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  2. Other than sending a private message or email (which you can't do from within the AL app), posting feedback on ALs isn't easy because owners don't get notified of activity logs so are unlikely to see anything you put in there, at least in a reasonably short timeframe, and if the problem results in you being unable to complete the AL there's no way to log anything, other than perhaps posting a DNF on the bonus cache if it has one. Okay, you can report a miscreant AL to HQ but that's probably overkill for a minor issue the owner can easily address.
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  4. I'm closing this duplicate, bumped thread in favor of the new thread started by the topic bumper.
  5. Tell them to use the Wherigo player in Geooh GO and they won't have that issue. It's not your cartridge, it's the WhereYouGo app that was written to use QR codes as an input source.
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  7. GPS Adventure Maze is coming to Victoria, Australia in November 2021 Geocaching Victoria has brought the GPS Adventure Maze icon down under with GC9C72H! This will be the first time ever that the GPS Maze has been to the Southern Hemisphere. It'll appear at The Wangaratta Event on the 13th-14th November 2021. More information can be found on Geocaching Victoria's website.
  8. I'm posting to ask whether there's any hope to get the bug fixed in the Android app that causes a message about QR codes to pop up whenever user input is required. I was unaware of this problem until very recently. I created a Wherigo for a summer geocaching challenge associated with the NY State Parks. I ran the cartridge through the simulator many times and performed field tests with my iPhone. I was therefore puzzled when the beta-tester reported that the cartridge kept asking for a QR code. Subsequent finders had no problem until another experienced user encountered the same problem and no
  9. I agree with Max and 99, I do think the griping about the lack of a bonus cache is unfair to the creator of the AL. Those who complete the Adventure Lab are entitled to their opinion, but I don't think you should expect a bonus for every Adventure Lab.
  10. Tallahassee-Lassie, I know you.... Come for another Visit
  11. It would be very difficult to define what is accepted and what is not. Are welcome signs accepted? Are sculptures accepted? What types of sculptures (words only or could there be an artistic part)? Personally, I don't really see a need for a new category here since they can be submitted to other existing categories. I would be open to it if these questions, among others, can be worked out.
  12. GPS Adventure Maze Announcement - YouTube
  14. If there was tighter saturation guidelines it is possible that some people would simply not place caches and that it could lead to a decline in geocaching.
  15. Just scanning a QR code to get coordinates is simple and fairly common. We have a whole series of QR caches here, with various twists, with things like recoded images that you have to process in some way to make is valid to scan. There are many variations of the concept once you leave the simple "scan QR to get final". At least that is what it looks like here. QR codes are fairly common.
  16. Of course I do that - I always give feedback though most cachers have stopped doing so in their logs. I have said it in my (too short) log of the lab cache which will hopefully warn others. And I'll add this to my (much longer) bonus log. Good to know that, thank you, but still - I do not like it. Why not make it the same rule as with multi caches? The cache should be listed where the cache starts. Luckily enough this is the first time that this happens and maybe - only maybe :-( - the owners will change it. Jochen PS: Thank you, K
  17. The owner of an Adventure is free to set the starting coordinates for it to anything they like. It sounds as though in this case, they chose a non-optimal location. I would provide them with feedback on the issues you ran into because of that.
  18. Hi dprovan, hi all, that might be one reason, thank you. I wonder if you may use any coordinate or only of the stages? In this case you needed to give completely free coordinates (and that way I could list my urban lab cache in antarctica!?). By the way I do not like cache coordinates at parking areas. For instance with multi caches the guidelines say clearly that stage 1 is at the posted coordinates but still some multi caches "start" at the parking lot far away from stage 1. We should not forget that not everyone only caches by car and I hate it when I ride my bicycle
  19. I don't know how many garage sale trowels I've ruined while digging down to a bench mark or other monument because they won't stand much prying force. I recently saw one of these, a gardener's Nisaku NJP650 weeding and digging knife. Somewhat pricey at $20-25, but very sturdy, sharp edges for cutting roots or other vegetation, and inch and cm scales as a bonus. Much handier than a machete for those occasions when you don't need the length. It comes with a sheath but probably isn't legal to carry in public. A downside is that it is sharp enough to cut utility lines that the old trowels
  20. I don't know about that AL, but I could understand an AL posted at the parking area even though you have to walk from there to start at stage 1. In fact, that makes enough sense that I'd say it should be allowed even if the AL you're looking at used the feature poorly.
  21. Hi all, as most of you know, there are two settings for adventure lab caches considering the order in which you visit the stages: - you can visit the stages in any order you like or - you can visit only the next stage and the owner forces the order of your visits. So far, so good, but today we made a lab cache of the second type and the posted coordinates of the whole adventure (place of the lab icon) were not at the starting stage but stage 4 which was about 2 kilometres away from the start. Fortunately we saw this as we made a second lab cache parallel
  22. You will be pleased with a Montana 700.
  23. I've been caching for 15 years, and am slowly (very slowly) nearing 5000 finds. Thus.. not a super busy cacher, but I'm still not bored. Sub-games for me really are caching in different countries and EarthCaches. And hiking multies. I absolutely have no idea what my 5000th cache will be, but considering it's customary that my milestones are random garbage bin caches or similar I'm not planning anything but just let 'it' happen.
  24. The GPSMAP 66sr uses TopoActive maps that are updated twice a year, while the GPSMAP 64st came pre-loaded with a (now) much older Garmin Topo map that is not updated. It is standard practice for Garmin to 'lock' these maps to the hardware they were originally pre-loaded on, and this prevents either device from reading or using a pre-loaded map from the other. The TopoActive maps do have additional information and functionality that was never available at the time the firmware for the older GPSMAP 64 series was created, so even if the TopoActive map were successfully cop
  25. Everything is super slow. Lists are not consistently working on my droid tablet this morning. Downloads are taking a long time to start, and then stall a few times during the download. Even my smallest list loads "halfway", and then fails. But Pocket Queries eventually load.
  26. I moved this thread from the "How do I....?" forum.
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