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  1. looks like a cool coin. Put me down for 3.
  2. Yime, My question is if you shot the horse, beat it, and left it in the woods and someone else found it would you still retain ownership?
  3. So, They must not have sold too well on ebay. I'm sorry your plans to make a killing on ebay first didnt pan out. I am just wondering why forum members, Who are geocachers, Werent offered the coin first instead of taking them directly to ebay? I'll pass on connecticut.
  4. I got my coins in the mail yesterday...they rock!! Thanks jamie for making such a cool coin.
  5. I am from arizona and think the coin looks cool HOWEVER, I'm gonna pass on this one as I have the same concerns as others have posted. I get really irritated when people try to profit off of the caching community. Thanks kealia and others for posting youre opinions here.
  6. Id like to buy 2. Sharp looking coin.
  7. Wow! Awesome idea!! i'd buy a few.
  8. Thats a wesome coin! Put me down for 2.
  9. I'd like one with a rum and coke please!!
  10. paid for mine. These are kewl! cant wait to get em.
  11. I am currently working on gettingmy own personal jeep coin with a buddy of mine. the artwork is based on a photo of my jeep on one side and my buddys jeep on the other. we have not asked permission and i wouldnt worry about it...as long as we dont make millions i dont think jeep is gonna care. Let me know if you make youre coin and maybe we can set up a trade.
  12. OK, This is frustrating. I tried to log in and am sure I had to create a account to buy my coins. I did not write down the info as I didnt expect to have to access the site again. Cant the maine tracking be made to work without being logged in to the site? I even tried to email the guy handling the tracking but cant even do that without signing in.
  13. ok, I'll add my 2 cents. I don't like people making a profit and saying that they should be compensated for their time. The reason they design the coins should be because of The LOVE OF THE GAME and THE SPIRIT OF GEOCACHING. I also hope people dont buy the higher priced ones because if they do then the prices will continue to climb. It is only when the price reaches a point where people refuse to buy and vote with their wallets will prices drop. While I dont want to see GC place price restrictions, I think any coin that bears their logo should have to post their invoice on the preorder thread.
  14. KEWL! A hawaii coin! I was going to buy one from the forbidden zone but I HATE people making profits off of coins when they just list them on the market place and not in the forums. I would love to see a REAL hawaii coin come out.
  15. yahoo! Got 3 of em...this will be great to place in the caches that i spend 8 hrs. hiking to...TNX NFA for a cool coin
  16. received mine yesterday. It is a beautiful coin.
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