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  1. The coins made it to Iowa today. Thanks
  2. Well I looked in paypal and found that I paid for my coins, I see no refund so I am expectig my coins sometime..... It would be a good idea if the person running this sale were to let those of us who have paid know that the coins are coming. That way those of us waiting can know if we need to contact someone and say but I did pay why am I not on your list.
  3. 3/11 has anybody got the coin then
  4. Still wondering about my coins, have they shipped out as of yet?
  5. I had office depot do mine. You can pick from the graphics they have or supply your own. I did it all online and had it in a week. Make sure you get the self ink type or it is a real mess.
  6. I am curious when you do this does it go to a que and wait for someone at gc to approve the transfer or is it instantly done?
  7. My personal coins are moving . I intend to release more over the summer . I like to think the ones that are taken are found by muggles not real cachers . The most you have to lose is a coin. My coins are not left as swag, I register them. I made them trackable for a reason.
  8. My dad was in the airforce and I was actually born in Japan so when these come out I would be interested. I will be watching this thread.
  9. No coins here yet, hopefully soon.
  10. This happened to some of the Iowa coins I had made. It's not Groundspeak.com problem, it happens when the coins are made. I was told that the coin maker does the numbering 1 by 1 so they have the possibliity of making a mistake. I checked all of my coins before I mailed them and had a handfull that needed to be redone. The coin maker sent me new ones at no charge to me, I had them in a week.
  11. I should have been on your list for an LE as well, waiting to hear back
  12. I would be interested in trading my personal coin. $17.00 plus shipping is to much for a personal coin.
  13. Same exception of only allowing encrypted payments. I want 2 coins so send me a bill or mark me down and I will pay when you fix your paypal site.
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