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  1. Here are my latest auctions: Geocat Geocoin Geonut Geocoin Geoscrew Geocoin California Poppy Micro Geocoin Thank you for your support!
  2. My latest auction: CCCooper Agency Ladybug Geocoin Back To Caching Schoolbus Geocoin 2007 Canine Cachers 4th Edition Geocoin They are all trackable on geocaching.com and have not been activated. All being sold under my ebay seller name "blind.avocado". Thank you all again!
  3. I would like to say thank you to everybody for your response to my post. This past auction was my most successful yet. I am touched and very grateful. To answer a previous post, I did purchase or trade for all the coins I am selling and all have not been activated. So far I have only sold coins that I have doubles of, but I am rapidly running out of doubles and will have to start selling my collection soon. I have a lot of great coins, so please keep following my auctions. I usually start my auctions on Sunday and list them for 5 days ending on Friday. Thank you all again! Philipp (Blind Avocado)
  4. Hello everybody. Last October my wife Jeanette (The Tigger Lady) lost her youngest daughter. To pay for funeral expenses I have been selling a few of my coins every week on ebay. I am only selling a few every week because I don't want to auction several hundred coins all at once. Geocacher Ogima emailed me that he posted here on the forums about my auction, but I can't seem to find the thread. I am assuming that it is because my personal coin is not trackable. However most of the coins I am selling are trackable like the SEPAG Liberty Bell coin and the Hobo Dude coin that are currently active. This brings up a question I have been wanting to ask. My collection is extensive and I have many personal coins like the Hobo Dude coin. Is it OK to auction personal coins? I just want to say up front to those whose personal coins I sell I am sorry to sell the coins but I really need to. The only one I will not sell is my moun10bike coin because I already know how he feels about it. If anybody else sees one of their coins in an auction of mine and doesn't want it sold please let me know. Also Is it acceptable to post links to coins that are trackable on geocaching.com? On ebay I use the name blind.avocado. Thank you to everyone who has bid on one of my auctions! Philipp (Blind Avocado)
  5. I just went on a trip to Texas and had 2 GPSr in my laptop case. They did not say a word there and back.
  6. The PN-40 has been sold! Thank you everybody, and thank you geocaching.com for providing this service.
  7. It's still available. Make me an offer. Thanks!
  8. Because I just bought a house and need the money I am selling my Delorme PN-40. because I have not had time to cache lately it is in like-new condition, with no scratches. I will also include the box it came in complete with everything it came with, including the "Serious Tool" bumper sticker and Topo 7 software. But wait, there's more! I will also include a 16GB SD card and a Zagg invisible shield screen protector that I bought and never installed. I will also include a camera case that I got for it that I used to store it in (it is the perfect size). Also I purchased the Cache Register software for my computer, so being as I will have no further use for it I will delete it from my computer and send a copy along with it. All this can be yours for the unbelievably low price of $255.00 including shipping. I will accept Paypal, checks or money orders. Thanks for looking!
  9. I may have issues with the unwieldy Topo 7 software, but after taking the PN-40 caching several times I can't complain on its accuracy. It has been consistently spot-on, better then my 60Cx. Good review, thanks!
  10. I have been waiting for one of their half off sales and I figured somebody would post it here when they did. I just ordered one, thank you!
  11. With all due respect, that is just absurd. That is like saying"in a comparative context" that brain surgery has no learning curve because there are no other professions where people cut open peoples brains. I agree that embra's 10 steps are not that difficult once you learn them, but compaired to the 2 steps it takes with GSAK on the garmin, it is more complex. And don't even get me started with the process of cutting maps and installing POI's on the PN-40. now there is a learning curve.
  12. Also note that the hint is at the top of the page before the description.
  13. LOL I did too! If fact, being the pack rat that I am I might still have it around here someplace!
  14. Yes, a HUGE issue indeed. I just informed my daughter of this and now she is calling the realtor to put her house up for sale. You see, first time guests relying on the unit may never find her house. She lives on a 6 house cul-de-sac. Perhaps she can buy a condo on Sunset Blvd which is 12 miles long. Then finding that one address among the range it provided while driving 40mph will be a breeze!
  15. Actually, it was an intolerable 20 seconds. Back later - off to Best Buy to see what I can get in trade for this Atari Commodore Lisa. Actually I was being kind. When I load my GPX file of 10700 caches on my AMD quad core 9850 system it took 12 minutes. 20 seconds is what it takes when I load them into Mapsource. Good luck with that Commodore Lisa, though.
  16. Copy that. I asked for a PQ this AM and got the email this afternoon. Topo 7, unzip, open, exchange to PN-40. About 3 minutes, 12 - 15 keystrokes, rough afternoon. 'Bout ready for a PBR. You left out the part about waiting 10 minutes for the slow and kludgy Topo7 to import the GPX file. The only thing that the PN-40 is better then the Garmin is the satellite and color aerial photography. I took it out caching today and the accuracy is very good, I will give it that.
  17. The 60CSx does not store any gpx files. When you hit the send to GPS button it only creates a waypoint with limited information, but not does not send a gpx file. You can hit the send to GPS button 1000 times if you wish (but I would recommend using GSAK to send them all at once ).
  18. With hiking it should work well. The supplied mapping program is powerful, but has a steep learning curve. For caching it is not as good as the Oregon yet, but should catch-up with a planned firmware update that will improve the geocaching functions. For auto routing, it depends. If you want to look up an address and then route to it then the PN-40 is not very good. It will not route you to a specific address, only to a range of addresses on a street.
  19. I usually get that error at 11:00PM. I just assume that they are doing a database backup and are not allowing any access.
  20. It will only show caches within about 50 miles of your current location no matter how they are sorted. On the geocache list page select "menu" then "change reference" . This will bring up the map and then scroll your position to where the caches you loaded are, then select "enter". You will then see your caches.
  21. I got mine last week. It is a great little unit and even has City Navigator NT 2009 on it. Not bad for a freebie.
  22. There's no such thing as free. Don't forget the hit that you just took on your credit report. Might not be a factor for you right now, but something like that stays there for 7 years. That is mostly if you already have many credit cards. Right after getting this card and making 0ne $25.00 purchase (already paid off) my FICO score went from 738 to 716. I think I can live with that for a free GPSr.
  23. The Garmin California: If you are using a hydration pack, it will sue you to not drink from it. Will not route to a cache unless it has a completed environmental impact report. It will randomly shake. Is powered by a built in windmill.
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