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  2. searchjaunt

    Wherigo.com server error 503 again.

    I need to update one of my cartridges and I can't even login anymore. When will this be finally fixed?
  3. IceColdUK

    Not receiving notifications

    Spam folder?
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  5. RuideAlmeida

    we are new

    Be very welcome!
  6. I am no longer receiving notifications when my owned caches are found or when new caches in my area are placed. I have the proper request for notification for several types of new caches but the notifications never come any more (they used to). Also, I have not received a notification for one of my caches being found for several months. I just looked up a couple of my caches and there were recent finds (as recent as yesterday). Any ideas why I am no longer receiving notifications
  7. RuideAlmeida


    Tradicionais em São Paulo https://coord.info/GC84VEE CERET https://coord.info/GC84VER Macuco https://coord.info/GC81DFM Trilha Ecológica 7 Ginásio BOAS CACHADAS!
  8. IceColdUK

    Number of new caches decreasing?

    Good spot - I’d tried to found a date, and failed. (Like many a cache!) I found my first cache in 2009, eleven days after getting an iPhone 3G. I used it for the next year and a half, and 800+ finds. For me its problem wasn’t so much accuracy as responsiveness - I’d constantly overshoot one way, and then the other, ..., until the ‘dot’ finally caught up with me.
  9. CAVinoGal

    In-car GPS advice wanted.

    https://gsak.net/index.php - Geocaching Swiss Army Knife. I'm a relative newbie, but I have installed and played with GSAK, and paid to stop the nag screens (I used it enough that that was becoming a real annoyance, and a one-off $30 seemed worth it for all it can do, once I learn how!) I still have a LOT of exploring to do; and I also have ason who is well-versed in GSAK and can teach me!
  10. humboldt flier

    Can I place a cache on a bridge

    Shortly after 9/11 in the U.S.A. there was a rigid lockdown on placements on or proximate to bridges of any type including various other infrastructure facilities. (I had attempted to hide on a secondary road where a bridge "over-crossed" a major NON-interstate highway and was informed of the "No-No Factor") I sought two caches a few days ago at bridges on major arteries ... left me with the impression that things have been somewhat relaxed.
  11. Isonzo Karst

    Geocaching included HTML editor problem?

    The CSP has a built in HTML editor. Once saved you've saved from the CSP, to continue editing, you'll use the edit page. It does NOT have that editor, it has the option to click a button and see Valid HTML tags. You finish it with "manual coding". Or write it in some other html editor, and paste that code into the text box. Pay attention to the valid html codes if using some other editor!
  12. cerberus1

    Need a host for my trackables!

    I hear ya, the other 2/3rds lost over a dozen. Unlike an on-sale Travel Bug or tag, coins aren't cheap. She won't be doing that again... We even call them "coins", and that probably has a lot to do with it. The "treasure" in this world's largest treasure hunt. - The other 2/3rds coins are used as a collection now, since we don't feel proxies ("coin clones") are much of a replacement. Better ones go missing the same, cheaper often looks more like swag than a valuable item (kids grab 'em), and the laminated carp we've seen never seems to hold up. If we ever re-released the code, we'd use them for Discover-only items at events, or meeting someone on trail.
  13. NYPaddleCacher

    Number of new caches decreasing?

    I used to use a phone for some paperless aspects of geocaching but not for actually finding caches. The iphone 3G came out in 2009 and from reports that I had read the accuracy was considered fairly marginal. According to this page the official classic app was developed in 2008.
  14. FS62

    Google Earth Viewer

    hallo ist seit paar tagen auch bei mir so Ein kurzer Blick in den internationalen Teil kann kein englisch was gibts den so ähnliches wie Google Earth
  15. hunterKat

    Event times - reverting from Daylight Saving Time?

    Thanks, Nykkole.
  16. frostengel

    we are new

    Welcome! Here are some tips: - Simply try it out. It is learning by doing. - Don't get frustrated if you do not find everything (or even anything) in the beginning - it needs time to learn about hides. - Celebrate your first find. 🙂 - Have fun! I see you have already found 2 caches - just continue and don't forget about the fun outside! Best wishes Jochen
  17. IceColdUK

    Need a host for my trackables!

    I understand the disappointment but I think the first question you should be asking is “Am I expecting to see my Geocoin again?” I know some trackables have a mission to find their way home (and some make it), but I think most people release a trackable without such expectations, just hopeful that it stays in play for as long as possible and has an interesting journey. So, obviously, if you don’t want to lose a coin, don’t send it out. However, if you’re resigned to saying farewell to it anyway, why not take the gamble? Yes, it will be disappointing if (when) it goes missing, and more so, if this happens quickly, but whilst it is in play, it will be giving others a lot more pleasure than a code on a laminated proxy. (And if it does go missing, then you can send out a proxy.)
  18. arisoft

    gadget cast list?

    Here it is, if a published bookmark list gives a hint or a spoiler, it is under this regulation.
  19. technetium

    Ontwerpen Dutch Geocoin 2019

    Met nog een week om ontwerpen in te sturen naar dutchgeocoin apenstaartje gmail punt com is er weer een ontwerp binnen gekomen. Er zijn veel munten die een jubileum vieren. Daarbij moeten we niet vergeten dat we dit jaar zelf ook een jubileum hebben: Dit jaar wordt voor de vijftiende keer een Dutch Geocoin gemaakt. Dit ontwerp viert dat door stukjes van alle voorgaande munten in het ontwerp te verwerken. Tc
  20. Henne1312

    Geocaching App ohne Premium unbrauchbar

    Wieso sollte Groundspeak dir Geld für deine Caches zahlen? Du nutzt doch die Dienste von Groundspeak, um deine Caches „an den Mann zu bringen“, warum also sollten sie zahlen, dass du ihren Service nutzt?
  21. papu66

    gadget cast list?

    And if the list owner says no? I had a brief look and did not see anything in the instructions about asking COs permission to add a cache to your public list. So, if OP wants to make such list, I don't see any problem with that. However, I agree that making a world wide list of gadget caches would serve no other purpose than spoiling said caches.
  22. arisoft

    gadget cast list?

    Not possible without asking the owner of the bookmark list to remove it or appeal to HQ if the owner is not responding.
  23. papu66

    gadget cast list?

    If a spoiling list does exist, is it not possible for CO to stop it showing in their cache description page? EDIT: Looks to me it's not possible...
  24. arisoft

    gadget cast list?

    If a cache description does not mention anything about the cadget nature of the cache, putting a such cache in a public list without consent with the CO could be one kind of spoiling which is not allowed here. I have one gadget cache in Finland https://coord.info/GC3A4YW you are welcome
  25. The_Man_Of_Steel

    In-car GPS advice wanted.

    Yeah, I posted in the Australia forum first but then thought to myself that there was a better chance of getting the information I was after here. Just to add to my story, if I load the Caches to the Garmin Nuvi 40 I can access them individually through the POI (Points Of Interest) menu. Doing it that way means that I have to select each Geocache ever time I move the car. From a very long list. I am hoping I am able to make a route, select it using the correct menu option (Whatever that is) and press go. The whole reason behind this is that I have completed all of the Tassie Devil Geocache Puzzles, (There are 86 of them), and I want to pre-plan a route to do them all. Have them all loaded in to my cars GPS, press go, and get them done using the most efficient route. Once I reach every location, I will hone in on each Geocache using my hand held Garmin GPSMAPs. I will have to research GSAK as I do not know what that is short for.
  26. If you do a mailing on developments please include us.Thanks again.
  27. I could probably reduce the costs some if I got the least powerful server and database plan they had. But you figure five sites each with hosting, database, blob storage, and certificates (production and staging for Kit and the WF sites, plus the Kit v2 site I need to complete), plus domain names will run me on average about $130/month. I have a few other inactive demo sites, like a proof of concept for a viewer for watching people play cartridges in real time. And I’m still a little hesitant on receiving donations. Anyway, I was looking through all this code I wrote six to ten years ago and I can see I’ve definitely improved since then. That’s good.
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