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  1. lol..yeah, ok, I'm right on it sorry folks...email me if interested.... Can't you just look at the coin and see if it has a tracking number on it and the words "trackable at geocaching.com"? Seems simple enough to me. not really, but thanks anyway.
  2. lol..yeah, ok, I'm right on it sorry folks...email me if interested....
  3. Here are the list of coins I am looking to get rid of. I would like to take best offer on most of these, especially the ones with the astericks. The others are $5.50 or best offer. Shipping charges are exact. I will take offers until MOnday, then I'll send out invoices. I'm willing to wheel and deal. Please contact me via EMAIL so this forum isn't clogged. I won't be checking PM's just email on this. For those of you who have already sent an email. You will get a reply. Thanks, I hope this doesn't offend anyone, I just need to let go! Thanks for your consideration. Feel free to ask questions. SInce its been so long since I have looked at these, you'll need to ask me about trackability or find it in the forum. I don't know off the top of my head. Color Code: S-Silver color; B-Bronze color; G-gold color; P-Pewter color Colors may not be exact silver or code, just the tone color. Same with bronze and pewter (coin list removed by moderator until non-trackable coins are removed from the list. Posting sales of non trackable coins is not permitted per the geocoin forum guidelines - message sent to poster) (Note: I sent that message via PM, so check your PM geolands)
  4. Hi, I have alot of coins that I want to get rid of. I don't want to trade for that will defeat my purpose of getting rid of coins. They are mainly 2005-early 2006. I sold about 3/4 of my collection of ebay, but thought I'd try here to see if anyone was willing to buy some or all. I seem to think I have a relatively efficient way of selling them so if anyone is remotely interested I will post the list of coins. If not, its no problem. I just wanted to check. Thanks for reading and hopefully not too many flames. Thanks geolands
  5. While living in MD, definitely prefer golf. I have yet to be inspired by any of the local caches in my area. I'm moving to Georgia though, where I hear the caches are plentiful and inspiring! May have to try to fit caching in between the golf rounds whenI get down there!
  6. How funny. I made that decision just today! I will get rid of most of mine and MAYBE keep some of the nicer ones. Other than that, I have to admit, I have lost interest in this spectrum. But don't you know I will be keeping an eye on this forum; there's too much entertainment here not to! Ok, I'm off to find another bandwagon to jump on!!!
  7. Hi, nice coin, we would like to order two please. Thanks!
  8. are not cartoonish are classy use no epoxy represent the cacher
  9. We've cut back, alot. We used try to buy every one of them, but soon realized that the more that came out, the less attractive they were. I mean some are just plain BORING. Especially the ones with generic GC back. Nowadays, in my opinion, there are about 1 or 2 out of 10 that have a unique design worth investing in. So instead of 10 , we buy 1 or 2! Plus lately, I'm so afraid that the actual coin is not as nice as the picture posted. I was so disappointed in one coin we purchased I traded them immediately!!
  10. Low and behold ours arrived here in MD today! Dated 3 April. I was just about to come to the conclusion that I would have to find other ways of obtaining one! Anyone need a Wyoming coin?
  11. As everyone knows, we needed another guideline!
  12. Now this is a great coin! we'd be in for a couple or more, depending on how many are made.
  13. just wanted to say that I have not had this much entertainment playing with a geocoin! Thanks!!
  14. geolands

    Moses Coin

    OUCH! Love the design, but will have to pass.
  15. forgive me for my ingnorance, but how does one make personal wooden coins/tokens/nickels trackable? I mean to folks just slap a number on them and create a tracking database or is there a standard db somewhere? Thanks
  16. We've cut back, ALOT, I have really been trying to get rid of excess but its at the point now where no one even wants to trade. We just try to get the unique looking coins
  17. But hopefully, the lower price will encourage people to put a lot of these out to travel. --Marky Now That's What I'm talking about!!!!!!!!!
  18. I see what you guys are saying. Guess I'm just a cheapskate suffering from sticker shock. I like wow factors, but sometimes I find it hard to pay $10 for a coin with a generic gc.com back. (not referring to any particular coin). Or that much for a non geocaching related coin. Thanks for showing me the light!
  19. Well, I did a quick scan at the store that sells geocoins. It is very nice to see that the prices of all the coins on deck are of reasonable price. Now if the store would not charge so much for shipping and "handling". You know, I haven't sold a coin, nor do I ever plan to, but I could not imagine charging more that 6 bucks for a coin. Please, this is just my opinion. Not trying to start anything here, I just wanted to express my joy about the lower coin prices!!!
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