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  1. Still sitting patiently by the mailbox in SUNNY Michigan. Now if it would warm up and the PO deliver some coins, everything would be golden.
  2. Haven't posted yet... just been watching. Windrose received hers, but further south in Michigan no Wyoming coins have been delivered. 4months, 10 days, and I can't say counting because I had completly forgotten about them.
  3. I've been away from the forum for a while due to surgery. I'm looking to trade our Shasties bronze coin for other personals. Ours isn't trackable and I don't care if yours is or not. If you haven't made a trade with us yet, send me an email and let's talk. I typically trade personals for personals, but make me an offer for something I don't have. I have a lot in my regular trading list right now and would like to make some trades for these also. Find us (Shasties) at the cachingplace.com.
  4. If you paid before the end of December, your first coin will be in January and will be the Green Selectivity coin. Your first actual subscription coin will be the posted February coin. Congrats.
  5. I haven't seen an answer yet. Is this an Arkansas state coin or a personal coin?
  6. Looks like they are still selling the 'refurbished' MIGO coins at The GeocoinStore but you are limited to 4. 'Refurbished' is just a small correction in the numbering of the coins. I don't know if it was wrong numbers, duplicate numbers, or what, but from everything I've read they are making them completly trackable. These are the same design coins that have been out all along and trackable. If you look at the first page of the site you see the NEW MIGO coin for 2006. It's the one with the lighthouse on the back. The front has also been redesigned to reflect the 4 chapters of MIGO. These will go on sale sometime in mid January. MIGO members don't know exaxtly when, just like everyone else.
  7. Shasties gold - 20 (001 to 020) antique silver - 40 (021 to 060) antique bronze - 140 (061 to 200) Numbered but not trackable
  8. Oh penguin, Oh penguin... Refuse thy Friday's work and travel across the mitten with me to BASH with others of my kind unto the wee hours of the morning, until we see the sun rise with the sound of bagpipes in the early fog.
  9. You guys are just TOO funny!
  10. The original MIGO coins were not trackable at GC.com. I believe to 'Refurbish' them, they had the original nontrackable numbers removed and new, GC trackable numbers added. The coins were basically identical to begin with so this makes a 'silk purse' out of a 'sows ear', so-to-speak.
  11. Great idea! Definitely falls into the "Wish I would have thought of that" idea bin. I'll keep a lookout for the 'official' order posting.
  12. I'm looking for a gold EVC coin. Anyone? Follow the link in my signature below to see what I have to trade. Thanks and Happy New Year.
  13. Something I started in SE Michigan last year was the Shastie Stash Game which was played in 5 counties in SE Michigan and then this last spring was the Shastie Stash 2 game that is statewide. The games involved TB's instead of coins, but it was a treasure hunt type of game; find all the TB's and get the coordinates to the final cache. We've also had 2 other games in Mich like this; one by Windrose in the Flint area and another by Wingit in the Jackson area. All have been very popular.
  14. I checked with 2 coin stores near us and neither had the size flips and album pages I wanted. I found JP's Coin Supplies online. They had a large selection of both flips and Air-Tite supplies. I checked out The Caching Place and they have supplies specifically for geocoins if you want to go the Air-Tite way.
  15. I do the same thing that robert does with the 2 1/2" square flips in the 12 coins per page pocket pages. I've got about 120 to 130 coins in a fairly heavy duty zippered album. I really like it because I can pull the coins out and actually touch them. They're not all sealed away for looking only.
  16. Here are the 3 Shasties Geocoins we sent to Saman to be released. MiGO Geocoin . .New Mexico Geocoin. .New Jersey Geocoin. The all appear to be safe and sound. They don't get as many miles as a TB would get in the States, but they are still moving.
  17. I'd like to trade a Shasties coin for one of yours when it arrives.
  18. I'm in search of (like a lot of other people) a GBA 'Fault Line' coin. Been watching the development, but went to Bay Area cachers only. That's OK. It'll make for some good trading. TRADE MADE FOR BOTH GBA COINS Check us out at TheCachingPlace.com for our trading list and other coins we're looking for. Thanks.
  19. I have to say that I have made a few suggestions for ease of navigating on TheCachingPlace.com trader pages and they have been fantastic in implementing upgrades. I found it difficult to go from a particular coin to see who had it and what they were looking for and then what I have that they might want. A quick post in their forum and 2 days later they've made an enhancement and I'm easily jumping between seeking and trading lists. I've also posted a few new coins that I've come across that weren't in their database and they were added within a few hours. With my dial-up it takes forever to load pictures, so having the option of turning off the coin pictures and only looking at them when I want is a Godsend. I agree there are pluses and minuses to both. I find in my case TheCachingPlace works better for me.
  20. The first thing is that it's your coin and you can do whatever you want. Now... saying that, a 6" coin showing the location of all the caches in your home state and sells for 4 easy payments of $29.95 will probably get only a few takers (see GAA thread for customers). Most of the coins sold are 1 1/2" (approx) for a reason - that's what people seem to like. As they get bigger or too much of a weird ('scuse me, different) shape, they are harder to display. If they're just in a box, no problem. The New Mexico state coin is at the upper limit of a size that fits in my album. As far as $$$, once a coin starts costing over $10 (including shipping), I have to really think about purchasing it. I have a few .999 silver coins, but they are exceptions. For me, a simple, elegant design will always win out over a design that is jam-packed with details. Don't increase the coin size to fit all the design items, reduce the number of items to fit the coin. Again, it's your coin and you can do what you want, but if you want to sell them, you have to make them desirable to your potential customers.
  21. There's always some left... for a price.
  22. FlyinV, GBOTS, Ladycacher and Boys, AtlantaGal - Yes I do remember our trades and will have your coins in the mail tomorrow. outdoorlady79 - sure I'd like to extend it to include our LE coins. Can never have too many coins. Let me know when your coins are ready. Prairiepartners - I'm sure we can make a trade. Email me with your address and I'll send mine back. Mystery Ink - email sent.
  23. We got home from work tonight to find a big ol box of Shastie coins sitting on our doorstep. And they look better than I hoped they would. The first is our Antique Bronze. The second is our LE Antique Silver (which my picture does not do justice). It really is a great looking silver color. And lastly the Gold. The Bronze will be most of our trades. We'll trade the LE Silver for like coins. The Gold isn't for trade. We plan on using it for 'special projects'. Don't know what they all are yet, but we have some ideas. Some of these will also end up in caches and as FTF prizes. These coins ARE NOT for sale. Right now we're trading for other personal coins, but may also trade for others that we really want. I have about 20 trades already set up and will be shipping by this weekend. If there is anyone interested in making a trade with us, let me know.
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