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  1. Any Word on when new Geico Gecko TB's are comming out? i thought i requested one of the first batch but maybe not.. any word? I found one in a cache and will move it on.. but i want to send one out for myself..
  2. please give me time to reply, have lots of interest thank you
  3. i have a bunch of Coins, can only Sell the Trackable coins, Most are Activated(Trade Ownership) Please at least 2 coins shipping is $3 per shipment and paypal only. PUZZLE SET(4 coins fit together) Activated -$25 pennsylvania 2005 Activated- $5 sold Kansas 2006 Activated-$5 Delaware 2005-silver Activated- $15 N. Carolina 2006 Activated-$5 Georgia on my mind 2006 Activated-$5 Finland 2006 Activated-$5 Scotland 2006 Activated-$5 pending UK 2005-not ingraved Activated- -$5 pending China-Home of the Geocoin maker Activated--$5 compass Rose 2005 Activated-$5 --------sold 2 Micro Tennessee set silver/gold-Activated-$10 Geocoinclub coin, (left out of sold set) U.S coast & Geodetic Servey Activated- - $5 Sold Yosemte national Park 2006 Activated-$5 Mississippi 2006 Not Activated--$5 GEORGIA 2006 Peach shaped Not Activated -$15------sold Geocat coin,Geocats unite!( cat head) Not Activated-$8-----sold Not another Micro cammo 2006 Activated-$10 Dorkfish- Ver.1 Activated- -$10 pending MrMrs loggerhead Geocoin 2 SET Green,Baby loggerhead Pink, Both Activated- - $40 (i like these) Pending Spinner coin, regular/micro 2006 Activated-$15 2006 Route 66 Oklahoma GOLD Activated- $10 thats the list for now thank you
  4. can i not sell my older coins here? i don't see my list of coins, i will reply to those of you that e-mailed me
  5. i've got some older coins up for grabs. most are 2005-2006 coins starting off puzzle coin set over Caught red handed by Lemon freash Dog world travel coin -moving icon geocoinclub.com coins all trackable on geocaching.com activated but can be changed over to your name. first finders dance selective availability green nov 2005 Geodetic servey Dec 2005 yellow jeep feb 2006 march 2006 april2006 Geocoinclub coins sell as a group for now pm me
  6. few geocoins for sale EGG Geocoin 10.00 2006 compass rose(trade activation) 15.00 nielsenc Thanksgiving coin (trade activation) 10.00 Fundamental and venlis 8.00 South Carolina 5.00 OAKCOINS xmas leaf 8.00 Calgary Area Cachers green Gps 15.00 Wales 2006 geocoin (trade activation)8.00 4 Puzzle geocoins (trade activation) looking for offers.. please email me thanks
  7. I own this Jeep, Not pulled off the inernet!
  8. Looking for the Zodiac Series CANCER Geocoin. Anyone have one ?
  9. Where do i request a GJTB?
  10. looking for: July GeoCoin Club 2006 coin LizardToadZ Decypher Suncatcher 2006 - Both
  11. Will it have an Icon or just the stinkin personal coin icon, im sure you could do a really cool icon
  12. For trade: PsychoChicken Caching with Kids Coin & Pin
  13. -Two caching with kids coin & pin club coins -Cent Coin & Pin club coin Trade Made -Wyoming -2005 Washington -Fundamental & venis personal coin -Psychochicken Geocoin Looking for: GW3 Original Stash Coins (looking for trade) 78 Tour - Ile De France Geocoins Arkansas coin Trade Made American Cache Geocoins The All American Geocoins Parrolet Geocoins(Any Metal) Lewis & Clark Geocoins Micro Micro Geocoins Team NAB Geocoins NOLEFAN9399 Haughtons Hunters Geocoins Dry Creek Geocoins
  14. -Two caching with kids coin & pin club coins -Cent Coin & Pin club coin Trade Made -Wyoming -2005 Washington -Fundamental & venis personal coin Looking for: GW3 Original Stash Coins (looking for trade) 78 Tour - Ile De France Geocoins Arkansas coin Trade Made
  15. Two caching with kids coin & pin club coins up for grabs Wyoming 2005 Washington Fundamental & venis personal coin Any GW3 coins out there still?
  16. looking for the american cache dollar silver or any metal also the Zodiac Series-Cancer, check my list
  17. Brakeman's Event 2006 Fragglestock Event 2006 GeoJamboree 4 Event Geoluau II Event GeoPoker Run Event 2006 have to trade: Cent Coin&pin Boot Coin&pin psychochicken coin check my list
  18. Looking for : Serenity Geocoin Geoluau II Event coin kiwi 2006 Coins for trade: MTN-Man admin. Cent Coin&pin Boot Coin&pin
  19. looking for event coins Fragglestock Event 2006 GeoJamboree 4 Event GeoPoker Run Event 2006 & a texas06 ------------------------------ coins for trade, also see trade list. Boots Coin & pin set MTN-Man Admin Brick Cent coin & pin set Wyoming washington 05 Geoscouts Hoxie, kansas
  20. looking for geowoodstock4, texas 06 coins check my trade list
  21. I have the CENT Geocoin from coin &pin club, also have the Boots, looking to trade for GW4 coin, Texas 06 coin please e-mail
  22. looking for: Serenity Geocoin 8 Nations Geocoins Texas 2006 Geocoins Arkansas Geocoins Dry Creek Geocoins Check trading list for my trades
  23. Today The Fraher Family ~coin trade Sequoia National Monument ~coin trade
  24. Got mine, turned out Great!, also like the icons, though it would be cool if the order was changed, Y-G-B-O thanks for putting this coin out.
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