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  1. I think of all the lbs caching has helped me loose. All the lakes, mountains, trails I'd never have seen if it wasn't for caching. And mostly, all the friends I've made that will be with me throughout the years. That's worth a few pounds of carbon in my book. Thanks for everything.
  2. I'm having the same issue on my work computer (IE6) When I try to pull up a map, (after waiting forever) all I see are smilies, or green box's. no maps behind them at all. MyTopo, terrain and satellite options wont work. and I can't scroll the map in any direction. Basically the maps are totally usless using IE6 And I don't know if it's IE6, my work computer or what, but the whole site seams to take forever to load today.
  3. Seriously hon, just ONE more down the road and we'll be done for tonight....... ( 3 cache's later ) But hon, the next one's only .12 away....
  4. Once while checking on an archived cache I lifted the moss that had been hiding the cache and found 4 syringes. During a CITO a couple of weeks ago I found 4 syringes, our group found 18 and the total for the whole CITO group was over 50. (we were cleaning up an old homeless camp so we suspected that we'd find some before we even started) I've seen more dead animals then I care to remember. I came across a guy, miles out into the middle of nowhere, sitting on a rock, naked, having WAY to much fun with him self. he never saw me and I just quietly kept walking on down the trail. While bushwhacking to a cache I found a 5 gallon bucket, hanging from a tree, filled with cement and sticking out of the cement were the heads of 3 garden gnomes. I left it there and have been tempted to go back and place a cache nearby calling it 'WTF?" lol I have yet to find a live pot field but I did come across one that was at least a year old. I found 4, 5 gallon buckets filled with potting soil and about a half dozen holes in the ground that had been re-filled with potting soil. they all had stems about an inch wide cut off a couple of inches from the ground.
  5. I've never received a mystery/surprise coin in the mail. I used to trade with folks here all the time but I kinda dropped out of the coin business a couple of years ago.
  6. Dang, and I thought I was picky. Now I don't feel so bad. Here's one I like I call the cardiac special. Take a pork roast and put into a crock pot. pour in enough BBQ sauce in to cover the meat and turn it on it's lowest setting. Do this in the morning before work. When you get home take the lid off the crock pot so the sauce will thicken up some. Then make some home made buttermilk biscuits, you'll need these to soak up the extra sauce. Take out the pork, smother in bbq sauce, throw a couple of biscuits on the plate and your done. I usually make a side of green beans or rice to go with this but, that's optional. You now have pork "fork tender" with plenty of sauce (just like he likes) and something kinda sorta healthy to go with it. For obvious reasons I only have this once, maybe twice a year.
  7. Is it just me and my browser or what? a 4x5 inch map is WAY TO SMALL!! All the new bells and whistles don't mean anything if you cant see them. (firefox
  8. One thing I'll add is the WG bill's I've dropped into cache's have had a HORRIBLE success rate. Most folks just grab them and spend them. Save your money and buy some TB tags, you'll get allot more millage out of those then you will a WG bill.
  9. Or, you can do like I've done. Create a bookmark list of archived caches that are still out there so others can find it as well.
  10. Edit to add that the coin arrived today.
  11. Still waiting for mine as well.
  12. For both of them I'd trade my 8 coin set. Only 3 sets exist, the coins have a mintage of 3,3,5,20,50,50,50 and 55
  13. I got mine today I got a Cool Farewell, Mouth of the South and a Kinzua area cachers. THANK YOU Secret Santa
  14. Night_Hawk


    Go to http://www.geocaching.com/adopt/
  15. The secret is, don't use the word "geocache' in the user note. that's what triggers the bill to be tagged as such, otherwise they have no idea where you got it from. If you don't care about your bill being in the top 10 stats it's really no big deal. I quit leaving WG bill's in cache's a long time ago due to the poor success rate (go figure eh?) My WG stats. 63K + bills entered. 20K+ hits 50 state bingo X 4 Continental bingo X 1 GS 1,323.86
  16. The Emerald Valley Cachers held their first Olympics this year. Your more then welcome to join us next year.
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