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  2. Süßtopf

    Mit den Augen gefunden...

    Wir sind sehr an der Wartung Interessiert, im allgemeinen werden alle Dosen von uns min. Alle 3 Wochen gecheckt. Nano's oft auch 1x die Woche. Ich kann ja nicht verhindern, dass Cacher ohne einen Eintrag ins Logbuch den Cache aus der App heraus als gefunden loggen. Aber ich werde jetzt alle logs ohne "Papiernachweiß" löschen. Danke für die schnellen Rückmeldungen.
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  4. hustelinchen

    Horror Caches - wo liegt bei euch das Tabu?

    Ja, Synonyme wären beeindruckend, enorm etc. Bsp: Die Musik war mordslaut, man konnte sein eigenes Wort nicht verstehen.
  5. real_jago

    Horror Caches - wo liegt bei euch das Tabu?

    Hallo hustelinchen Willkommen im Club Mich wundert es wohl, dass der Log dann noch so da steht, wenn es sich um ein Missverständnis handelt. Du wirst wohl nichts dafür können, dass der Cacher irgendwo tote Tiere gefunden hat. Also sollte er auch die unberechtigte Kritik irgendwie wieder grade ziehen. OT: Wäre inkonsistent, wenn der besagte Cacher Fleisch isst, sonst hätte er ja immer mal wieder auf dem Teller Reste von toten Tieren liegen Was ist ein Mordsbaum? Ein mordsmäßig großer Baum? Liebe Grüße
  6. real_jago

    Horror Caches - wo liegt bei euch das Tabu?

    OT: Ich weiß, deshalb trinke ich auch keinen Alkohol und hab "andere Drogen" geschrieben Ich hab den Beitrag von kopfsalat so gelesen, dass es ihm nur um den Ort ging. Also ich Cache sind manche Dinge verboten (erstmal egal welche) und außerhalb des Caches kann man dann machen was man will. Flach gesagt: solange man es nicht IN den Cache tut, kann man ruhig eine echte Panzerfaust im Cache mit verbauen. Naja, er hat ein Smiley dahinter gepackt, wird wohl auch ein Hauch Ironie gewesen sein Klaro Ich finde auch ein Plastikschwert zu einem Piratentheme kann durchaus familienfreundlich sein. Plastikdrogen wegen eines drogenhandelnden Mörders (s.o.) ist wohl eher kein Theme für die Familie
  7. real_jago


    Hallo zusammen, "Zwangsadoptionen" scheinen nicht mehr möglich zu sein (für die meisten wahrscheinlich ein alter Hut ) Sollte dann auch in den angepinnten FAQ angepasst werden, dort steht noch: "Übernahme: im Falle dass jemand einen verwaisten Caches übernehmen will (z.B. weil der Owner nicht mehr aktiv ist) kann man das per Mail an einen Reviewer einleiten. Wegpunktname und ein kurzer Text "Ich würde gerne Cache xyz adoptieren" reicht aus." Viele Grüße Jago
  8. terratin

    Multiple types of earthcaches?

    For caves (and other types of EarthCaches) it might be a good idea to not think in terms of 'I want to place an EC at this cave' but in terms of 'This cave has a very interesting xyz'. Where xyz could be a specific form of erosion, specific minerals, something in an unusual colour related to the rocks, specific something else. I guess this is the most difficult part when it comes to placing EarthCaches as the potential placer needs to notice this, be willing to read up on it and make a short, easy to understand sumary for the description. I'm writing this as ECs are about phenomena and not locations. A cave is a combination of many phenomena, some more interesting than others, and hardly ever very specific. For other places, such a general EC might be fine of course. It always depends on what we're dealing with and what's already available nearby.
  9. Max and 99

    Delete downloaded list from iPhone

    Quite possible! I won't have the iPhone to check till tomorrow. I just picked one list to try.
  10. IceColdUK

    Delete downloaded list from iPhone

    You should be able to delete lists, whether created on the website or the phone, but you can’t delete pocket query results. Is that it?
  11. Max and 99

    Delete downloaded list from iPhone

    I see the option to remove offline data but not delete the list.
  12. IceColdUK

    Delete downloaded list from iPhone

    Press the three dots in a circle alongside the list for options to delete the list or to remove the offline data.
  13. Hmm.. I'd not be happy about such a powertrail in my neighbourhood. But on the other hand: Look at the average European big city with some visitors: Many of the caches there are not really of better quality than the average powertrail: Nanos or filmpots at a road crossing or somewhere in someone's garden fence. If you filter out those few tourist nanos at popular sights there's often not a lot left with regards to traditionals. One can decide to go and find them, or ignore them. Or if one happens to live there place create traditional, at interesting places, a city centre ammocan and lift the overall quality.
  14. colleda

    Is HamsterCaching making a comeback?

    I've never heard of hamstercaching until now. I've never found one in a cache. Maybe the scarcity has something to do with local power stations looking for an alternate method of power generation?
  15. M²C²D

    Souvenirs not Syncing on Android App

    I'm having the same problem. The souvenirs show up on the website but not on the app. Cache Carnival were my last ones to sync. Uninstalled and reinstalled the app and now no souvenirs show at all 😢 I'm using verision 8.3.0 android 9 Samsung SM-G960F
  16. BK-Hunters

    Lychgates is in PEER REVIEW!!

    Well CLOSE them, you're letting the flies in!! The category has been appropriately edited and updated to reflect necessary changes and to address errors and omissions. One thing to note is that, since they're accepted in Stone Church Artifacts, we won't be accepting Pierres Des Morts, Stones of the Dead, reposoirs, waiting stones... Keith

    International Geocaching Day 2019

    I did attend an event, after which the CO escorted a gaggle of the uninitiated through a Where I GO cache in her hometown. It was a my first of that cache type, and a milestone at 400 finds. A gentleman amongst the gaggle, from way out in Seattle, also reached a milestone with this cache. It was his 56,100th. Wow. Only 55,700 to catch up!
  18. Optimist on the run

    The All New All New Groundspeak UK Pub Quiz

    William? I.e. he has a different first name.
  19. Thank you for providing an important additional "in-house" perspective on this topic.
  20. fizzymagic

    Is HamsterCaching making a comeback?

    Making the first recorded instance of hamsterciclecaching.
  21. Over-saturation of crossing? But really, that sucks; I'm sorry. Without *any* logs at all, perhaps there's hope. As a doc once said to me, "Never believe there's not hope, until proven otherwise."

    What am I Doing Wrong?

    Name changed to include [MISSING] at the end. And locked (with Write Note, how to contact to log). Shucks.
  23. quinnster212

    Delete downloaded list from iPhone

    How do I delete a list that I downloaded to my iPhone? Seems like the file is too big that my phone ran out of storage.
  24. K13

    International Geocaching Day 2019

    Not necessarily a different game, but certainly a different playing field. I would love to be in an area like yours. I did learn about a new Wildlife Preserve area, that if they allow Geocaching, I will be placing some there that will be more like what you have. The caches I placed today are a portion of over 50 for an upcoming state-wide event. The cache pages were done last week, the areas had been scouted ahead of time, so it really only took a few minutes today for each one.
  25. Thoughts from another local cacher: I am well aware of CO being referred to but I do not share the OPs opinion. Based on public stats I can see that the OP has been caching for 16+ years and has logged 15k+caches. That’s awesome, and I understand why they are in a position to be more selective about their finds. I have only been playing a few years and have less than 800 logs. The majority of my finds have been in the last few months for two reasons: I found some friends to go caching with and because we are lucky to live in a place where there are a lot of caches, many (but certainly not all) placed by this CO. Before about May of this year, I was pretty terrible at caching by myself and often got discouraged, admittedly I didn’t really “get” what the draw was. But I found that with my friends helping me and with all the local hides, my confidence has grown and it has become really fun for me now. I still consider myself to be pretty green but my experience so far is the exact opposite of what the OP seems to be worried about.I can’t imagine the time and planning that is put into mapping the coordinates for the caches; obtaining, weather-proofing, camouflaging, and customizing the containers; and keeping them maintained as well as they are. They are not “lousy” by any stretch. The CO has made it clear that he will happily archive anywhere someone else would like to place a cache. What’s more, the sheer number of these caches means that a good amount are accessible to those with various abilities and means of transportation. I’m guessing there are others like me who, between work and family, don’t have the opportunity to travel out of town much. So these caches and their CO will keep me active in this game that I really enjoy. I say we are spoiled.Geocaching is a great activity because it can be played many different ways, from casually to competitively. As stated elsewhere, there is no “right” way to play. There is certainly no need for a NIMBY attitude, especially since there are easier and friendlier ways to address these specific issues. It sucks that the OP is unhappy. But I am definitely having fun, and from all the familiar names I see in all the logs it seems that many others are too.
  26. Lynx Humble

    Geocaching Statistics and Moving Home Location

    I prefer to change my home coordinates so I know how far I am from nearby cache even if it changed some stats. For your old challenge qualification you can change it temporarily when you qualify.
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