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  1. You probably ought to start by contacting the seller. It might be that they got a sample or that it is really another coin. Occasionally the factory will send a coin maker sample coins that were made for someone else. There may be an innocent explanation and something the seller would be glad to correct or clarify.
  2. I have gotten Sloppy and should have most of these issues caught up over the weekend. Helmet Icon was sent last night. Pastor B your replacement coin went in the mail today. Other Icons should be sent in on Monday. I am sorry
  3. That is great. I have one along the waterfront in San Francisco (Pier 35 GC271YM) that has been in place for about 6 months and been found almost 300 times so a little less than 2 times per day. But the Spanish Steps Cache has that beat by a long shot.
  4. We made this new Limited Edition Mood Coin geocoin for Midwest Geobash. There were 75 of each version made, there will not be anymore made. We are offering for sale the remaining stock. Size: 1.75 inches across X 3.5 mm X 9.62 with stones Finish: Satin Gold / Satin Silver Tracking: www.geocaching.com Icon: Unique Price: $11.00 Plus S & H
  5. No one really knows what this was supposed to represent. Some suspected it represented an insect. Others think it represented some type of bird. The dreamers have wondered if it was a sign of ancient alien visitors or that perhaps man had figured out how to fly. We wonder if maybe it was some type of good luck charm. Maybe you will be the one to figure it out. We are not sure, but confess that on this one we are not in the dreamers category. However, when we spotted this design we did dream of making it into a geocoin. Each "coin" comes in an attractive gift box. Here is the link that inspired this coin. Purchase the Antique Gold Coins Here Purchase the Sets Here Purchase the Antique Silver Coins here Coin Stats Size: 2.00 inches long Finishes: Antique Gold / Antique Silver Tracking: www.geocaching.com Icon: Unique Price: $12.00 each or $22.00 for a set of two
  6. I just did a count of coins I have put out to travel here is what it looks like: 86 coins placed in caches. 63 have gone missing. 23 still traveling Sigh . . . .
  7. Yep that is a Hogwild Stufff coin and I would be fairly nervous about releasing it into the wild. If you primary goal is to get some coins traveling, I would suggest you offer this coin up in in trade for at least two coins that have less perceived value, then put them out to travel. Those will be less likely to be taken and kept and you will have two (or more) travelers to watch. My thoughts!
  8. I like it a lot, but not sure about the likely close to $20 with shipping.
  9. I think it is a reasonable idea but I mostly find myself thinking for a natural disastet I would rather have all of my moeny go to the cause. I think coins work better for charitable organizations
  10. I would not read to much into them being down. Sometimes things happen. We had it happen at Hogwild Stuff and I know at least one other major company had this happen. Even Groundspeak went down a few months ago. I would imagine they will be back up and running soon.
  11. Welcome to the wonderful terrible world of geocoins. You just never can tell. I have a couple of really great, meaning highly sought after coins that are traveling after more than two years and some that are very ordinary that went missing after being dropped in their first cache. I got some great advice from Marky when I was complaining about this problem. He told me that when you put out lot's of coins you quit noticing so much and that is true, though I will admit that probably more than half of all the coins I have put out to travel have gone missing. The other thing you might try is to see if the holder was caching with someone else and send that person an email. Sorry about that happening.
  12. It is permissable as long as the coin otherwise conforms to Groundspeaks policies. There are a few examples of this: - Many reigonal tourism coins such as Mt. Hood. - Delorme has done three coins - Garmin has done some others - There is a Scion car coin I am sure there are others.
  13. Me too! I really do hate that . . . . . . . WAIT . . . . . . . I am one of the worst of those people. oh well . . . .
  14. So . . . got my money refunded, guess my money isn't good enough. Maybe you have quit reading but I will respond as a vendor (Hogwild Stuff) for the OP since pretty much everyone else knows that. Here is the thing: - I and other coin vendors have worked very hard to earn our reputations. - We want people to know that we put out good coins and that if we make mistakes we make them right. - For all of that, we have all from time to time blown it and made customers mad, even driven customers away and very occasionally even fired customers. But we work really hard at making and keeping our reputations. - You come here not as a geocacher, not as a geocoin collector, but apparently only because you see an opportunity to make some money in the geocoin world. Not ideal, but not prohibited. - You apparently did little or no research on geocaching or the geocoin community. - You post a coin for sale without mint artwork or mint samples to see. You post it as a presale. - You then say you want people to pay extra for taking the extra risk of funding the presale. - People the raise legitimate questions and for 24 hours you do not respond even once. - Finally you respond with sarcasm, bitterness and hostility. This could have been so different: - Become a geocacher - Go find some caches - Go to some events and get to know people - Spend time reading and interacting in the forums. - Post your art and ask what people think. - At least get mint samples to show people. - Do a presale at a lower price than what the coin will be offered for after production. - Communicate with your customers and potential customers with respect. I have been very careful as I posted in this thread. I am very protective of the Geocoin market place as are the others who have posted here. Because I am a geocacher, a geocoin collector and a vendor I figured I should go ahead and invest the $15.00. I purchased through ebay because I get an extra layer of protection, even though Paypal is great at protecting buyer's interests. So how do you respond? You send me an unfriendly e-mail telling me you don't want my business. I will give you credit though; you did very promptly refund my money. Though you have still cost me money since you did a send money to me rather than a refund I am out the .67 transaction fee, so I guess like 4% of thecost of the coin for nothing. The best advice I can give you now, if you still want to be a geocoin vendor: - You have done a lot of damage that you will need to repair. - We coin collectors are suckers for great designs so your cause is not hopeless. - Spend some time getting to know both the geocaching and geocoin community. - Become a geocacher, go find some caches. - Finish production on your first coin and offer it for sale at a reasonable price. - Respond promptly and with respect to customers and potential customers. - Use spell check before you post. My Thoughts . . . I was gonna file complaints with Paypal and Ebay, but I figure you have enough problems already and honestly I have gotten .67 worth of entertainment out of it anyway. The best of luck Steve
  15. Ok . . . I bit! Purchased through Paypal . . . According to Paypal Terms of Shipping it will be shipped within 32-33 days of payment and payment has been made . . . Stay tuned . . .
  16. Shipping is a little steep but they are almost 5 oz shipped. Went through $800 to the Postal Service this week and most of it to ship these coins. The last of the initial orders went in the mail yesterday.
  17. I am not quite sure why you are unhappy with those who have posted here. - The OP is completely unknown. - The price for this coin is high. - It is a presale. - They have not followed Groundspeak guidelines. - They are not geocachers or geocoiners. - There have been a number of legitimate questions asked and comments made, there has been not a single response to any of them. Those of us who are vendors have worked hard to develop a reputation and this person can do the same, begining with telling us who they are and a little bit about them. People are understandably cautious with an unknown entity. They and you should see this as helpful and not hostile.
  18. Let me see . . . I should buy this coin as a presale and you have never found a cache, placed a cache or owned a coin. hmm . . .
  19. I know a bunch of geocoin vendors who have "unwanted" coins for sale
  20. While I think it is not exactly "Wrong" to take all of the coins like that, I generally think it is better to share the wealth and only take one, unless it is clear that it is a cache that is unlikely to be found again soon. I do think though it might be worthwhile to contact that cacher. They may have just not really thought about it. I had a similar thing happen recently, I sent a very nice polite email. It was along the lines of "Just a thought . . " They actually took a couple of coins back, but not something I had asked them to do. Ultimately not worth sweating. . . My thoughts . . .
  21. Hmm . . . I am assuming you are asking if there is a market for Christian Themed coins? The answer is maybe. There have been a few made and there are many Christians who cache and collect coins. That being said, it ultimately depends on the coin design. I suspect a Christian theme'd coin that is both creative and done well would do fine and that one that is just thrown together will not do well. My thoughts . . . Though I am the World's Worst Cacher
  22. I THOUGHT A BOUT POSTING A REPLY HEAR BUT WAS REALLY REALLY REALLY "afraid" of having to many err's. Their is some hope i might do better nex time.
  23. It was the weirdest thing . . . Came home from Geowoodstock with a bunch of new coins I traded for. They were kind of floating around in different places and I put them with some others that needed to be sorted and placed in binders etc. I had kinda noticed this one coin that I didn't really remember trading for, but just barely. I got home from doing an event in Bakersfield last weekend and my young adult son asked what that really cool coin was with the tree. I had no idea. It rang not a bell. I knew it was not something I made. It took me a minute and I began to wonder if I had received a special gift. I rushed off and found the pile of coins from Geowoodstock. Sure enough. There it was. No the problem. His collection is not so big, mostly his favorites from Hogwild Stuff, but he really really really wants this coin. I guess it will go on permanent loan since I am not turning lose of ownership. Thanks, Mystery Greenman.
  24. Here is mine. This cache was inside a homeless camp on Tibertina Island which is in the middle of Roma on the Tiber River. Had to scramble into the homeless camp to retrieve the cache which included a coin and a travel bug. There is an old old church with even older relics.
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