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  1. Planning is already in the pipeline for FFF8. Working on some details and hope to post the cache page as soon as they are finalized and TPTB allow.
  2. Is there anyway to load a GPX file into iPhone form a laptop without having a WiFi connection? We are having a large event in the forest, no cell or WiFi connection, and need to be able to load the cooridinates for the caches, and it sounds like a lot of people have iPhones. Also, can waypoints be manually entered into an iPhone?
  3. Long as it's YOUR money, you can waste it as you see fit.
  4. Seeker, please don't encourage him. Dave's a wild man! Every time someone pats him on the back, he goes out and hides more. Then I gotta go find them! It's a vicious cycle.
  5. For painting plastic you need to use "Fusion" paint. The Camouflage paint they sell at Ace or Walmart has Fusion. Just look for Fusion on the label: It's good to give them a week after painting them before placing them to make them more resistant to scratching. And for you Peanut Butter Bigots, it's good for lock and locks too. Start with a light coat and work your way to dark. I use khaki, brown and black, and just use a twig with leaves, broken off from an indigenous tree in my yard for the leaf shapes. Nothing fancy. Just lay it against the container and spray.
  6. Out of well over 50,000 cache logs on my hides, there is not one documented case an an allergic reaction (aside from bee stings and poison ivy). I am unaware of ANY case of ANY adverse reaction to a peanut butter jar used as a cache container ANYWHERE (aside from noses being reflexively thrust in the air, but that mostly occurs on the forums, not while actually, you know, caching). In the years this thread has been kept alive I do not recall anyone ever posting any serious reaction involving peanut allergies and caching (though many people know someone who knows someone who knows some who dies on sight of a bag of Planter's). The incidence of serious peanut allergies is, for the most part, a media hype job, whose primary effect has been to get our government schools to waste money on the issue. This is not to say that there are not isolated cases of serious allergies. However, isn't it reasonable to believe that these hypothetical cachers, afflicted with a life threatening allergy, might recognize the profile of a peanut butter jar when they see it? That they might actually assume responsibility for protecting themselves? Might actually not be a bunch of victimized whiners looking for the rest of us to hold their hands as they enjoy caching? After all, we do not limit our hides to those that can be done by people in a wheel chair, do we? And, cheese n rice, cachers in wheel chairs actually exist. I have met some of them. Susceptibility of peanut butter jars to Bear Chomp is definitely a consideration in places crawling with bears, like the Ocala National Forest. And they are not as reliably water tight as an ammo can or a lock and lock. These are reasonable considerations in the selection of a container (as is the relative cost of these alternative containers). Imaginary concerns about some cacher with a deadly allergy to peanuts who can't recognize a peanut butter jar are just that, imaginary. BTW, in Ocala National Forest, the bears have come to associate the smell of plastic with food, so they even zoom in on spanking new lock an locks. All containers have issues.
  7. Ammo cans work well in south Florida. They are technically a used item, so you get extra "Going Green/recycle" karma points. They have several points on them to attach a tether to, so you need not worry about them floating away in a flood, like a PB jar. The percentage of folks physically allergic to 7.62x35 ammo is even less than the percentage of folks allergic to peanuts. They can survive having a Toyota parked on top of them, where a PB jar will get smooshed. They can survive being mauled by bears looking for a chew toy, where PB jars get shredded. You can fit more stuff in an ammo can than you can in a typical PB jar. In fact, until we run out of ammo cans, I can't think of a single reason why I'd intentionally select a PB jar. Top then reasons for using a Peanut Butter jar: 10. Small footprint in the jeep 9. Tend to be watertight 8. Size and shape = versatile hiding spots 7. Attractive when painted with cammo fusion paint 6. Just the right size for my Geocaching stencil 5. Often last, safe and dry, for years 4. They are known in some parts as an "ICM Container" 3. One word - free 2. Can keep a forum thread going for years 1. My Grandma left me stock in an EpiPen manufacturing company
  8. It's baaaaaaaack..... EEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!! (ICM screaming like little girl)
  9. Hmmm. There's rumblings in NEFGAland (home of Geowoodstock 3).
  10. Worse than that. By a few forum posts by one or a few of it's members. 'Course that's the prevailing hot wind on these forums. As critical as I am of the forums, I don't for a minute believe that the nasty, narrow, arrogant, low-rent, snarky, cheap shot posts to be found throughout actually represent the real life personalities of the people making them. I know enough of you personally to know better.
  11. Cheese n Rice! We actually made it to FIVE pages. BTW, thought you'd enjoy seeing a printout of the Audit Log... Audit Log from H3LL 12 pages for an event attended by about a dozen and a half people! That has got to be the highest View/Attend ratio in the history of belabored events.
  12. They certainly got a reaction and the publicity they wanted, but it is negative publicity. The following strikes a chord - I have no doubt that there are many fine cachers out in NEF, that NEFGA is a very good organization, but they got some bad publicity from this thread. If it were me I would not be particularly proud of that. Eau contradairyair. I consider being poorly thought of on these forums to be a badge of honor.
  13. Go ahead. Make my day. You know what they say. People who live in hosiery houses shouldn't throw darning needles.
  14. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (ICM Screaming like a little girl)
  15. The fact that a significant number of the attendees will be departing at the same time would seem to be somewhat of factor in the time alotted for the event. But I reckon the wait staff wanting collect tips from the next batch of grit eaters might be a factor in any case. Gosh. For my next event, are you available as a consultant on welcoming procedures? We can probably agree on the nut part. Because I want to use all the GC codes up and not leave any for my Grandkids.
  16. You're right. You'd hate it. I'm not sure it was established that this is the case. The guidelines say one thing and one person's interpretation of the guidelines says another. Sounds like dog bites man to me. See. There ARE rules. Because it's obviously now your business since you've invested the time and energy in reading this thread and working up your indignation. Well, that's not quit it, but close enough for someone wanting to twist words for his own purposes. Not sure I see it that way. While I can't speak for others, my posts were posted with a light heart poking fun at the whole idea of people expressing opinions about things they don't know about and that won't affect them, as if it's some kind of important social function. Not sure where you got that idea. Because it's a nice central location and I like the grits there. Do I need more reason than that? I didn't catch that in the guidelines.
  17. Course you count. Heck, we even let people from Georgia in (yes, even Bulldog fans). BTW, there's some good buys on homes in Northeast Florida these days. I'm just saying.
  18. Nope. It just means that after all these years the fourms are still the same as they have always been. El Diablo Words of wisdom. Although, I figure anything that gets Paint away from the Wii, if only for a few posts, is a good thing. Besides that, we can now tease him about his growing Post/Find Ratio.
  19. NEFGA is such a large, diverse group, that I don't think they would collectively agree on more than a few essential ideals: 1 ) Beer is good. 2 ) Cooked animal is good. 3 ) Jeeps are good. 4 ) Toyotas are good. (they say that to make Champ feel better) 5 ) Events are good. 6 ) Caching is fun. As someone who has hosted several events, I've never done so via committee. I just type them up and hit "Submit". I assume Dave did the same. Correctamudo. In these parts we like to keep such decissions dictatorial so as to avoid discussions like this one. BTW, we're flexible on the cooked animal thing. We had a vegetarian member once. Turned out he was delicious. It's all about the sauce.
  20. Had this been handled by an email rather than opening a thread on the forums, that is the explanation you would have gotten.
  21. Paint! 264 posts? Cheese n Rice. Think of your family. Not only that, since you've quit logging your finds, every post means your Post to Find ratio creeps higher. Ouch.
  22. Good memory. Except it started with GW3. While that has nothing to do with this thread directly, it probably explains the MYOB attitude of many of the NEFGA posters on this thread. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. The problem is that TPTB frequently interpret what is discussed here as a reflection of the opinions of the geocaching community has a whole. The whinny wheel gets the grease, so to speak. IMO, there is a wide disparity between the high post count folks and Joe the Cacher when it comes to opinions about stuff like this. People who have never posted an event expound on what should be allowed and what shouldn't be allowed at events they will never attend. Pretty soon you've the reviewers chirping in under their reviewer and non-reviewer personas and then Micheal goes and archives and locks caches without so much as a "hey there pardner". Even if that doesn't happen here, I've seen it happen before. All the while the people who actually hide and find caches and post and attend events are out doing it, and not bloviating here. So their voices aren't heard. I got an email about this thread from an instigator here (you know who you are), and got a chuckle out of it and posted a link on our thread for the event on our own forum. That drew a lot of NEFGA folks in and, knowing some of the history, it's not surprising some got a little passionate about it. Mainly we all just had a little fun stiring the pot. Now, much as I hate the idea of explaining myself in these forums, I'll expound a little bit on this event. I've been wanting to post a local event as Members Only for a long time. Just to see if anyone would notice. By anyone, I mean the people in this area and others whose opinions actually matter to me, not people in AZ and NY. I certainly never expected such a national dust up. In this area there are a lot of members only caches, so active cachers are almost always Premium Members. It wouldn't have surprised me if the event came and went with no one even noticing. Problem was that, like most of the people here, when I post and event I want to attract newbees, so it just never seemed appropriate to post an event as members only just as an experiment. This particular event is unusual. It's primary purpose is to see off some cachers on a 24 hour cache run through Northern Florida. Bring bugs for them to delivery. And take care of some local geo-issues. Its a space limited venue and we don't really have the time, space, or resources to spread the welcome mat as we normally would for newbees. In fact, it a newbee shows up I'll be a little embarssed because I'll probably be a poor host for them. In addition, for organizational purposes, I wanted to have the Audit Log available. So it seemed like a good time to run my experiment. That's it in a nutshell. No hidden agenda to drive up sales of Premium Memberships (not that there would be anything wrong with that). No attempt to exclude anyone. Just a little variation in one of dozens of events to add a little fun. While things might get testy in these forums, should any of you actually show up at the event, you would find a warm and friendly welcome. We would love to have you.
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