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  2. I do agree on that, that's why I stated "" I can imagine that there are cases in which something like eg Legacy might be a solution as well. As for eg Aldi stores, als kind of sightings, restaurants, they can be archived when gone...
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  4. It does, indeed, seem to be fixed - THANK YOU! I was doing some trackable catch up work today, and I thought I saw the error, the GC0 link, come up, but I can't seem to recreate what I did to make that happen. That's a good thing, though - it means my normal "workflow" is working again! If I do see it, I will report back what I did to make it appear again.
  5. Hate that when I go travelling, especially when there's nothing else and I don't speak the language to even attempt to solve them. Struck that on a trip to Europe last year.
  6. Sent my info to Laval K-9: Feb 29 Name received from Laval K-9: Sent my gift: My gift arrived at destination: I received a gift:
  7. I live in the Seattle metro area. We don't really have power trails, though PnGs are abundant, especially within the metro area. Seattle, like many major cities, seems to have a disproportionate number of puzzle caches, many of which are really difficult, and there is of course a dedicated community who really enjoy puzzles. I think there is another large camp in the Pacific Northwest who combine geocaching with backcountry exploration. We have a huge number of incredibly difficult, dangerous mountain caches, some involving multi-pitch rock climbing, glacier travel, or multi-night trips off-trail. Paddle caching is also a big deal here, with a decent number of caches in the Puget Sound. Overall, I think there is a fairly sizeable culture here that revolves around benchmarking difficult trips and encouraging others to follow your lead. As it relates to reviewers, I think any differences will be more about the individual reviewer than the culture around them. Some are more lenient, while others aren't, and that's true even when multiple reviewers govern the same area. I can't say much about Europe since I didn't meet any cachers there, but I think there are plenty of younger cachers around me, mostly because HQ provides its employees with memberships and encourages them to get out and about around the city, and these employees happen to be younger than the average cacher.
  8. I disagree. Archiving a waymark means we loose that documentation and history of that object. For example, recently a lot of Confederate memorials have been removed here in the US. A lot of them are waymarked. Waymarking preserves their history. You can still visit the site of where a statue once was, but by archiving the waymark you loose that history and documentation. Instead, what has been accepted at least in the Waymarking community is to say "legacy" in the title to signify the object is either missing, stolen, or no longer standing. Makes it easy to know if something has been reported missing. Just my two cents.
  9. If we ban geocaching in Russia, I'm sure they'll finally think twice about this whole war thing.
  10. It seems to have been almost exclusively signed by muggles, with the possible exception of "4S" (if that's what it is) and "Bowmanfam". Maybe someone from the area knows Bowmanfam or can identify who signs with the stylized "4S". I even saw someone with a cachername that starts with "4S" who found caches in the same area. It's not panning out, but it would be a longshot anyway.
  11. Ya, That's not the right state even. Idaho is the place to be (so he loaded up the truck and he head to.... Idaho?).
  12. I found some users but they generally have zero finds. Ashby got one virtual from Colorado.
  13. Hi, My first hide. When I submit a Cache to be approved there is a 'Description' box. Do I put the full cache details here that will appear on the final page or is this just a description for the reviewer?
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  15. Lot's of great advise... however... not a single of the 13 signatures on the logsheet (that says "Geocaching.com Game Piece") comes up on a member search, nor variations of their names. The sheets notes "Wet Log Thks Tim" at the top, so I'm sure there were other finders. But these 13 are each signed on different dates ranging from 3/9/2020 thru 5/15/2023.
  16. Geocaching.com strives to avoid becoming engaged in political debates. The geocaching platform supports geocachers - ordinary people like you and me who want to hide geocaches for others to find. That's true regardless of whether the cache is hidden in Afghanistan, Gaza, Russia or (nearly) any place else that might be embroiled in political controversy. Only two geocaches have been hidden in Crimea since February 20, 2014. Both were Earth Caches, set up by visitors from the Czech Republic. Are you somehow implying that publishing these two caches constitutes an endorsement of Russia's actions from and after that date? Are you suggesting that the Russian government is in any way involved with geocaches hidden in Crimea or Russia? Hint: they aren't.
  17. Why does Geocaching.com support geocaches in Russian-occupied Crimea? or Russia anything?
  18. Helpful info from both. We haven't looked for caches with Trackables for some time. They're rarely accurate... So many errors that we often found Trackables not in the cache's inventory, and Trackables missing from one 's that said there was one. I'm kinda uncomfortable with Trackables showing on any that don't already advertise themselves as a "TB Hotel". I stay clear of them because of hoarders targeting them, and look for caches further away with not so easy access to drop one off. BTW, records show you still have another's from 7/2003, TB6A27...
  19. I don't see the problem in archiving a WM that is gone. I mean nothing last forever. I have archived a few ANWB paddestoelen which are replaces bij sigh posts. Having said that , I can imagine that there are cases in which something like eg Legacy might be a solution as well.
  20. You mean hide it, then UNhide it, right?
  21. Hi Bill, I will see if it gets dug up or just paved over. I did find one BM disk dug up and left next to the side of the woods. I sent in the report to NGS about it. I have wondered what happened to it. Maybe one day I will swing by there and check and see if it got reclaimed. Thank you for your response. Take care, ODS
  22. I promise I will not (do not) extensively use the Visit feature! On our recent journey from N. California to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, we found a few caches on our drive (with me logging drafts) to the cruise terminal, then I dropped several and only now, after returning home, realized I couldn't log a visit by those trackables to a couple of the caches we found on the way down. So the only way is to grab them, do the visits (only 2 caches), then drop them back in the cache where I left them....and delete my grab and re-drop....got it. Two have already been picked up and moved on, and I will leave those alone - they did get the miles from home to Cabo. Thank you, Hynz - it worked well. And yes, I did add a picture and text to one of the two visit logs I added to each of the 4 TB's I edited. https://coord.info/TB36H1X is one, I was able to add logs for 2/18/2024 before the Drop in Cabo San Lucas.
  23. Thanks for the effort! I did not contact West 29, I think a user like sugarlandians or something close to that...
  24. Hynz

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    Had the same problem for months. Recently I found a solution in a local forum. Hide the conversation and (if you want) rehide it. I never tried it because I thought I can not rehide the conversion without continuing the conversion by sending a new message. But that's not necessary.
  25. Most of the lost place caches around here aren't legal in Germany, but they are using some loopholes in German jurisdiction ask the Germans about their most loved: A lot of them would answer: my car, my house, my wife or husband, and my children (in this order). Germans love their cars! The USA has one great advantage: a lot of space, with no muggles. Around here, there is always somebody living, or working. We just don't have that space. Lets take a look at some numbers: USA has a population 334.914.895 pax in 9.525.067 km² which means 34pax/km² Germany has a pupulation of 84.358.845 pax in 357.588 km² which means 236pax/km² which leads to a lot of problems, when people try to be sneaky searching around. At least in the 4 northern German states, in which we review, you'll have to have proper and documented permission for a power trail, esp. on public land. That's sometimes a real stopper for some projects.
  26. When you promise that that you're not extensively using the visit feature I will tell you that it is possible. But the TB must currently be placed in a cache otherwise you have to communicate with the current holder that he/she has to support you with grabbing the TB back when you have finished your retroactively logging. 1) Grab the TB 2) Edit your found logs at (few!!) caches and mark the TB which is now virtually in your inventory to visit the cache. 3) Drop the TB in the cache from where you grabbed the TB. 4) !!!Delete the Grab and Drop log from the TB page!!! 5) Preferably edit the visit logs and leave pictures and/or text
  27. Germany has a longstanding reputation for having a disproportionate number of armchair cachers. Most European countries have much less restrictive private property / trespassing laws than the USA. There is also a larger urban exploration scene in Germany than America. Thus I get the impression there are a lot of caches that couldn't exist in America because they take you places that would be illegal here but aren't illegal in Europe. I imagine power trails are much more common in the USA than most other countries because we're much more automobile-centric.
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