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  2. Obviously if the imagery isn't good to begin with in some area, it won't be very useful. Each CO should perform their own test in their own area to see if this particular tool is dependable enough for use.
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  4. Thank you The A-Team we understand now.
  5. You would still need meaningful GPS use - letterbox hybrid caches are no different from other cache types. This is easily done if the stage found by searching the webcam view area contains GPS coordinates to a second stage container that includes a letterboxing stamp.
  6. We use freezer bags to separate the log and trackables from swag in ammo cans. We leave pencils on the bottom, yet they eventually somehow make it into one of those bags, and soon there's a puncture hole. Our neighbor has things worse, running through a gross of golf pencils in two years. But 'em real cheap.
  7. Yeah, you're right, there nothing interesting here, just boring old seascapes, secluded beaches, waterfalls, lookouts, rock formations, sandstone caves, Aboriginal rock art, etc. There's even a convict-built road in the hinterland for anyone wanting to be bored with a bit of history. All these are in places physical caches aren't allowed so would be well suited to virtuals, or even ALs if it wasn't for the difficulties of getting mobile data access and a map that doesn't show the walking trails. But no, why would anyone bother with places like these when there are car parks and shopping malls gallore in the big smoke?
  8. I understand that part. I have edited my questions and answer several times since it went live.
  9. It's only after you publish and people start playing the AL that it becomes a concern.
  10. I have never heard of this bug. Strange!
  11. I want to edit the starting location of my Adventure Lab which is ready to publish but am getting a bizarre error. After changing the coordinates I hit UPDATE ADVENTURE and get the attached error, despite making no changes to my 20 character, all letters, no spaces, Custom access code field. So the coordinates won't update as it thinks I have something invalid in my custom access code which has remained unchanged since I began working on my Adventure Lab, and have run it through multiple tests without issue. Is this a known bug? Is there a workaround? Thanks in advance! RNS
  12. Unless it's accurate for any cache, I don't recommend it. There are some places where the satellite imagery is intentionally skewed but hundreds of feet. I found a few caches in that area, one of which appeared on the map to be in the middle of a lake (it was a good 100' from the shore). Although not the problem that it used to, there used to be a lot of places in the world (this isn't just a game played in urban/suburban America) where the resolution was so poor it was difficult to even identify features on the map as a building. There also was an issue of cloud cover completely obscuring what one would see on the ground. This is an old image be it shows an area in Costa Rica (in a rain forest) where a cache was placed. The coordinates were actually pretty accurate but were about 30 feet from a 200' steep drop into a river bed.
  13. You may want to check your spelling for the name of the city on your bonus cache. And I think it's just a tiny bit confusing that you say you must complete the certain Adventure Lab but that Adventure Lab has a different title than the one in your bonus cache description. Can they match? Are the posted coordinates now where you want them? 😁
  14. Thanks for the insights. We'll be checking which of the pieces is being stored, and then edit the description as well as any questions. Ugh. Those things have been sitting out there for several years. It figures. 2020 On brand, I guess
  15. Also good in our area. Seems VERY rare that there are significant (like the example above) offset issues now except in very sparsely populated areas where the demand for corrective action might come up. It's easy enough to check for yourself for any given general area to be sure there aren't major issues that would keep you from depending upon the satellite view if it helps.
  16. Thanks for trying but I'm more lost than ever. I'm going to continue editing my stages as usual. 😁
  17. The best way to get an answer to a question in a forum is to post the wrong answer. There's always going to be someone that will correct an answer that might not otherwise answer directly.
  18. Thats's just what I was thinking of. I consider creating a multi cache that would have the first stage in an elevated location such that the next set of coordinates could only be seen from that location. Same sort of idea but the "puzzle" could be done from home.
  19. Yesterday
  20. I went to some effort to close caption my You Tube video for my AL and confirmed it works via the YouTube app. When viewing it from the AL, I cannot see any way to turn on CC despite having the IOS setting for showing subtitles turned on. It seems like this ought to be addressed from an accessibility standpoint.
  21. I tested some more. It looks like merely viewing the lab on a map and tapping it will download most of the info to the device. I put my lab into test mode with changes to the question and answer on two locations before triggering test. Then I scanned the QR code to load my test mode lab (much as a user would who just scanned a QR code on the reall thing). The first location accepted only my modified answer as correct. Then I put the phone in airplane mode and the second location showed the modified question and the modified answer was accepted. Conclusion is that most everything is downloaded when the lab is first opened. I'm guessing optional YouTube videos are not downloaded. Which, of course, raises the question "Why can't I play labs when I have no data signal if I open them while still having data?". I'm speculating that logging the find requires data so that your find counts in the HQ server are correct. Bear in mind that I was in Test mode so finds don't get logged so this all might not work for a public AL. Still, one could imagine the finds could be saved to synch later when data is available allowing pre-loaded labs to be played even where your cell coverage is absent. That would be nice to have one day. Labs with YouTube might not be able to work in this setup though.
  22. I've seen webcams that allowed random visitors to the site to control where the camera points and how much it zooms in. Perhaps the webcam could be used to find a plaque or something with the final coordinates on it. So you'd have to point the webcam at the correct object and zoom in, which would tell you where the final is, and then you'd use those GPS coordinates to find the final.
  23. Be aware that users who have the AL downloaded to their device have a cached copy of the AL information. So if you change things like a question and the answer, their device will still show the old one information. They can swipe left to remove the cached copy and reload it but you need to communicate this. I just tested this with a change to an Answer on one I'm building using Test mode and confirmed this behavior which I suspected. So edit with care.
  24. Can you help me understand the situation when this would happen? They go to the location but don't answer the question yet? I didn't know these things were downloaded.
  25. Yes, vibrate when entering the geofence region but answerable from anywhere in Test mode.
  26. In the last round GS asked COs to self nominate to receive a virtual. Perhaps there were no COs in your area that wanted the responsibility?
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