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  1. He/She/It hit 6 or 7 of mine and I woudn't really say I frequent for forums. Hit one of my husband's caches and he never visits the forums. I wouldn't say it is targeted.
  2. Well, I was feeling less than patient since I was trying to pull some before midnight last night and got this error, but I just tried to run new caches along a route and it worked. Thank you!
  3. frivlas

    PQ problems?

    I sit here once again with a fresh query turned on.....waiting for my query. I miss the good old days when it worked!
  4. frivlas

    PQ problems?

    Thank you Michael and Moun10bike! My weekend is back on track!!!!
  5. frivlas

    PQ problems?

    Wouldn't it be nice if someone acknowledged the issue? I don't know if anyone at Groundspeak is even paying attention this thread.
  6. frivlas

    PQ problems?

    No PQs for me either. Bummer, trying to get them in for a big caching run tomorrow! I hope they kick start it again soon!
  7. Add me to the list of people who are upset by this. I had big plans. I logged my 10,000th find yesterday and want a finds query of my first 10k. I guess I will just have to write everything down until this gets fixed. Well, Mine just decided to generate, so I am a happy camper. Good luck!
  8. Add me to the list of people who are upset by this. I had big plans. I logged my 10,000th find yesterday and want a finds query of my first 10k. I guess I will just have to write everything down until this gets fixed.
  9. Family caching all day on their bicycles with no way to log We drag ourselves home and check out the mailbox what is this I see a padded mailer and it's addressed to my boys we all hold our breath I slice it open and what falls out from inside an amazing coin Yime you have our thanks but I get the best thing yet two excited boys from our family to YemonYime and his clan thank you from us all
  10. I am a bit touched that my story was enjoyed It came from the heart I know that my boys will really enjoy the coin thank you very much To say it once more thank you oh generous one my address is sent
  11. All so excited to read Yime's next thread posting we crashed the forums!
  12. It is a spider in the middle of a flower, somewhere in Australia. Of did I mention that Colonel Mustard did it in the Library with the Candlestick?
  13. I cache with my boys they bring a new perspective closer to the ground. The problem with this is that they are getting good at finding it first. They are really good They don't need a GPS it comes from inside When a coin is there they are bloodhounds on the scent until they find it now they have started to pilfer my stash of coins sneaky little boys who am I kidding even if I win this coin my boys will take it thanks for the fun break from homework!
  14. Wow, I really hope this this can be "unfixed". My husband,children and I all have separate accounts. I have the only premium membership in the family ( cannot afford 4) and we have always used the backdoor method to log the PM caches we found for the rest of the family. I have never had a cache owner complain about us doing it because we cache together. Now, after a weekend of caching together, there are caches that they can't log. Please fix this.
  15. Man...I wish I had found this thread a couple of weeks ago.....We spent the last 9 days in/near Reno. Would have been fun to try and setup a meeting with other out of towners in for HAN.
  16. Our best day was 118 and it was insane. It was part of a 3 day weekend that totalled 270ish. It was fun because we were with friends and our kids, but it took a long time to get caught up on logging because I personally don't choose to cut and paste...for my account. For my kids....that's another story. We used the good old fashioned pen and paper to log GC#s and notes as we went but at some points it got so short between caches that we missed some. Eventually, we got the PDA, GPS, and paper log reconciled. It was fun, but I think that personal record for me will have to stand for a while.
  17. These are cool. Thank you, btw...they were very appreciated by the two short people in the back seat!!!
  18. ROTFL - Stick with me and I'll lead you to that FTF!
  19. I agree with Skippermark! W4C followed us around most of the day after GW VI!
  20. I have my frivlas variety. Blueish...if I recall, with glitter.
  21. I first heard about this one at an event last week when my son was wearing his batman shirt. Sounds like a cool little coin.
  22. I had been out of the loop and only recently heard about this coin. While we were at the geocoin event after GW VI, a shadowy figure appeared, dropped one at the feet of my 8 year old son and vanished without a trace in true Jedi fashion. My son was delighted. Thank you!!!!!
  23. 1) date of birth - May 17th 2) time of birth - 4:20pm 3) official weight - 7lb 1oz 4) geocaching motto for our new baby girl - "I'm worth my weight in GeoCoins!"
  24. Ah...The Netherlands....My mother and I took 6 trips to Europe when I was a teenager and The Netherlands were one of our favorite destinations. For me this thread is a bringing back memories thread. Here are some of the things that I observed/learned when I was there (I'm sure a lot has changed) -On the train as we were approaching Amsterdam for the first time, we had a conversation with an elderly gentleman who informed us that the Dutch children learn French and English in school...oh and German, "but they don't like it". :-) -I had never seen any kind of drug parafanalia before, but since it is/was legal, I saw some strange things in shops. -In the town of Edam, there are buildings that have floating basements. The floor is a box that floats free inside the frame of the walls...as the water level rises and falls, the floor adjusts. Pretty odd walking around in there. -I know that someone posted that people don't wear wooden shoes, but I have vivid memories of seeing people who were. One specific memory is of a 20ish guy riding a moped, and as he took the corners, he was putting down and dragging one wooden shoe clad foot. -Churches used to be banned and believers did what they could to worship. In Amsterdam, there is a Church turned Museum that occupies the attic space of three adjoining houses. -While looking for the church in the attic, we learned that red light districts really have red lights....I was 11 at the time we took that wrong turn...mom wasn't too thrilled. - In Den Haag there is a cool 1:25 scale village model named Madurodam. -No place can beat Keukenhof for flowers. It is the most amazing place to visit to spend the day walking around with a digital camera and an empty memory card. Ok, thanks for the trip down memory lane. I just wanted to share.
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