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  1. Glad this got worked out. Not to open a can of worms but I've never understood why people send out or want to find/discover proxies. THat's been debated many times over the years though, often in heated exchanges. I will say that I LOVE the use of "stunt double" to describe these. That literally made me laugh.
  2. That is pretty unusual (referring to the way that the other user is handling the codes). The intent of geocoin (and travel bugs) are to travel/move and be logged by users that have picked them up and dropped them off - or discovered them at an event or in a cache. Having multiple coins with the same number would be a nightmare of logs with one person picking up the coin and noting that it was dropped off in cache X in the United States (for example). Then another user picking up a separate coin with the same number would log that they picked it up in cache Y in the Netherlands (again, for example) and the tracking on that page would show it jumping from the US to the Netherlands because the system thinks one code = one coin. For signature items, I don't (personally) see the need for tracking numbers. If they are just going to be picked up and collected why the need for tracking at all? Just food for thought...
  3. There's a familiar "face". There are a number of folks from that time period (myself included) that have thinned out or sold their collections. It was bittersweet for me, but in the end I was happy to get them into somebody's hands that would appreciate them, while keeping a small set of very personal coins for myself.
  4. I'm happy to report that this coin was cleaned up, it's paperwork redone and then set free to continue roaming the world.
  5. *Bumping a very old thread* I was shocked yesterday to find one of these coins still traveling around in its original coin sleeve and with its original mission paper still intact - although it had gotten wet at some point and is hard to read now. I'm going to clean it up, re-package and reprint the tag and send it on its way soon. It's very cool to see such an old coin still moving around. I remember when these first were minted and sent out. I'll use this as an opportunity to once again thank all those that have served.
  6. "Problem" resolved. I didn't have the latest version installed. Once that was done, it was a simple matter of touching the 3 dots on the right side of the list and then choosing "Download".
  7. Thanks. I appreciate the notion but I'm not looking to install another app. In the email that GS just sent out they call out the ability to do this - i just can't seem to figure out how.
  8. What am I missing? I can see the list/PQ that I created when I go to MY LISTS, and I can open that list when connected. What I can't seem to find is a menu/option to download that list so I can use it without a connection. Is there a simple way to do this that I am missing? Thanks.
  9. This is exactly why I made the final to the Original Fizzy Challenge a beautiful hike in a local gem of a park. It just felt "right" to me to give people a wonderful hike and a spot to enjoy while signing the logbook and reflecting on the accomplishment.
  10. Is it because your trackable item is a confederate flag? A flag which pretty much didn't resurface after the Civil War until 1956, when it was used to protest integration in schools after Brown v Board of Education? Because I can see why people would be pretty upset about finding a symbol like that in an otherwise-innocuous GeoCache. I'm guessing it's because it is an item that is trackable on another site and has nothing to do with the flag.
  11. I recall the same thing happening to me both locally and when traveling. I took an extra day off on a trip once and took a 5-mile hike dropping off local coins, a personal coin, coin club coins, etc. and not only did the next person pick up ALL the coins I left there but he/she "followed" me to the next caches I did later that evening and grabbed the coins I left there, too - many of which were duplicates of the previous drop. I logged all my caches the same night as I made the finds and the next day he/she followed my footsteps and grabbed everything. It was pretty disheartening.
  12. I think this is what sours people sometimes on multis (and honestly, in caching in general). If the cache and the steps are uninteresting, it comes across as a waste of time. Again, IMO this is the result of a poor caching experience. Somebody throwing out a cache (or multi) just to have another number/smiley or to say that they own a multi. Any good cache, IMO, should be an interesting search/hide or in an interesting location. If your multi takes me somewhere cool but the hide isn't interesting, that's ok. The reverse can be true, too. But, the same holds true for traditionals - it's not limited to multis.
  13. That list was the holy grail for quite a long time. I had quite a number of them until recently when I sold off most of what I had (but still have a few). For me, nothing will ever compare to the early coins for sentimental value. Somebody may produce a stunningly beautiful coin which may represent something that I hold dear, but the fun times had while forging friendships and going on wild cache hunts at midnight when a coin was dropped in a cache (because it was rare at the time) are priceless memories that I cherish. Good luck to all in your search and NEVER give up hope. I've rarely told this story but I will now: I acquired my V1 Moun10Bike coin in trade for a Santa Cruz County Geocachers coin and my personal sig item (shot glass) a long time ago by reaching out to the (then) owner of said coin. She had lost interest in caching but knew she had the coin in a drawer somewhere....she was really interested in lighthouses (which is on the SC coin) so we traded. I considered it a good trade at the time, but it was nowhere near what the coin was 'worth' even 6-months later when they started to blow up. Oddly enough, the week before that trade I turned down somebody that I was trying to trade for another one because he wanted $25 for it and I thought that was OUTRAGEOUS to pay for a coin. Again, this was before they became what they are now and before Moun10Bike coins really became as desirable as they are now. Go figure.
  14. Kealia


    So very sorry to hear about this. I had one until earlier this year when I sold off most of my collection. Best of luck to you.
  15. Thanks for the offer Mark, but I don't have room for anything new at this point! Jed, that's a spiffy-looking coin. The crow reminds me of Edgar Allen Poe. (I don't know the connection to the Grateful Dead as I was never a fan).
  16. Congratulations to GeoCharmer81! I will get this out to you in the next day or so. Thanks to everybody who purchased. Enjoy your new coins.
  17. Updated with current sales. REMINDER: Today is the last day to purchase to get in on the GEO LEPRECHAUN coin drawing. Thanks - and good luck to all! (I should also note that all coins that have been paid for have either shipped already, or are shipping today.)
  18. Updated list: 2006 Ark-Mo Geocachers 2005 UTAG (Utah Association of Geocachers) 2005 Tennessee Geocoin 2006 Central Oklahoma Geocachers 2006 Kinzua Area Cachers 2007 Idaho 2005 Indiana 2006 NYGO (New York Geocaching Org) 2005 Pennsylvania 2005 Alabama 2005 San Diego 2006 GOWT (Geocachers of West Tennessee) 2006 TAG (Tulsa Area Geocachers) Oklahoma 2005 Colorado 2006 Colorado 2005 Delaware 2007 Alaska Micro 2006 Lighthouse 2006 Tennessee Micro ?? SchuyIkill County, PA 2006 SPNZ 2009 WSGA 2009 Geocoin 2008 BCGA 2008 Geocoin 2006 Kansas 2006 Anza - Borrego 2007 Italy 2006 Mueller Memorial Geocoin ?? Team Misguided 2005 Midwest Geobash
  19. I will try to update this list tonight based on sales since the last posting.
  20. Thanks. We only made 100 of them back in, um.......2006. I think other than the three in my case, I have 2 left awaiting to be dropped in some awe-inspiring location yet TBD.
  21. Here is the third case, which needs some re-ordering/grouping with the last one at some point: Row 1: Various Mausion coins Row 2: Hawaiian themed + California Poppy Row 3: Worker of Wood, various Flying Spaghetti Monster + Hawaiian event (shop99er) Row 4 & 5: various finishes of FSM Row 6: GBA (Geocachers of the Bay Area) DeathMarch coins (front/back) + different finishes of my Kealia/Hula Bum personal + Original Fizzy coin (wait, is that GOLD version?!?!? ) Row 7: Different finished of various local coins + Nomex personal Row 8: Not geocoins, but coins collected at various National Parks, etc. while traveling
  22. All inquiries have been responded to at this point. If you have sent me a message and I haven't responded - I didn't get it so please try again. Thank you.
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