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  2. Apparently according to many here, that would make it a micro . The rest after the nano cache that is holding the log is no different than a rock. (Just imagine if we ever got a nano rating; then it would be a nano.)
  3. I've DNFed more than my fair share of those, usually because my preconception of what I was looking for was wrong. Newbies with no preconceptions write logs like "easy-peasy" or "spotted it straight away" but to me they're invisible. My D2 traditionals seem to get about 20% DNF-to-find ratio although there's a lot of variability. One of them should be obvious but a fair number of searchers are distracted by a nearby cave and then, when they discover it isn't there, start searching further afield and completely overlook the real hiding place. Then there are all the DNFs that aren't related at all to the obscurity of the hide. Terrain can also lead to DNFs when searchers discover that it's beyond their ability, they were ill-prepared for it, the weather turns bad, the mosquitoes are hungry or they run out of time. I've DNFed a few where I've got within a few metres of the cache but have been unwilling to make the final leap of faith to reach it. Some of those I've come back with a ladder/rope/friend and converted the blue frown into a smiley. Edit to add: "Muggles at GZ" is often a cause for DNFs on urban hides but is unrelated to the D-rating.
  4. I have too, but I don't think any of them were actually present to be found. Quick GSAK check on MyFinds... OK, have only had a DNF on 17 D1 caches (out of about 13,600). Of those, some were inaccessible (construction fence, etc.), one was buried under a mount of plowed snow, a couple had bad coordinates far from actual GZ, and most were MIA. That said, D1.0 caches are also the most likely to be spotted by muggles, and hence, have a tendency to wander off. Looks like we only really missed one, and darned if it wasn't a 30 cal ammo can! Felt pretty silly after that find.
  5. How many D1.5's are just the default?, ie the CO hasn't changed it for whatever reason....
  6. Yep, same here. May be just me, but I feel any accurate "D' ratings depend on the person before you replacing it correctly.
  7. Here's my list. D1 = Rarely ever gets DNFs D1.5 = 5-10% DNFS D2 = 10-20% DNFs D2.5 = 20-30% DNFs D3 = 30-40% DNFs D3.5 = 40-50% DNFs D4 = 50-60% DNFs D4.5 = 60-80% DNFs D5 = 80-100% DNFs, or special tools required The problem is there's so many variables, it's hard to accurately rate them like this.
  8. @barefootjeff Now that's the kind of situation where I'd have logged a "Write Note" since it was in large part a DNL (Did Not Look). Where there is no proper opportunity to look for the container, and yet there is some comment worth leaving for history, a Write Note is often the better choice. Not only more accurate, but keeps the health-o-meter at bay. Too many people see logs as a binary choice.
  9. Excluding DNFs because the cache is missing, bad coords, or similar problems what do you think should be the ratio of Finds to DNFs for various Difficulty ratings? This particular seems relevant since lots of DNFs can cause a low CHS. Obviously, DNF rate is not the only reason for Difficulty rating. Other factors include: puzzles/challenges, tools required, takes more than an hour, requires teamwork. This is about the minimum Difficulty relative to the DNFs. My thoughts: D1 = should never get a DNF D1.5 = occasional DNF from newbies, but otherwise should never be DNF'd D2 = DNFs less than 25% of the time (I would add thar Micros should be minimum D1.5 and Nanos D2.) D3 = up to 50-50 Find to DNF D4 = up to 75% DNF D4.5 = Finds are rare D5 = not related to difficulty; requires special tools
  10. Don't I know it.... I still can't work out how we had enough data coverage that day to get a message to you over this one......
  11. Micro in a host is size Other in my book. Lots if people will just use size Micro though.
  12. I guess it's a lot cheaper than joining the local kids' soccer club.
  13. This issue has now been resolved.
  14. Just curious, do I really need to go and do a cache check and log an OM after this DNF I got last week?
  15. Why, what could possibly go wrong? Yeah, there's a reason why we can't have nice things.
  16. It could be some time before I'm ever able to visit Portugal again. Had a one day stay in Lisboa last November which I really enjoyed (after the overpriced, underwhelming ship's walking tour finished).
  17. My Bison Trail has an ammo can for the final with an unusual "log" to sign. I don't have a photo of the log but will get one and post it.
  18. Maybe I'm not understanding, but most of us deep in the woods even use them for geocaching. We started in '04 with blue etrex legends using patch antennas. Just normal tree cover had us searching for an open spot on the trail to regain signal. Around a year later we bought a couple 60csx with quad helix. The first time on, we got signal in the basement... - I've gotten bounce at times (some boulder fields and river gorges), but have never lost signal.
  19. Thank you for reporting this. We have notified the Engineering team.
  20. In this case, the ammo can was packed full to the brim with the rectangular micro containers so there'd be no room for anyone to add swag or trackables except maybe a trackable tag that has nothing attached to it (or a geocoin). I've walked away from "micro" caches when I discover at GZ there are a gazillion places a micro could be hidden, particularly if there's a lot of tree cover and the GPSr is all over the place. The other example I had in mind when I mentioned the ammo can is this one of mine. The outer container is completely hollow and has the volume of a regular, but because it has no lid I've put the logbook and pencil inside a small-sized Sistema to protect them from moisture. It's in a place where there's a multitude of potential hiding places for smalls (or micros) but not so much for something regular-sized, and it's the wombat people will see when they spot it, not the Sistema.
  21. In Erfurt kann man auch direkt am Bahnhof mit dem cachen beginen. Die Altstadt von Erfurt bietet viele unterschiedliche Caches, viele Adventure Labs und wenn man unser Hobby mal ausser Acht lässt gibt es viele Sehenswürdigkeiten, gute Thüringer Bratwurstsemmeln, viele Flüsse mit sehr netten Biergärten, Straßencafes und auch so manchen tollen Stadtpark. Der Cache an der Krämerbrücke mit über 3300 FP ist ab sofort bei mir der Cache mit den meisten FP und war auch sehr gut gemacht. War ein schöner Tag.
  22. Consider that GS has reasons for not applying any judgment or oversight over AdLabs. The idea seems to be that these are experimental and have been given to the community "carte blanche" to see what the community can come up with. Establishing rules and then enforcing them changes the whole concept of "experimental," and then drags GS into the quagmire of having to adjudicate complaints between COs and finders, as well as complaints from COs who feel such oversight was, for some reason, unjust. The forums already contain complaints requesting the ability to delete logs or otherwise punish finders for not complying with what the CO intended, which would invariably result in complaints to GS for arbitration when such actions are challenged, and I would guess that GS isn't in the mood to enter that fray at present, but is interested to see the ideas generated by the community and the issues/advantages they bring. Of course, that's just my guess.
  23. I agree. I'm a little surprised that there isn't a feature in place to prevent an AL from being moved, at least past a certain distance. It was a hypothetical question anyway.
  24. I'm pretty sure that "the system" would allow it. You can change every location at will, incl the coordinates. The result would be, that players who completed the AL, will no longer see the AL on the map in the place where it used to be. Instead, they might coincidentally find that they "completed" an AL they've never heard of in a place where they've never been. Not really in the spirit of the game, I'd say .
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