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  1. Seeking: Midwest Geobash 2010 Geocoin Thank you
  2. Prolly won't make a difference either way. It's only about $20 worth of stuff, so just do whatever is easiest for you. TMA
  3. Hey Doc, When you get your LEs in, let me know. Apparently I passed out and I missed the 5 coin set. Thx
  4. steorra is Lehigh Mafia. Most likely using a stock photo to sell it. He's been doing that charity auction every year since I can remember. TMA
  5. Older USA geocoins were simply numeric codes. And they are all in sequence. So they can just try 10000, 10001, 10002, etc and log as many as they want. Activations happen from duplicate tracking codes at the factory typically. However, again, in this case, they just pick a number, enter it into the retrieve code system from Groundspeak, and they can activate it having the numeric code and activation code. Report this user to Groundspeak and they will take action. TMA
  6. Hello, I am looking to trade for a Shiny Nickel LilyPad Cache Geocoin. The one shaped like a lilypad by Tsun. Thanks! TMA
  7. I bought one of her GCF Merlin Falcons, but I don't know the name of it. If that's what you want, send me some info. TMA
  8. I've sent an email every hour for the last two days. Must not be getting through . . . . TMA
  9. Working on the list. Going very slow. Still planning to get it done, but it's taking a lot longer than normal. TMA
  10. Six Little Spookies is who you are looking for. TMA
  11. I actually was lucky enough to have found one of these coins lying in a meadow in St. Louis. We were strolling back and forth to the event, and just seeing the sights. Always with a keen eye, I spied the shiny over hill and dale. I didn't realize it was activated, but now that I do I'll try to get it logged soon. Thanks for such a fine gift. TMA
  12. I have 39 coins added (*i think*), with the other 11 sitting on my desk to add when I get home from GW. Just so everyone knows, any and all of my coins are available for trade anytime. Before, during, or after the mathtrade. If you see something you just have to have, email me. As long as I haven't submitted my wish list, I can blank it out to not trade if it's already been sent out in a trade. If they don't trade, they'll all be available after. TMA
  13. I was sorting through my things yesterday after I saw the Habercacher post. I came across a Moun10bike V3 that I have, apparently an extra. So, essentially it's up for trade, if anyone is still interested in those coins? I'm not sure if they are still popular. Thanks. TMA
  14. I still remember meeting you online, and how exciting it was to generate a coin trade with you. Really kinda made my day back when geocoins pretty much were all I did I even have that special version next to the regular version, kind of a one off you gave me. Still two of the coolest coins in my collection, and they rest gently in my "keeper" pile, which is less than 50% of the pile it was a year ago. I sure hope you continue your handmade style, and leave off the silly tracking. They're way to cool to clutter up with all that wording. TMA
  15. Hey Doc, Not many people got that rectangular coin with the Xmas tree on it Haven't seen a photo of that one in years. Almost makes me forget we made one for many years in a row. TMA
  16. The piece in the middle is an actual bearing, on purpose. Don't crimp it That's how yo-yo's are designed. If you youtube "how to tie a yo yo string" and then "how to wind a yo-yo string", you will see that it's setup just like a professional yo-yo. There is a trick to winding it tight by putting your finger in the way of the first wrap, and then pulling the rest tight. It works just the way it was shipped, just takes a bit of patience to load the string correctly. The factory simply could not get it right, so we opted to just send the proper string along with the coin. TMA
  17. This actually comes up in my thought process a lot. I am part of a company that runs a monthly geocoin club. We make and send thousands of geocoins each month to our members around the world. One of the things we discuss in our monthly meetings is to specifically NOT just make the geocoin US themed because that's easier. I'm not saying it never happens, but we try very hard to not just take clip art and make a US Holiday or Theme because it falls in that month. Rather we strive to make a more general geocaching or worldly theme, so that our coin recipients don't share your feelings. However, like Captain Zulu said, I think there is definitely a place for US themes and logos on coins that are made for specific reasons, whether by a company or personal user. They are often very cool thought out designs. Besides, there is plenty of room for all kinds of shiny metal things TMA
  18. Bump TMA Update. Geoswag is going to send me a replacement set, yeah! So I'm good. Thanks Geoswag. TMA
  19. I really miss witty banter and fun coin talk. But to stay on topic, I agree with Kealia. TMA
  20. I was putting stuff in binders today, and I noticed something missing. My September GC&PC coin never showed up from Geoswag. I believe that one was the Blackbeard one, and I need the matching pin with it. Willing to buy it if need be, but since the majority of my collection is on Ebay I assume we can work out a fair trade TMA
  21. Rather than edit my post, "EV" is also another commonly duplicated code. And codes can get duplicated by a typo within a coin run as well. TMA
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