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  2. That’s a good point, maybe Unique? Painted? Whatever floats the communities boat lol. They would have to be permanent.
  3. Unusual is subjective. I'm wondering how temporary these are.
  4. The Cache Health Score (CHS) is an automated algorithm that tracks the "health" of each cache. DNFs and NM logs count as negative scores while finds count as a positive score. OM logs reset the score back to where it started. The D/T rating factors into the scoring as well but no one really is sure to what extent. It's my assumption that a DNF of a 1.5/1.5 would be a larger negative score than a DNF of a 3/1.5 cache, which would be a larger negative score than a DNF of a 4.5/1.5 cache. At some point, once the score reaches a certain threshold, an automated email goes out to the CO, letting them know that their cache might need some help. I have only received one email and it specifically mentioned the CHS as the reason for my email and the issue regarding my cache. I don't know if the current notifications do the same thing since I've not received one in quite some time. As Tricia noted, is there any further specific information if you click the "?"
  5. Hopefully 3rd times the charm. This category would be for crosswalks painted to be out if the ordinary, for example, a pride flag sidewalk. Please let me know if you would vote yes or no, and why. Also, if yes, please let me know if you would be interested in being an officer for this future group.
  6. This is when you should TD a cache. The timing of the Temporary Disable (TD) log as it pertains to anyone other than the CO is irrelevant. You can't control what other cachers will or won't do or will or won't see. You can only control your cache and if you TD it when you pull it, those that might look at it will then see that it's not available. You can't do anything about those who have no way to know that it's disabled and not there. If they come and can't find it, then when they go to log the DNF, they'll realize why they couldn't find it. Yes they can but as I've already mentioned, I'm not bringing my laptop with me to update my GPX file on my GPS. Once I load it on Saturday (we leave on Sunday and return the following Saturday), I'm under the assumption that all is well with all the caches I've loaded, even though it may not be. That's not anyone's fault; it's just the way it happens sometimes. Should a CO still delete a find of mine if it was disabled on Monday but I found it (because the CO didn't pull it) on Friday? You seem to think that a TD log is noticed by everyone, even those who may have pre-loaded multiple caches that were fine before the TD logs were filed. If the cache is still there with a log, then it's still viable to claim a find, despite whatever might be wrong with it that required the CO to disable it but not get out there to pick it up so cachers can't log a find. They can't claim a find no matter the condition. If the cache isn't there, then they can't claim a find. If they have to put out a throwdown (without your permission), then they can't claim a find. If they don't sign the log, then they can't claim a find. If the cache is there and has a log that can be signed, then they can claim a find. The incentive lies in what you as a CO hope they experience and that you do your best to ensure that they get the best experience possible, whatever that might entail you to do as a CO. If you don't care about their experience, then toss down a crappy container if you want. It's your name attached to the cache and if that's what you want to be known for, then by all means lower the bar. Why is this odd? I started my Michigan list last week and have been winnowing it down and refining it since I actually have the time on my hands. I know there's no way I'm going to find all the caches on my list. Heck, I'll be lucky to find 50 of them in the week I'm up there. However, once I leave, my GPS can't be updated. I'll load it up the day before we leave with the most current information. I'm under the assumption that nothing has changed with regard to a TD log or an archive because I have no way of knowing. If I arrive, begin my search and find the cache that's been disabled or archived and am able to sign the log, I'm still under the assumption that nothing is wrong with the cache because I found it. How should I know that the cache is archived or disabled? Why should my find be invalidated because the CO couldn't get out there to pick it up to prevent this from happening? If you don't want cachers to log finds on the cache, then yes, you need to remove it ASAP so that they can't. It may not seem fair but it's the only control you have over a situation like this. I've TDed a few of my caches and didn't get out there to pull them but if someone had logged a find and it was verified, then I'd have to let it stand. I adopted a library cache. It was TDed because the library was closed for a few months due to the pandemic. If a librarian found the final, either by doing the multi the way it was intended or by fortuitous luck, then I'd let it stand, assuming their name was in the logbook. It's not their fault that they have access to the final location. They're just fortunate enough to have access that most everyone else doesn't have. I don't know about you, but I want my caches to be found. Not every find will be done in a manner that I approve of but if the name is in the log, then the find stands, regardless of how they got it in there. Not every finder is going to like the experience I have tried to provide for them, regardless of how much effort I put into it. Different strokes for different folks. Of course they do but not everyone is going to know if a cache is disabled or not. Most GPS units can't update without connections of some sort so this suggestion, while certainly one that should be honored when possible, is also one that's completely out of your control. You've done what you needed to so it's now left up to a cacher, who may or may not have access to the site to see the current status of a given cache. As to the TD log, if you're truly that concerned about maintenance on your caches, then why don't you have a plan in place that allows another local cacher to provide maintenance and pull the cache (preferably one who has found the cache previously) if you are traveling and need to disable one of your caches? Seems to me that's the best way to keep up with your caches when you're not in the area to do so. I'll reiterate again, cachers who load GPS units typically don't update their caches when they're out on the road unless they bring their laptops. I go on vacation to get away from my laptop, not bring it with me, so my list of caches in Michigan will be as current as I can make it but it will still be almost a week old on my next to last day in Michigan, which will also most likely be the last day I have the opportunity to cache. Why are you assuming that it's the "fault" of anyone? Sometimes things happen that neither the finder nor the CO can do anything about.
  7. My daughter is having the same problem as others here. She creates a PQ. I've checked her PQ over many times and it's correct. She runs the "test" and gets the required results that can be mapped. She then ticks the correct day to run the PQ according to the Seattle server time, (we live in Australia). Nothing happens!! The PQ is not generated! We've waited 48hrs to see if it's just slow. No PQ is generated. I usually don't bother with emails, I just download from the "Pocket Queries Ready for Download (x)" tab on the PQ page. No emails are coming through and no PQs are being generated. I just ran a PQ on my account and it worked fine. I'm wondering if the server is not liking her email address, even though it's a validated one. Does anybody have any other thoughts on the problem?
  8. Today
  9. So what's the point other than that a CO closed his account?
  10. no that is not what i said - i used it as an example - clearly the co has closed his account
  11. I just discovered that since July 2, Waymarking communication has been sent to my spam folder. Not sure if this problem is on my provider's side or Groundspeak did something to trigger it. Today, I sent some replies to inquiries sent through Waymarking's e-mail system and checked the box to have a copy sent. Seems to be taking a long time to send my copy. Therefore, am wondering if there is not an incident in progress.
  12. I created the macro from your settings some minutes ago. The PQ was built and the email just arrived. Hans
  13. I'm confused. Are you insinuating that HQ closed the account?
  14. So to stop getting bot-nagged I should paint all of my hides florescent orange and hide them under a pile of sticks in a Walmart parking lot? /s Thank you for the info. Someone did PM me of an errant cut/paste of parking coordinates today, but as I said, I saw no Needs Maintenance logs so I was confused. I've been out of the game for awhile, and had never seen this alert before. Is it something related to the new Cache Owner Dashboard doodad?
  15. Ah that would explain why I didn't get a second one because people are traveling less for a while because of a pandemic so I am short on the 10 (maybe I should log mine then but I won't). Also, one of my stop was unavailable because of it for a while. I still don't understand they don't have enough people to choose from for a first credit that they find the need to award a second one..... I wonder how many in the same area is enough for them to stop to target that area. 100? More? Personally I am hoping they stop soon to give more there are enough out there and spend some time improving adventure experience with frequently requested improvements like a MAP for each lab cache integrated with the main app.
  16. Apparently the CHS needs to be tweaked again. 2 DNFs, a find, and another DNF on a 3D cache that's less than a week old. Log the OM to reset the score if you go check to make sure it's in place.
  17. You forgot to check at least one day when the PQ should run. This is also needed, even with the "run once - then delete" option. Hans
  18. Well, I guess you're never too old to learn new stuff. I just finally figured out how to find geocachers in an area. Found one in Biloxi MS that is willing to work on a "Where's In A Name". And now I'm working on another in southern Illinois. Wisconsin will be next.
  19. See below, the Co has closed there account, i understand due to the current situation, this may not be happen soon, but thought this was going to happen ? GCHQ were doing a sweep and removing accounts and closing inactive owners caches unless they were placed before year 2004 EXAMPLE -Mail Address: The "Send Email" feature is disabled because this user is currently inactive. Status: Inactive Member Last Visit: Sunday, 29 April 2007
  20. It kind of sounds like a cache health score notification. when you are certain that the container is okay you can log an owner maintenance.
  21. BTW, that cache was already mentioned in this thread a few pages ago.
  22. On my profile page I am getting this flag. There are no 'Needs Maintenance' alerts I can see, it's just a hide of mine that has scored a couple of DNFs, and I've had a couple of people messaging me for hints (FTF is already done). The container is perfectly fine; I was out there just a day or two ago to check on it. Is this some kind of GC bot monitoring DNF vs Found ratios, or am I missing an alert from a cacher somewhere? I've never seen one of these messages before.
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