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  1. No PQs are being run for me either. Usually they run almost instantly when creating/copying a new PQ. I am only 150 miles from GS HQ (not that that really matters, but much closer than the Europeans
  2. I'll get this added to the list we keep for traveling and armchair caches, all of which are excluded for determination of distance statistics. If you hear of others, please note them here so that we can add them, too. Thanks! It'd be nice if the Photographers cache series (traveling & locationless ?) were excluded as well. GC3866 is the one I had found. Also, GCK0KR is a (long ago archived) armchair virtual in Germany.
  3. I love that I can add a Favorite vote on a cache. What I would like is the option to hide the Favorites list on my profile so that nobody can see which caches I have Favorited. I can foresee cachers trolling for Favorite points.I would rather that whether I have any Favorite points to give or if I have consistently avoided giving any Favorites to caches by a certain cacher would be kept private if I wanted it to be.
  4. Beaverton, OR (near the site of the Original Stash) 5 miles: 654 10 miles: 1591 25 miles: 4025 50 miles: 7415 Kinda crazy! (puts Salt Lake City to shame Notice how close the 5 and 10 mile numbers are to SLC (an early post on this page of the thread)
  5. For those that have skipped to the end of the thread. The ads were removed on the 16th
  6. From my perspective the maps aren't showing any less information than before. Zoom in far enough that the individual icons can be usefully displayed and the blue region disappears. Zoom out far enough that the blue region appears and you can actually see the map that was otherwise obliterated by mashed-together cache icons that were so dense it was hard to tell how many were in the area (or be mislead because only some of the cache icons were being displayed). Now you know within a pretty reasonable range how many are in the highly dense areas. Once our knees stop twitching wildly I am sure we'll learn to utilize the new information to make route planning more efficient, and map viewing more tolerable. As someone mentioned above, the blue regions should not include My Finds when I have that box un-checked. That is a significant bug. If I zoom in on an area that says there are 25+ caches, I want it to be 25+ caches I haven't found rather than suddenly showing only 3 of the 25+ because that's all that's left for me to find.
  7. After getting the message that I didn't have the plug-in installed, I downloaded and installed it. Now, instead of that message I am getting this message: NS_ERROR_UNEXPECTED: Unexpected error arg 1 [nsIDOMHTMLDocument.getElementById] I have a 60CSx and use Firefox (version 2.0.sumthin...). I have restarted the browser since the installation. Edit: I was able to get it to work by opening an IE tab inside of Firefox and clicking the Send to GPS button from there. So, apparently it requires one of the features that Firefox supports by letting you run IE when necessary.
  8. I once placed a cache that was a container of old animal cookies. The clear plastic container was in the shape of a bear. I placed the cache in a forest setting and named it "Does a Bear Sit in the Woods?"
  9. How is that? If it is Geo-litter now...it was geo-litter before. The OP knows it's there. I suspect he wouldn't knowingly leave it. If the OP picks it up "in the Spring" there will be no litter. From the OP description, it doesn't sound like a catastrophic incident has kept him from maintaining it. It sounds like the cache might have been too far away to maintain. What? Why not. Is he quiting the game? You might not want to speak for the OP...... Wholeheartedly agree. Having the cache archived shouldn't have any impact on the cache owner's willingness to maintain the site of the cache
  10. I have only used rechargeable batteries in my GPS units. However, I found from the very beginning that only brand-name rechargeable batteries, like Energizer, were reliable. The rechargables I just used that went from two bars to dead in ~5 minutes were Energizer 2500mAh. They were used for a few hours since the last charging but they did sit out in my car for a couple of weeks. So I guess the lesson learned is to make sure that you always fully charge them right before you need them. You may have had the GPSr set to think alkalines were installed. Always carry spare batteries (I carry a set of alkalines, in addition to recently charged nimhs) Think "green" and use rechargeable batteries. If not, then at least dispose of the alkaline batteries properly (I am not implying you aren't )
  11. I have no idea if this has been discussed or if it even affects the route, but there is a semi-permanent bridge closure in Clark county: http://blog.oregonlive.com/breakingnews/20...clark_coun.html
  12. After your first cache is found, the word will be out that the park is available for caching and you risk someone else placing a cache or 3 in the park before you place the second one.
  13. It can't be done with the 60csx. The nimh batteries have to be removed and charged separately. It sure would be nice though!
  14. Same problem here Last night I checked the Thursday (and Friday) boxes for a PQ to run that isn't new, but that has a "Last Generated" date of "Never". It hasn't run, and neither has the other one that I edited and hadn't been used in over 10 days. My regular, weekly PQ ran at 8:14pm yesterday. Much later than usual.
  15. The City Navigator software loaded on my 60CSx has all the rest stops as POIs. It'll even list the ones you're approaching as you're heading down the freeway.
  16. I used one for 2 or 3 years before recently upgrading. It is a great unit (the newer systems have much better reception, but the GPS V was top of the line when it was released).
  17. Funny isn't it that "standard" time is less than half the time (barely 1/3).
  18. Disheartening, and completely understandable. A little more time spent reflecting and a little less time spent flaming would have certainly been appropriate.
  19. So you are coming out here when exactly? I will have it done by the time you get here - no worries We'll be there from late on March 25th to early on the 31st. We're driving
  20. Now do you want the whole planet by then or is just the Coachella Valley going to be ok? Actually, I do hope to have my 15' maps of the valley done by then to be sure. I tried the Garmin TOPO out at a local sporting goods store this weekend - ugh. The lines were jagged and the detail not as good as the method described here. I made a couple of maps of my home area (not of much general use I suspect), so I know how awesome they are. If you don't think you'll have the entire western U.S. done by then, I guess I'll be happy with just the destination Thanks! I'll keep tabs on your progress
  21. Not a brand. But a type. I understand that the Ultras are to be avoided. As far as size, some have used 2GB cards just fine.
  22. Cobber99 - Do you expect to have the contours and/or tracks uploaded in time for spring break? Last week of March for us
  23. Wow... that's one way to get rid of pampas grass! It is only considered a weed on some continents (Australia apparently ). And of course California (I think it may cause cancer in California). The landscaper says it may be fine just propping it back where it belongs - a process that took every bit of effort by me and my neighbor accomplish. We'll replace it though
  24. We got to see this one today at Coinapalooza! There was another license plate there too, I think it said HYDNSEEK or something like that. I am surprised that they drive this vehicle without it being registered (there are no tags on the plate!)
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