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  1. I went to a new cache near my place today thinking I was going to be FTF. Well I wasn't that but I was lucky enough to find one of these coins. Hmmmm What did I do to deserve this honor. Thank you so very much CCC. #76 found it's way to Canada somehow right on Halloween.
  2. The thank you coins were given out at our event to the people that the organizer felt deserved them most. I am going to make sure mine is kept safe and sound in my collection. As for the 5 that you have I would do a combination. 1 to Groundspeak, 1 traveller and the rest for charity.
  3. Looking to trade one of my trackable personal coins (only 100 made, never sold) for a FSM coin and an Earth Turtle coin. Good chance to pick up a scarce coin. Check out my sig line for pics. Any takers??
  4. The first trackable geocoin was the Moun10bike version 1. I do believe there was a non-tracking one that predated Jon's. I know GreatDane had his GD mystery coins in caches at least 4-5 years ago. I don't know exactly how that compares to Moun10bikes though. I believe there have been Canadian geocoins around at least that long also, just not trackable.
  5. I think you've seen most of the reasons why your coin isn't selling posted up above somewhere by now so I'm not going to repeat them here. . In my mind the question for you now becomes what can I do to move the rest of them?? You can stick with trying to sell them and hope for the best. Eventually if people want them they will sell out. Or you can buy the remaining lot from the mfr and use them for trades. Being a collector you know how expensive it can get to buy all the coins you want. If you bought the remaining coins and used them as trade bait for coins that you would normally buy I can almost guarantee you the money you would have spent on buying those same coins will cover the expense of making your own coin. Many people above have mentioned the personal aspect of your coin. It would be a lot more personal and more people would be willing to trade for it if they got it from you personally in trade for another coin. Just a thought. This approach has worked for me in the past.
  6. I keep mine in one of my archived caches. It still lets me drop coins in and since it's archived its basically out of sight. It's handy and attached to my account so it's accessible any time I'm online.
  7. Bad luck on getting it stolen. Good thing you were able to replace the stuff so fast Pete. I would go nuts being without my essential equipment for more than a day or so. I'm looking forward to seeing you a couple of weeks. I have a coin you might be interested in. Have to wait and see it in person though.
  8. graylling

    Midwest Geobash

    I'm heading down and will be camped out for the weekend. The main reason I'm going is to meet up with a bunch of new cachers. I'm sure I won't be able to meet everyone there but it would be fun trying.
  9. graylling

    Midwest Geobash

    I'm heading down and will be camped out for the weekend. The main reason I'm going is to meet up with a bunch of new cachers. I'm sure I won't be able to meet everyone there but it would be fun trying.
  10. graylling

    Midwest Geobash

    I'm heading down and will be camped out for the weekend. The main reason I'm going is to meet up with a bunch of new cachers. I'm sure I won't be able to meet everyone there but it would be fun trying.
  11. The people that review our caches are all volunteers and have lives of their own. There have been many times that I get busy with work and life and don't have the time to do something I should have. I am pretty sure that the reviewers are in the same position. They all have jobs and lives that may sometimes prevent them from reviewing caches right away. The easiest way to get a cache published quickly has already been mentioned a few times in this thread. The easier you make it for them the quicker it will be for your caches. As for the assertion that they delay caches to get the FTF. I believe (correct me if I'm wrong) that they are forbidden from using behind the scenes knowledge they see while reviewing, in order to stop them from doing just that. It is an honor system and our reviewers have a lot more restrictions than the average cacher.
  12. Now theres an opportunity in the making. I'll be bringing some of my new ones (only 100 made and trackable to boot) down to the MWGB for trading purposes as well as the remains of my last years. I'll definitely be looking to make a trade with you so save me one. Shouldn't be too hard as I'll be camped out right next to you. lol Anyone else want to do some trading check out my sig line for details.
  13. I have made 2 coins so far, both of them non-trackable. I like the idea of having total control over my coins and where they go. It enables me to put some in caches, trade a bunch away, give some to other cachers, etc, etc. There will always be something special about the coins I have traded for that aren't trackable or haven't been sold on the open market. Yeah it costs a lot to make a coin and if you haven't got deep pockets the thought can be scary. But in the end the coins I made are mine and represent me more than something I could have made and sold. And there are a lot of non-trackable coins out there with wonderful designs that are every bit as collectable as a coin with a tracking number. Besides, I suspect the first geocoins were non-trackable anyway.
  14. I got home from work today and found a coin envelope in the mail. This one had been mailed back in November of last year. That in itself is was enough to raise my eyebrows. Unfortunately this was one I had mailed out as a trade and was being returned as being undeliverable. I have just emailed the intended recipient to let him know I was remailing the coin again and to confirm his address. But it makes me wonder what happened to the envelope in the meantime. Does it really take 4 months to return something to the sender when they can't deliver it for some reason?? Did it lay in the bottom of some dead letter box for that long?? I think the post office was playing frisbee with it. Hopefully this time the person will get the trade.
  15. You're right there. I have done the math and did exactly that with 2, soon to be 3, coins so far. The money I laid out for the minting is well covered by the face value of the coins I traded for. If someone is going to make a coin and have it sold then they shouldn't be complaining about others buying and reselling the coins. When you offered it up for sale you basically gave away your right to say what happens to it. Thats the way the market works. If you don't want to see your coin sold on ebay then don't sell it in the first place, make it strictly for trade. The chances of a bunch of them ending up being resold are probably a lot less.
  16. I picked up an ECB coin the other day. I had just finished a 12 hr shift at work, it was 7am and the cache was over the other side of the city in rush hour traffic. I made it in time but I sure was glad to hit the hay when I got home.
  17. I would love to trade with you. Let me know.
  18. I would love to trade with you. Let me know.
  19. Woooooooooo hoooooooooooo. I noticed yesterday evening that the ECB had visited Calgary earlier that day and had left a few coins around the town. It has been snowing like crazy here for the last day and a half and since I was working last night I figured by the time I got off this morning there would have been some intrepid cachers with coins in their hand by this morning. However, not wanting to give up without a fight I got off work early this morning, loaded up the gps with some coords and headed for the nearest cache that A: I hadn't found and B: had been visited by the ECB. Of course this cache happens to be on the other side of the city and all the way there I was thinking I was too late. I parked the car and noticed fresh set of tracks in the snow, heading in exactly the direction of the cache. Imagine my relief when they veered off about 15m from the prize. I quickly found the cache and opened it to find a purple egg. Looking around to see if anyone was watching I signed the log and left one of my personal coins in place of the egg. Covered the cache back up and headed off to the car. I actually didn't open the egg until I was back in the car although I shook it a few times to make sure there was a coin in there. After missing out on the Geocoin Fairy drops I'm ecstatic to be able to get one of the Easter Egg coins. Now I can go and catch some sleep before I have to go to work tonight.
  20. I ran 3 queries yesterday evening that haven't been run since november and while their status says they were run at about 5:37pm I still haven't received them. I tried a couple of others just before I went to bed last night figuring I would find them in my mailbox this morning but they haven't shown up either. Usually it only takes a short while before I get them. There's something wrong there.
  21. Any new groups out there? Check my list and see if your group is listed there. If it isn't or if the link is incorrect please let me know and I'll make the corrections. Thanks graylling
  22. I have to admit that I don't go thru my whole collection all the time. I tend to get thinking about certain coins and end up digging thru the rest of my collection to find them, whereupon I sit and admire them or just think about them. Certain moods or events seem to trigger thoughts of certain coins for some reason. Every coin I have has it's own story and one day I'm going to write them all down when I have a few spare years.
  23. You might be a geocoinicker if your bank account shudders everytime you log on to the forums.
  24. I've held a poker rally here for the last 5 years and it's always been a hoot. In order to cover an unknown number of participants I use multiple decks of cards and keep some spares so that if necessary I can restock. (I've never had to yet though) I put each card in a coin envelope and don't let them open the envelopes until they return them to you to log the hand. Cachers pick one envelope out of every cache and I have the envelopes marked with some symbol to make sure they don't grab all from one cache. It's not hard to set out 5 temporary caches with cards in each one and they can be picked up fairly quickly after. I've found that if a lot of people are planning on or might be bringing kids then a rally via car is not the way to do it. I generally lay out a course in one of our local parks that will take the average cacher about 3/4 hour to complete. It's a lot easier for families to go for a walk with the kids than have them cooped up in the car for an extended period of time and the kids enjoy it more too. My prizes are always donated and I chip in a bit myself. If you want to charge an entry fee then you might consider telling everyone to bring an item to stick in a cache and the winner(s) will get the cache with swag. There are a lot of ways to run it without cash involved. As long as everyone has a good time it will be a success.
  25. I can't believe that someone in the caching community would come out with a statement like that. I guess that says a lot for what that person believes in. I was nominated to receive one of the coins and it is a very special feeling knowing that someone respects you so much that they will submit your name. I also nominated a few people in my area and I would have loved to see their faces when they found the coins. This is about sharing and helping change the world one person at a time. I hope you are able to keep this up as I know how I felt and I would love to be able to share the feeling with others.
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