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  2. When the technology allows for repeatability down to less than 1 foot square for consumer units, get back to me on that. Haven't we been down this road before?
  3. Maybe do a search for 'hotel'. For instance, my TB Hotel has 14 trackables* in it at present. You might find something similar where you live. * That's what happens when locals find a TB Hotel that's locked. It becomes a safer place than most, to drop TBs into.
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  5. The more recent ones (say in the last five years) do. Some of the older ones are puzzle caches where I'm guessing the attributes are the solution to the puzzle rather than actual hiding place attributes (combinations of livestock and scuba gear don't really make much sense either).
  6. No doubt edited after the fact. Do these show the Wheelchair attribute? I ask, because once set up as 1.0T + wheelchair, you cannot switch off or use the 'negated' wheelchair attribute.
  7. That looks very promising! I probably should have mentioned that I'm technology challenged. I can't see where to find either "More" or "Experimental features", either on the website or on the app on my phone. I was going to search the website for "Experimental features" but the only search box I can find is the one to search for caches to find. I didn't see anything when I went to filters, either. (Doesn't mean it isn't THERE, just means I didn't see it.) If you could point me in the right direction I'd be grateful!
  8. That's what I was hoping to avoid, was having to look at each caches to see if they have any trackables. My internet connection isn't really fast enough to make that a "fun proposition", LOL! (There's very little competition for internet around here so they have no incentive to improve things very much. )
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  10. On the app, under "More", you can click on experimental features and toggle on the search for caches with trackables listed in their inventory. No guarantees they will actually be in the geocache though.
  11. Well, Ladies and Gents, I had the names all paired up on Thursday. But since the Grinch doesn't come till Christmas, I felt badly leaving jenniferw2001 out. Name pairings are being redone. Emails will go out tomorrow, Sunday 9/25. EDIT TO ADD: By Grinch, I am not referring to our Dear Claire who hosts the Christmas Mission. I just meant I would feel horrible if I left Jennifer out.
  12. After the search you may see if those caches have trackables on the listings... but that will not be a warranty of the physical objects on the cache location.
  13. I love finding trackables and helping them on their journeys! Is there any way to do a search to find out if there are any trackables in my general vicinity that have trackables in them?
  14. No it isn't. A geocacher should be able to read a map, looking for a parking area or similar. This is not the 4-H club, right?
  15. But if few people have a TB for their person, wouldn’t it also be true that very few wish to create and submit a moving Geocache? Might as well make that TB instead. Plus I don’t like having to mess with my phone in the field. That’s what the durable Garmin GPS is for. Anyway, a moving Geocache is no longer allowed, and I’m guessing that a “new” kind of moving Geocache would not be created. Good luck!
  16. The problem might be the Tracking Code if it has letters and numbers easily confused with other letters or numbers. Contact HQ for guidance: https://www.geocaching.com/help/
  17. I have a coin that I received a few years ago and did not activate it at the time. I attempted to use the code provided to activate it and it said code does not match. Then I attempted to retrieve the activation code and received the same code that was on the package. I tried capital letters and lower case and neither worked. Any suggestions? The coin is from Gold Country in BC so maybe they would know what the issue is?
  18. I'm using the iOS Widget on my iPhone 11 Pro (iOS version 16.0, App version 9.12.0 (1805)) and I wish it would show me only the nearby caches that respect my current filter settings in the app. Instead it's showing me things I don't care about, like Mystery caches and Multi-caches. I typically only care about Traditional caches and caches that are Regular and Large in size. Is it possible that a future version of the app widget can respect the filter settings?
  19. Maybe it's just me, but "how many" geocachers I met on the trail or events wasn't something I've even considered. My experience with the "friends" feature, was when a lady from Europe asked if she could "be my friend" on a promotion. That went over well with the other 2/3rds... My only "friend" in this hobby asked if we should finally delete each other. We fish n hunt together. Real friends... I enjoy meeting people on trail (it shows me others walk a bit... ;), but I stopped logging most events we've been to because it was always the same people attending. I meet them for breakfast/lunch without an event. This (to me) seems to be about yet-another future stat... We know dozens of people who carry a personal trackable. There's hundreds that we see use someone else's trackable as well... Some use them so when their kids get older, they have a record of each cache done with them, in case they want their own accounts. Others use them as a personal mileage tracker. There used to be an automatic trackable logging function, but IIRC the "auto log" feature was removed because it became a pain in the can for a lot of TOs who only wanted Drop/Retrieve logs, and now see their trackable held captive. Some people would "visit" every cache found on every trackable in their inventory. It had an on/off feature, but many folks left it on... I've used my phone for caching only a handful of times, preferring a GPSr. I'm uncomfortable enough with group logging, where one is signing for all in the group. Making the online logging process immediate for all, where I'd have to go home just to "edit" my log anyway seems redundant (to me). Some may like it.
  20. This is a good argument! Sometimes AL owners describe that the listed coordinates are e.g. parking coordinates. Or people can see on the map that the listed coordinates are placed at a certain location next to a way to start the AL. But anyway: I think users should have the ability to navigate to this start/listing coordinates. If they are placed on a spot to drive to: very good. If they are just placed on a random spot like in the middle of the lake or people are unsure about it: just don't click onto the navigate-icon. But in all cases it makes sense to add the starting point on the map together with the 5 red dots of the Lab stages to judge the meaning of its location on the map.
  21. Ik heb een idee voor een nieuw type geocache, deze cache is eigenlijk de geocacher zelf. De meeste geocachers gebruiken nog steeds een handheld gps voor geocaching maar steeds meer gebruiken daar ook hun smartphone voor, vandaar het grote succes van de labcaches Tegenwoordig heeft elke smartphone NFC "Near Field Communication" waarmee dit nieuwe type geocache gelogd kan worden. Dus als een geocacher een andere geocacher tegenkomt en ze houden hun smartphone's tegen (of dicht bij) elkaar, wordt er automatisch een "found it" gelogd via deze NFC. Deze (automatische) log bevat dan de gegevens van de andere geocacher. Als eigenaar kun je aangeven welke gegevens van jou bij de andere geocacher in deze log komen te staan. Er is natuurlijk al een "vriendenverzoek" en een "Trackable Name Tag" maar dat wordt volgens mij in ieder geval weinig gebruikt, waarschijnlijk omdat daar geen punten mee te verdienen zijn, wat voor sommige geocachers een extra motivatie is om te gaan geocachen. Deze toppic kan je ook terugvinden in het forum : Official Geocaching® apps
  22. The main idea is actually to have an easy way to keep track of how many geocacher's you have already met, just like your profile keeps track of how many trades, multi's, etc. you have already found. I don't think there is 1 geocacher who can say how many other geocacher's he/she has already met. Imagine you wouldn't know how many trades you have already found either, hence the idea of thinking of it as a cache, the number is so tracked in the Count on your profile. It is indeed more like a TB and indeed there is also a "Trackable Name Tag" but how many geocacher's have one of those and do they always have it with them when they go geocaching and not only when they go to an event. Surely everyone carries a smartphone these days. Logging itself of course only happens if the geocaching app. is active on your smartphone and if you press the "fount it" button as soon as another smartphone is nearby and the geocache app. is also active on it and its owner has also pressed the "fount it" button. So you both have to agree to log each other. May seem complex but is actually quite simple. NFC only works up to a few cm distance and not like bluetooth which still works several meters away, so a log will not happen automatically if there are multiple geocacher's in the area as niraD assumes.
  23. It being a rainy day, a little playing with Search has yielded some surprising results: There are 997 terrain 1.0 caches with the Significant hike attribute There are 136 terrain 1.0 caches with the Tree climbing required attribute There are 65 terrain 1.0 caches with the Climbing gear required attribute There are 61 terrain 1.0 caches with the Difficult climb attribute These aren't all old caches either, a lot have been published in the last five years. It really makes you wonder...
  24. What a great account! That must have been hundreds of photos. I must try a banana caramel shake, even if I can't get back to Peter's. Thank you, you two, for sharing your adventure. I admit it: I've missed this stuff.
  25. I swear I recall back in the early days when 1.0T meant flat, level ground - end of discussion. If one could reasonably expect to reach a cache from a wheelchair, one was expected to use the wheelchair attribute to flag the accessibility of the cache.
  26. I do not recall any discussions about "-category for benchmarks in the other countries" Perhaps something similar to: Dated Architectural Structures Multifarious and Religious Buildings Multifarious
  27. In some places, on some caches at least, people still leave more than just names and dates, like the four finds on my most recent multi: Of course caches like this that are more about the adventure than the smiley will never get many finders (this one is unlikely to reach double digits) and its good-sized logbook will never fill even if everyone uses a whole page for their log, but eventually a time will come to archive it and, assuming it hasn't gone missing, the logbook will be a nice keepsake in my dotage.
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  29. One of the reasons I like Nokia phones is that they're designed to receive Android upgrades for years, and then to receive security updates after that. Even their least expensive phones come with years of Android upgrades. But yes, except for a phone that I accidentally smashed on a concrete surface, all the phones that I have replaced were older phones that no longer received OS updates, and therefore no longer received app updates. Even if the older versions of the apps still run, they often stop working because they can no longer communicate with the servers. (The idea of maintaining backwards compatibility has fallen out of fashion.)
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