After that I will be heading to Ontario, CA and will be there all afternoon on the 25th . Also looking for futher geocoin contacts along major Hwys to meet up with. Post messages here or email me and we'll go from there.
  15. Our personal coin was never sold by us and was only traded, placed in caches or gifted. We perfer it not to be sold .
  16. Wow ... My wife told me I got one of these in the mail today and sent me a pic thru the phone so I could see it ! Since I'm on the road now and will not be home for another 10 days , now I got something to look forward to. A very fitting coin for me since my birthday is a day after halloween. Thanks so much for the nice surprise in the mail !!
  17. Just because you cannot do it, doesn't mean some else cannot find a certain number of caches.
  18. Great, looks like the next time I make it home there will be a car lot in my mail. They look great and look foward to getting mine.
  19. I've seen these listed already on ebay, so have they shipped already?
  20. How about this? Maybe they can all be activated and put into caches so all can enjoy !
  21. I've had one of my personal coins picked up and moved to another cache and placer emailed me and told me which cache it was placed in.
  22. Kilted Cacher , if I believe is correct, had some bad coins with incorrect tracking numbers and released and traded and maybe even sold a few with tracking numbers scratched off back in 2005. These coins in my opinion should have been scrapped so issues like this confusion from happening. I think the same thing has happened with some other coins also. Anyone else remember this?
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