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  2. See the Help Center article Find another geocacher's profile.
  3. How do I find someones profile? I know they have an account, and I know their user name. But how do I find them?
  4. Ja schon, ich lach über deine Bezeichnung.
  5. You are free to archive any cache you own if you no longer feel like owning it.
  6. Thank you for this helpful advice. You were correct - @DougDawn had not resubmitted their cache for review until this evening. I'm sure that their Reviewer will respond promptly now that they can see the cache in their review queue.
  7. Did you post a reviewer note to that effect (issue addressed), and re-submit it? That's how you get their attention.
  8. Anyone else encountering long delays getting caches approved? Reviewer had a concern which I immediately addressed and it has now been weeks since with no reviewer response or approval. Wasaga Beach vicinity.
  9. I once came to a walking bridge where the old wooden bridge had been removed and a new metal replacement was being constructed. A cache had been hidden under the old wooden bridge and as I had found it I knew where it had been hidden. I was going to contact the CO and say their cache was gone, when I spotted it under a nearby tree. The workers had found it as they removed the old bridge and placed it safely under the tree. So, even with construction, the cache might sometimes be rescued.
  10. Here in Canberra, I once was taking record stage photographs of a multistorey building for the customers, being build by a well known (here) building company that builds high rise apartment buildings, etc. (This building was rather different; more 'out there' in design.) I had to go through an induction to be allowed on without an escort, given instruction what to do and not do, such as don't walk backwards (good instruction for a photograph 😁), or I might fall down a hole, where the first aid is, etc. After the induction I could put on my yellow vest and hard hat and just make a phone call to let them know I was going on site. Certain areas I was not allowed (along with many workers), but they were signed so, such as on the roof, where only roofers were allowed. I did go up and stand on the top of the temporary stairs though to take pictures. I had a new house built, and I was only allowed on site when the builders were there. Yes, without permission and being escorted or inducted, it's not allowed to just wander onto a building site.
  11. Hopefully they won't after awhile change that back to a found, because it is my understanding that no new email to you will be generated. Which it should do, if a note or DNF is changed to a find. The other way doesn't matter. Same reason I prefer that. I can see for instance if this person regularly doesn't sign logs, or is a 'difficult' person to deal with.
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  13. I recently purchased another caching app (Geooh GO) because I needed something with Wherigo support. When I started it for the first time, it produced a whole lot of pop-up text trying to teach me how to use the app, but I just dismissed them all without reading them as I really needed to get in and start the Wherigo. In hindsight that surprised me a bit as, with my engineering background, I've been pretty much ingrained to always read the manual before starting on anything new. So no, in general I suspect any pop-ups about signing the log would most likely just get dismissed without being read, especially with phone apps where the expectation is for instant gratification without having to do any prior reading.
  14. The challenge is covering all the basics in an App that is designed to be just click-n-go... without overwhelming the user with information that they already know. There are a bunch of perfectly good basic Geocaching videos accessible from the App. If they're failing to sign logs, and especially if they're moving cache boxes around, people must be making no effort at all to learn out how to Geocache. Is there evidence that pop-up text solves that problem? I wonder.
  15. I sure have! I've been contacted by the creators of sculptures, memorials, and a sundial. It's also incredibly rewarding to be contacted by someone who has a close connection to what I've waymarked, like serving with the veteran in the military. One mother who has a beautiful sculpture dedicated to her daughter who passed away even provided me a photo to add to the waymark.
  16. I edited my log on Chrome, no problems.
  17. Oh, interesting, that is unexpected. To give yet another solution, you could keep track of the active state of the zone separately, and only accept events if that flag is true. It means that you have to double up on the work of hiding a zone (hide it, and also set the flag).
  18. Just a short time ago, I got an email from a mother who memorialized her son by created a dedicated bench, of which I waymarked several years back: https://Waymarking.com/waymarks/wm14TWX_John_Moran_Jr_Charlestown_MD The email said this: "Thank you for Waymarking my sons memorial bench. At least I think you did this. It is in Charlestown Maryland where John lived. I am not sure how it happened and just know that I am so thankful for you. It says you were the poster of the waymark and I don't know how any of this works. He is so missed, my only son, was getting married, just purchased his first home. Anyhow you have no idea how much this means to me." I often wondered if any of the memorials I waymarked would be seen by family members or friends of the person. Quite frankly, Waymarking is the only place that catalogues these things which not only posts the location of the memorial, but also puts them in a catalogue database for the world to see. I am very humble to have created this waymark and to see John's legacy come full circle. Has anyone been contacted by the family of a memorial you waymarked? This is the first time for me. I have yet to respond to John's mother, but I will post an update soon!
  19. That surprised me, so I had to look to see which countries had the most caches. I always thought it was the US then Germany then Canada, but it looks like France made it to the #3 spot (and the UK made #5).
  20. So, who should respond? A lackey? Not a moderator, agreed. It was a generic you. For anyone at Groundspeak. The issue appears to be resolved anyway.
  21. I'm probably in a different situation since all my hides are in bushland rather than urban areas. I currently have two caches disabled due to works going on in the vicinity. One (GC5H5G2) where a section of the walking track is being upgraded and although the cache is some 50 metres away from the track, the closure makes access impossible. In this case, the works are minor and expected to be completed by the end of the week, at which point I'll do a quick check and re-enable it. The other, GCA4AG7 in Strickland State Forest, I've removed while a scheduled hazard reduction burn-off is done as, depending on how close to the cache the fire comes, it could easily melt. After the burn-off is finished and the forest re-opened, I'll put it back. I try to keep a close watch on park and forest closure notices, particularly at this time of year when burn-offs are widespread, but I can occasionally get caught unawares and would appreciate a heads-up from cachers who might encounter an access closure. I'd be less appreciative if that heads-up came in the form of an NA log and a TD from the reviewer giving me 30 days to fix the problem.
  22. When the Intro app came out, we'd find our ammo cans miles away from where they were placed. - Cachers saw them (usually out in the open) walking to another cache and notified us, The few we could contact said, "I thought that's how this game is played..." Fortunately, that ended quickly...
  23. If I find a cache I can't access because it's stuck or frozen in place, I leave a NM and move on. It's just a cache... And I'd know that you were there how? This is a fun, very basic hobby... Find the cache and sign the log to show you were there. The rare time I head somewhere that has a nano anymore, I can write C1 in it's tiny log, even with my arthritic paws, and mention it in my log...
  24. If you wanted a workaround, you could create a flag variable and a timer. You can set the flag and start the timer prior to setting up the game board. Any zone events fired during this time should be ignored by your code. After the timer elapses, you can unset the flag, which will then enable zone events. Perhaps something like that.
  25. If I try to change a log via the link below the log, I get a blank page with the message that the site is not safe. The link to upload a photo does work. It seems to be a setting in my PC/browsers. All the caches cleared and cookies are deleted. VPN turned off, pc reboot, etc. Other browser tried doesn't help. Who knows what I need to change? Windows 10 / edge / Crome. No ad-blocker I was able to change the log on my phone and a other pc.
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