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  1. i have customised my gps at 60 serie style phone clip
  2. Bump... Anothers news concerning the differences between the chipset version ?
  3. Changes made from version 2.40 to 2.51: * Added ability to reposition waypoint to current location * Added support for language-specific keyboards * Added support for editing location in all position formats * Added Spanner support * Improved drawing of BlueChart tidal areas * Improved performance when exiting mass storage mode * Improved paperless goecaching (various) * Improved Wherigo player (various) * Corrected potential shutdown when selecting maps with a large variety of maps loaded * Corrected potential shutdown when profiling a long route * Corrected avoiding highways * Corrected display of found geocaches * Corrected issue preventing name of lakes and rivers from showing when highlighted * Corrected display of bridge heights
  4. Someone has this coin ? I'm interessed by this one.. A topic exist for this coin
  5. Dont forget the pinout for a "mini USB" adaptor for the car have a resistor isn't present with a normal usb cable See this link (look for the "X" pin) This resistor make a difference between a pc connection and car adaptor ... Maybe is the problem ...
  6. Bien content de t'avoir connu Habot et bonne chance pour tes obligations professionnelles . Viens nous écrire de temps à autres sur le Forum de Géocaching Quebec
  7. Vous Pouvez néanmoins acceder au Forum par ce lien :Forum
  8. La phase 1 du déménagement du site est complètée (Merci Mario ) Si vous avez des questions ou commentaires entretemps, venez en jaser ici A bientôt....
  9. cyber6

    V. 2.70 For 60csx

    Looks like they fixed a bunch of what people were having problems with. My faovrite is: "Add new time zones for major cities in the U.S. and Europe." In the "readme" file of the update file we have 1 feature extra: Change History Version 2.60 to 2.70: 1. Improve path nighttime color for map Topo Great Britain v2. 2. Enhance layout and functionality of tide station chart information. 3. Add new time zones for major cities in the U.S. and Europe. 4. Improve By-Name city search to use all available maps. 5. Improve layout of airport information display. 6. Improve reset function of timer lap distance. 7. Improve route calculation performance by setting recalculation distance farther ahead. 8. Fix issue where extremely high or low altitude readings could occur when baro auto-calibration was enabled. 9. Prevent Poor Satellite Reception popup from repeatedly occurring when GPS is off. 10. Add GPRMB sentence to the NMEA output. 11. Improve stability when using Lithium Ion Battery. 12. Fix track log time stamps. 13. Improve Custom POI banner display on map preview page. 14. Improve WAAS satellite functionality. 15. Fix issue where total ascent and total descent were incorrectly computed. the #14
  10. Le site de geocaching ainsi que l'ensembles des Geocacheurs te dis que tu capote pas mal Pis arrete de faire ch..er le peuple
  11. Probably we have some silver in stock soon due to ordering error.... not sure but...
  12. Dear geocachers and coin collectors, We are a group of geocachers from the province of Quebec, reunited under the banner "Geocaching Quebec". We are sending this to inform you of important news, and how you may particpate in it. We are proud to announce the production of a new geocoin we've conceived to specifically represent the province of Quebec. These coins of great artistic quality, are now available on the market. It will be possible for you to buy one of the remaining Quebec geocoins h 100 Gold (SOLD OUT) local preorder 200 Silver 700 Black Nickel and/or to have more information about the geocoins at the following Internet address: http://www.geocaching-qc.com/boutique/ This is what will be available to you: - Black Nickel Edition: price: 8$CAD - Silver and Black Edition combo: 16.50$CAD limit of 2 per buyer Quebec Geocoins : Trackable, Collectable, Lovable and... Iconable! Have a great geocaching day! -- L'Association Geocaching Quebec
  13. cyber6

    Quebec Geocoins

    The sale begin soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. the Quebec Geocoin 2006 It will be have a dimension of 1.75'' (45mm) 3.5 mm thickness, 6 colors, with different finishes, it will be trackable on the site geocaching.com with new icon. Black Nickel Edition: 700 minted price: 8$CAD Silver Edition: 200 minted price: 8.50$CAD limit of 2 by buyer Gold Edition: only 100 minted price 9$CAD limit of 1 by buyer Quebec icon The pre-sale will begin Tuesday April 4, 2006 at 21h00 HEA (Montreal Time) By PayPal only. The delivery is planned for the end of April or the beginning of May. product by the Québec Géocaching Association
  15. i have "Avalanche"event coin i want GCC Benchmark thanks
  16. i have another one for a GCC Benchmark
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