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  2. Take out the degree circle, such as after the 5 of this example. That's the problem. S 35°
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  4. I cannot understand, why Groundspeak-HQ is preventing this GSAK-macro from being used. I would accept this decision if the PQ with the found-caches would also include the lab caches. However, there are currently no lab caches existing for the found-PQ. This is really not user friendly! Say me why, is HQ not able to include found lab-caches in the found-PQ?
  5. The CO has no control over what coordinates are accepted when you enter solved coordinates. The only thing they have control over is what the final coords are in a checker (which doesn't seem to be what you're talking about here) - and that wouldn't accept random coords from other caches. Chances are there was a formatting issue with the coordinates you were trying to enter. If you copy/pasted from another cache, it would be the correct format by default. Look carefully at how they are entered vs. the coords you tried to enter the first time. Only the numbers should be different. T
  6. Thank you all for your help, but meanwhile I noticed it accepts other unrelated coordinates. I choosed a random geocache and used its coordinates in the one I'm looking and it worked. I decided to message the owner, since it seems that the issue it's in all the caches of the same PT. I'll inform here what happened (if I found out), maybe it will help spmepne in the future or... not! :D
  7. If you log out of these forums and then log back in the forum will show your account as Premium. Not that this is terribly important. I understand your suggestion, but I don't see how it would work. I think you should be filtering for Terrain 4 or less. Yes, there will be some badly rated caches in that group, but for the most part, at T 4 and under, you won't see caches that require climbing gear or a boat.
  8. Use lab2gpx and select 'virtual' as the output option. All stages of Lab caches show on my Garmin Oregon 750 map screen.
  9. I have realized HQ does not intend to integrate AL with "standard" geocaches. To eliminate above mentioned MANUAL steps I decided to stop searching for AL and deleted all (approx. 500) previous found logs from GSAK (in bulk) and on the webpage (MANUALLY one by one with each one to be confirmed). This way I have the same number of founds from GSAK and geocaching web page. And there will be no MANUAL steps to carry out in future.
  10. Dear HQ, I rarely post on forums but herewith adding my 'name' to the list of people asking you to please reconsider your blocking of API's for Adventure labs. Several posts already quite clearly explain our reasoning for them to be re-instated, but let me add one more scenario: Like many of us, I keep a running list of Found Caches w/in GSAK that includes Adventure Lab waypoints -- since you count those as well in your 'total finds" tally... Trouble is, now that you have blocked the API's -- and you do not provide any support for downloading them via yourself -- I mus
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  12. Tradicional no Paraná https://coord.info/GC9E70N Barigüi 1 - Sudoeste (again) BOAS CACHADAS!
  13. I betcha my result was the same - certain searches can add to lists and others not. Which to be honest is very very odd! The pages look pretty much exactly the same. Now, about that plus sign on the right... !!!
  14. Check the Release Notes forum for descriptions of major website changes. I moved this thread from the Website bug report and feature suggestion forum.
  15. Dear HQ, I really liked the idea of the Lab Adventures and am a owner of one. With the aid of GSAK en therefore the API we were able to: Plan optimal routes, doing multiple caches and lab adventures. When doing these by car, this makes our hobby a little bit more eco-friendly Do multiple Lab Adventures at the same time that are in the same town or city Prepare everything in advance, adding in some preparation fun Upload the stages to our GPS, needing our smartphone only when we need to answer the questions Last longer with the phone battery In shor
  16. I'm another geocacher who wasn't awarded all the souvenirs even though I scored over 300. We've been shielding for ever (daughter, not me) and the weather has not been the best for getting out on to the fields, but when it was announced we were having the big reopening on 19 July we reckoned that it was probably safer to go caching earlier rather than after the 19 July so we went out for a couple of days caching. Up until that point we'd been finding anything new locally or when we were out for hospital appointments. We had collected the first souvenir in early
  17. I am doing something similar with Girl Guides, but something I haven't seen mentioned above, is that the Geocaching Terms of Use, the ones we all blithely tick we've read, say: which complicates the Girl Guiding Geocaching interest badge - Girl Guides are aged 10 to 14*. The reasons I'm doing this with Girl Guides are partly because there's an interest badge and partly because we were given a trackable to return to some Girl Scouts in VA at an international camp in summer 2019. We (my daughter and I) set up some caches to teach the girls locally last October, plann
  18. Are you starting from a "draft", aka "field note"? As I recall, that door was welded shut a few years ago. If you start a log from scratch, you should still have new/old options. (Just checked; I'm still defaulting to the classic page.)
  19. Could someone clarify for me, pretty please, what happened to the cache logging page? Nearly nothing changed, but the possibility to opt-out disappeared. Why can't I find any information of disabling the old logging page? Thanks for help
  20. trmcconn


    Thank you, Bill93! As always your answer is helpful and informative. A good example of the type of mark I had in mind is station RED STONE (PG1953). It is located at a high point, but it is the high point of the University of Vermont campus and levelling surveys were also run nearby.
  21. I used info provided above and am good to go! Thanks!
  22. Earlier this week Geocaching.com's official app for Android decided my player location is in halfway around the world. My Player.ObjectLocation is normal on my computer. My Fake GPS app location, I discovered from changing it three times, doesn't affect the Geocaching.com's Android app location. Rebooting the Android phone does not help. The 'settings' menu options for the Geocaching.com official app for Android do not adjust nor correct the Player.ObjectLocation in any way. I am at a loss from layperson/non-techie troubleshooting, and I ask for help. Years
  23. The movie is free with ads for the time being. Just look at the color and clarity of that film.
  24. Now you know me :-D (greetings), I'm first, it's impressive, right? OK, maybe I didn't mean exactly "the stress and frustration of not being able to find inaccessible hiding places." It is quite annoying to try to find among hundreds of points a dozen or so percent available for "regular keshers" and add them to the ignored ones. Most people do not have access to climbing ropes, ice axes, kayaks, space shuttles, or other specialized equipment needed to find hiding places with difficult attributes. Conversely, trying to filter by terrain difficulty doesn't always help, as owners set them u
  25. Yes, that's right, Search is not set up to return archived. I don't believe that Search will return any of "no" "not" attributes . Just the positive attributes, and only for active caches. For most of those attributes, you'd probably want to limit to "region" to limit returns.
  26. Ooooh! Lonely, for sure. To me, the administrative status of the cache is entirely irrelevant. Interesting. I'd sure log the find, but internally, I'm not sure I'd consider that find "lonely". I've both deliberately hunted archived and fallen over them. Oddly perhaps, and purely subjective, I'd be more inclined to think a find lonely if I'd deliberately targeted it, rather than just happened on it. Certainly if it's archived.
  27. I thought there was a way to do that with a number for the attribute. That looks like it should work but when *I* hit that URL I only get the last remaining active one. The one listed above - Ice Age Vista.
  28. hcy


    Ach passend zu dem Thema: https://www.geocaching.com/p/?guid=a4822b82-3d47-49fb-a98a-aa446e452022&wid=7c0ac7fa-93fa-414d-9383-aef335dff057&ds=2 Owner zahlreicher Caches in Bulgarien, dieses Jahr an Corona gestorben.
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