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  2. Unless you want to say something about your experience in a log. Finds on each Lab within an Adventure are completely anonymous, not even the CO will know you've done it unless you're in the first three finders. You can only write an Activity Log if you complete all the stages (and even then you're limited to 400 characters with no photos).
  3. Es wird die Behauptung widerlegt, dass Angelcaches "nur"(!) Vorteile hätten. Schnee über 10cm haben wir da, wo ich üblicherweise cache (Münchens weitere Umgebung) max. 1 Monat im Jahr (und zuletzt in vielen Wintern sogar nur ein paar Tage). Laubbäume mit Blattwerk dagegen 7-8 Monate. Das macht für die "Verfügbarkeit" der Caches also einen gewaltigen Unterschied.
  4. Suche im Raum Thüringen, ideal wäre IK , jemanden der Interesse hat mich beim Cachen zu begleiten oder ich ihn, bin mobil und habe vernünftige Ausrüstung. Habe Tagesfreizeit. Es besteht die Möglichkeit Runden mit Rad, zu Fuß oder auch weiter weg gelegene Runden mit dem Auto anzufahren. Es können sich auch gern mehr als eine Person oder kleinere Gruppe melden bei der ich mitgehen kann. Ein Rad passt noch ins Auto mit rein. Euer Alter ist mir eigentlich nicht wirklich wichtig so lange ihr keines mit meinem habt, bin 60 und sehr agil. Also gern auch Leute in meinem Alter oder älter, kein Pr
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  6. Nöh, gemeint war die "Entwertung" über die reine Menge - jenseits des Ungewöhnlichen. Ungewöhnlich wäre eine Dose im Landkreis, die im Baum hängt und folgendes Szenario hervorruft: "Mann, mit Klettern geht das auch nicht" "man bräuchte irgendeine Stange - ne lange Stange - mit so nem Dings vornedran" "Müsste halt schon sehr leicht sein - und willst Du durch den ganzen Wald so ein Ding mitschleppen?" " Ich habs - ne Angel! Geht nicht Dein Onkel immer fischen?" Also unter viel Betteln Onkels schlechteste Rute ausgeliehen gekriegt, den Cache geangelt un
  7. Hey - I just wanted to come back and say thanks again. I've got it working. Wahoo Appreciate the help.
  8. Yes, it's been reported in the Android subforum since at least this thread started in January.
  9. Golgaff

    10 km

    Bonjour, Il faut, quand tu es sur la page de recherche générale ( https://www.geocaching.com/play/search ), saisir ta position (domicile si tu l'as renseigné, ville, ...). Une fois fait, tu peux cliquer sur "filtres" et modifier la distance.
  10. Hello, This is the first time I post on this forum. I agree with wagtag15 on the issue. Me too, when I launch navigation to a cache, once in two times the application tells me a distance from the Atlantic Ocean. I need to quit and then come back to the cache page. But I want to report another problem that I have had for a long time, and that this new version has not solved. I no longer get instant notifications when receiving a message, which is a shame when a player asks me for help. Is this a known issue? Thanks and sorry for the automatic trans
  11. Adventure Lab creators are under no obligation to create a bonus cache at the end. If you don't like having to collect five smilies on an Adventure in order to learn the location of the Bonus Cache, then you can either (1) skip that cache, (2) delete your Lab finds after discovering the bonus cache coordinates, or (3) urge the bonus cache owner to provide an alternate solution method, like a tough puzzle. I have found portions of a complete Adventure and skipped the bonus cache. No alarm bells sounded.
  12. I'm guessing based on the information I see on the souvenir promotion that events do not count. Just my assumption.
  13. There is if you want to find the bonus cache, as each WP must be completed, and in a certain order. Has this changed, and AL WPs can be done in any order now? Those I have done at a MEGA could be done in any order, and each was challenging. Most ALs away from a MEGA, can't be compared to that, and all I have done have had to be done in order, unlike at the MEGA.
  14. This is the intended behavior. If you ever went to a Mega-Event that had Labs, you were under no obligation to complete all of them. I would find the ones which were on my travel path as I moved around the event venue. The same is true for the updated version of Adventure Labs. You are under no obligation to find each Lab within an Adventure. There's no bug to report. If you wish to register an opinion against counting each Lab as a find, there are active threads in the Adventure Lab forum section.
  15. Many agree with you. It's ridiculous. The only reason I can think of why HQ is doing this, is to attract 'muggles' with phones, so they can build up their number of finds quickly and maybe get excited about the game. Quantity over quality. While they do that, it's a slap in the face for experienced caches who might have taken years to get their finds, now cheapened by ALs with five smilies for each completed one. I did a multicache of many WPs that I drove 12,000kms for. One smilie. It is caches like that that most attract me to this game, but HQ appears to think differently. It's about n
  16. Welcome to the world of AL that have opposites rule then the remaining of geocaching.
  17. Browse all the forum threads in the Adventure Lab sub forums and you'll see a ton of documentation and complaints about this from the get-go. This is why the Help Center tells you how you can delete them if you don't want a find for each location. https://www.geocaching.com/help/index.php?pg=kb.chapter&id=144&pgid=510
  18. Well, that certainly violates the Principle of Least Astonishment. I wouldn't expect individual waypoints of a Lab cache to count as finds any more than I'd expect individual stages of a multi-cache to count as finds. Can you or anyone else point me to documentation that states that this is the intended behavior?
  19. That is how it's designed. You can delete any Adventure Lab finds you want to. The help center tells you how. On your profile under finds go to Labs and from there you can delete whatever you want.
  20. You could do a search for the word hotel I guess, but you'd still miss a lot. We never seemed to have much luck with "hotels". For us they've been more of a hoarder magnet than anything helpful. Look for how many watches are on that cache may give a clue ... We've found caches away from busy areas hold trackables safely, and wouldn't think of dropping someone's property in a busy area. YMMV... Once you release your trackable, you have no further control. Hopefully it's still in play a while, and sorta meets a goal. Why do you have a different name for the fo
  21. IMNSHO - In My Not So Humble Opinion
  22. Today (4/18/21 EDT) I started out with 2996 finds, intending to locate 4 more and make a specific cache my 3000th find. When I sat down to log finds this evening, I was already at 3001 finds. My statistics / milestone page lists my 3000th find as "Flanders", which is the fourth stage of a five-stage Adventure Lab I did during the day ("Historic Kent", in Kent, Connecticut - do Labs have reference numbers?). Apparently the individual stages have been incorrectly accrued as finds in my statistics. Why did this happen, and how can I get it corrected?
  23. Not on the app, but maybe this is helpful: Geocaches along a route: https://www.geocaching.com/help/index.php?pg=kb.chapter&id=7
  24. ok, so forgive me if this has been discussed, i searched and didnt see it come up... is there any way to make a more intuitive route planner? like, if i had a list of caches i wanted to go for on a day, i could "plan route," and it would load into my map of choice, giving me a more linked turn by turn plan for my day? i know i could load each into google maps individually, but having it as a function would be so smooth. i can see it being really useful in powertrail situations, you can just leave the phone on the dash, and it'll pop over to the next cache on the list. maybe you could eve
  25. In contrast, I hid my first cache before I had 100 finds. I learned a lot trying to maintain that cache, but I wouldn't have learned those things just by finding more caches. Some things you learn by owning and maintaining a cache, so you may as well jump in and hide one once you're familiar enough with the game that you know what kind of cache you'd like to own and maintain. Yes, adastra25, the fact that you're moving is likely to be more of an issue. But the guidelines state, "Temporary caches intended to stay active for fewer than three months will not be published." So if yo
  26. This is also a problem on my Mac this week, both in Chrome and Safari.
  27. Honestly, no - there's no good way to search for them. And if they have that in their name, that doesn't mean that they're reputable (i.e. your TB won't get stolen). And you only control the first drop. You could choose the best cache to put it in, then the next person could take it and put it in a bad one. TB's are a roll of the dice.
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