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  2. Remember, even if a cache is disabled, if it is in place, you can still legitimately find and log it. If your log is deleted, you can appeal to Groundspeak, and most likely, your log will be reinstated - it helps if you have photo proof. Stay healthy and safe, and thank you for what you‘re doing.
  3. how about extending the deadline on "Virtual Reward 2.0" "Placed date (must be between June 4, 2019 and June 4, 2020)" The dutch reviewers at the moment do not publsh any cache due to COVID
  4. @Frau Potter a little off topic in this thread.. but how about extending the deadline on "Virtual Reward 2.0" "Placed date (must be between June 4, 2019 and June 4, 2020)" The dutch reviewers at the moment do not publish any cache.
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  6. Not checking my caches at present, unless told of a problem. And then I will think about it. (However, I will check signatures after this is over .)
  7. No one has any news to report on Max and 99's whereabouts? The Chief.
  8. The Facebook poster may have been referring to Project-GC's favorite point notifications, which are sent as a separate email once each day whenever there is a change in your favorite point total.
  9. The PA Reviewers are carefully tailoring our publication policies to match applicable law. We will continue to do so. At this time we have no plans to be more restrictive than the guidance provided by Federal, State and Local government and health authorities.
  10. I would urge the temporary halt of publishing ANY caches until the pandemic is over. All that does is encourage folks to continue to cache when they should be staying at home. Latest evidence shows that the virus can survive on plastic for 3 days, metal for 5 so someone can easily transmit it from cache to cache even if some of these caches are off the beaten path. We're all in this together and should do our best to follow the medical advice which says to "stay at home". The caches will be there when this is over. If we don't have some solidarity, we may not be.
  11. This would be the perfect thread for the pen losers to chime in on. You know the ones who Forgot Their Pen and wax eloquent about how they always use any fluid or excretion from their own body as "ink" to sign the log. If it was a great idea then, it's a great idea now.
  12. I have stumbled across a few caches, both from this site and those of another site, accidentally. I sign my find. Some have the name of the cache on them, so that makes it easy, but others don't, so I photograph the signatures and work out what cache it is , so I can log it. I did find it after all. Some have been of archived caches. I also sign and log them. If the CO didn't want their archived cache found and the log signed and then logged, they should have removed their litter. I have also found caches, which for whatever reason (too close to another, etc) have been placed and never published. Those unfortunately I can't log. One cache I found because I was looking for a place to put a cache and thought that was a good place, but I found it already occupied. It was the last cache in a series that you could find after getting a clue from each of a number of previous caches. I wrote I had now found the last one and I must now go and find the earlier caches. Which I did. Another I had started a several stage multi and was walking past a spot, looked at it and wondered about it, so checked. I needed to do no more of that multi, as the final was hidden there. I found a cache out in the middle of a field. It had wandered about 200 metres from where it was meant to be. There were others. I do check likely spots often as I walk past and sometimes it works out.
  13. thank you Max and 99.... I plan to place the trackable this coming week when I head to Southern Ontario..... sadly the caches I know of in Northern Ontario where I am now are not accessible due to weather
  14. And a pleasant change from reading about a nasty bug that's been causing problems here and there.
  15. I have plenty of hand sanitiser at present, as I like to have spare supplies and had them before the crisis. Same with toilet paper (and then there is newspaper ) and I grow much of my own food. I Have not bought any hand sanitiser since the crisis started as I didn't need to. I do though have the ingredients to make my own if need be, but I won't do this unless I am running out, as I imagine it will reappear in the shops before long. Several local breweries have switched to making alcohol for hand sanitiser and after they have up scaled more and have produced enough for the hospitals and other medical uses (it's all going to there at present), some will begin appearing in the shops I'm sure.
  16. They are included since last year in the found it log that you receive as an owner. The favorite point shows at the bottom. There are no separate email and no opt in/out.
  17. Thanks! Couple of those will help hide the massive dents in the wall.
  18. I've had this taped up in my computer room for many, many years. I'm afraid you might soon be able to make use of one too...
  19. Soap and water. People bought several lifetime supplies of "Hand Sanitizer", it's gone, and I'm down to a handful of towelettes. But you can't use the sink in the park restroom. The restrooms are "closed until further notice". So it's liquid soap and a bottle of water. Last week I had both hands covered with caked-on green swamp mud, then had to wash them like a hobo, using a water bottle. Thanks, county commissioner and various "authorities", I feel much safer now! You guys ROCK.
  20. Personally, no. Not to belittle the problem, but with the proper PPE's, this shouldn't be any bigger issue than going to the produce aisle at the store and picking up fruits and vegatables that possibly dozen of other people have touched, or handling the gas pump handle at the station that 20-30 people have touched before you. This is not a unique situation to geocaching. We must all take additional precautions in our daily routine these days.
  21. I saw a post of one of the facebook geocaching pages regarding favorite points. The poster mentioned getting separate emails when a cache gets awarded a favorite point. I searched all applicable areas but could not find the opt in/out for this.
  22. If you know which Archived Listing you want to add, it's the same process as an active Listing: https://www.geocaching.com/help/index.php?pg=kb.chapter&id=7&pgid=283
  23. Something changed? Mine aren't that bad, but they may have at least some mold, hantavirus, various potentially harmful chemicals and germs all over the contents and all over the container. "Coronavirus" is nothing compared to what you've handled without a thought. Those conditions aren't new. Plus there are many hazards along the way. It's the world. Are you licking your fingers or something? I haven't deleted logs even after some pretty disheartening "I didn't find it Gimme Smilie" Found Log stories. But I will be pounding my head on the wall a lot more often if I get a lotta "I ain't touching icky germ caches!" Found logs.
  24. That would violate the terms you agreed to. When I asked for the TMNT trackable I agreed to release the trackable not the trackable number.
  25. Yesterday
  26. This is a private agreement between the CO and the finder. I would not discuss it in a public forum.
  27. Perhaps liberal use of hand sanitiser before and after handling the cache might be a solution. Assuming, of course, that you can still actually buy the stuff where you are.
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