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  2. bliss-chris

    How to write a Needs Maintenance Log?

    I was also looking for a way how to report that a cache needs maintenance after I'd logged it and found this thread. It worked with the old version of the logging page as mentioned, but still I'd like to ask why this feature isn't available anymore on the new version? I think it's pretty essential and I wouldn't know how to do it (without the old version).
  3. Wet_Ground

    Publishing error

    nope did not work. I had to paste 6 images in the description maybe that's why?
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  5. Wet_Ground

    Publishing error

    okay I'll try that
  6. Wet_Ground

    How Do I Hide A Story Cache

    okay that makes sense.
  7. barefootjeff

    Cache Quality Survey results

    Third time lucky or is someone listening here? The reviewer's just disabled that cache and given the long-gone CO 28 days notice.
  8. Team PEZ

    Caching in China - need ideas

    Hello, I will be in China from June 3-12th and near the following hotels. Looking for caches to drop some travel bugs off. Any help would be great - thanks! Yaao International Hotel Beijing - No.1 Datun Road Beishatan, Beijing Wyndham Hotel Xi'an - No. 189 North Junhua Road, Xicheng District Ambassador Hotel - Jing’an District of Shanghai Thanks!
  9. on4bam

    Cache Quality Survey results

    Must be. 6 NA, 116 NM (12 OM) CO (living in another country) "gone" for 1.5 years, numerous throwdowns that disappeared and no reviewer activity. And this is for a cache in a popular tourist spot where I'm sure some local could place and maintain a cache without a problem.
  10. rapotek

    Cache Quality Survey results

    Is a reviewer allowable at all to leave a cache with 3 NAs without any action? As far as I know there are some rules/guidelines which have to be followed by reviewers, too.
  11. Do not click "View Larger Map". Click "For online maps > Geocaching.com Map" instead. Hans
  12. Goldenwattle

    Cache Quality Survey results

    Not if along with taking the cache, it is explained that the cache was now just broken, wet junk; unusable and unsignable and needed to be cleared away. No cache there now. If anyone now logs they didn't find the cache. And contact the reviewer directly. I know the cache has had lots of ignored NMs and NAs, but surely you don't expect the reviewer to ignore it forever.
  13. PnavE_81

    Release Notes (Website: New Search Map) - April 25, 2019

    I was looking at an archived event ( https://coord.info/GC7VEHV ) from last year and wanted to see where it was held on the big map, and see if there might be another geocache on or near the top of this mountain. I clicked the view on bigger map link ( https://www.geocaching.com/play/map?gc=GC7VEHV ) and than get an "we are sorry, this geocache couldn't be found"-message (my own translation from dutch, the actual english message might be a bit different, but similar in meaning) Is this intended behaviour (I really hope it is not...)
  14. colleda

    Cache Quality Survey results

    And likely invite a throwdown with no chance of it being maintained either.
  15. Goldenwattle

    Cache Quality Survey results

    Then take the cache. That will stop the smilies.
  16. barefootjeff

    Cache Quality Survey results

    I guess what concerns me more about this is the message it sends to those who thought they were doing the right thing by logging NMs and NAs on a cache that's clearly abandoned and derelict, and to anyone else who might be looking at the logs. It seems as long as it's still capable of generating smileys everything's fine, but on the other hand the reviewer seems keen to pre-emptively pounce on tricky caches that "might be missing" due to a few DNFs. It's just a game of collecting smileys now and as long as there's enough of the cache left to claim one, that's all that matters.
  17. PlR359

    Monroe Cache Machine, June 22, 2019

    Report on today’s activity: Dipper Crazy Only item anywhere near with the “warning” text is a sign at the parking area 500 ft away; couldn’t find anything there. Possibly sign moved or parking added since the hide was placed. Or coords are just wrong; but no such logs have I seen. Sky River Sasquatch New replacement cache placed yesterday! Sandy, the proprietor of the snack shop, has been maintaining/ replacing the cache for several years, even though she’s not a cacher. “CO” has 221 finds, this is the only active hide; not logged on since 2015. Unless they cache under a different name; that’s doubtful. Sandy was very supportive of the Cache being part of CM. His Cache GZ is an erratic, intended hide appears to be on top. Should be T4 at least, as far as I’m concerned. Beyond my climbing ability. Up There Somewhere Intriguing old growth stump just down the bank from the road, but too steep with unsure footing for me today. Sent message to Ms Marvelous who logged it relatively recently; no response yet. Checked other possible hiding spots but found nothing. Sterling Access is easily seen in satellite view, not direct from the road; no path that way that I could see. Not a thick blackberry bramble, but mixed with thick Scotch Broom; soaking wet and weighted down from last night’s rain. Two stumps near GZ; one might be what’s hinted; but I found nothing. Or possibly there’s a way around the Scotch Broom thicket to the north and east. 1 for 5 today, not my most successful day caching. but about what I expected, considering the task at hand.
  18. Elde

    garmin 60csx searching for satelites gps is off?

    Mine too... Had to download the Garmin WebUpdater program and update the firmware and chipset to fix it.
  19. nitavu13

    Cache Patenschaft übernehmen

    OK Danke
  20. Goldenwattle

    Cache Quality Survey results

    When you visit the cache, if it's in the same condition (ie not replaced), take the container with you and say the container had deteriorated so much as to be unusable (supply photo) and as the CO has continued to leave the container there as rubbish, that you have taken the container with you to dispose of responsibly. Add, that unless the CO does maintenance and supplies a new container and log, there is no cache and log to be found there now.
  21. barefootjeff

    Cache Quality Survey results

    There are 78 caches in my region that were hidden in 2007 or earlier (out of a total of 565) so they're not exactly rare and most are in far better condition than this one.
  22. L0ne.R

    Cache Quality Survey results

    You said it’s a 2007 cache. More then a decade old. Many cachers value old listings. Maybe your reviewer does too. 3 NAs and no response from the reviewer. Wow.
  23. NanCycle

    Maintained It = Didn't Maintain It

    Premium Member 1038 Owner Maintenance 05/25/2019 Does catch is temporary gone I will get the replacement soon as possible
  24. barefootjeff

    Cache Quality Survey results

    The latest NA was only logged yesterday so I'll wait a few weeks to see if that elicits any response, if not I'll drop by there next time I'm over that way and take an up-to-date photo of what's left of it.
  25. Goldenwattle

    Cache Quality Survey results

    Contact the reviewer directly and include that photograph.
  26. barefootjeff

    Cache Quality Survey results

    No, it's in an area with a reasonable population of caches and there's nothing particularly special about it, just a Sistema traditional in a patch of urban bushland. The most recent photo of the cache, posted in 2016, shows the lid completely disintegrated and the container body has also split, so either it's been crushed or was sitting in the sun and the plastic's gone brittle. The found logs (204) still way outnumber the NMs and NAs and there've been no recent DNFs so I suspect the CHS thinks it's fine and that seems to be the sole arbiter of cache health these days.
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