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  2. I have noticed this several times, and no amount of refreshing will bring the cache to the map screen.
  3. Here is one of a couple recent discussions about the same thing (and we agree with you):
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  5. Why create an official Geocaching coordinates checker as an option when creating a cache page, and have it not visible at all on the app?
  6. Is it possible to play sounds from Wherigo/kit?
  7. After you expressed your surprise, I tried from the same browser (Chrome) but a different computer and it worked.
  8. Can a Virtual cache owner insist on answers being sent via only one of the communication methods such as messaging only and NOT email Also can a Virtual cache owner insist on a cacher waiting for a reply to answers sent before being allowed to log the find If this is the case both would seem to go against the logging guidelines for virtuals (as below) - relevant text to the two queries highlighted Or am I misunderstanding / misinterpreting the guidelines 3.6. Log an EarthCache or a Virtual Cache Read the cache page to learn the logging requirements for any EarthCache or Virtual Cache. You must visit an EarthCache site or Virtual Cache in person and, in most cases, answer questions to claim the find. Send your answers by email or Message Center directly to the cache owner. (Note: cache owners cannot require information to be sent through one particular tool.) Once you send your answers, you may log your find online before hearing back from the cache owner.
  9. I love reading these reports. Thanks for all the effort. I also have a travel bug addiction and have long observed ‘three years missing’ as the time before I reincarnate a Trackable of my own. Since I split my time between The United Kingdom and Australia, it’s long been obvious to me that the trip to Australia is a one way trip for the majority of trackables and I feel guilty about dropping them off there. When I’m there, I do my best to gather as many as I can to bring back to Europe. I was stunned by the Trackables table at the recent Mega in Canberra. So many trackables, lots that have just been moved in bulk from a previous Mega. Compare that to a German Mega where trackables barely hit the table before they are picked up. There are lots of people look after trackables in Australia but trackables just don’t seem to be as big a part of the game as they are in Europe. Different places, different priorities. I think the reason trackables go better in Europe is that we have more of an ‘Event Culture’ and cachers here love travelling to collect countries. For example, it’s not unusual for there to be 2 or 3 events in London in a week hosted by cachers from other countries plus we have our own strong tradition of social events (thanks Goldpot!). It’s generally safe to drop off trackables in events and cachers know they can also drop them off easily in another event elsewhere. I have a Shellbadger Trackable at the moment which is preparing for departure shortly. I wish it a long life.
  10. I have noticed over the last 2/3 weeks an anomaly where some caches are not being shown on the main map - usually when a new trail or just a bunch of caches have been published - so you know the cache has been published but when you are on the mapping one just isnt there - it does appear after a day or two or apparently if the CO is aware (not often the case) and they disable the cache then re-enable it this does the trick (though I don't know if that works on each occasion) though it seems on most occasions the course of action has been to get the reviewer to retract and publish again. Only those in the near vicinity who get notifications may spot this - anyone just searching the area via mapping will miss these until they eventually appear on the map with the rest An example - today I got notification of a cache (one of 3 by the same CO) two could be seen on the main map but one could not. No matter how much refreshing and checking of filters it wouldn't appear. The first iamge shows the main mapping - the second is the map as seen on the cache page (just to show it has been published) - Anyone just looking at caches in the area via mapping will not see this Unless the CO is aware they are not in a position to check with the reviewer - but why is this happening and can it be rectified ?
  11. That's an option. It works. Another option is to identify the font used (spoiler: Modern Cybertronic).
  12. Which browser are you using? I checked using Firefox and Chrome. I edited an existing cartridge and I built a new one. In all situations I was able to right-click on the map and have the context menu come up.
  13. Click on the Ignore thumbs down and wait a second.
  14. Just noticed I have a category on "ignore" (Ontario Heritage Properties". Can't for the life of me figure out how it got there ( I live in Ontario). and more importantly, how I Reactivate the category...
  15. Done, also 21 and 22! A geo-buddy talked me into caching in Europe. In my senior years now, I'm at peace with having just a single goal. Forget the stats. I just want to keep up my tradition of hiking up a mountain - something worthy of the term - on my birthday, for as many birthdays as I can. Mountains close to home are often in winter condition by then (snow/ice, though I can handle that), so once again I just bought airline tickets to a reliable mountain-caching destination, a place with very agreeable weather (and food!) around the particular date. I'm pumped. I'll have time for a side trip, which may be country #23, but that's not the main goal. The mountain is, then food. Caches will definitely happen.
  16. Yesterday
  17. I completed my Quadruple Jasmer Challenge on 24th June 2024 only need 1 more date placed year 2000 cache may struggle with beating my 1017 in a day will see how this year continues
  18. How does one decipher #s? Trial and error?
  19. Is it a free 1-month premium or a free 1-month premium if you purchase 1 year?
  20. I guess that the issue relates to this
  21. Many years ago when I started caching with my kids the caches were much more fun. In general, a cache either was an interesting container, a creative hide, led to an unexpected or beautiful location or the cache required a thought provoking mental challenge. Now my part of the world is littered with micro magnetic caches on a traffic sign, a pole or a lamppost or a Gatorade bottle painted black hanging every 1/4 mile along a path of some sort. I don’t get why? More isn’t better either in hiding or finding. Is there that much gratification in doing more? Or clearing a portion of a map? I have almost lost interest because I can’t find the gems among the clutter. But I still enjoy the exercise, fresh air, and time with family/friends. Comments?
  22. pantadeusz


    I would also like an earwigo account if possible, I sent an email already.
  23. Hi everyone. I am trying to use this tool to create a simple Wherigo cartridge. I would like to create my first zone, but no matter how much I right-click on the map, nothing happens. Has anyone had that problem?
  24. This is correct - with one caveat. I encourage earthcache hiders to use coordinates that are not right on top of an existing geocache. That way, one listing isn't hiding another listing on the map. Usually an offset of 100' / 30m or so is sufficient.
  25. It's unclear what your issue is. If you are having problems purchasing premium membership, I recommend you contact Groundspeak through the Help Center.
  26. And this is only for physical geocaches, virtual geocaches (including earthcaches) don't have a proximity rule. Adventure labs have no rules, they're the wild west of a game similar to geocaching.
  27. There was a long-running thread here in the forums, Found It = Didn't Find It. It devolved often into cachers calling out other cachers in the forums, which as my colleague @Keystone had to repeatedly point out, is not allowed. As he noted when locking that thread, "No replacement thread should be started." And yet, here we are. We are, therefore, done here.
  28. What's its Reference Number, the number in the top right corner of its page, starts with "TB"? Don't post the inscribed 6-digit Tracking Code.
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