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  1. I have the bookmarks and number files ready for the Corvallis Cache Machine Draft 1 ready HERE! Looks like fun.
  2. I have the Bookmark and Numbers files ready to go for the Chelan Cache Machine Final route ready HERE. I don't think I will be able to make this one. Have fun. Terrible Ts
  3. I have the first draft for the Chelan CM ready to go. You can grab the stuff HERE. Terrible Ts
  4. I have the Bookmark and Numbers files setup for the Monroe CM Final route here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1aCsOd5FjR78mRZslhMtFOxeSRuocTLB1Hmt9zx329sI/view?fbclid=IwAR3340PEpE3dOCT6HQOm-XnWX0SwCy_7a3vEGbPxazzAoZiRJBNhJapXw54 see you all there.
  5. I have the bookmarks and data file for the Pendleton CM Final ready to go. You can grab them HERE. For the cachetur.no users, cachetur has changed their policy about public trips. They have removed that feature, so now all trips are either private, group or password protected. I choose to password protect the trip and the password is in the box that the link to the cacheturpage is. You will see it at the above link. Have Fun. I will see you there if you are going.
  6. I have the Bookmark List, CM Number file, and Cachetur.no trip set up Here for the Pendleton Cache Machine Draft 1.
  7. I have the Bookmark list, CMnuber file, and the Cachetur.no ready to go for the Shelton CM Final route HERE: See you all there.
  8. I forgot to post here, but I have the bookmark list and the CMnumbers file for the Shelton Cache Machine Draft 2 available HERE . I have also added the cachetur.no link for users that are interested in trying cachetur out.
  9. I have the bookmark list and the number file ready for the Shelton CM Draft 1 HERE.
  10. #45 Thanks Guys! https://coord.info/GC58ZC0 has been archived.
  11. I have updated the Bookmark list and the CM Number file for the Coville CM Final route. You can get them HERE If you copy the bookmark page it will keep the leading numbers in your copy. Terrible Ts
  12. I have the Bookmark and number file ready for the Colville CM - Draft 1 HERE Looking forward to it. Terrible Ts
  13. I have the Bookmark and Number file ready to go for Draft 2, HERE Terrible Ts
  14. My first pass through the list showed these cache may have problems. # Code Name 24 GC2ATPM A Rock and a Hard Place Need archived 48 GC45031 Don't Park in front of ... 2 DNFs, hasn't been found since 10/16/2017 75 GC3AV4C The Bell in the Garden Needs Maintenance. Broken. 85 GCPKPA Ilchee, Moon Girl Disable until after Cache Machine. 89 GC2M9DW 2011-7 3 DNFs 94 GC3F1MN Log the Micro Log 2 DNFs. May be gone. 104 GC1YKZ8 Just another Park 1 DNF, not found since 06/29/2017 109 GC592K4 Found Sailor 2 DNFs not found since 07/27/2017
  15. I have the bookmark and the CMnumber data file ready for Draft 1 of the Vancouver Cache Machine II HERE Have fun
  16. I have the Wenatchee Cache machine III files ready HERE. As of 10:00 pm Mar 19, 2018, I have removed all the archived caches from the lists (including #38 GCRFGM Hooters ). BTW, My dad is doing much better now. He is out of the hospital and improving daily. Thanks everyone for the kind thoughts and offers of help.
  17. I just saw that #63 - Chain of Command has been archived.
  18. I found some time to get the bookmark list put together but without the route numbers. I will have them on the next list. You can find Drat 1.1 HERE
  19. Due to a family emergency, I am not sure when I will be able to get the bookmark list up. I will try and work on it after we get back up to Bellingham tonight or tomorrow.
  20. Thanks for the info. Thee are few people from here who are interested in grabbing this cache. All the info I can get is helpfull. Thanks again Terrible Ts
  21. Sorry for the delay. I have been working on an emergency at work. I have the Bookmarks and CmNukber files for the final route ready HERE Terrible Ts
  22. Draft 2 files for the Grays Harbor CM are available HERE Terrible Ts
  23. I just fixed the links to the PhonePrefix.gsk macro and the CMnumber.gsk macro. Give it a try. Terrible Ts
  24. I have the Draft 1 route files available Here I have the Draft 1 route files available HERE. I forgot to post this message here the other day. Terrible Ts
  25. HI, We are talking about going to Geowoodstock next year and either before or afterwards we wanted to grab the Power Island cache https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC35_power-island. What is the weather like in May? Would i be safe to head out onto the lake in a power boat that time of year? Can you access the Island near the cache itself or do you need to land over by the campground? Any info that will help us plan our trip would be helpful Thanks Terrible Ts
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