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  2. Thanks Erik. I guess typing up the write up at 1am allowed for a few grammar/spelling errors to slip through the cracks. I made the necessary changes and added a few more clauses. I'll leave this open for discussion for a few more days before I call a group vote and send it off to peer review.
  3. Co-ord's removed as suggested, thanks ;-) yes i'm unsure too, hence the post here.
  4. I would remove those coordinates from your post. This is an interesting situation. The cache owner logged in earlier this year but hasn't logged a find on a cache in 8 years. You sure are right about the container needing maintenance! I'm not sure what to do.
  5. I've been busy making my first cache to place locally, it took me some time and thought, I was happy to have completed it, I went to publish the cache with excitement only to find it's not allowed as another cache "Angles, Caches and Demons - FIRE" https://coord.info/GC27EVW is nearby or too close, wish I'd checked first! (lesson learned) however, this cache is in a very poor state when I found it in 2019 and hasn't changed since, I put a "requires maintenance" tag on it back then and contacted the CO but got no reply, many of the CO's caches are archived now so I tried messaging to ask if this cache would be archived soon too, as i'd like to place a cache nearby but the rules won't allow while this one is active, I got no reply to this message either, the CO was last online back in February so I'm not sure I will get an answer, was I wrong to ask the CO in the first place? I'd put so much effort into creating my first local custom cache I couldn't help feeling a but miffed when I went to publish it, my own fault I guess for not checking first, I doubt there is anything that can be done to continue and place it is there? Cheers - George.
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  8. Hallo. Ich möchte nach langer Zeit mal wieder cachen gehen. Ist hier jemand aus der Wesermarsch? Ich selber komme aus Brake.
  9. Closing this thread because it does not comply with forum guidelines. As noted in the guidelines, personal classified advertising is permitted in the 'GPS Garage Sale' forum and, per Geocoin Forum Guidelines, in the Geocoin Forum. However, bulk orders of up to 2,000 of anything is not personal classified advertising and would not be permitted anywhere in the Geocaching Forums.
  10. Hum if that case you have to archive it. Not sure why you suggest to let it in play if muggles frequently remove it.
  11. Where are you located? If you're anywhere around Amarillo TX I'll take you guys out caching and show you what's what. I'm sure some of the others here would do the same.
  12. Although I have had no update from Groundspeak on the ticket I raised with them back in May, it does seem that this issue has been resolved with the latest update to the search facility.
  13. I agree with Becktracker, the description looks great. I found some typos and misunderstandings in the description: Acceptable waymarks section: "- cemeteries (where 50% or more of the cemetery are WWI veterans; this excludes veteran sections unless that section is a different cemetery)" -> Do you mean, that for example the graveyard space maintained by the "Commonwealth War Graves Commission" on the Cologne Southern Cemetery (see WM14DT3) would be acceptable? If not the sentence has much room for interpretation ... Non-acceptable waymarks section: Like Becktracker already mentioned: at "graves of WWII veterans" the second "I" should be deleted. Concerning "- artillery (cannons, shells, ect. unless in a museum of which the museum shall be waymarked)" -> I think this wording would be better: "- artillery (cannons, shells, etc. belong to the category Static Artillery Displays. If they are in a museum the museum shall be waymarked)" In the PHOTO section: "However, depending on the size of the site it additional photos may be requested on a case by case basis." -> Here the "it" after "site" seems a little bit weird, but I'm not a native speaker so I don't know for sure. " If permission has been granted to use photos that are not yours, your waymark will be denied." -> Not sure about the intention here, but I think you want to emphasize, that the picture was taken personally. I would suggest that the sentence starts with "Even if permission ..." to make this more clear. I would also add a sentence/section telling that the "text on photographed signs should be readable". And a hint of "no GPS in the picture". In the COORDINATES section: "If this is a large building or site, coordinates can be obtain at the main entrance or visitor center" -> Not sure, but "can be obtained at" sounds better to me. In the DESCRIPTION section: "expanded in the long. LONG descriptions need to" -> For optical ans semantic reasons I'll would add an extra line between "long. LONG" -> for example "long. LONG descriptions ..." That's all for now. Yours Erik.
  14. Every week??? Why? I agree. If you use a good container and it's hidden well enough to prevent non-cachers from discovering/taking it, then there's no need to visit it weekly. As others have mentioned, the logs (usually) should provide you with enough information to determine whether or not it needs a visit. However, if you know you've used a container that typically has issues or is placed in a manner that leads to frequent discovery/removal, then a weekly check is probably a good idea.
  15. THANK YOU Becktracker for asking and FamilieFrohne for creating the first-in-a-region tool! I'm late to the thread and so glad to have found it. Like you all, "firsts" has been a fun curiosity that adds dimension to my playing the game. I'd been manually tracking mine in a very rudimentary document, but only for my state and, now quite apparently, not recently; I'd managed to record 63...and then was pleasantly very surprised to discover I'm at 93! Plus, I really appreciate the bonus of knowing ALL the regions/categories in which I have first entries -- 111 total as of today. I had no idea. Much fun! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  16. I loved visiting that station. (GC8JHNC) I like collecting SideTracked caches. Nervous though because it's a 'demand' stop and I have never alighted at a 'demand' stop before. However there were no problems. A scenic walk up the hill to the cache, but steep. I see I am still the last finder, way back in February, although the CO had it disabled for awhile because of Covid.
  17. Awesome, looks good! I've noticed that there is a section about WW2 graves not being accepted. This should be graves of WW1 veterans (as those go to specific veterans memorials).
  18. That's the way it is here, too. Except for tribute caches. For tribute caches, they defer to the honoree.
  19. Around here FTFs are a bit like snail racing. On one of my fairly recent hides (GC8JGWN), FTF was claimed a day after publication and 2TF rolled up almost two months later. A similar thing happened on a cache last year near Wondabyne railway station (one of the Sidetracked series) where I claimed FTF the day after publication and it was six weeks before anyone else came along. Admittedly I had a head start by living just one stop away, but even so I don't think our trains are that slow.
  20. Strange. The link is not visible for me. See following image: I'll take a look at the listing in the lunch break.
  21. Here, FTF is strongly competed for. No one is waiting for anyone. People down knifes and forks, etc, jump in their cars, on their bikes, etc, and head straight off. First there gets it. People who arrive at the same time and search together, do tend to share the FTF though. The FTF is often claimed, only a few minutes after publication. No waiting.
  22. Should be on the group page: Category Status: The World War I Sites category has been created (with variables). If you can't see it, here's the direct link: https://www.Waymarking.com/cat/details.aspx?f=1&guid=42887aa0-984e-4f4c-b699-3a704896cd19&gid=6&exp=True
  23. Is there a link to the (unfinished) category listing? As a normal member I cannot see it.
  24. The one time I've hunted a cache like this, I got to the first waypoint the same time as the "birthday girl" and we did the rest of the cache together, joined by the cache creators near the end. There were two groups of hunters ahead of us the whole time and at no point did anyone even hint that etiquette was being breached (except with regards to one group of hunters apparently taking a shortcut through private property). But essentially, published caches are fair game to all and FTF hunting is a race. It can be a friendly race full of cooperation, but it's still a race and you can't show up to a race saying only one person is allowed to compete. If you want a private caching experience, don't publish the cache. I wasn't around in the early days but I know it was reasonably common for hiders in my area to publish the cache details on IRC or their personal homepage etc. while waiting for approval on gc.com. Today it would be a faux pas to claim an FTF on cache before it's listed, but I assume the "honoring" here is supposed to be the cache itself, not awarding "points" in a sidegame. Your local practices may vary of course.
  25. Ok, I just wrote up the rough draft of the category. Anything I should add or subtract?
  26. I felt so free ... - there are many places in the world where the Great War was fought (of course most battlefields were in Europe (east and west) , but also the Japanese-Russian-War was part of it and also the fights lead by Lawrence of Arabia).
  27. Not like those. They are large single rings. I took some photos which I now can't find. I'll go back and take some more. They are ground level above cliffs, between #7 & #8 of my Two Beaches series.
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