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  2. Perhaps there should be a "View desktop version" link so even on a mobile device the entire content of the list items are presented, as they used to be, so the user can decide to zoom in on the page, instead of assuming everything should be restricted to large print for small screens which leaves no realestate for more content.
  3. I'll 2nd that, and the rest. Our group of 4 managed to get 900 on the nose on the 2nd day, from pre-dawn to post-dusk. It can be done, but it is a marathon, and it has its humps and hurdles just like a marathon. The 'mind-numbing' is an essential hurdle to get past for a task like that And absolutely it provided an amazing experience and memories to look back on. ...but (using our same strategy) I couldn't see a one-day count over maybe 1200ish, assuming a midnight to midnight run. If there was double-logging on that high count day, somehow I feel like if that cacher was informed and asked to 'clean up' the log history and remove the doubles, they'd be reluctant. They've got to know their statistical 'placement' by now, and probably don't want to give it up, even knowing it's illegitimate. HQ would probably have to step in, and that likely won't happen
  4. Yes, I’m having the same issue with my XR as well...constant flashing/ refreshing, and has been getting worse...but ‘only’ when I’m navigating with the compass function. If I just have the map up, it works fine; once I toggle the compass icon at the top away it goes! (Photo) So for me it is a conflict between the map and compass; may be something the devs could look at to see what is happening there...
  5. Agreed. Two months seems far too soon to be sending out a CHS warning, especially given the D/T. To which we fall back on... ignore it if you don't want to do anything in response. Even writing a note on the listing. A note won't affect the CHS (we think) but it will affect other geocachers and a reviewer if they decide to look at the cache. Honestly I don't see ANY excuse for a CO to blatantly do absolutely nothing when a CHS email is received ("but what if a CO doesn't get the email because they're awol for 2 months" yeah that's already been discussed as well - make plans beforehand; "but what if it's unexpected?" okay how remote a possibility of anything MUST the system accommodate before realizing that humans make all the final decisions here?). If anything the ping could be seen as a test to see if the CO is responsive. Doing something may not affect the CHS score, but it will be a visible indication that "hey I'm here!" So big woop, post a note: "Looks like lots of activity! If it's still unfound in a month [or arbitrary period] I'll re-check it." Done. IF a reviewer steps in to demand quicker action, deal with that when the time comes. Yes, it would be nice if the CHS wasn't pinged so early in some cases and if it could read and understand log content. But it can't. HQ likely doesn't have the funds to build an AI that reads and understands logs and listings like humans. But they can tweak the algorithm, and they also have to set parameters as a compromise between caches or cache owners that actually are that bad, and those that are false positives. It's a growing pet peeve of mine when people complain of receiving a CHS email nudge as if the sky is falling and it's a personal insult to their cache ownership ability or core of who they are. Inform people, educate people, let them know. It's not. And it's not a simple fix. ETA: Seriously, if I got a nudge on a 5/5 of mine after a month unfound and a bunch of DNFs, why on earth would I think that a bad thing? I'd probably ignore it, I might drop a Note on the listing. I might do a physical checkup. It all depends on the content of the logs that have been posted to date. The last thing I'd do is go to the forum complaining that HQ is insulting me as a cache owner because the system thinks the cache is in bad shape. =/
  6. Not sure what "please do not post to moderators means" is that the red "report post" symbol - (report this content)
  7. As Boggin's Dad seems to be AFK for the moment, (and it's been a week since the last answer was posed), I have googled the answer and wonder if everyone is OK with us giving a collective community ding to Optimist on the run, just to get the thread going again? He got it right!
  8. First of all, your perspective of awarding the owner by giving Favos is just one of many. Refer this thread to get a glimpse on how different people use them. I can think of people who just don´t use them at all. It´s just one feedback tool Geocaching provides, but no one has to use it. Do you use the "helpfull" or "great storry" funnction on logs you recive on your caches? Collecting Favos is a side game some people might play. But if other Geocachers don´t want to play with them, that´s totaly fine. I for my self never give Favos to PMO caches. No mater how good they are made. Why? cus I´ve choosen to do so for a reason. An no rule tells me how to handle my available Favo points or to handle them at all.
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  10. There many also be cases where maintenance has been performed (not necessarily by the CO) to clean up wet log sheets that may contain signatures of previous finders. Personally, I wouldn't assume that someone didn't legitimately find the cache if I don't see a signature and am aware that not all COs treat their cache the same. Some/Many Co's don't mind exercising a little leniency when it comes to signing the physical log sheet and will accept other evidence.
  11. When will we reach the magic One Million! Who will be the lucky waymarker?
  12. I do not visit the forum often. I was shocked to read this. I corresponded with Bruce many times over Waymarking issues large and small. He was a great man, always helpful. He is missed.
  13. Yeah, it's not like I've ever seen an experienced User fat finger the coordinates
  14. log fake find, give point, remove find? (keep find?) what if the cache location/container is bad? I've enjoyed puzzles but not the associated cache - in fact, I stopped doing puzzles for years because cache itself was unpleasant, and you can't know that until you've made the solve and hunt effort.
  15. Nächster Einsatz ist nach aktueller Planung 19.11 ab 18 Uhr. Weitere Termine gerne nach Absprache. Das kleine Gewölbe in 4m Höhe ist inzwischen fertig, wodurch der wettergeschützte Arbeitsbereich erweitert ist. Besten Dank auch an dieser Stelle an alle, die bisher mitgeholfen haben. Gasheizung für die Bauzeit ist inzwischen ebenfalls vor Ort. Arbeit gibt's noch genügend. Wer Spaß daran hat, ist herzlich eingeladen. Grüßle Johannis10
  16. I give FP's to Caches I think are worthy of them. I don't give FP's to people who ask for them. Simple as that. I have even given FP's to Caches that I have only solved and not yet found just because the puzzle was good.
  17. Probably the #1 reason i don't give favorites is poor container or condition of container. I have favs to spare, but often withhold because the container is in such bad shape. That said, I do give favorites. Sometimes, my favorite point is the only one. I don't seek out high favorite caches as they tend to be gadgets/cute containers, virts, or the listing offers some useful stat, unrelated to the cache. (I do chase "oldest cache in state". Only a few of those have been exceptional aside from age, and a few have been dreadful.) Like others, the direct request for favorites is a mild turn off. For me, only mild. I've never been solicited for favs, aside from language on the listing. There's a virt on a guard rail on the south rim of the Grand Canyon ;-) GCF17A
  18. Why don't we still have nearly 210 of our possible 560 favorite points and haven't awarded them? Because caches have to be unique, or really scenic, or thrilling, or... different. Our first gadget cache was cool, so we awarded a favorite... But that was back in the days, nowadays with building instructions via Youtube it's just another birdhouse with ...(add mechanism here)! (we don't know, which cache it was) Our first cool and challenging puzzle, that kept us busy for over a year got a favorite (and it'll keep it forever) after the introduction of the favorite points. Most of the puzzles nowadays are mostly just simple (but time consuming) Jiggidy puzzles, or strange study_my_special_master_degree puzzles. (Believe us, we're seeing a lot of puzzles and their solution every evening when our schizophrenic alter egos are reviewing them) We love those thilling caches, like night caches, or lost place, with challenging or creepy stories, but even the creepiest story ( coming into a big hall with a basin with a few hundret "rats" floating and moving, and you have to look for the one "infected rat") or the the coolest final (standing before a wall shelf in an old barrack used by the russian army, and after you discoverd that you were at right spot, you're able to move the whole wall to get to the final!). And if you've found a cache, where the story takes place in a 3 storey house, which is exclusivly rented for this Geocache, and after a few hours of pure fun (including crawling through a replica of the time tunnel) your 9V block enables a prefinal that makes you, hear, feel, smell and partially even taste the power of the 4th dimension. So if you've seen all of this, what comes next? So we are focussing our to_be_given favorite points to caches on scenic spots mostly away from the touristic hot spots, where the CO is showing us their favorite and hidden special place, or in other words, scenic spots, that we wouldn't have noticed without a cache placed there. So even just a simple preform hidden on a guardrail but on a special and scenic place is a cache that we love to award with a favorite point.
  19. In der App kann man nicht editieren, da geht nur neu absenden. Das gilt auch für Cache-Logs. Da hilft dann nur die Funktion "Im Browser öffnen" auf der Anzeigeseite zum Cache bzw. Event, dann kommt man unterwegs mit dem Browser drauf and kann dort (mit spitzem Finger) alles anpassen.
  20. maybe fine that the issue of garenkreiz is solved, but to me the most important is #3. and that is still open after more than two years. really annoying.
  21. I give favourite points for a variety of reasons; the location; the imaginative cache; one cache gets a favourite point for the whole series; the CO gave some assistance; it's the only cache for a hundred or so kms and I'm grateful it's there even if it's only a boring mintie tin...
  22. Both my guard rail caches have been awarded some favourite points. One is running at 40%. Depends how they are set up.
  23. For me, the appreciative logs are much more priceless and lasting than any FPs that might be attached to them. And those aren't limited to just one in ten finds.
  24. For a brand-new cache owner, whose first hide is a 1.5/1.5 P&G, nagging the CO with a "friendly email" after a few weeks might make sense. For an experienced CO with hundreds of hides, who hid a 5/5 hide, not so much.
  25. YES! It has. My son was 15 when he killed himself. He geocached with me. It was part of my life. I thought that I died he he did, but a few years later I decided to only hide caches that were FP worthy. In his honor. And I am alive today thanks to geocaching. I have met wonderful people. He seriously knows at least one person that life has been dramatically changed.
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