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  1. Yeah but its not available there. The download link goes to a page with the info in the OP and goes on with instructions how to load up PQs with Topo.
  2. Trying to load up a new computer and surprised to find Cache Register is no longer available or even supported by Delorme. I've been using it for years and to this day it still works for me on my old XP machine. I would still like to try it on the new machine but can't find a copy or Cache Register anywhere. Being a free download and always available on the Delorme site I didn't bother to save a copy of the install package. DUH! I'm not at all impressed with Delorme mapping software and have avoided using it at all costs. Fact is, I don't have it installed on anything anymore. If Push comes to shove I think GSAK will load the PN-40 and may even upload field notes. Does anyone know where I can grab a copy of Cache Register 2 or did anyone save a copy they can send me? I'd like to try it on the new machine.
  3. In Build 2.0.5129.5086 a new action was added, Save and close the player and launch turn-by-turn directions on supported devices. How do I use this? Shouldn't there be a way to pass the target coordinates to the gps turn-by-turn routing? I tried fumbling around with it using a Colorado and it shut the cartridge down with this message.
  4. I tried that and it wouldn't compile. Ranger Fox, I don't understand what you are saying. Open the code in what and how do I move it to and where is the Author Functions? In the Wherigo tutorial wherigo_player_tut the player names the alien. Later the Wherigo cartridge shows the player some text using the name you just gave your alien. This is pretty much what I want to do only I want to show the player the numerical value of the variable every time it changes through the players actions. The source code for the tutorial is locked so I can't see how that was done.
  5. Is there a way to display the value of a variable to the player in a message? I want to initialize a numeric variable and give it a value. After cretin events the value will change and I want to show a message to the player which will give them the updated value of the variable.
  6. I don't have a head count but I'd say somewhere between 150 and 200. Last year we had considerably more but it was in a much larger park in a more traveled area.
  7. icon This is the event coin for the New York Capital Region Geocachers 5 annual picnic held this year at Cherry Plane State Park. GC10EE5 shiny gold finish 1.75" diameter - 3.5mm thickness 2D both sides Soft enamel offset print - Full epoxy coating edge to edge both sides Coins are $10.00 each plus 1.50 shipping..... shipping will be adjusted for multiple coins. The front side is a photo of the pavilion area at the park. The GC number for the event is on the pavilion roof. The back is the group logo. Unlike last years coin this one is trackable at Geocaching.com with its own icon. Tracking numbers have the event (EV) prefix. A limited amount of these coins are in hand and ready to ship on a first in first out bases. To order coins email me at nycrg@geocachingny.org and include your paypal email address and how many coins you would like. I will send you a paypal invoice. edited to add price
  8. There will be a geocoin for this event made in two different metals. There will be 50 antique brass coins minted to be sold at the event only on a first come first served bases and only one coin per person. In the unlikely event all 50 do not sell during the event the balance will be destroyed. This limited edition is intended to enhance attendance at the event, not as a money maker. I'll be bringing my acetylene torches to the event if you care to witness the demise of the unsold limited edition coins. There will be 250 antique silver coins sold in any quantity on a first come first served bases. After the event we will continue to sell antique silver coins until sold out.
  9. South Carolina Geocoin Addicts Skully & Mulder Rusty O Junk All going in the mail this morning.
  10. I tried to send you a reply but it bounced. Message said my server was blacklisted.
  11. The tail and its better looking to.... the world just isn't in balance. Depends what 'first' you're talking about.
  12. Before Christmas I started working on a Geocoin and finally at long last and several setbacks its here. Its antique bronze, 1 1/5 inch, 3D both sides, numbered but not trackable on Geocaching.com. The head side, and all coins need a head side so you know who wins the toss, is some old dude that keeps chasing Mrs Rusty around the house. The back side is of my 1934 Allis Chalmers WC tractor which also happens to be my avatar. My coins are trade only and will not be sold. Some will be placed in caches but no park and grabs, you’ll have to work for them. I’d like to trade for personal coins only but if I already have your personal coin or you don’t have one I’ll trade for anything I don’t already have in my collection. You can check if I have your personal coin here. If interested in trading email me through my profile. Sorry, no sales, trades only.
  13. Yup! I'm still waiting for two spinning coins I paid for on 14 January. Its now the oldest coin on my paid/waiting list.
  14. I think that door has already closed.
  15. Lets hope that's a sign of things to come but my mailman just left and I got zip.
  16. Irregardless how this turns out I'd like to thank Bryan and Ertha for their efforts above and beyond. I live 130 miles from Chicopee so if they don't show up in my mailbox today I think I found his photo.
  17. I betcha that was the first cache in Vermont, which also makes it one of the first 100 caches ever placed! Yeah but the real kicker is a New Yorker placed the first cache in Vermont.
  18. I should be on the list for 3 and if not put me there.
  19. I'm in the Albany area whatever region that is. In one park I filled out the application and the permit arrived in the mail a couple days later. The other three parks where I have caches I walked into their office with the coordinates for my caches and walked out a few minutes later with the permit in hand.
  20. I'd like 1 LE and 1 regular when available.
  21. If this is a preorder thread I'll take one. If this isn't the preorder thread I'll still take one.
  22. Gee Thanks, I can never get those 2 minutes of my life back now. The green team slaughtered me. Now how in heck did that happen. That link was supposed to go to the list of activation places. I've never seen that snowball game in my life. It wouldn't even run in my browser, had to go to another computer with IE on it to see what that link was all about. Eartha, I can't edit the post so could you either take the link out or just delete the entire post. This isn't the place for that stuff.
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