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  2. My advice is to try to borrow one or more dedicated devices from friends or relatives (if possible) and use them for a few caching excursions. That will help you decide what features are "must have". What you may find is that you prefer the smartphone app over the dedicated device. If you scan through the forum posts you will find some similar experiences from other users who switched from smart phone app to dedicated. Some folks think it was a waste of money, others think it was the best decision they ever made. It depends a lot on how and where you cache.
  3. FWIW, those states are both in the "Bible Belt". Honestly, if it were my grave, I'd be delighted if someone found a use for it (and the surrounding area) other than just a repository for my ultimate contribution to compost/recycling. I also realize I'm likely in an outlying minority in this respect. I can't help but think about the many cemeteries in this country that are historically relevant because of the grave sites they contain. Some (I'm thinking celebrity sites) sell maps, offer tours... Check out goggle for videos of all kinds of cemeteries. As far as confrontations, it's been my experience that there is a subset of people in some menial jobs who get on power trips; they may have been given some duty/responsibility that in their own inflated self importance blossoms into something far above & beyond their actual job description, Couple that with individuals of certain opinions/values, and you've got a recipe for confrontation--NO MATTER WHAT. This can also include some individuals in the "nosy neighbor" category. A skill that has helped me in dealing with such individuals is the ability to read people, and to think fast on my feet. Short of that, I would try to come up with a plausible answer ahead of time. (See potential trouble coming before it does.) This doesn't necessarily mean a lie, either. In a similar situation to the OP's (I wasn't there, so I can't really evaluate), I might have said I was doing research (well...). Beyond that, it depends. It helps some that I also have some training in dealing with irate neighbors and conflict resolution. Again, I defer to goggle for elucidation/specifics.
  4. I'd like to put my two cents in.... I do agree with TimenPatricia. I think that an easy cache is in the eyes of the beholder. If I am going to travel an hour or more to then hike in a kilometre to get to a possible location, I'd like to have some assurance that I was in the right area. I think that if I have done the work solving a cache then I will go and find it. Many of the cache owners who have not chosen to include a Geochecker are gracious enough to confirm coords by messaging, in my area, since many are deep in forest tracts. I have also had others who don't respond to requests. It becomes a safety/legal factor. You don't want to be wandering unnecessarily around a forest or on private property, etc. (As previously stated in others' comments). Either way, having a Geochecker as a requirement for placing a puzzle cache is a good idea in my opinion. "Three tries a day" rule is fine by me. P.s. New to posting. Thanks for all the interesting thoughts!
  5. Today I also discovered that I no longer can edit the coordinates of my own caches and now searched the forums for any information regarding this topic. I also need this feature for my caches and wonder why it was removed (maybe unintended?)? Unfortunately I've already entered the final coordinates for a cache weeks ago, and now I need to change them because the final location changed. It would be helpful to get any information. Greetings, fraggle
  6. I attempted to correct the coordinates for a puzzle cache that I own (enter corrected coordinates), but the pen icon for editing does not appear. It does appear for anyone else's caches that I view. But not for any of mine. I have always used this feature to enter the final location for my puzzle caches. What gives?? Secondly, for well over a week, I have not received an alert email when someone Messages me. That has always worked well in the past, but is not working at all now. I discovered about 10 unseen messages that never generated alerts. I sure hope that feature hasn't gone away! Any suggestions? (I am still receiving alerts when my caches are logged) Many Thanks! Seawind
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  9. You do that from the map settings. Go to Setup > Map and I think it's the first option in the list to choose which maps are enabled or disabled. You might also be able to reach this page from the map page. I know you can with the Oregons. Because of the number of clicks necessary to get to the map setup and turn maps on and off, I usually keep my map settings unique for each profile so that it's a quicker switch. Driving profiles (I have two) keep a routable map on top. Hiking and geocaching keep a topo trail map on top and the street maps turned off.
  10. Perfect, thanks! I have a separate SD card for my 62, so I'm well familiar with the drill. All I will need to learn how to do is switch from one map to another. Back to helping the OP... you may find the gpsMAP series a better choice if you are a hiker/backpacker. I like the convenience of attaching the GPS to my shoulder strap with a carabiner. Overall the unit seems a bit more "rugged" than the Oregon series, which reminds me of a smartphone.
  11. This question is not limited to 64ST users, but all users with a **T model. Yes, you can install other maps with it. The included topo map is installed on the device's onboard memory, and there is still room left over for more maps, but I recommend installing other maps onto a SD card.
  12. Mineral2 gave very good advice. I currently use a gpsMAP 62, but I grabbed a 64ST as an upgrade on Amazon Prime Day. The sale price was too good to pass up, and I've struggled with the limits on waypoints I could load on the 62. Either the 64 series or the Oregon series are good choices. Stay away from any other manufacturers, as they've either exited the handheld market or are on the decline. A question for other owners of a gpsMAP 64ST: I am looking forward to using the included Topo maps. But, can I still install OpenStreetMaps for "regular" maps and turn-by-turn directions?
  13. Sorry is dubbel. Topic mag weg
  14. Nova Tradicional em Santa Catarina A Fenda na Montanha BOAS CACHADAS!!!
  15. Garmin Oregon series: Pros: Touch screen interface is most similar to a cell phone. Highest resolution screen of all the GPS units. Customizable button. Cons: Touch screen is sensitive to water, doesn't always work well with gloves. Garmin gpsMAP series (64, currently): Pros: Buttons work in any condition. Cons: Button interface is slow and cumbersome. screen resolution is low. No customizable button. Garmin eTrex series: Pros: least expensive, when others are not on sale. Cons: They're underpowered toys when the Oregon and gpsMAP series feel like tools. single joystick interface. Within each series, there's some variation with regard to features. Base models work as a GPS receiver. But additions in the fancier models include a 3-axis electronic compass and barometric altimeter (these are more useful than you think, especially for sport navigation), built in cameras (not that useful, but I'm a photographer and keep a better camera on me anyway), and topo maps (useless, you can get better free topo maps). Therefore, I would recommend either the Oregon 700 or the gpsMAP 64s, with the eTrex 30 only if you're in a bind. You might continue using your cell phones for now and wait to see if REI has any GPS sales over labor day. I see that you live in the UK, so the REI sales aren't really advantageous to you.
  16. I wonder if this might be an issue with the GME (Geocaching Map Enhancements) userscript. (The screenshot shows the GME tools at the bottom left corner.) I have looked at OpenCycleMap on the geocaching map both with and without the userscript being active. "API Key Required" only appears with the userscript. Sorry, but I can't help with a solution.
  17. G Great, that was the solution I was looking for. I could not figure out how to do this from the general firefox options.
  18. It's not really up to me to be the community cache Poilce, so I'll just watch and see what becomes of the listing. I've met the CO, know for a fact that they have permission for the hide, but just don't play the game anymore. Reminds me of Navi-Cache in the direction we are heading. There were several listings in my area where the owners just left and the game.
  19. If you are for certain the cache is missing, and the CO is MIA, I'd log a NA and move on.
  20. I can't see that being the case, with geocaching on a decline. I do think that without our community volunteers help we will see more of the throwdown mentality to keep the game going, which only degrades my geocaching experience. I once found a cache placed by a new player that was 200 + feet off and the coordinates were to a tree in a neighbors yard but the clue was good. Both are missing from the game now, but the cache is still listed and is being DNF'd now. I'm sure that I have an extra cache container I could drop off, but is that geocaching?
  21. You can turn off notifications in Firefox by site. This is from "You can reset this to the default (or outright disallow it) on a per-site basis by right-clicking somewhere in a blank spot of the site (or pressing Ctrl-I on Windows or Cmd-I on Mac) and then selecting "View Page Info" from the opening menu. This opens a window with a "Permissions" tab. I that, scroll down to the very bottom until you see "Show Notifications" as the third-to-last entry. Either reset that to the default, or just select "Block".
  22. A walk through old forests to a unique natural feature... cliff, boulder, tree, ruin, etc..... to a sturdy container. Nice views and a dose of off trail navigation is an additional plus.
  23. Oh, for Pete's sake! Like a computer, the dev took my bug report literally and changed the link on every cache to the same value. Lesson learned!
  24. Thank you all who responded to my questions. I still don't understand what I did wrong, or didn't do right, but I think I'll revert to my original method of downloading directly from and copying the files over to the garmin.gpx folder - that method seems to be safer!
  25. Either that or the work load for the reviewers has increased.
  26. Same sort of trouble here. I attended an event, logged it and it did not come up in the Friend League. Editing and saving did not help. Deleting the log and posting an Attend again did help: the coins are there now. I'm guessing the trouble is I booked it as an 'Will attend' first and then changed it to 'Attend'. Even worse is I have attended a Mary Hyde event on 16 July (GC77TN6), but I did not get the souvenir. Probably the same issue and not so easy to fix as the Event has already been archived.. Well, no tears for pirates, I guess.
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