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  1. Last week I found a cache out by 70 meters. The only reason I found the cache was because of the hint and some common sense. I was 100% confident that I was right in this case so I posted up my coordinates. A while back I had looked for a cache where both my GPSr (garmin) and my friend's (Magellan) brought us to rougly the same location. Turns out it was, give or take, 75m off from the actual cache location. Many other a cacher had reported the coordinates to have been off and had posted theirs but the owner refused to change the posted ones saying his were correct (via email to me). Eventually he did but I think they were still out. Had I read the logs I would have used the coordinates from other cachers and probably would have found it that first day. I will say that the location was a challenging place to obtain a signal, it was in a ravine but refusing to believe that maybe your posted coordinates are wrong is wrong itself. One other thing is I think that good coordinates help reduce the damage to the location. They help minimize the search in the wrong place and the overall foorprint on the area. My personal opinion is that if you are saying the cache is at the posted coordinates you should try to get the most accurate ones possible.
  2. A few varied pics of the one Nicolo used to win a coin. Talk about having a blast that day!! I have some mods planned for the Jeep!!
  3. I was amazed to hear that the Geo-bone was fetching what it was. I am fortunate enough to have both a gold and silver. Most coins in my collection I would have no problems parting with for that price. But I would not part with either of my Geo-bones as they were both gifts from LFD. I would be lying if I said I would not part with them for any amount of money. But I can tell you that no one would be crazy enough to pay me what it would take
  4. Does anyone have an extra Mojo's Hoard (geotiki #5)?? I can trade a King Mojo for it! Thanks!
  5. Got mine in Canada today!! Very cool!!
  6. I have been pretty lucky with trades and purchases. I have only not recieved one of each. The trade was well over 6 months ago. The coin was apparently sent..waited a month or so...nope no coin. Sent an email..apparently sent another one out....nope no coin. Sent another email, was told that they thought for sure they sent the coin...apparently another coin sent....you geussed it...no coin. At this point I cut my losses, I didnt get the coin but now I know not to trade with this person. The purchase was at least 4 months ago (longer I think). Paid for a couple of coins...waited a while...no coins. Sent an email, got a response offering 2 "upgrades"...waited....no coins. At this point I again cut my losses, not worth the headache. But as will the trade, I now will not purchase from this maker again. But on the positive side, I didnt recieve my Colorado coins. I contacted Mr.COgeo at the time. It took a bit but he did get me the coins I had paid for. Big kudos to him. I have seen both side of the missing coin saga, wish it they all turned out like the CO coins,
  7. Well, how about Three Sisters in the summer or Three Sisters in the not-so summer Summer. I get enough reminders of winter. What does a brass cap look like again? Well if you look carefully under the lil' tower that XRN95's standing next to, you can see a cap ( benchmark ). Ahhh, Mt. Cory! Good times. Ahhh yes the day we almost got zapped by lightening, lol.
  8. XRN95

    Visiting Calgary

    Hey there Sassydil Even though I am personally not a huge fan of micros, lol., here is one that might work for you. Not too far from the Saddledome and should not be affected by snow, a nice hide too! Viability by 3jaze..GCR8Y0 I will think of some others but now I am off to see my new niece Madison!!
  9. I think your idea sounds great. Although I have done some dry caving most of my cave experience has been through cave diving. I would suggest that people going into a cave bring more than 1 light, 2 would be great, 3 would be ideal. They dont have to be full size lights, but enough to get you out. Three might seem like overkill but its a standard I am used to. Granted this all depends on the size of the cave. If you can see daylight from the cache (assuming the cache will be located inside the cave), no problem (night time is another story), you could get away with less lights. If getting to the cache involves lots of turns or getting through restrictions, I would definately have more lights on hand. A helmet wouldnt be a bad idea for sure. As far as environmental impact, I agree with RK. Again from a cave diving perspective, there are caves and there are caves. I have dove some caves that have been declared off limits to students. This is because, in general, they do not yet have the skill to minimize there inpact on the cave. You would be amazed what damage fins can do to a cave. On the opposite side, On a trip to mexico, I was told of a cave that they take inexperienced divers to learn...also where many locals take there wash their car...hence the name "Carwash". If people respect the cave and its structures/vegetation you should have a great location. I would be all over this if I lived close!
  10. Trauma Intensive Care RN, I save lives and stamp out disease .
  11. I can attest that they came out great!! Nicolo gave me coin #95 tonight and it looks awesome, its huge!
  12. Got my bronze...just waiting for silver now!
  13. Got mine a few days ago, looks awesome, thanks!!!!
  14. Sounds good -- let's do this and bring out the coin! My thought is that we'll set-up a thread of "order all you want" -- so nobody will be left out (I HATE limited edition coins -- except personals, which you can't expect folks to make 100's of) If I can be of help just let me know guys.
  15. Not sure if this is a pre order thread ( have my doubts) but if it is..3 please.
  16. I would like to buy one if possible. Thanks
  17. Paid mine for mine too, as AG mentioned I didnt see a place to put my geocaching nic. Thanks!!
  18. Merry Christmas everyone!! Hope the big bearded guy brings everyone lots of geocoins!
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