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  2. Moving (Travelling) Geocache?

    We have one up here that works like that; I think it works because we're a geographically isolated area - no roads in or out. That being said the locals are pretty good about dropping the TB off in non-tourist caches so that helps too. GC1QEQQ Nanuks Cypher
  3. Wszystko o geocachingu dla poczatkujacych

    Witam serdecznie, jestem początkującym poszukiwaczem (na ten moment #25) i mam pytanie odnośnie logbooków. Kilka ze znalezionych przeze mnie skrytek zawierało kesza z pełnym logbook'iem, bez możliwości dokonania wpisu. Jeśli w pojemniku było miejsce to dokładałem kolejny papier na wpisy, ale problem pojawia się gdy już nie ma jak go wcisnąć (zwłaszcza w mikro), a po wpisach widać, że już wcześniej poszukiwacze zwracali na to uwagę. Co robicie w takiej sytuacji?
  4. Missing caches

    We've yet to see a Reviewer out looking at caches and placements before publishing them. Most times when we hear of problems before the cache is even published, it had to do with lack of permission, or an employee/caretaker of that property not knowing about permission (with either taking/destroying the container). Many assume a park/open area is public property, but they may have a geocaching policy in place, and need to be asked to place a cache. Urban hides might have someone viewing the CO place it from something as simple as (oh, let's say...) a facing window. Out-of-the-way hides, we've found that muggles are drawn to the same spots that COs thought great for a cache. Hopefully you're responding to Reviewer questions to satisfaction, so your caches get published. Good luck.
  5. Missing caches

    I'm still trying to understand what the OP is even saying. Whaa....?
  6. Premium -- is it worth it?

    Sent! Check your profile email, please.
  7. Premium -- is it worth it?

  8. Is this allowed?

    I have a multicache and part of the route takes you past some local shops. I wrote that it was possible to take a break and get a coffee there, which is what I like to know when geocaching. I mentioned no cafe name, and besides, there is more than one cafe, so I was not promoting any business, just giving information, such as water available, or place to sit and rest. I had to remove the reference to coffee as it is deemed commercial. Tame compared to this example given above.
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  10. Virtual Caching

    GCA93C - Winter Wonderland My most southerly virtual find to date.
  11. Ammo Can Ideas

    I've always been tempted to have a magnetic nano, containing the log paper, inside an ammo box. Then make the hide everyone's favourite, an ivy-covered tree. And say truthfully, that you need to find a nano in an ICT.
  12. Premium -- is it worth it?

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  13. Premium -- is it worth it?

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  14. Challenge Cache Geographic Restrictions

    In this case there are definitely user defined fixed polygons. The size is not the problem here. What we know is that latitude and longitude part of coordinates are not allowed to be the direct criteria for challenge but elevation coordinate is allowed even though it defines the contour line which is a polygon as the arctic circle was in the archived challenge. It is just decided by the HQ this way.
  15. Premium -- is it worth it?


    Tradicionais em São Paulo https://coord.info/GC7W8DH ABC Trail - Jornaleiro https://coord.info/GC7VQRC Heróis de Laguna BOAS CACHADAS!
  17. Ammo Can Ideas

    On others that I have painted, I just spray right over what is there. The only think that the military cares about is having the lot number covered. If your supplier is not military direct and you are buying them, I would not worry. I use the above mentioned camo paints from krylon. I spray a base green over the lot #s, and I make my own stencils by printing on card stock and cutting it out. When I spray the stencil I usually use a contrasting color to the green, but still a camo color. Light tan on green is easily read, but does not stick out like white paint. I have seen this, and had thoughts of doing something similar. I do not think I could get that into an area that would be fun to find, easy enough to access and legal right now. I am looking to buy a property that backs up to a nature area and if that happens I will leave it on my land but from one of the trails. I have a couple. I need to have a few easier to acquire cans last before I trust one of these to the wilderness.
  18. Missing caches

    The only person who knew where your caches was hidden was you. At the first review, the reviewer asked you about the cache page coords - on one cache they're on the roof a private residence, and on the other in some heavy forest on a ridge, 8 miles east of the parking coords you offer - possibly in Mount Holyoke Range State Park. Neither cache page has coords that would allow anyone to know where your caches are. I think you may be entering Degrees Minute Seconds coords into boxes for Degree Minutes Decimal Degrees. The 8 miles east thing is likely a typo on your part. "multiple questions over and over" - you were asked the standard questions by the first reviewer - to supply the info that's asked for at the time a cache is submitted, 1) what property your cache is on, that "public property" is not sufficient, 2) what you hid, the container and 3) how you hid it, finally 4) asked to check your coords. You did come back with name of property. At this point, I expect the reviewers are waiting for answers on 2, 3 and most importantly 4<--- coords. Look at the cache pages on the website - under the Hints field is a list of online maps - all of the maps their EXCEPT the first Geocaching.com show your coords as a push pin. Try clicking the link of the Google map, it's third on the list - that will show your coords as a push pin on map. GC7T59H coords are on Cherry street on the front porch of a rather lovely old home.
  19. Challenge Cache Geographic Restrictions

    An interesting point of fact; the new Challenge Cache Guidelines also place a restriction the other way -> you can't have too large of an area. See the interesting case of GC6N632 - The Bi-Polar Challenge, which only lasted 24 hours prior to being archived. Reviewer interpretation there: "Upon further reflection and consultation, I've been notified that the premise for this Challenge is basically a User Defined Polygon (i.e. inclusive of the following guidance: mapping polygons, radius, latitude/longitude, etc.). Since I don't see a way forward to salvage this idea with the above clarification, I am forced to Archive the Listing in accordance with the Guidelines." Just an interesting observation.
  20. Premium -- is it worth it?

    Hey, can i also get a 30 day trial? I’d like to test out the premium feature.
  21. Can I download a trackable's log entries?

    How did it handle locked caches?
  22. Download unpublished caches

    I do it the opposite way. When I am hiding the cache, I use waypoint averaging and save the waypoint on my GPSr. Then I manually copy the coordinates from my GPSr to the "hide a cache" page. I don't delete the waypoint from my GPSr unless I archive the cache listing, so I can easily navigate to it and find it if I need to do maintenance.
  23. Translation

    I'm in the same boat, just a little to the west - I live in Germany, but I'm not a native speaker. There are some work-arounds I've used. You haven't mentioned what you use to geocache - phone or just GPSr, so I'll give a few options. I use GPSr to find and (usually) cell phone to log. If you are a mobile phone user, you can use Chrome to view the cache description, which you can set to translate pages. You can also use the Google Translate app. I have mine set up so it can translate German, even offline - it was a 30 MB or so download that I did on wifi. I use a Garmin Montana but don't even bother translating the descriptions ahead of time - the Google Translate app can work through the camera on your phone, so I can just hold up the GPSr screen to my phone and see the text in English. If you're a GSAK user, there is a translate macro. You can translate cache descriptions and then export directly to your GPSr. (I have not used this myself, but I know it's available.) All in all, I find it much easier to translate cache descriptions now than the last time I was caching in Europe (2007-2009). Back then, I'd often just set a list of caches I wanted to find, translate the cache descriptions ahead of time, then type up the bare minimum cache description I could, paste into one big Microsoft Word document, and print the page to take with me. Much easier now!
  24. Why no webcam caches or virtual caches anymore?

    Since we're all here because of the bump anyway, I've seen at least one of the new virtual reward caches that incorporated a web cam. If I find it, I'll post it. edit: here it is
  25. Moving (Travelling) Geocache?

    woop WOOP Move along, folks. Nothing to see here.
  26. Is this allowed?

    The listing itself seems pretty tame. If it was an active advertisement, then they'd have to cough up promotional fees to Groundspeak. But there are numerous organizational accounts out there. I've found a few that are on a KOA campground, owned by the KOA campground, that are available to the public with no fee (or ads).
  27. collecting countries

    I heard this weekend that the intent is to eventually have one per country. Don't know if that was on the record, so I'll cite "a source close to Groundspeak."
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