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  2. Just tried several random ones and got message every time.
  3. As the original question was "published in the last week" the discussion of adding a 'missing' Published Log to older caches, while interesting, is moot. Since the API has the ability to return such a list, adding that functionality to PQ's would be nice. But it would take a rebuilding (if not a whole new 'item') of the PQ code for it to use the API (who knows, maybe GS is thinking/planning that). So it seems that API Partner apps/programs are the way to do this currently.
  4. Is this for all cartridge downloads? If not, what specific GC is not working?
  5. Your cache is there: https://www.geocaching.com/seek/nearest.aspx?u=Lucasw805 Try to re-log or delete cookies in your browser.
  6. This is not a new trend. It has been a common pattern for some brand new waymarkers since the beginning. I receive submissions with visit requirements (sometimes visit requirements only, no other text) on a regular base in lots of categories. Not a big deal, deny and explain why. If such a submission is accepted in error, this can be corrected.
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  8. Ich meinte natürlich, dass alle Angaben zur Wegpunktprojektion zu Hause angegeben sind, also - Ausgangskoordinate - Distanz - Winkel Und ich gehe davon aus, dass das auch wieder mal fast allen klar war. Natürlich ist das etwas ganz anderes, wenn eine der drei Infos vor Ort bestimmt werden - dann ist es eine klare Multi-Aufgabe. Und für mich gibt's zwei Möglichkeiten: * "Station 1" ist besonders, dann gibt es auch eine mögliche Aufgabe für die Projektion. Und wenn es nur ist "Im Umkreis von 50 Metern findest du ein besonderes Objekt. Peile von hier aus......" ist - da kann man etwas daraus machen. * "Station 1" ist eine sinnlose Koordinate. Warum sollte man dann da hingehen? Meiner Erfahrung nach passiert das reine projizieren genau an den sinnlosen Koordinaten - z. B., weil da ein Bild auf die Karte gezeichnet werden soll. Nicht selten haben die Koordinaten auch mit dem weiteren Verlauf gar nichts zu tun und ich habe schon solche Peilungen gesehen, die über mehr als 1000 Meter gingen, einfach, damit die Koordinate jetzt eben da liegt. Im ersten Fall - das ist der Fall, an dem ich die Koordinaten gerne besuche - kriegen die Owner es in aller Regel auch hin, vor Ort wirklich eine Aufgabe zu finden. Und sei es nur, die Bänke vor Ort zu zählen, um Distanz oder Winkel zur Projektion auszurechnen. Herzliche Grüße Jochen
  9. You didn’t say that before. You are correct that basic members have fewer benefits than paid members, and that The Official App doesn’t display advanced caches. That’s the main reason there are paid members, to see all the caches, save and manage lots of cache hunts. You stated that cachers “have no way to hunt them”. But they do. Being directed to a set of coordinates is a way to hunt them. There’s a database and many options, including not using an App at all. Or using an App that allows downloading cache pages. But that’s more advanced than a demo providing a quick and easy way to find a cache using what you already have without any additional investment. The App is designed to let you try out your phone, to go find an easy cache, for free. It’s super common for Apps to be inconvenient until a subscription (recurring or additional payments providing benefits, where you don’t know the value of such benefits in advance). They even let you play a very easy round or two, maybe not a challenging one. An intro, a demo. Most ALL “free” game Apps are like that. If you like the App, you buy “gems and coins” for more benefits, yet still get popups to buy more gems and coins all the time. But for free game Apps, nobody sticks to only the limitations of a level or two. They “grind” more coins. They use tricks found on web sites. They work around the limitations. It’s not convenient for free, and that’s the point. Pay to play, and specifically, pay over and over so that the App that you like continues to exist. Because, if they are honest, they will tell you they can afford this App’s fees. Pay for a month, try all of it. Or cache with the Geocaching friend who told you about it. There aren’t great caches everywhere you are. So find out what all those gray icons are. If unimpressed, you now know what the caches are like, and you’re done, no more fees. But at least it wasn’t counter productive.
  10. Friday morning list. Only 18 to go Hoping to take a few names off before the week-end Ally&Joe (not received Jan 6) catlyke (not received Jan 12) Cunigunda (not received Jan 7) DireWolf821 #5 (not received Jan 5) EatSleepCacheOnline #2 (not received Jan 11) JoenGPS (not received Jan 5) Laval K-9 #1 (not received Jan 5) Laval K-9 #2 (not received Jan 5) Little_Brownie Neltra #2 (not received Jan 5) o0rxkxrox0o (not received Jan 12) peace love pi (not received Jan 5) qqnonrev – Ray (not received Jan 5) Rich_F (not received Jan 11) sapphire_45 SeabeckTribe #2 (not received Jan 6) Staygold678 (not received Jan 5) Team Bear-Cat – Nancy
  11. Welcome to @Keifoort, and congrats on your first published waymarks
  12. Tradicional em Santa Catarina https://coord.info/GC951ZW Farol da Barra da Lagoa BOAS CACHADAS!
  13. Yes, in retrospect I think you're right about that.
  14. Interesting. You're talking about ~54,000 caches remaining from 2000 to late July 2005, and I don't know how many later with archived publish logs. I really don't like "publish log matching placed date", because there are some caches with large differences between cache owner selected placed date, and the date they came live on Geocaching.com. Publish log matching publish date (assuming that can be known) would be nice. The old way to publish was a check box available to admins. The very old way of publishing was altering the URL, and there may be other ways that I don't know about. I don't know those generate anything scrapable by the site.
  15. So there are work arounds like other apps, using the website, but back to the original question, is it counter productive? We need to consider the goals. We the users love the features and would like all non premium caches shown but there is a bigger goal to keep geocaching alive and that needs HQ funded, writing code, overseeing, and making extra events like - wonders of the world - memory lane - mystery at the museum... Sure it'd be nice if our newly indoctrinated friends could see everything but i'm sure we'd see a significant decline in premium memberships and the budget for HQ would get really tight (layoffs maybe?). IMHO I would prefer all D/T ratings shown but I understand. It sure beats having ads everywhere since there are so many workarounds. So for the goal of keeping geocaching alive and funded I do not think it is counter productive, even though I dislike it.
  16. I thought of the blue switch as a classification term. Green switches often refer to companies becoming economical and carbon neutral. I always thought the "blue" switch refers to the releasing of technology, turning on that technology with regard to the public's eye. Why blue? Outside of the matrix trilogy blue seems to be the primary media depicted color of computer based technology, possibly thanks to windows using blue a lot.
  17. Interesting insight, thanks. I don't think the placed/published date thing is a problem that needs to be fixed, but I would expect it would be relatively simple for TPTB to automatically undelete any deleted publish logs, or add a published log matching the existing placed date on any that never had one.
  18. Genau, das ist dann wie bei Mystery mit (Zuhause-Rätsel) oder Reverse-WIGs, die kann man einfach schon vorher fertig machen. Kein Grund, vor Ort herumzuprokeln wenn es schon zu Hause geht. Ansehen kann man sich die Station ja trotzdem noch wenn sinnvoll.
  19. As of 7:00 AM CST on 1/15/2021 still getting that error.
  20. "Wikipedia was launched on January 15, 2001, by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger." (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia) It has been and still is a great source of information, that nowhere else is to be found. Hopefully, it will never go away. I wish Wikipedia all the best for the future. Happy birthday!
  21. Thanks to ESCO for acting as an ambassador in seeking operatives in NT, SA, and Tasmania. Those efforts have produced direct communication with SA and Tasmania to arrange movement of trooper TB to each. NT is pending contact as of this post. So for now, it looks like this deployment support request is just about complete in just three-weeks time. AWESOME! Thanks to all for your consideration and willingness to assist.
  22. Brief history: Publish as a log type dates from July 2005, to support notifications. For some years thereafter, cache owners deleted the publish log; archived logs won't return in a query. If it were offered, no matter how LARGE and BOLD the warnings offered that query on Published will not return any caches older than late July 2005 and will miss many placed thereafter, and will not return Events with forward dates, people would relentlessly complain about their bad query results. ;-) Perhaps in the future, as there are few caches remaining that don't have Publish log, that could be a project.
  23. Das ist doch ein anderer Anwendungsfall, hier ging es um Multis die so anfangen "Peile von den Koordinaten des Startpunktes (oder den Listingkoordinaten) x° y m ..."
  24. I don't think so. Lockheed Martin is responsible for designing and launching most of them.
  25. I've found if I send more than one picture in the Message Centre on the website, the message doesn't get sent and just disappears from the conversation. I seem to have to send the message, then the pictures in separate messages as only one image is visible.
  26. Sent my info to Laval K-9: 15/Nov/2020Name received from Laval K-9: 28/Nov/2020Sent my gift: 30/Nov/2020My gift arrived at destination: 02/Jan/2021I received a gift: 13/Jan/2021 My first participation in this kind of thing. LOVED IT Looking forward for the next one Greetings from Portugal!
  27. I use the 'Personal Cache Note' box to type answers for stages. This way, I can always come back to the notes, just in case i need them.
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