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  1. Thanks for the update. We look forward to receiving our coins. MMS
  2. Still no coins here. Anyone else having this problem?
  3. Still no coins and no response to our emails. Anyone else having this problem?
  4. No coins and no response to our emails......
  5. Fazanten 2006 (Gun) Fazanten 2006 LE Gold Fazanten 2006 Nickel GCC - May Mcdoodles & Family Quebec 2006 (Silver) Regions of Germany Geocoin Set SAFFIER & STEKELSTEEF – Helmet (Bronze & Silver) SAFFIER & STEKELSTEEF – Koi (Bronze & Silver) Twin Peaks (Nickel & Gold)
  6. We haven't recieved ours either! We'd like an update !!!!!! Flashbacks of another coin come to mind.......
  7. Any update? Still waiting on ours to arrive...
  8. Thanks We got an Order Confirmation for us and kayakerinme.
  9. Mrs Smith tells me that our coins arrived in Tampa today. Postmarked on 4/3. I guess we should rescind our complaint with ic3. Since the creator of this coin was in such a rush in getting our coins shipped I figure I’ll do the same in withdrawing the complaint
  10. Working with ic3 on this as of Monday when our coins didn't show up. Hate going down this path but we were left with no other options.
  11. Looking for: Jeepin Jumpers Bouncing Bunny ajayhawkfan Please see our list at http://cointracking.com/public/MrMrsSmith Thanks MMS
  12. We’re in for four of these coins. I’m willing to give the sender until the 1st of April to respond or have the coins in my hand. After that I will file a complaint with Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) at http://www.ic3.gov/ . I would recommend that everyone follow this path. IC3 is a joint operation with the FBI and National White Collar Crime Center. Thanks Mr & Mrs Smith
  13. Thought we missed these....email sent. Thanks MMS
  14. Thanks for the coins. We grabbed two. MMS
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