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  1. As of today, 3/9/09 I have recieved all coins in the trade. Thanks to everyone who participated. If anyone has yet to get their coin(s) from me, please get in touch.
  2. As of today, 2/23 I have recieved 5 of 13 coins Model Citizen 1 Southpawz 1 WILG 3
  3. 9 of 9 sent yesterday 2/17/09 Atlanta Gal, Chur, CF30, Dimkasmir, KDV(3), PSU Fan, Tadpole379, Theotokos(3), WILG
  4. Hey n8turgrl, Andy Hillenburg bought "The Rock" and ARCA will be racing there twice this year. April 19 and Oct 11. I'll be working both races so come on down and see me.
  5. You are at Brown's Fish House in Paradise Michigan
  6. Today, I recieved a coin from the Geocaching Angel. It is quite beautiful. Thank you very much.
  7. Mrs. Moops is looking for an Outer Banks Lighthouse Coin.
  8. Redwing Dave knows where my loyalties lie. The Mule will overpower Sid the Kid! Go Wings!!!
  9. A good choice is the Canon A720IS 6x Optical Zoom AA Batteries Image Stabilization Feature, and it works! Highly Recommended at www.DPReview.com and can be purchased for around $180 I love mine
  10. Dragon Spinner and Evil Mastermind TAMAA
  11. I'm sorry to report that my coin "Remembering Anna Rose" has been reported missing. It was a Compass Rose Coin that I drilled 8 holes in and attached a large laminated card to, clearly stating the mission. It had travelled 1888.9 miles west. I have changed the name to "STOLEN COIN" in the hope that the person holding it will re-release it. I have had a number of other coins and TBs go missing, but this one really bothers me.
  12. Enthusiastic, A little bit drastic, I shaved her name in my head. As she beheld it, She said I misspelled it, Need more be said.
  13. I have recieved all of my trade coins. Some were even sent to my house.
  14. 65 attendees In New Jersey it is illegal to delay or detain a homing pigeon.
  15. All of my packages were sent this afternoon. Would definately do this again. Thanks to Brady for the patience and help in seeing this trade through to completion!
  16. I laughed I cried It became a part of me Many thanks to Moscow32 for putting on such a fun experience. Watch your mailbox!
  17. Because we are using all the corn for ethanol based fuel.
  18. Thanks for posting this contest. My mother passed away on 1/24/07 after a long struggle with breast cancer. I will be releasing a Compass Rose for Anna Rose tomorrow. http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=1004081
  19. For the sake of argument, let's say a cacher has been collecting coins for a few years now and has amassed a nice collection. This collection includes quite a few rare older coins and many coins that have conditions attached to their use. Now this cacher has decided to get out of this aspect of the hobby. No illness or financial hardship, just time to do something different. Is there an accepted method for moving on to new horizons?
  20. These coins were made by the same wonderful lady who did the Harry Potter Hogwarts Event coins last year. BTW only 50 minted. I'll try to take a good pic later this weekend,
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