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  1. Very nice - the race sounds like fun! Please count me in for a set!
  2. Having lived in VA for a few years I would love to have 2 - thanks!
  3. Earthy, You haven't posted in awhile and I wondered how things were going. Do you have any more specifics on how you would like the caches to be similiar? When you anticipate the release dates for this series? Many thanks, NH geobear
  4. What a great idea! I would be happy to place a cache for Calvin Coolidge, in Plymouth VT. I live about 40 miles from this area. Let me know if this will work - I look forward to hearing more specifics about the series! NH geobear
  5. Hello 4Gmen! I hope what I am about to share with you, will be helpful. I also recently purchased a 60cxs and after going back and forth looking at the manual (which would refer you to geocaching.com), I called Garmin and worked through my questions with a really patient customer service rep.. This rep didn't immediately know the answers to my questions (how to download cache coordinates and info. from geocaching.com to the gps unit). He went and got a unit, registered on geocaching.com and together we figured out how to transfer the points. 1) You need to have a mapping software program. I have "Mapsource," which I bought at the same time that I purchased the 60cxs. 2) When you are on the cache site on geocaching.com. you will need to dowload the cache as a Loc Waypoint File (*.loc) and then save it in a folder where you will be able to access it easily. 3) Connect your 60cxs to the computer and turn on the device. 4) Open up your Mapsource program and click on the Waypoints tab so that this area is visible to you. 5) Open a new file - locate where you have just saved the new cache information. Open this. At this time, I have double-clicked on the waypoint letters and numbers, so I can rename the cache with the name. You can also leave it as is. Once you have done this, you are ready to transfer this information into your gps unit. 6) Click "Transfer" tab at top and click on "send to device." 7) Once it has been sent to the device it will turn off your gps automatically. To enter another cache with waypoints, you will need to turn your gps unit back on. I hope that this is helpful to you...I've now been using my new-found technology for about a week! Good luck and let me know if you should have any questions. NH geobear / Laura
  6. I received mine yesterday as well - thanks for making the coin! NH geobear
  7. I also tried to buy two gold coins through the Yahoo auction, but was not able to as my information was not being "verified." I am having the same problems as an earlier bidder - help! NH geobear
  8. Email sent for two please - thanks!
  9. Ordered two of each - thanks!
  10. Email sent for two coins please. Thanks!
  11. Email sent for two - thanks!
  12. 7:17 pm ...they are back up again!
  13. The English coins are still on the site as of 10:00 am EST!
  14. I received mine today - they are beautiful. Thanks!
  15. I'm glad to hear that this category interests you! Let me work a little on some variables...the hills come in all different sizes, starting with 10 meter hills for beginners all the way up to 90 (and perhaps beyond)...some of the tressels are made out of wood, and some are made out of metal...I'll keep working on this! Ski jumping was brought to this country over one hundred years ago by Norwegian immigrants - with this being an Olympic sport, there are ski jumps located all around the world.
  16. I would like to submit an idea for a new category, that of the Nordic Ski Jumps, that are used for ski jumping. This is not connected to downhill skiing or snowboarding and is a high school and college sport in some states and is still an olympic sport!
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