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  2. Where are you finding copper staples in the correct size?
  3. You bring up an excellent point. Many people will buy the most expensive phone they can afford but the least expensive GPSr, then compare the two unfairly. Both do things the other can not, neither do it all. Glad you are enjoying tour eTrex.
  4. I've been playing around a bit. Today I ran into this issue logging a FTF on my way home, but out of cell service. The draft is on my phone, but not on the website. So I edited the draft and saved it from home where my phone is now online. The draft now shows up on the website. I think the app has a hard time playing while offline. If you log a find, it won't cache that data and send it when you are next online. It just kinda gets lost where the app thinks you logged the find, but the servers don't get that information. Same happens with a draft. The phone will store it, but won't send it to the servers later, even when calling up the app. You have to go in and resend each one while connected for it to work. That can be a pain for those who make a lot of finds while out of 4G (or even 3G) service. I keep battery save mode on with my phone, so I don't know if that is the culprit as it restricts processes from running in the background. Perhaps one day I'll remember to turn it off and try again.
  5. You should post them when you have connection to the server. You can edit and save drafts when you're not connected.
  6. Got to ask, though, would the caches the TB was dipped in have been suitable (large enough) for a drop? 😉 Something similar happened to me a couple of years ago. I was in the states on a business trip, and did some very limited caching with my GPSr. Found two TBs in an infrequently found puzzle cache. These *didn’t* have goals attached, but I found out that evening that they both wanted to stay in the USA. I did find a few caches later in the trip, but nothing big enough for a drop so had to bring them back to the UK ... and apologise to the TO.
  7. Today
  8. I would classify it as a Nightmare for Maintenance. Seriously. I think you should consider very carefully the impact of this cache. The way you have described it, if even one of the stages is out of commission, the whole thing fails. And if they are physical puzzles, I can assure you that the intermediate stages will break (or be broken) on a regular basis. Consider ways of making the experience of finding this cache less "brittle." Having a series of caches with a bonus at the end is one possible solution. There are others people have come up with. But I would be quite confident in predicting that, as described, this cache will remain operable for no more than a couple of months.
  9. Late last fall, we saw the Garmin Etrex30x at Costco for $130. We have used our phones for geocaching since we started in March 2017, but for that price, we figured we'd see what this GPSr stuff was all about. For the last few months I've been running a PQ of all our unfound caches near us, and prepping for road trips and outings by downloading the area caches where we are headed. In our local area, I "practice" with the GPSr while hubby uses the phone (forcing myself to NOT use my phone!). Both get us to the caches, and accuracy seems just as good with either one. It is a bit of a learning curve to use the Etrex; the phone is definitely faster, but I think that's only because that is what I am familiar with. On a recent hike with friends who use GPSr's and NOT phones, I was able to share solved coordinates for a couple of puzzles via BT on MY GPSr - that was pretty cool. No typing of coordinates, it just sent them to their devices. While I still prefer the phone, I like the "smallness" and one handed operation of the Etrex, the battery life is days/weeks rather than hours, it;s way more rugged than my phone, and if I've preloaded the area, it finds the caches just as accurately as the phone. Plus if we are ever without phone signal, and we haven't prepared by saving any data for offline, I will likely have all the area caches on the Etrex. It's more of a backup device for now; and I still use my phone for a quick cache or two while we are out running errands and have a bit of time to spare.
  10. After the big wet here a couple of weeks ago, I've been doing the rounds of some of my caches that live close to watercourses. Some of the older ones use the official Rite-in-the-Rain yellow logbooks and, while the logbooks themselves are fine, the steel staples are rusting away. Maybe it's the prevalence of salt water and salty air around here and it mightn't be a problem in more inland locations. My maintenance is simply to replace the steel staple with a copper one, which are readily available in the correct size here, but it's perhaps a manufacturing oversight in the design of these otherwise long-lasting logbooks. I thought I'd mention it here in case anyone else finds it a helpful tip to maybe replace the staple before putting it out.
  11. Those are so cool! I wish I could visit all the wee folk doors in Ann Arbor. It seems they are quite popular. Genius idea.
  12. In addition to the above suggestions: Get the cache page started now. 😁 After you visit the location yourself, which you may have already done.
  13. Yes, that would be the proper way to do it. If the cacher has not been active for that long, he/she likely will not respond, and the cache is laready in the archive queue. Put it on a watch, and in the meantime, prepare yours to submit once that one is archived. Have you visited the cche location? Is the old one, in fact, gone?
  14. Also, if your cache is intended as a tribute to the other cache, then you can link to the other cache's description.
  15. Probably! Things may have changed since the old one was placed. It would be good to brush up on hide guidelines: https://www.geocaching.com/help/index.php?pg=kb.book&id=19
  16. There is local cache that is in a good location. It is in a 30 day window before it is archived if the owner does not reply. From looking at his profile he hasn't been active for the last 6 years. What do I do if I want to keep a cache at this location? Do I just wait until it is archived and then submit my own at those coordinates?
  17. I just tried it for the first time. Fortunately for me, the scrolling went fast, but still... I had to scroll back to 14 years ago for the date I needed! A typed input would be nice!
  18. I'm glad you posted here. I didn't know anything about that cache! It seems lately I've been saying that often. I go to my local post office at least twice a week and never knew a cache was placed there several months ago! I hope to make it out to find your challenge cache.
  19. That all makes sense to me, and also tells me that I mislabeled one of my hides as a Mystery when it should have been a Multi. One of the finders also mentioned that it really was a Multi, but short of archiving and re-doing it, I can't change the type now, can I? It was published over a year ago... (GC82JRM for those who just have to know these things!!)
  20. K13

    Map loading fail

    The maps work fine for me on my Windows 7 laptop with the latest Firefox browser. I believe there have been others who have reported some issues with older, no-longer-supported browsers. You will need to give more information about your computer/operating system/web browser to get useful help.
  21. In addition to the above post asking for typed inputs, when searching for "Between" dates, the second date should auto populate with a date no earlier than the start date just selected.
  22. I love taking a glance each day at the Top 10 viewed waymarks. Sometimes, thru personal experience or forum discussions, I can guess why a waymark is on the list. Sometimes I have no clue. Today I checked out one that made me laugh when, from what I saw, I can guess the uptick in views. I find the list fascinating.
  23. Maps seem to be working ok for me. A bit more information may help us to help you - what OS (WIndows, Mac?) and what browser are you using? Browse map, or Search map? Have you tried in different browsers? I'm on WIndows 10, using Chrome and all seems to be in order....both browse and search maps (though the Search map is slow and clunky, and I prefer the browse map in most cases).
  24. For South Carolina.... https://www.geocaching.com/seek/nearest.aspx?state_id=41
  25. It worked for about an hour. The "New souvenir" notification is back. I'm the OP on this thread, over a year ago. it was resolved for a while, but as others have noted, it's baaaaaack! I've scrolled down as The CEO suggested a couple of posts back, and today I cleared the cache AND the data, relogged in to see the New notificaton gone, but then back again an hour later. :::sigh::: I got used to it before, I'll just live with it till it's fixed again. Android app v 8.13.1 Google Pixel phone Android 10
  26. When doing a Search by Placed Date.....the Date field should accept typed input instead of only being able to scroll through the months.
  27. Interesting that the checker on the OP cache page says I don't qualify - yet according to my stats page on Project-GC I have found 18 caches placed during April 2006. I joined 4/17/2006, so should qualify under the over ten years ago portion of the Exception as stated on the cache listing. "If you started caching 10 years prior to the date you signed the logsheet for this challenge, then you only need to have logged a find for a cache that was hidden in the MONTH you started caching" The checker must have some issue with checking in this circumstance.
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