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  2. I shall remember in future to never again compliment someone on being able to speak multiple languages that I cannot. Ignore list added to!
  3. Ask her to mail you a stamped envelope so you can mail it back.....
  4. There was a wedding at a recent mega event. It was really neat. Check it out. Pirate themed! GC803PR
  5. I'm not sure what you're reading into my comments. The Locationless Adventure Labs have no location requirement or restriction. They are intended to be playable anywhere. By definition. The Adventure Labs which can only be played on location (whether at a mega event or elsewhere) cannot be played anywhere and require GPS use in order to get to the location, and to play them. One is location-based. The other is locationless. The latter is not "in the spirit of geocaching". ETA: Nor did I say anywhere that any ALs were "okay" or "not okay" to play wherever anyone may or may not play them.
  6. Hmmm, probably another good example of poor functionality of Waymarking.com see also ->
  7. So, the labcaches of Project GC were ok when you play them on a laptop in a tent at a mega event but they are not ok when you play them at home?
  8. My husband proposed to me with a geocache, although it wasn't an actual published one. The story he gave me was that we were going to look for one that another cacher I knew had hidden but wasn't published yet. My brother came along and went ahead to plant the ring in the container and found an excuse to head back to the car while my husband got down on one knee. It's definitely a memorable story to have!
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  10. Εκτός απροόπτου, θα έρθουμε!
  11. Hi, es ist eine schöne Idee, sich an so ein Projekt zu wagen. Ich hatte das auch am Anfang meiner Cacherlaufbahn gemacht. Die Multis habe ich (nach einigen Jahren) wieder archiviert. Die Gründe können Dir vielleicht bei Deinem Projekt helfen: - die Stationen entsprechen nicht meinen heutigen Ansprüchen an Kreativität. Am Anfang mag man denken Stage ist Stage, aber wenn man selbst viele Caches gemacht hat gefällt es einen nicht (mehr), wenn man schon nach drei Stationen "die Handschrift des Owners" kennt. - ich hatte damals noch nicht im Blick, wie man den Wartungsaufwand minimiert. Ein hölzerner Zaunpfahl verfault und wird ausgetauscht, der Harvester macht alle Stages im Unterholz platt, ein Grenzstein überlebt aber alle Waldarbeiten - so etwas lernt man nur mit der Zeit. - wenn die lokalen Cacher alle durch sind, macht kaum jemand mehr den Multi. Aufwändige Caches "lohnen" sich nur dann für Urlauber, wenn sie von Statistikpunkten (Tradis) begleitet sind. LG Matthias
  12. Guess what: Tried the *.kml today. At first there ws a message about an error in line soandso... Boldly clicked on "ignore" and waited. Took some time but at last the Waymarking.kml did load waymarks located in the current view. I have no idea whether there has been any change or fix, but at the moment it is working for me.
  13. Την Κυριακή 02 Φεβρουαρίου και ώρα 10:00-12:00 έχουμε τη χαρά να σας προσκαλέσουμε για μια επίσκεψη στο Πολεμικό Μουσείο Αθηνών…!!! Μια συναρπαστική ξενάγηση με αναδρομές στην ιστορία του Ελληνικού Έθνους. Σημείο συνάντησης στην είσοδο του πολεμικού Μουσείου, Ριζάρη 2 Ευαγγελισμός …!!! ΜΕΤΡΟ: Γραμμή 3 (Στάση Ευαγγελισμός) Σας περιμένουμε και σας ευχαριστούμε εκ των προτέρων …!!! Με εκτίμηση, Axaios On Sunday 02 of February and at 10:00-12:00 we have the pleasure of inviting you to visit the War Museum of Athens… !!! An exciting guided tour of the history of the Greek nation. Meeting point at the entrance to the War Museum, Rizari 2 Evangelismos ... !!! Athens Metro: Line 3 (Metro Station: Evangelismos) We are waiting for you and thank you in advance ... !!! Yours sincerely, Axaios https://coord.info/GC8JJHK
  14. Scuba diving in a cemetery sounds creepy. I would imagine that there are a fair number of towns that once existed where large reservoirs now exist. I used to live fairly close to a reservoir in the SF bay area called Lexington. It covers an area where two small towns used to be located (Lexington and Alma). I don't know if either town every had a cemetery. These former towns where reservoirs have been built are known as "drowned towns" or "flooded towns" and, as it turns out, the Catskills region in New York (where I own a house) has a lot of them, many located where reservoirs which provide drinking water for New York City now exist. In any case, placing a cache where a town use to exist seems to be very much in the spirit of what attracts many to the game.
  15. Hmmm, I don't want to rely on 'Fingers crossed that this lasts' :-) Most of us is Premium Member - we should be more demanding in terms of reliability and speed of Waymarking.com. We should ask for a clear answer if and when someone will deal with it.
  16. In that you have to be in the vicinity of the AL at the Mega according to your GPS, yes Are field puzzle Traditionals GPS-based? In that you are intended to find the location by GPS, yes
  17. Thank you for your brilliantly insightful thoughts everyone. I need to contact BLM about this one since that's who's land it's on. I'm on first name basis with the guy I need to talk to but I feel like I should remove the ammo can while waiting for permission, in which case it wouldn't have been hidden for years and years - just mere days. I'm glad I read my journal and remembered this. This was a great thought exercise though. It'd be nice to somehow patch the thinning parts of the Jasmer chart worldwide, but at the same time, perhaps the rarity is what makes it so fun. Also, the chance of containers being genuinely hidden on those specific summer months in 2000 is so unlikely, I'd even call it suspicious if we see it crop up.
  18. Are these adventure labs at a mega event in a tent gps-based?
  19. Yes, the reason they're allowed is because a cache using them still needs some element that requires gps use. Which is pretty much all listings with a posted coordinate. Use the gps to arrive at the coordinates, then you could say, follow tacks to the cache, or follow Letterbox instructions (but in the latter case I believe the CO is required to provide an alternate gps-use method of getting to the cache; at least some reviewers have required it) Again with Adventure Labs, technically it is by nature using GPS (the ones that are location-based) because it has to be played on a smartphone and has to know that you're within the proximity to play it, inside the geofence. So even if it's played in a mall, the gps still tells the app "Yes, they are in the correct location", so it's sort of just sneaking by that gps-use clause.
  20. I found a mountainous geocache this summer that had a ton of written names that are nowhere to be found on geocaching.com or similar websites. It's like a few hikers found it and joined it. I could see that happening to a long time hidden but not published cache.
  21. Near me is American Falls reservoir, built in the 70s. The now flooded valley used to be part of the town, including a cemetery. Thanks to decomposition, there are gaseous byproducts that occasionally cause bodies to float out of their graves. This doesn't happen too often and the closest geocaches are around the edge of the reservoir, but people swim, fish, pleasure boat, and water ski in that reservoir all the time. I've considered placing a scuba cache there but the cemetery makes me hesitant.
  22. That's not a webpage, it's a link to facebook . The text may be the website address, but the link itself takes you via faceplant rather than directly. Not a good idea, those of us with a major faceplant aversion just gave you a bad mark ! If you follow the text address , the contact form says " Please make sure you include your real name, your geocaching name, and an email address we can contact you on. We'll get in touch to arrange payment, and thank you for your support. " So I'd expect there will be a secure method of payment , details of which will be sent, e.g. paypal or a bank account for the event (which they will have to set up to buy TBs hire the venue etc) so people can pay securely by online banking or post a cheque. We're not daft in the West Midlands ...
  23. This came as a bit of a surprise to me too, but the guidelines are actually pretty definite about what they mean by GPS use. For example following a trail of reflectors from a specified parking lot to a cache doesn’t count. Agreed on the rest.
  24. On a car-travel-required, five-cache adventure lab, I got visit credits across five different weeks.
  25. The free-wifi idea would still apply if there is a public library, Starbucks outlet, etc. near each site on the adventure lab.
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