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  1. FTF Magazine is not ending. There was another one that was out and it did fail and that one is the one that has bad press. Please do not get this one confused with the other one. I don't see this one doing that. I would check with the mag owner to see if there is a problem with your subscription.
  2. The puzzle just came out on the 19th how did you get it so early.
  3. I can see where the co is coming from. It is nice to see a log that describes what the cacher saw at the cache site. What it took to get there, what the cache site looked like and was cache still in good cond. Over all how was there experience. However if the cacher is doing or has done a lot of caches then the cut and paste method is easiest to do for them. I try to do logs that are fun to read, but sometimes there is not much to say. There is a web site out there that will give you your average log size in words. Right now I have a average size of 99 words per log. I too have had just the one word logs of "TNLNSL" because there was nothing to say about a LPC cache.
  4. I would say if it is regular cache then yes logging it would be ok. However if it is part of a multi cache then you need to do the entire cache. I found the end of a multi but have not completed the rest of the stages so I will not log it until I do all of it. I
  5. Is there a way to do a Wherigo cache on a Kindle Fire?
  6. When I try to download Magellan Communicator plug-in from ceocaching.com it says "This browser is not supported yet." I have windows 8.1 When will there be one available for 8.1
  7. It looks like it has some type of light hanging from there at some time and the person that hid the cache used the hole that left over to hide the cache.
  8. I also thought this was a good issue. I had a picture in this issues also. It was the one of the goggle car that does the street view for goggle maps. Also if anyone would like to see a full copy of the magazine, go the the web site and view a full issue for free.
  9. Of course, when you do that, you also don't claim a smiley, right? Why wouldn't he? I don't get the question. The letters SL are not in his online log.
  10. You don't say? You had a great coin, tracking or not.
  11. I just want to see what others do. I don't go after the FTF. I don't have a smart a** phone so I don't get a text when a new one is published. I my self will not claim a FTF unless I was the one to find it. Others will if they are in a group and that is ok. What is funny is a few times I have been at events and everyone's phone will start to go off and then most of the people that were at the event run off to get that find. I guess if you are the one hosting a event and you want it to end at a pacific time you could just have it published at that time.
  12. There is no official FTF. Everyone has a different view of FTF. The fact your are questioning whether it is a FTF or not? Don't log it. If you question it, you have your doubts. Go with your doubts, they are your stats, nobody else cares about them. Personally? I'd count it as FTF. I know there is no official FTF and I am not questioning if it is a FTF. I know how I log it. I just would like to know how others log the FTF's. There is not right or wrong way.
  13. Lets say you go out to try to get a FTF and when you get to the GC area there are other people looking for that cache also. If someone else finds the cache do you log as a co-FTF or would you count it as a FTF on your stats?
  14. There are no back issues, only one or two came out. There is one out called FTF Geocacher. This one is very good and will show up in your mailbox.
  15. Aedanifer Aloa Chiche Edrandra Eisai Evendir Jaerien Linettas Oubria Sussan Ufilo Uicen Uruna Yanaya Ysajos
  16. I need a Ace have a extra King #194 or 218 Thank You
  17. I found our name. On coin 2 ... Thank You GeoCrickets
  18. I did not see Team GeoCrickets. I know I was on a list for coin #2. Richard of the GeoCrickets
  19. This sounds like so much fun. I would love to go but Dawn lost her job and we just don't have the money right now. Richard of the GeoCrickets. Hope to see everyone at the Lodi event on April 14th.
  20. Dang, all 30 slots were taken before I got home from work. Oh well maybe next time. Richard of the GoCrickets
  21. I would say $4.99 + S & H. Richard of the GeoCrickets
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