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  1. Today, I received: 1 The Geocaching Angel 5 GCC May 08 Bring May Flowers
  2. I was very busy last month and did'nt get much of a chance to visit the forum. This morning, I notice a little mailer in my mailbox. It had no return address on it. Inside was a little note from The Geocaching Angel and a nice coin with a set of wings on it. I thank you so much for this beautiful coin, there are still wonderful angels out there. This coin will be treasured. Congrats to all others who have received this coin.
  3. Yesterday. 1 Crappy Cache Award Gold 5 GCC Feb 08 Flags
  4. A little bit of catching up to do: 1 Caching the Hemispere SE 5 GCC ROT13 2008-01 1 GCC ROT13 SE 1 Crater Lake Nat. Park Satin Gold 1 Crater Lake Nat. Park Ant. Silver 1 Abomination Ant. Silver 1 Sundial Two Tone 1 Skunked AE 1 Geocaching Jedi geocoin 1 Avalanche 2008 3rd Edition Black/Nickel 1 Avalanche 2008 3rd Edition Volunteer Ant. Silver
  5. Sorry if I'm a little late on this one. I was doing some volunteer work (actually play) at the Avalanche Event this past Saturday and caught a bad cold. Still a bit under the weather. Anyway, I was making hamburgers and hotdogs on the BBQ with a few of the guys and gals for the hungry crowd. When I got back inside the clubhouse, I felt something in my coat pocket. Someone had slipped a Geocaching Jedy coin in my pocket while I was busy on the grill. Thank you so much for such a wonderful coin. I will treasure it. Also congrats to all the past recipients.
  6. A couple of mailers came in. 1 Bikedog Memorial Copper 1 Cammo Ammo Can Urban Camo 1 Proximity Geocoin 5 GCC Aug 2006 The Last Cache of the Day
  7. I also received a "Mystery" package today. It had my name on the mailer and on the return addy tag with a note inside that said: "A lot of care and thought went into this gift, from someone who wanted to brighten your day." Inside, I found a Podcachers 2007 geocoin. Whoever you are, thank you so much.
  8. Wow, Sunday morning and this is the first post I read... What a great way to start the day! It sure sounds like a really good geo-'do-unto-others'... . May I quote you please? feel free... uh, does this make me famous?? ha!!! Well you have given us carte blanche .... We have a newsletter coming out this week to about 450+ cachers and a website that some folks visit I think ... plus we have an ad coming up in an international publication... I think it's gone to press already though How famous do you want to be? is the more relevant question Oh my God! Think off all the paparazzi........ They'll be following you to all the caches, everytime you leave the house. Now that's what I call muggles.........
  9. Afew days ago and today. 5 GCC 12-07 Winter Caching in the Hemisphere 1 GCC 11-07 Gold SE TFTC 1 Cammo Ammo Cans Desert Camo 1 Cammo Ammo Cans Forest Camo 1 Cammo Ammo Cans Snow Camo
  10. Congratulations to all recent finders.
  11. A few more coins today. 1 New Year 2008 Shiny Gold 1 New Year 2008 Ant. Silver 1 Friends of Caching
  12. Sweet. Your end arrived last week. Thanks That's great, thank.
  13. Really great day for me. 1 DHobby1 Edition 2 2 Enigma Ant. Silver/Chrome
  14. Good day for me. 1 Frozen Buns Frosty Silver 2 Kuntry Kashin' Ant. Gold 2 Kuntry Kashin' Ant. Silver 1 Christmas 2007 Thank you cap (Thanks Steve)
  15. Congratulations Highland Geofairy.
  16. A few more again today. 5 GCC TFTC 2007-11
  17. Congratulations to all the winners.
  18. Received another one today. 1 2005 VIGPS.COM Marmot Silver LE
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