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  1. Woot! Thanks for the Cointest Sarah! I'll wish everyone a happy and prosperous now. Hope everyone the best! Quick question... what different browsers were used?
  2. Well, I'll be re-thinking my packaging for sure. Let me send out a new one to you. I hate having broken ones arrive! No need... just a drop of glue and it's good as new. Thanks anyways. Very cool design.
  3. I received a softball nickel in the mail.. pretty cool, it was broken but a dab of glue and it's good as new. Thanks again. ~ 57
  4. Many thanks for your reply. I might just have to return to the cache and take a magnifying lens. I appreciate your kindness. sleepawkeen Try to log it again but substitute the zeros for Os, or possibly the I for a 1(one) sometimes a combination or variation of a combination of these factors lies the answer.
  5. Signed up: ~ 12/15 Received Name: 12/29 Sent Package: Received Package: Signed up: ~ 12/15 Received Name: 12/29 Sent Package: Received Package: I have no coin list at this time, surprise me. I am also not opposed to non trackable coinage.
  6. I noticed those too. I wonder what other ones are coming. There's a big market for pop culture stuff. Good to see geocoins being assimilated. Resistance is futile.
  7. Does anyone know where to get the activation code for a 2005 Maryland geocoin? Not on the plastic flip.
  8. Ok, my 2nd guess would be 7! One for each of you.
  9. None under the tree.. you're keeping em elsewhere. Merry Christmas Y'all!
  10. Check this link out... 33 pages of wooden nickels and wooden nickel trading. It's a cheaper alternative to geocoins. Wooden Nickel Trading Link..
  11. I had an email hiccup and recovered a couple offers from my spam folder, if you sent me an offer and haven't heard from me please try again, I'm pretty sure I have my issue fixed.
  12. Not in Missouri yet.. but hopefully tomorrow.. my mailmans bonus is hostage! WOOT .... Just got em... the last day of mail before Christmas. AWESOME Bonz! Thanks Frank! Merry Christmas.!!
  13. I did put a couple "nickels" in the mail late last week, Glad to hear they're being delivered. I have half dozen or so left if anyone wants to trade, not spectacular, they're homemade and a bit larger than normal but something different. I'll try to snap a pic. sometime.
  14. Anyone looking for a Gold Ajayhawkfan coin? Make me an offer.
  15. Being a dog person, and seeing as how there's gonna be a new wave of bones hitting new owners mailboxes, I thought this thread needed bumped.... It's one of my all time fav. threads, and once I get my new bones, I may have to try to see if my hounds will tolerate a collar and try to snap some pics.
  16. Very similar thread..... Lead in Geocoins
  17. I've been such a slacker, I am going to resolve to actually get out and do some more caching, and to incorporate benchmark hunting into my caching activities.
  18. Sounds like fun. There are waterproof disposable cameras available.
  19. Signed up: ~ 12/15 Received Name: Sent Package: Received Package: Signed up: ~ 12/15 Received Name: Sent Package: Received Package: ALSO... As a side note.. I'm one of those freaks that actually like fruitcake for the holidays. I am also not opposed to non trackable coinage.
  20. I think Lenore is having too much fun torturing us....
  21. WOOT! I was lucky enough to score one of these Awesome coins! It was in a cache not 10 miles from here! So I HAD to take a chance on grabbing it.. it paid off. I remember when I was a kid, I went to the theater and watched a movie about Big Foot on the big screen ... scared the bejeezus outta me. This one seems more on the friendly side. Thanks GeoSasquatch. You ROCK! Awesome coin, I really appreciate it... NEXT time you're in the area, stop in and say Hi. I'll treat ya to a meal and maybe do some caching.
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