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    Adopcja skrzynek

    Bardzo dziękuję za tak szczegółowe informacje
  3. I have asked the person he copied off from and he told me that yes, he did provide the answers to the other guy as he was asked for help. He never realized that I would just get an exact copy (we changed to I through out the mail though) and sounded a bit shaken. I told the copy-paster to provide his own answers and he gave me an obnoxious answer back: (Google translated into English) "Dear CO. I can understand on your message that you are not satisfied with my answer ... but since it is only in task 1 that it says Describe in your own words then it must be there that my mistake lies. you want me to describe in my own words the visible foliation as well as what color and pattern it has ... besides if there are different places on the stone ... IN MY WORDS: the large visible foliation is seen as there are a lot of parallel patterns on the stone ... these have probably arisen because of all the different birds that have used the stone as a runway for millennia. enabling them to protect their feet from the cold, damp soil surrounding the stone. the gray, brown, black and reddish colors of the stone come from the local gray gulls brown cages sunsets as well as red chalks that have been inhabiting the stone in each of their territories for many hundreds of thousands of years and therefore their feathers have become contaminated on the stone over time so that today it appears to have several different colors. If this is not enough answer then you as CO need to help me find the right answers as I have tried to the best of my ability. Have a good day" I have contacted HQ about the matter and will also contact the local reviewers later today as well.
  4. Earthcaches e Tradicional no Paraná https://coord.info/GC8EGT9 Meteorização Física das Rochas https://coord.info/GC8EGMT Rochedos de Migmatitos da Praia das Pedras São Paulo https://coord.info/GC8EWBB Quadradinho do Horto BOAS CACHADAS!
  5. Erasing all traces of a geocaching account (profile, forum posts, logs, etc.) is an automated process done by HQ when requested. It indeed arose from GDPR, although anyone can request an account deletion regardless of whether they're located in the EU. The owned cache pages remain (without an owner) in an archived and locked state, so that finders can view them as part of their history.
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  7. Musisz się dogadać z graczem, który jest gotów przyjąć skrytki do adopcji, a potem stosujesz się do procedury opisanej tutaj. Jeżeli nie masz jeszcze nikogo gotowego do adopcji, zapytaj aktywnych graczy z Twojej okolicy lub zamieść stosowne ogłoszenie na FB (np. w grupie "Geocaching Dolny Śląsk"). Na tym forum też możesz pytać, ale tu mało kto zagląda. Jeden klik w profil pytającej i wszystko wiesz szybciej niż zdążysz napisać pytanie...
  8. ru.beus

    Adopcja skrzynek

    jeśli masz kogoś, kto chce je od ciebie przejąć po prostu wejdź na geocaching.com/adopt i postępuj według instrukcji
  9. IMHO, if one can fly there than I wouldn't consider them boat required. Generally, most of the boat required caches that I have seen are accessible with a canoe or kayak but could be done with a small power boat. I know of a few people that have kayaked to Catalina from the mainland. It's a long, difficult paddle but doable. I also have had training from three kayakers that circumnavigated Iceland by kayak, but I wouldn't consider caches on Iceland "boat required" become it's also accessible via commercial airlines.
  10. That german region he is refering to, is Nordrhein-Westfalen. So, it´s surely you not understanding his language That German region is a federal state or Bundesländer. I suspect that the reference of Nordrhein-Westfalen as a region is that "region" can be used as a more general term for States, Provinces, or Bundesländer. I have the "state"souvenir for Deutschland, as well as the "region" souvenirs for Berlin, Hamburg, Hessen, and Niedersachsen. Of the 10 highest award souvenirs I only have 6 out of 10. I tried to avoid the promotional souvenirs, and despite the fact that I live less than 3 hours from the Canadian border I still have not found a cache in Canada.
  11. Zakazu nie ma, możesz tak zrobić. Ale będzie to prowadziło do problemów jak opisałaś wyżej. Ktoś go wrzuci do skrytki OC jako kreta, ale jako TB na GC, wciąż będzie oficjalnie figurował w innej skrytce albo na koncie gracza. Mogą być z tego powodu nieporozumienia, no i z pewnością brak ciągłości historii w logach z poszczególnych systemów.
  12. For me both were presented by strikethrough font. Maybe I am colorblind?
  13. A workaround for those like me who want to view up to 1000 caches on one page. If you view the list with 500, then change &take=500 to &take=1000 in the URL, it works! For example: https://www.geocaching.com/plan/lists/BM2ZQJE?sort=name&sortOrder=asc&skip=0&take=1000
  14. There are caches on Catalina Island, which is 26 miles off the California Formica coast. Most people who visit go by boat, either a private boat or a ferry boat. However, there is an airport and one can fly there. Once on the island, one can hike or bike or even drive to most of the caches. Are these boat required caches?
  15. The idea of requesting answers has two reasons. 1) Verifying that the player visited the site 2) Verifying that the player attended the lesson. 100% copy from another player do not verify either of these. This it very tricky situation. At least you know that the person who is answering is not the person who is claiming the find. I would ask advice from the reviewer and also ask additional proof (more detailed answer) from the player.
  16. Wrong. Archived caches have been shown in red color while deactived have been shown in blue. And I thought that there's no selection for all archived yet? I believed this just to be a wish from different people?
  17. I think that I'd probably just let it be, if I had a suspicion like that on one of my Earthcaches. Geocachers helping each other out with answers to mystery caches and Earthcaches is probably fairly common. A suggestion if you really care about maintaining the log. I would require that a photograph be taken somewhere near the Earthcache. It's difficult to prove that someone plagiarized answers, but its much easier to prove photographic evidence.
  18. But you could not see whether the cache was disabled or archived. Now you can remove archived caches straight away. Total effort is less with the new version it is just a little different but manageable. Slow response to checkboxes annoys me. I can't understand why it is so slow.
  19. 69,47% (5092) Traditional Cache finds and 16,93% (1241) Unknown (Mystery) Cache finds for me. I love solving Mystery Caches, most of the time during the winter. Lots of them I do in places where I am likely to visit. For example, there are 50 Mystery-Caches on Malta and I have solved 40 of them and only found 5 of the 40. I had lots of fun solving them.
  20. That seemed strange to me that it is archived but no log, just locked. I knew of the family and enjoyed their caches but wondered what happened to have their name deleted as well as locked. I'm guessing it may be a legal thing (not of GC's making) has gone on behind the scenes. Even a name search comes up zilch.
  21. They were a fairly new caching family when we were quite new - very keen, put out several caches, always maintaining them. Then basically stopped, then she started (responsibly) disabling/removing and archiving caches when they decided they'd had enough - this one is now left? HQ may as well just archive it as well.... this could be a situation for an enforced adoption? Addit - actually it does appear to be archived, although there is no archive log....
  22. I looked into cache number and log number stats in my country, lets see if I can attach the graphics... I don't see a drop in interest if measured by log counts or number of published caches. Currently, about 55 percent of new caches are traditionals, 20 percent mysteries, 4 percent multies and most of the remaining 21 percent are events. The log count for mysteries has in fact increased in the last two years while total logs have stabilized at around 2.6 million /year. In short, the 55 % share of tradis get 75 % from the total logs while the 20 % share of mysteries get about 15 % of the total logs. That's very good -- I consider myself something of a mystery enthusiast but even so only 20 percent of my logs are for mysteries. Interest has shifted toward easier mysteries. Jigsaw puzzles, mystery trails and geoart are a recent trend in the past couple of years, so that may explain the increase in log count of mysteries. Reading old logs it seems that the solution to the mystery is not that important to cachers anymore. In the old times, people used to share more of their thought on the mystery part and were very apologetic if they logged a find without solving. Now, the mystery part rarely gets mentioned in more recent logs. The data is from project-gc stats "logs/hides per date". The years run from 22 oct to 21 oct. Usual geocaching color coding green=tardi, blue=mystery, orange=multi and yellow for the remaining 10 types.
  23. Travelbugi (TB), geocoiny to rzecz wymyślona i działająca na geocaching.com. Z czasem powstały inne serwisy geocachingowe kopiujące ten pomysł, ale działające niezależnie. W Polsce możesz znaleźć geokrety, ale zdażało mi się znajdować też geolutynki. Dodatkowo masz wiele przedmiotów kolekcjonerskich, które formą przypominają te tzw. przednioty podróżne: drewniaki (wood coins) czy pathtagi. Ich podróży się nie rejestruje. Geocaching.com nie wspiera konkurencyjnych serwisów i dlatego nie możesz zarejestrować tam, że wrzuciałaś do skrytki przedmiot, który został stworzony jako geokret czy geolutynka. Z doświadczenia poza granicami Polski mogę powiedzieć, że przedmioty podróżne niszowych serwisów zwykle powodują pytania i zakłopotanie użytkowników geocaching.com i przeważnie lądują w jakichś keszach bez logowania lub po prostu giną. W opisanym przez ciebie przypadku błędem było umieszczenie TB skrytce spoza geocaching.com i dlatego nie możesz jej poprawnie zalogować.
  24. A semi educated guess: The Co asked the Geocaching HQ to delete his accout and with GDPR active in a large portion of the geocaching world, this is what happens then!?
  25. I'd point out the issues you've mentioned here and ask him sweetly whether he hasn't made a mistake. Then I'd forget about it. I'd just want him to know I caught him. I wouldn't particularly care about the find itself.
  26. I chanced upon this one today noticing CO as a "Deleted User". There was also a mention that the cache was locked. I am curious as to the circumstances by which this has happened. There appears to be nothing untoward re cacher activity, unless it has been deleted by a Lackey or Reviewer. Can anyone enlighten me? I'm curious. GC6GZ78
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