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  1. Hi! I've been sick for a while and been in our local hospital and a larger one in the area and just got out yeaterday afternoon. I'll be trying to catch up on all my emails and trades over the next week!
  2. Neat coin! Puzzles are my favorite. These would be great as the first to find in a puzzle cache!
  3. That is how it starts! Need a Geocoin Addicts Anonymous coin?
  4. I'd like 2 please. Are they of different metals?
  5. I would be interested in getting the complete set - both regular and LE
  6. Love the coin. Would be pleased to trade or buy.
  7. Dang! I can't remember if I already have this one on order or not.
  8. Great coin! I like the icon #1 of the lasst 2 posted.
  9. Texas Bluebonnets Grand Canyon Connectcut LE Alabama 2004 Missouri 2004 SQuealy's First Find Goldsnoop 2006 & LE BadAndy Texas Winter Bikini BottomFeeders And Envelopes! Trades going out!
  10. It is always tough when there is a limited number of coins. This is an event and I appreciate that the extras were sold. I lucked out on this one but don't always on these limited quantity sales. I think this was handled as fairly as the team could and as they said, constructive suggestions are always appreciated. Cut them some slack...
  11. I thought the max was 10 coins. I am pretty sure that's what she meant Thanks AG - Read what I mean, not what I say! 10 max
  12. Not necessarily. Some of us went together to help with the shipping. I'm not selling on E***
  13. Remeber that the minimum was 10 coins so it could have been as few as 10 orders!
  14. I am also interested in a group order if anyone wants to go in with me to share the shipping costs.
  15. I have the South Carolina fine silver coin that I would like to trade for the 2005 USA fine silver coin.
  16. I received my invoice today and paid for them - 4 of each.
  17. I used the Caching Place for my coins and found them very good to work with.
  18. Looking for the Mississippi and EGG LE coins. Please email me if you will have these available for trade.
  19. Missed the LE on this to. Anyone have one to trade?
  20. Go for it. I have really enjoyed mine. I like the top icon.
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