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  1. Thank You, Update went great!
  2. Just making sure we're on the list--ordered 3 via PayPal on 11/08/05. thanks!! Edited to add: Ordered 1 fine silver coin today...NICE!
  3. Would love to trade or purchase from someone PLEASE...our Jeep Wrangler was stolen from us on Dec. 13 (this was of course of caching vehicle). It was recovered on Dec. 16, but the guys who stole it totaled it:( Looking to get another one. Since this coin is a Jeep coin and my husband spent 10 yrs in Germany, this coin would mean alot to us. We've only been caching a few months so don't have but 3 coins available to trade (2 GA coins & 1 BackBrakeBilly coin). Any favors would be greatly appreciated:) Penny & Mark
  4. Ordered 2 via Paypal...love the "trade up or trade even"
  5. Woo Hoo!! Got ours today and they are NICE:) Thanks Billy!!!!!
  6. 2 DNF coins & 2 DNF pins please...thank you:)
  7. Sent you an email...hope we're not too late~~
  8. Retired from law enforcement after 14 years (a Lt. working southside of Atlanta). Now run a body shop for more money, but not nearly as enjoyable.
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