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  2. Lol, jak odkryłem to forum kilka lat temu, to jednym z pierwszych tematów było, dlaczego m1strzunio wstawia do logów pseudoformularz z FTFami w klamrach, a potem pisze, że ich nie zdobył
  3. Government: depends on the country. Official US docs (written by a government employee in the course of the employee's official duties) are public domain. Canada's are copyrighted. I'm not sure if they're available under Fair Use clauses or not. I'm not sure about other countries. Usually websites will contain usage policies - whether they allow reproduction of the material (with or without citations), etc.
  4. No, sorry, they would not qualify because they are not written by Patricia Schultz.
  5. Let's see if we can lengthen that list. Would a government websites' material be copyrighted, or public domain? How about other, online, encyclopædias? Trying to think of other examples (that I have copied from in the [dark and distant] past)... ... Keith
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  7. Pretty much. LOL! There are things that you can quote (like Wikipedia) if you cite the source; not everything has a hard, strict copyright.
  8. Well, Andreas, it you're willing to flesh it out, I'd be willing to do a full edit of the English translation. Keith
  9. I have recovered a few marks into Wisconsin when I was working at Michigan DOT. Once was assigned to occupy this BM along a railroad West if Pembine, Wis. I had to get permission to cross private property to reach the mark. Another time I was on a Station along US 141 Wausaukee Wis when a local property owner walked by and looked at my state truck and come over and asked me if I was aware I was lost? Drew some attention sitting there for 6 hrs. QM0023_MAGNETIC: N = NO MAGNETIC MATERIAL QM0023_STABILITY: B = PROBABLY HOLD POSITION/ELEVATION WELL QM0023_SATELLITE: THE SITE LOCATION WAS REPORTED AS SUITABLE FOR QM0023+SATELLITE: SATELLITE OBSERVATIONS - April 15, 1992 QM0023 QM0023 HISTORY - Date Condition Report By QM0023 HISTORY - 1934 MONUMENTED CGS QM0023 HISTORY - 19920415 GOOD MIDT QM0023 HISTORY - 20010331 MARK NOT FOUND NGS QM0023 HISTORY - 20051115 MARK NOT FOUND WIDT QM0023 QL0664 CBN - This is a Cooperative Base Network Control Station. QL0664 DESIGNATION - WAUSAUKEE GPS QL0664 HISTORY - Date Condition Report By QL0664 HISTORY - 1989 MONUMENTED WIHD QL0664 HISTORY - 19900719 GOOD QL0664 HISTORY - 19971001 GOOD WIHD QL0664 HISTORY - 20010411 GOOD MIDT QL0664 HISTORY - 20040423 GOOD GEOCAC QL0664 HISTORY - 20051128 GOOD WIDT QL0664 HISTORY - 20080908 GOOD WIDT QL0664 HISTORY - 20140801 GOOD WIDT QL0664 HISTORY - 20150803 GOOD WIDT
  10. WOW! More WMs there than I expected. Old Elyob does get around (I assume it's his that you refer to). Myself, the last time I was in Ladysmith was 12 years before we created our first WM. Keep trying, LH. You're bound to get one eventually. Keith
  11. I had never seen that one before, and I was confused too! That category is unfamiliar to me, as I live smack dab in the middle of the country.
  12. Okay, thank you. I know how the variable part normally works, I was just curious since the challenge one seemed designed to be checked by people visiting
  13. So I'm only safe from the slammer if I quote a dead person. Do I have that right?
  14. I'm not a waymarker, but I know a little something about copyright. Copyrights for the vast majority of countries are for 70 full years after the author's death. For the US, it's more complicated, but everything published 95 full years or longer ago are definitely out of copyright in the USA. So if you used material from a book by an author who died in 1949 or earlier and published in 1924 or earlier, you'd be pretty darn safe from copyright claims. (I think Mexico is Life+100 or something like that, but it's such an outlier, it's hardly worth consideration.)
  15. Some categories specifically state that you are NOT to quote any material from a book because the text is copyrighted (same with photos). Yet some categories require a quote from another source. This contradiction causes me concern.
  16. Check none and continue. None of those are required for a visit. Those are variables listed for posting a waymark (see the category description). When variables are left blank, and someone visits the waymark, sometimes they are asked if they can fill them in. On the lighthouse category description, there are three links related. Two are dead. This is the only one still active: https://cheslights.org/maryland-lighthouse-challenge/ This is just an fyi. No need to worry about any of those variables when you visit a waymark. They are only offered as a way for you to include additional information.
  17. When creating an Adventure Lab the owner can choose whether it needs to be done in order or not
  18. Only 2 left... --- Harvey's Pack #3 --- Team Bear-Cat #2 - Nancy
  19. Glad you did The next one should be the Halloween one. Someone else is hosting that one
  20. Versuche mal statt auf weiter direkt oben auf den 4. Schritt zu klicken. Evt. kommst du so weiter.
  21. Interesting design. Larger screen, flatter profile, looks like it's dock-ready. Routable topographic map (probably part OSM-based?). Interface with a quicklink taskbar at the bottom. Looks like it's built to interface with a vehicle dock. I wonder if the Montana is now being marketed less as a handheld and more as an adventure-mobile device. I also wonder if this forecasts changes to the Oregon lineup when the next version in the series gets released - soon I hope. It would be nice to see the oregon get a larger screen while retaining its nice hand-held size.
  22. Finally, a Montana 6x0 replacement is available! Check out Garmin's Montana 7x0 press release here.
  23. Zapytałbym @m1strzunio szerzej: po co w kilkuset innych skrytkach w logu dodałeś FTF w klamrach, jeśli znalazłeś je kilka lat po publikacji???
  24. Would it possibly be easier to use a 16x2 LCD screen to display coordinates rather than a webpage on a phone? Some folks only use GPSrs to cache.
  25. Thanks Claire for the replacement package! I just received it yesterday (8/4). Despite the ups and downs we went through with this whole Mission, I can't wait for the next one!!
  26. J"aimerais avoir la liste des abréviations utilisées sur le site
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