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  1. This is about caching, I want to hide a cache involving this.
  2. I am looking for some software that can solve where the shelling will land after the tank shoots it and all you need to do is enter the numbers and it will solve it for you.
  3. I'm looking for: The Phantom Cacher coin Willing to trade: Grumpy dad Mom My slavery Not trading: CASH!
  4. What goecoin collectors are going to the MidWest GeoBash that are bringing coins to trade?
  5. Put me on the mailers list. I'd like to move the coin.
  6. The MOST expensive site that I know of will only charge 8 dollars a coin so a profit of 12 dollars a coin, 48 dollars a set is a little much, don't you think.
  7. No offience but that is a CRAZY price I will add up the cost at the most expencive site to see how much they cost to make.
  8. I would like 1 LE coin. Found cache on the 11th of august in 2005 http://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?LU...3d-52b1e16ec27d
  9. I have a MiGO 2006 Winter Seasonal for trade. Looking for hard to find coins.
  10. I am looking for a ?? Mystery Puzzle Coin ?? sold on that e place and will trade any coin on my list at www.thecachingplace.com.
  11. What about the End station geocoin?
  12. I am looking for one of these, any for trade? Will trade a 2006 Not Another Micro or a Silver Made in china
  13. I can't seem to find where to get the code to activate the Made in China coins and the Yosemite National Park coins. I also lost my code for the silver "I love geocoin" coin. Can someone help me?
  14. Make a coin trackable on GC and sell it so you make about 500 dollars, then you could make about 100 coins.
  15. It depends BUT for my all time favorite (My next coin will be this metal) is Antique Silver!
  16. 16 dollars is way too much, I would rather trade.
  17. I still need 3 different people. 3 going to UOTrackers to put in caches 1 going to ?????? 1 going to ?????? 1 going to ?????? EMAIL- SonofCyclops@tmrl.net
  18. Who is Trez Pirate Trezure? I want to trade with him but can't find his profile, can someone post a link?
  19. Ok, the Cyclops and Son coins are up for this. 3 going to UOTrackers to put in caches 1 going to ?????? 1 going to ?????? 1 going to ?????? EMAIL- SonofCyclops@tmrl.net
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