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  1. On the old map, I was trying to bring up the map for one of my PQ's via my profile. It wouldn't show. After four tries, I gave up and went to the new map via my list. It showd up just fine. Are the old maps dead?
  2. Personally, I think the "winners" are picked ahead of time.
  3. The owner did a maintenance check on the 14.
  4. I am getting this identical error today. What's the fix?
  5. I'm not sure whey there are PMO caches anyway. There are several known work-arounds for non premium members to log them, and TPTB don't care about that, so why bother?
  6. When a cache listing tells you you "have" to swap travelers (and I have seen those requirements) ignore it. Per Jeremy and Brian, travelers are not to be treated as swag. They are supposed to travel, and that's that. Cache owners that "strongly urge" or "require" you trade travelers one for one are in violation of stated policy from the two Presidents that GS has had.
  7. That's a rather elitist thing to say. I wasn't aware that their number of finds made someone's opinion more important than a player that "only" have 2-3K. You do realize that the vast majority of people that use this service are not reviewers or lackeys, right? Once again, we are being handed something that it appears the lower-class doesn't want. But, since we're clearly stuck with it (cuz, what do we know?), I have located what for me will be a big problem. From my dashboard page (currently), I click on the search in geocaching maps icon, and get there. Then, I use that map to look at maps of my PQ's, and another page to look at the non-filtered search map. This lets me add or remove caches from a search list for an upcoming road trip. Am I gonna be able to continue to map PQ's? Or has that very helpful ability been taken away? The screenshot is the map I use to work on PQ's
  8. Tavellers are not considered tradeable swag. Meaning there is no requirement that you leave one if you take one. Also, cache owners are not allowed to require it for their caches.
  9. I've only seen (and logged) two over the last 15 years.
  10. Send an email to contact@geocaching.com. In the subject bar, note the cache GC number, and that it was archived. In the body, give a concise explanation of what happened. Name the reviewer that published it/archived it. Ask for an explanation, and to have it un-archived. The Reviewers are volunteers. This mail will go to the company. It sounds like this reviewer is one of those poople that think poop-flingers are made of porcelain, and must never be exposed to anything resembling real life.
  11. bounce, bounce does some very nice Tb Hotels in the Seattle area
  12. I switched to Cachly from Geosphere and am quite happy with it.
  13. I ask this because they very much seem to have outlived any usefulness they may have ever had. There's no good reason, that I can see, of having them, or even the title. Non-premium members can use several work-arounds to log them, and TPTB let them. A useless choice isn't much of a choice.
  14. If they were my caches, and I discovered the phony logs, said logs would be deleted. DOne it before, will do it again.
  15. One of my Reviewer friends gave me this coin the other day. The Dragons Puke coin was made for one of the Obey get-togethers that Reviewers go to every now and then. It was designed by TTUMS back in 2008 , and only 101 were made.
  16. I carried Uncle Elwyn (https://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?guid=902b3a42-467c-4ecf-8d0b-810fdeedbeb2) across half the US. I'd do the same for your Mom
  17. All things being equal, I'll join the 51-state list next year. We're planning a road trip that will take us to the last 6 we need.
  18. Thanks for the info! Nice of them to make so obvious a change....
  19. With the new Profile Dashboard, where did you hide the link to the maps?
  20. Well, quit complaining would be a good start. You cache alone, you don't go to events. I suspect the local cachers feel you think you're too good for them. By the time you got around to asking for help, they had developed the idea of "meh". That's their choice. Whether you think it's unfair or not is irrelevant.Life isn't fair. It generally stops being fair at about 5, when you start school. Suffered?? I don't see how the local cachers made you suffer. Get on with your life. You have said that caching isn't a major thing for you. Go find something else that is. Join a book club, take up Hashing. Make changes that you can control. Believe me, they haven't treated you with contempt. That's way more serious that not getting answers to questions. Being ignored is not being bullied, so put down that crutch. Being ignored is usually the result of ignoring someone else.
  21. On the contrary. I do all my logging on my desktop when I'm at home, or laptop if I'm a road trip. I have never logged via phone or tablet.
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