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  2. Off the grid Geo-caching

    If in a place you don't often visit, or easily, then you could look into an Earthcache, if you get the necessary permission. Fundamentally, yes. The iphone GPS (most any that are not obsolete) will continue to work offline (it doesn't need cell signal). If you need live map tiles, then no; if you want to update cache data via the API, or view the website, then no. That means, whatever app you're using, test out its offline capabilities before going into an offline area (possibly also map caching, storing for offline use, if you want that). Find an app with an offline mode you like and can use effectively with Airplane mode on. Which model do you use? tl;dr: iPhone hardware? GPS works fine without cell signal. Geocaching usability? Depends on the offline features of the app you decide to use. I mean, at the absolute minimum you can print off the listings of the caches you hope to look for and just use the phone GPS to navigate (but again depending on the navigation app, you may or may not have maps while navigating)
  3. So confused!

    It's entirely possible the numbers already existed before publishing and the CO could use the numbers as part of a puzzle - this 2nd stage can be a virtual stage, as nothing physical was placed (or altered). Note: I haven't looked at the cache page, just commenting on the use of numbers on trees - it is allowed, if they were pre-existing.
  4. Introducing "Log Expressions" example included

    heh true. Maybe part of this 'test' is to see if it gets users to visit the website more often
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  6. Off the grid Geo-caching

    Someone on the forums here introduced me to Locus Map for the android. It has an addon that can import Geocaches. If you turn your phone on to airplane mode, you can still use it as a GPSr and find the location of the caches and even save your logs to upload later. I use it in the woods here a lot, where signal is non-existent.
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  8. Wooden Coins found in my first cache.

    Yes they are collectible and I love finding them in caches!
  9. World Cache

    Are you now part of the cache? I hope so!
  10. USB Battery Chargers

    You can use a Lacrosse BC-700 with a 12V outlet in a car. They are 12V DC input. A USB to 12V converter is another $10 if you need to go that route. https://www.lacrossetechnology.com/bc700n-battery-charger https://www.amazon.com/Crosse-Technology-BC700-CBP-Battery-Charger/dp/B000RSOV50/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1529277257&sr=1-1-fkmr0&keywords=lacrosse+bc700N https://www.amazon.com/ARECORD-Cigarette-Lighter-Socket-Converter/dp/B01J67JIOQ/ref=sr_1_3?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1529277165&sr=1-3&keywords=usb+to+12v+adapter&dpID=41EdLN%2B-2yL&preST=_SY300_QL70_&dpSrc=srch
  11. USB Battery Chargers

    No internal battery....not a powerbank. But...if you load a pre-charged high energy density cell like an 18650, it will function as a powerbank.
  12. World Cache

    Thanks very much to everybody who replied. We are now proceeding to the next stage.
  13. USB Battery Chargers

    ok. I thought this thing had its own internal battery to charge batteries while not plugged in.
  14. CHS score. Is it making a difference?

    Cache with active Cache Owner = Geocache Cache with inactive Cache Owner = Litter We don't have a lot of caches around here, and new caches are becoming increasingly rare. Even if the CO of the one I logged the NM on doesn't respond, the cache probably still has a couple of years of useful life left in it before it becomes unservicable, and at that point someone will likely log an NA on it. That old way of doing things (logging NAs when caches reach their end of life) still works here. Throwdowns are rare and generally frowned upon by the community, and abandoned unservicable or missing caches are generally cleaned out with NAs in a reasonable timeframe. There are perfectly fine caches around whose owners are no longer active - a decent container in a dry hiding place can last decades without owner intervention. I've found plenty dating from the early 2000s with their original logbooks (yes, proper books) that are bone dry and pretty much in mint condition. If we were to get rid of all the caches that didn't have active owners there wouldn't be much left for anyone to find. Log NAs on the ones that eventually become problematic and let the remainder continue to give enjoyment to seekers.
  15. MIA for a long time

    I have a travel bug that I released in October 2010. I dipped it in a cache near home (Belgium) and left it in a cache in Nepal. Since that moment, the TB has been in the wild. Two weeks later, somebody took it and carried it all the way to Scotland where he left it in a cache in February 2011. In March and April 2011 the cache was found by three cachers and then... nothing. The cache went missing and was eventually archived by a reviewer. Well, too bad. Those things happen to TBs. Surprise, surprise... in October 2017 somebody discovered the remains of the cache and the tag of the TB. So after over six years of being missing it is now travelling around in Europe. Which made me wonder... do we have any idea of the TB that went missing for the longest time before being recovered? There must be better stories out there. Little bonus: the cache in Nepal was the last one I logged myself. Afterwards I logged a cache in Sweden in September 2014 that I accidentally stumbled upon. I restarted logging caches in August 2017, two months before my TB would resurface...
  16. CHS score. Is it making a difference?

    One could just as easily say "Owners that receive NAs on their cache are given plenty of opportunity to take care of a problem. It's only when they refuse to do even the most basic things, such as logging that they are aware and will check on the cache when they can, that a reviewer might get more aggressive." An NA doesn't mean automatic archival, the reviewer will give the CO at least a month to respond before the axe falls. This is what the reviewers here post in response to an NA: "The cache appears to be in need of owner intervention. I am temporarily disabling it, to give the owner an opportunity to check on the cache, and take whatever action is necessary. Please respond to this situation in a timely manner (i.e., within 28 days) to prevent the cache from being archived for non-responsiveness. If you require more time please be sure to post a note (not an email) explaining the situation and how much more time you require. For ongoing issues please ensure you visit the listing and post a new note every 28 days to keep everyone up to date or the cache will be treated as an abandoned cache and archived without further notice." So yes, if reviewers are now stepping in, disabling and ultimately archiving caches with outstanding NMs, that sounds to me like they're now effectively the same as NAs.
  17. Too Many Small and Micro Caches

    Huh... When I've included something like that in my log (along with a link to the size definitions to back up my comment), I haven't seen any annoyance from the cache owner. I have gotten "sorry, I didn't know" comments from cache owners who then changed the size rating of the cache.
  18. Need a little help in Seattle

    Hi Everyone! I'm from Budapest, Hungary. I'd like to ask for a little help from geocachers in Seattle. I met somebody online whom I really like. She's in Seattle now, but will live to Alaska in July. She will work on a ship for a year. I'd like to send her a gift. I just need a little help in this, because I'd like to hide it for her like a geocache. Can somebody please help me? Thank you very much!
  19. Too Many Small and Micro Caches

    I sometimes add to my log "this is listed as a 'Small', but it's a 'Micro'". That greatly annoys the Cache Owner, but it's not anywhere near as annoying as finding a Micro listed as a "Small"!
  20. Too Many Small and Micro Caches

    I see that so often. I do a double take and a happy dance when I find a small that's actually a small.
  21. CHS score. Is it making a difference?

    Exactly. Which is why I'm astonished and saddened that anyone is not shamed that any of us would litter by abandoning our cache hides. And that many litter when they throwdown containers (to "help" and support cache owners who abandon their caches). For what? An electronic a smiley?
  22. Too Many Small and Micro Caches

    Six of the cache I found today were listed as 'small'. Five were micros! Who would call an MKH a 'small'?!?
  23. No email responses anymore

    Email systems are worldwide. When you move from one country to another, nothing happens in the email system. It does not know where you are. For an email system it is not possible to stop receiving posts just because you moved. The reason must be somewhere else. Start by sending an email to yourself. If you cand send and receive normally there should be not technical reasons why not to receive email from another sender. Sometimes this kind of things happen when your have accidentally blacklisted some email senders. Without knowing what is your email system, it is difficult to give good instructions.
  24. Wszystko o geocachingu dla poczatkujacych

    Mało kto w ten sposób myśli o drzewach - i dla mnie to przesada - lasy się sadzi i wycina, to samo dotyczy wszystkich roślin, idąc tym tokiem myślenia krojąc kapustę musiałbym ją najpierw znieczulić? A co z koszeniem trawnika? Co skrzynek przekonałem się że wiszą na wkrętach, gwoździach, trytytkach (nawet korę uszkadzając)...i nikt się nie oburza, czasami w takich miejscach że trzeba się przedzierać przez krzaczory i kilka gałęzi połamać: też nikt nie ma obiekcji. Gdybym chciał wbić gwoździa w Bartka to bym się zreflektował ale tylko dlatego że to obiekt pod specjalnym nadzorem ale nie dlatego że to drzewo....
  25. Hello, about 30 minutes ago I found my first Cache. It seems to be a premium cache because I cannot find it on the map and I did not see any tracking number on the cache. I found 2 wooden coins. One has "Berkshire Geobash #6 GC6CE1Q" and the other has "NJ RARITAN 2015" on it. I'm not sure what these coins are, if they're collectibles or what but I'd like to know.
  26. CHS score. Is it making a difference?

    I'm just not seeing this at all. NMs and NAs aren't being treated the same. A NM that comes through won't be automatically archived. Owners that receive NMs on their cache are given plenty of opportunity to take care of a problem. It's only when they refuse to do even the most basic things, such as logging that they are aware and will check on the cache when they can, that a reviewer might get more aggressive. The cache owner is the one that brings this about,,, not finders posting NMs, not the CHS, not the reviewer, and not Groundspeak.
  27. Rare Geo Coins

    Just checking... You have 92 activated trackables in your account. Will any of these be for sale? Travel Bug Dog Tags 4 USA Geocoins 1 Personal Geocoins 1 West Tennessee Geocoins 1 Finland Geocoins 1 2006 Michigan Geocoins 1 2006 Mississippi Geocoins 1 Signal Geocoins - Jan 2006 1 Tennessee Micro Geocoins 1 Generic Geocoins 3 2006 CITO Geocoins 1 Phone A Friend Geocoins 1 Appalachian Trail Geocoins 1 ARK-MO Geocoins 1 Geoswag Coin & Pin Club Geocoins 1 Spin Geocoins 1 Signal Geocoins - Feb 06 1 Native American Geocoins 1 Utah Micro Geocoins 1 Triple Wisdom Geocoins 1 2006 British Columbia Geocoins 1 Earth Geocoins 1 Signal Geocoins - March 06 1 alwayslooking geocoins 1 Hobo Dude Geocoins 1 mtn-man Admin Brick Geocoins 1 2006 Kiwi Geocoins 1 Southern Ontario Geocoins 1 Geocaching Squad Geocoins 1 Texas Mini Geocoins 1 Original Stash Geocoins 1 Signal Geocoins - Apr 06 1 Evil Micro Geocoins 3 Cachoids Geocoins 1 BlueLamb Geocoins 1 MicroLogger Geocoins 1 NAVSTAR Geocoins 1 Signal Geocoins - May 06 1 Team Petey's Twin Ports Geocoins 1 One Way Caching Geocoins 1 June 2006 Geocoin Club Geocoins 1 SnowWolf Geocoins 1 Monarch Butterfly Geocoins 1 The All American Geocoins 2 Geosquid Geocoins 1 One Cache Geocoins 1 Project A.P.E. Geocoins 1 GPS Spinning Geocoins 1 California Geocoins 1 Ladybug Geocoins 1 Astrolabe Geocoins 1 Beach Ball Geocoins 1 GeoFood Geocoins 1 Geodiamond Geocoins 1 Signal Geocoins - Oct 06 1 Crowesfeat30 Geocoins 1 Quigley Jones Geocoins 1 Washington Quarter Geocoins 1 Tomcat Geocoins 1 CHP Geocoins 1 Night Cachers Geocoins 1 Castle Man's Star Geocoins 2 Alien Geocoins 1 ToadZCode Geocoins 1 Hogwild Thanksgiving 2006 Geocoins 1 Canada Micro Geocoins 1 Canada Christmas Micro Geocoins 1 Racer Geocoins 1 GeoCredit Card Geocoins 1 Anza-Borrego Geocoins 1 Cache is King Geocoins 1 Gingerbread Geocoins 1 Loggerhead Thanksgiving Geocoins 1 Loggerhead Christmas Geocoins 1 Statue of Liberty Geocoins 1 12 Days of Caching Geocoins 4 Big Bear Cache Bash Geocoins 1 Orient Express Player Geocoins 1 Hogwild World Famous Travelling Geocoins 1 Deadmans Hand Geocoins 1
  28. Wszystko o geocachingu dla poczatkujacych

    Thathanka przywołał oficjalną interpretację revievierów , więc nie ma co dalej nt. rozważać, ale jeśli pomoże Ci to w śnie to kora zewnętrzna to głównie martwa tkanka. Patrz paznokieć, kopyto lub włos... ;-) Zerknij też jak montowane bywają te tabliczki, zawsze lepiej zachowywać zdrowy rozsądek ;-) :
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