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  1. Looking forward to this beautiful new 2006 version of the Alaska geocoins! Hope I can get one.....
  2. Beautiful geocoin...2 for me please!
  3. Why a pre-sale? Why not a pre-trade? The basic idea behind geocoins (which most people here unfortunately apparent forgot) is to place the coin in caches, find the coin or trade the coin....and NOT to sell the personal geocoin!
  4. Our personal geocoin is also only for trade! We are very happy about every trade for personals we miss in our geocoin collection.
  5. Hi Sweetlife, Thanks for you interest in our personal geocoin! Unfortunately I must say our geocoin is only for trade. For more information please look in this thread: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...66&hl=HerrK
  6. A great design...2 coins for me please! PayPal eMail: HerrK@gmx.net
  7. Aaaaaaah...cool personal geocoin...and only for trade...exemplary! Hope for a trade (#79)........
  8. You must have other rates than all the other hundreds of trades and purchases I have made. The costs for one coin to Germany are not higher as $3 USD Your order system give me only one option for shipping - $18.75 USD!!!
  9. You want $18.75 USD for the shipping (U.S.P.S. Global Airmail Parcel Post) outside the USA!
  10. What a great beautiful personal geocoins trade day! + YemonYime + IDTimberWolf + DHenninger + Hawaii Pineapple Thank you so much for all the trades...
  11. I drop our non-trackable personal geocoin also in caches....as a little "Thank You" for great caches!
  12. What a great geocoin....and only for personal trades....fantastic! eMail sent!
  13. Wooooooow...what a great personal geocoin. Hope also for a trade.......
  14. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW - what a great geocoin! Nice to see a new and beautiful TRADE ONLY personal geocoin. eMail sent.............
  15. Thanks for the photo and the pink smokestacks!
  16. Can you show us a photo of the coin?
  17. The beautiful dogs arrived me...thank your for this geocoin!
  18. I received the geocoin yesterday! It looks beautiful and high quality - really noble!
  19. Today I received the Canada's First Geocache Geocoin! In my opinion this is how a geocoin must look like. Thank you for this beautiful and low-priced geocoin........
  20. Today I received the March Signal Geocoin! The first of the Signal Geocoins series with an acceptable quality for $10 USD!
  21. I received the beautiful Rhode Island geocoin - a great design!
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