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  1. BTW- Forget the lists of trades and coins for sale...I need to remember how to remove that info. lol
  2. Funny...I just had the same thing happen...but the log was in French so I couldn't read it. I just thought it was odd since it was on a coin in my personal possession that hasn't seen the light of day in years! lol
  3. Hi, Pregnant lady here... First of all it's John &Jess not AND Jess if you are using our Geocaching names... To defend ourselves since we somehow seem to have gotten drug into the mud on this one which we haven't even attempted... About the Inferno Series: 1) We were NOT FTF on ANY of those caches in the series, only the final... 2) We gave everyone a 10 day headstart... 3) We are notorious for not logging finds in a timely manner unless it's an FTF and I ALWAYS try to log an FTF from the field (since I got my Blackberry the pattern for us has been "FTF, more later" instantaneously if I am involved in the find). John doesn't have that option from his normal cell phone. 4) We were tactical on this series as there was a leaderboard that tracked everyone's finds so you could see where you stood...so we got the final FTF in a "wiley" manner, yes... but see point 1 and 2 above...wahhhhhh!!! ~Jess&babyboy Wow! Jess is pregnant and John is gonna be a Daddy to a little boy! Congratulations! How exciting! That's way more interesting than the tactics of winning a geo-challenge! Thanks for sharing the news! OBTW..I think gc.com will let you change your name to John&Jess&babyboy See the part I highlighted above. Jess said she is pregnant...she didn't say John was going to be a daddy. That is an assumption on your part.
  4. Solved 2, working on three. Thanks for all the fun!
  5. Just as long as I can call the spare br/floor/futon! (And don't say it, you're gonna make me cry... ) I'll share a futon with you. Joani never reads the forums anymore so I'm sure I won't get in trouble for saying that... oh, wait, Kealia probably does and he's bigger than me... never mind. --Marky Ok, but I kick! Some things are worth the pain.
  6. I'd go to TN. I've always wanted to visit Nashville. I'm going to Graceland, Graceland.....
  7. If you can't get any response from Mike, you might try contacting Mamaloo. She is one of the leaders of their group, and she may be able to get answers for you. Here is her profile. Cheers!
  8. Which is exactly why I originally said, if you have to grab it from another cacher...be sure to drop it into the cache you actually took it from, and grab it back out. That way, the mileage stays intact.
  9. (Text above highlighted by me) It's not often that I find myself against the majority here in the forums...but this time it seems I am. I keep reading where folks are "offended" if someone grabs a coin/traveller out of their inventory. You see, I don't see where this is being rude to you. The coin is NOT your coin...you are helping it along for it's owner. If I grab a coin, and have a chance to move it on...I will. If I have to wait for you to get back from vacation...or at least have access to the internet, it will just make things more difficult...and may delay things for the actual owner of the coin...and that would be rude. Once you drop it in a cache...it's out of your hands. You already got the icon...you've left your note on the coin page when you logged it...and you can still post pictures by writing a note. The bottom line is to keep the coin moving for the owner.
  10. I see what you are saying...however, this won't screw up the current holders logs at all. They have alreay logged their find, and unless they go edit it, a dropoff never leaves a log on the coin page itself. You can grab it from the current holder, then dip it in the cache for proper mileage. Then, send a note to the cacher you grabbed it from telling them what you did. They can still note in their log that they dropped it there...it just won't be in their inventory anymore to actually drop it. I would definitely use the method I suggested if you are going to be dropping the coin yourself anytime soon. Cheers
  11. Go ahead and log your find right away. Like the buddhaman said, you can grab the coin from the current holder...however, I would then log the coin into the cache, and then grab it back from the cache. That way the coin gets the proper mileage. Cheers!
  12. Well said Jay. Very nicely done. I couldn't agree more.
  13. Hiding behind a duck does not support this premise. On the other hand, he/she did offer to fix a disabled cache for a cacher. If we ask, maybe he/she will fix our caches as well. I got several notices on some of my caches up here as well... I've got several that are way past time to do something about...I just don't like the idea of a sock-puppet posting all those notes... Maybe they have found all the caches in this area already...so they are trying to get more new hides for them to find.
  14. and for it's worth, i would love to be agent of the agent. i still believe that the joy you receive as the giver in this situation, far outweighs any of the disappointment you may feel at some taking adavantage of your generousity. feeling good is so much better than feeling crappy, doncha think? lara Maybe you can be a double agent. was that supposed to be funny, because it wasn't. I found it to be quite amusing myself. See...it takes all kinds. Edited since I mistakenly added my comment inside of Joranda's quote! (I guess I'm a bit rusty at this.)
  15. I saw a new name publishing local caches today... Kosh Naranek
  16. I have hosted several events...including one mega event. I'm sorry, I just cannot fathom why this is so hard for you to accept.
  17. Since the topic is getting old...I'll close with this link... For those of you that were too young, or too sophisticated to get my Gong Show reference.
  18. Again, I must disagree. If I was a GS sponsor, paying money for advertising, I would anticipate having avenues to promote my products...that is what I'm paying for afterall. On a side note...and strictly in a joking tone...everytime I am reading your posts, I keep looking for a big gong I can bang and get you off the stage! (OK, I know I just dated myself, but as a kid, I used to watch The Gong Show, and they always had this guy called "Gene Gene The Dancing Machine" on it...he got gonged every time.
  19. There are links for these in the Geocoin forums here as well...along with a trading thread specifically about wooden nickels. You may want to check there. (Your thread will most likely be moved there in any case.)
  20. That explains why those pics were so impressive! We've got a Digital Rebel...can't remember the exact model though...10D or some such. The bummer is my old telephoto/zoom will fit...but only in manual mode. I'm waiting to get a nice telephoto for the Rebel. I carry an SD630 with me...and that is what I used on the Eagle shots.
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