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  2. I know I have been harping on this lately as it has been a bone of contention with me, especially after the Mingo signage fiasco, but here goes. When someone posts a picture on a website like Facebook or even Waymarking or Geocaching, the original poster of the picture is considered to have a copyright on that picture. Someone else just can't go and use it. When someone posts a waymark, there are two little checkmarks we tick each and every time - they aren't there for show. We, the posting waymarkers, are agreeing to Terms of Service which include that we are using original noncopyrighted material, among other things. We cannot try to use copyright material in a way that we deem an "Unconventional Material" . I would be seriously upset if someone had taken my work like that to post in other categories while I was still trying to post.
  3. A car sticker doesn't cost much; it's very cheap. Then you can attach that number to a metal tag (once I saw the number carved in wood), or less durable, a laminated card with the number, and send it travelling, as I have done several times for souvineer TBs I have wanted to keep. I have bought a car sticker for my car. The price of a coffee; might have been less. All of my other TBs I have got for free. Three from attending MEGAs and found in the sample bags, two given to me during a visit to HQ (the standard HQ TB and a lackey one), one number sent from HQ, and two found unregistered in caches (one for a charity and the other a lackey one).
  4. I know what you mean, but I remember many years ago, (I'll see if I can find the forum thread), I learned that once I create a waymark, anyone searching for the right phrases can see it, including all my gibberish that I use as a placeholder. I wasn't happy to read that. But I know the chances of that happening are slim, but it is a possibility, according to the forum thread from years ago. This is going to be a fun search.
  5. If I went to a cache that was rarely found I would remove any trackable there; feeling I was rescuing them. Most caches in that category here are out of mobile phone range and I wouldn't be able to find out how long the trackables had been there, until I got home and could check them on the internet. From memory, I seem to remember reading that someone had picked up a bunch of them in a remote cache, and they had been there for about six years.
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  7. In the Help Center under Adopt or transfer a geocache.
  8. Watched the launch. Watched the ISS pass over. (5th time I've watched it this week) SpaceX was supposed to pass by 5 Minutes after the ISS, but didn't see it. (Suspect too much light pollution as I'm 'in town'.)
  9. There is a cacher who moved out of the area and wants me to become the new cache owner of a few caches. How do we transfer the caches from him to me?
  10. If the Waymark was sent to review, but not published, the only people who can see it are the Waymarker and officers in that category... Only 'oddball' I can think of is: Did the Waymark page get sent to Uncategorised Waymarks at any point? Others can see it there and make Waymarks from the page.
  11. I agree wholeheartedly with 99. The Waymarks should be investigated and summarily be made to go south.
  12. So, where's she been of late? Haven't gotten any OK Rocks from her in ages now!! Keith
  13. Did anybody watch today's historic launch? It sure was exciting! I hope you didn't look away and miss the sparkly dinosaur. 😀 They talked a lot about the international space station, and watching Christina, who has set the record for the most time by a female living and working in space, was a real treat for me. Like Elon Musk said, those astronauts have nerves of steel.
  14. Je me suis permis de relayer ta suggestion sur le forum "website" dans lequel on peut signaler des bogues ou suggérer des améliorations. J'espère que cela te convient.
  15. Hi everyone, I'd like to pass along a suggestion made by @Félicie11 in a French-speaking forum thread. The suggestion is to automatically create a link to the geocache log in which a trackable object has been deposited/withdrawn/etc. And Félicie11 explains: "Today you log a TB or a Geocoin by selecting deposit, visit or take it while logging a geocache. An additional log is then automatically written on the travelling object's page, but without any text in it and especially not the text you wrote for the geocache log. The trackable log remains usually blank since almost no one takes the time to reopen the trackable page to leave a specific additional comment. I think it would be nice to be able to display the log (with any pictures) that was made on the cache page during the action."
  16. How??? This behavior is not ok. I've seen an officer look the other way "because I don't want to deal with so-and-so". Most officers WILL take appropriate action, and I suggest this waymarker whose photos and text were copied contact the officers. It's not ok to do this.
  17. We are a very small group of Danish waymarkers. During the Corona crisis the activity has increased and a lot of new waymarks have been published. Wonderful! But one of the active waymarkers noticed something strange. A few years ago another Danish waymarker published a single waymark. But before it was published (after it was sent to review) 3 other waymarks using his text and pictures were published in other categories for the same object. I can't tell if the "copycat-waymarker" actually visited Denmark and simply wanted to publish a few waymarks in Denmark. But I find it a bit strange using someone else's pictures and text? What do you think? I like waymarks to be published in Denmark, but find it a bit unfair to the Danish guy who did all the work. What should be done about this? Let me hear your opinion. kallehaugerne
  18. Thanks. We know many letterboxers dislike this hobby, and didn't want to create hassles for the COs. I keep my cerberus stamp with ink in a small lock n lock now. Guess I could take it with me on days I have a pack... The other 2/3rd's stamp looks like a three-headed scooby doo. We got an irate mail once from one, and my reply was "We asked for permission to place here, why didn't you ? You're lucky we didn't say anything.", in a park that was concerned about "things" left on their property. They never responded after that . We see caches swiped where you have to bushwhack quite a ways to the cache. I don't believe most cachers even notice letterboxes are there... We've found a few letterboxes within feet of a cache, but logs don't even mention it. "ON to the next !" - in a hurry maybe.
  19. W tej chwili to jest rodzaj kesza. nie piszesz tam logów, ale znajdowanie ich liczy się do statystyk. Z założenia laby mają oprowadzać po ciekawych miejscach. Zawsze pojawiają się przy okazji mega i giga eventów. Te stałe czasami też mają finał, który jest konwencjonalnym keszem.
  20. Bierzesz wędkę 10 albo 12 m, wywalasz szczytówkę, bierzesz 2 podpórki aluminiowe, ucinasz im dupy, łączysz je czymś, co się nazywa spaw na zimno i masz wędkę z hakiem na szybkozłączce. W praktyce to wygląda tak: Jedna uwaga: najtańsze wędki tego typu na allegro są ud sprzedawcy rybka-net. Problem jest taki, żę to są totalne paździerze, gdzie zatyczki pękają bardzo szybko, a czasami zdarzają się gorsze niedoróbki. Lepiej dołożyć więcej i kupić gdzie indziej.
  21. Tak w ogóle, co daje Adventure Lab?
  22. Też wcześniej nosiłem 20 000, ale prawda jest taka, że w ciągu jednego dnia nie idzie zeżreć dziesiątki nawet jak się robi laby (apka do labów jest bardzo prądożerna), więc postanwoiłem odchudzić ekwipunek
  23. If they remove their logs, does the username come off the Leaderboard?
  24. Yup. I have tried to get the Letterboxing community to sign-up for the basic membership to see if there any Geocaches around before they plant. But some are so anti-Geocaching that it wasn’t worth the arguments. I do remind them that it could be muggles that could have taken their stamp and/or box. I personally look to see if there is a geocache around and plant about ~150-250 ft away. That way I’m covered if another geocache gets placed in the area. I have found a geocache that was hidden in the same spot as a letterbox (or vice versus). I think both the cache and box mention the other and both have survived together for awhile now.
  25. Powerbanka to mam 20000 mAh, powinien wystarczyć Co do Geocentral, robię indywidualne teksty, ale jakoś lepiej mi się loguje znalezienie.
  26. The security verification of HTTPS (the S) was broken for me, it's back and now verified by "Sectigo Limited" Everything works as expected.
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