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  1. I don't use cachemate, but I had the same problem with spnner/plucker. My Palm sync wouldn't work on the laptop with vista, so I just stick the card in the card reader and drag the file into the proper directory of the card. Works great, and is actually faster than the sync would be.
  2. If you haven't already, make sure you contact the owner, or at least log the cache to let them know what's up. The owner can decide the next step.
  3. Set the dates in the pq. Start with May 3, 2000 and end with whatever date gets you just under 500 caches. Set a second query with a start date the day after the end date of the first one. Repeat as necessary.
  4. Since the site allows multiple attends on the same event, it must not be too taboo. Do whatever gives you the most fun That's what this is all about.
  5. GSAK is Geocaching Swiss Army Knife. It is a great program that works great with pocket queries. Too many features to list, some I haven't even found yet. Great for paperless caching. Check out the site, or do a search here in the forums and you'll find some great info on it.
  6. I went from a basic Legend to a 76CSx. When caching, I use the map screen and bearing line. One thing I noticed is if I don't hold the unit flat, it points my location in the wrong direction that I'm traveling. I trained myself to hold it at about 30° when walking. I have to check the distance to target to make sure I'm walking in the right direction. I either need to learn how to use it or learn how to turn it off.
  7. On the submission page, there is a place for reviewer notes where you can put this information. These notes will be deleted by the reviewer before it is published. The waypoints for the multi can be placed here, or you can add them as waypoints and make them viewable only to you and a reviewer. Just mark them as hidden.
  8. It was an ALR cache. Cache is located at S04° 08' 15" E16° 23' 42". Use mirror in cache to signal at 108°. If you get a return signal, you can claim a find.
  9. When I place a cache, I stand about 3 feet from the cache for about 30 seconds and mark it. Have never had complaints about bad coords. I have never been very far off of someone else's coords when hunting their cache either. If you mark it and come back later that day or the next day, you will probably be off your own coords.
  10. A whole bunch of more birthdays?
  11. Yes, seems to be working for normal images shown on the page. But when it comes to spoiler-pictures, I do still only get the small version. In Plucker, the only change I made to the image tab is set it to thousands of colors. These images are shown on the cache page. I have not ben able to view any spoiler pictures that are icons on the cache page. I'm still working on that.
  12. I'd settle for the GC# after the name in the subject. From Notify: "Reviewer name" published "Cache name" (Traditional Cache) To Notify: "Reviewer name" published "Cache name" (GCXXXXX) That way I can see it in the text message on my phone and go to the wap site to view the cache page instead of having to go to the mail account to read the message.
  13. That's interesting. I always considered paperless caching as having a palm full of cache pages with you, instead of a binder full of cache pages with you, hence the name. Loading the GPS and going off without reading the cache page was doable from day one.
  14. I have a Zire71 and all images on a cache page are resized to fit the screen, but if I click on the image it zooms in and I can scroll the image to see all of it.
  15. I don't slow down even if I am going the usual 5 mph over the limit like I am usually doing. And those that are going the speed limit or even barely and then slow down tick me off and I tend to hit the next lane and speed past them right by the cop. (Speeding past them is doing the 5 over limit). People that slow down when they see a cop are those that arn't aware of their surroundings and are a danger. If you aren't aware of your surroundings, you wouldn't see the cop.
  16. Maybe it would be best if they were always in their street clothes when taking part in a discussion. Ever slow down when a cop is approaching even tho you're not speeding?
  17. To be tracked on this site, travel bugs will have to have a tag. Trackable coins have their own number. Without the tag or number, there would be no way of knowing where your bug was.
  18. Since there are cachers who won't post a Needs Maintenance, can we assume there are owner who won't post an Owner Maintenance log? So your Virtual Needs Maintenance log may be posted after the wet log has been fixed.
  19. If I didn't want to post a face pic, or wear a tin foil hat, or do whatever the owner required me to do, I just wouldn't hunt for the cache. The thought of destroying their cache because I disagreed with it would never cross my mind.
  20. One is the child waypoints (wpts file). Any cache that has additional waypoints on the page are included in this file.
  21. If you have to trade fairly for it, how is it a gift?
  22. My coin collection is pretty small, but I never really got into the numbers. I go for coins that jump out at me. I have traded a low mint black nickel gear for a high mint coin because I wanted it. Actually, I did this more than once.
  23. I am turn? Holy cow! I can't believe I made that mistake ... That's what I get when I'm in the forums when I'm supposed to be working
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