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  1. I have many many coins and we have been out of the gecoin collecting for years, is there still an active Geocoin database? The websites I have used in the past are no longer active. I am going to work on listing them on eBay over the next few weeks/months. Thanks!
  2. WOW! This is awesome! I was just roped by the GEO_BANDIT. The coin is very cool. Thank you to everyone and anyone that had part in this great mystery coin. Even the hubby loved it because of the black nickel. THANKS!
  3. I'm pretty sure you've needed a passport since '01 to cross the border. I know for certain I've been asked for my passport everytime I've crossed in the last 10 years going into Ontario. I'd definitely attend in Canada, but don't know if I could swing Alberta with the rising airfare. Hopefully that will come back out of the stratosphere after this fall. Actually you don't need a passport to got to Canada currently, by land and water. The new rules for that take effect in June 2009. You have needed a full passport book to fly by air and have needed one only since January 2008 (I think). We are getting Passport Cards for a cruise, so we will be set to go to Canada by car for a road trip, but it is a loooong road trip from Georgia to Calgary!
  4. Our family is preparing to order Passport Cards, so yeah we would come. The cards are half the cost of Passport Books, only $45 for adults and $35 for children. Books would have cost us $455! The cards were only $195. The processing time is 4 weeks from application to delivery. Of course we would have to drive to use the cards, but that is probably the more cost efficient way to all of there anyways. So yes, I would travel to Canada for a Geocoin Fest.
  5. Congrats to LZ and islander! One of our girls coins came in the top 5 in both categories! So that is very cool. Most of our racers did very well finishing in the top 50, only 3 out of 10 went missing. Pretty good overall. Thanks Shilo for putting on this race.
  6. Thanks for all your hard work on the race Dan. Congrats to all the winners! If there is a race to Nashville count us in!
  7. I am glad the other thread was re-opened. If we are allowed to discuss our experiences with geocoin businesses on the forums then we do not need an additional "feedback system" the threads and discussions will stand up on their own. Hopefully future civil discussions will be allowed to take place. (Ideally such situations would not arise in the future, but we all know how the world works...) I am glad to see that there may be some resolution to one of the issues and I hope that any other geocoin businesses that have legitimate issues follow suit like Geocoin Design and start to resolve them.
  8. It almost seems like GS wants the cake and eat it too. They do not want to be liable for transactions or dealings but they do not allow for truthful situations to come to light on the forums. That is putting them in a position of censoring community transactions and dealings. If they do not want to be liable then they should not pick and choose what is brought to the forums, they should only moderate that the threads stay civil and on topic. Just from this thread it is clear that several people have been taken advantage of from vendors/designers in this community. It would help everyone to have this information out.
  9. You know some of the coin designers are also coin minters so paying someone up front for artwork and being stiffed is bad but even with that you are out maybe $100. What if you paid them for your coin dies, payed 50% up front for the minting, or paid up front for the icon and tracking and never received any coins? People could be out hundreds of dollars. This is something that could happen and a feedback system could prevent that.
  10. Groundspeak is an appropriate place to handle a feedback system and they should implement one. I am glad that you started this thread PGH. I have been fortunate to always work with reliable coin designers and vendors but I have heard the tales of the ones who are not honest. The fact that GS has an approved vendors list makes them accountable for those lists. If I hired a Groundspeak approved designer and they never delivered the product, I would think the forums would be the place for me to bring my situation after attempting to work it out in numerous private ways. So yes the forums should be the last resort of problems with vendors or designers.
  11. Several of the major coin sellers have coins that are affordable made to travel and you can get them for under $5 per coin. Check them out.
  12. How about the other way around since the coins are what the site is about and the secondary thing would be the cointests and missions. I think this is something that most would be able to live with. The ones wanting coins can find them in that section. The ones wanting cointests and missions can find that easily. Both could fall under the geocoin header and would be two seperate forums in the same area. Amen! Ditto that Amen! This forum is for Geocoin DISCUSSION. So all discussions about geocoins should remain in the main forum topic. I'll agree to it. Where do I sign? This has been my stance since the begining. I feel there is enough of a connection to coins to remain here, and I undertsand the difference in area clicks. Now the hard part is getting GC to actually start the new area, that is after you get all the other people to agree to this format. This is what I would also like to see done. A sub-section to this forum for all the fluff.
  13. I would have to agree that cointests need a new home. They can get a bit off-topic and do clutter the forums. I rarely come to the forums anymore since there is little to no geocoin discussion happening. Everytime I come here and see all the cointests and missions I am reminded of the Altruistic or Egotistic thread.....
  14. Congrats Jolene! I was right there after she found the coin and was among the first to see how beautiful it was!
  15. I found a goofy cacher coin at the Thursday night event during GWVI. It was so cool! Thanks Goofy Cacher! Congrats to all the other lucky finders!
  16. Reading this thread I am just now realizing how many people I missed out meeting! I did get to meet lots of forums and coin folks, got to see some friends again and met lots of new people. It was great fun! Now next year ya'll head down south so I can meet the people I missed. Oh yeah and BigD....as for the 1:30 am lobby party...remember what happens in the lobby stays in the lobby!!!! LOL
  17. We very recently had a local cacher friend pass away and on the day of his funeral was an event that he had set up and planned. So while some of us traveled to his funeral (he was laid to rest in his home town), others were at his event remembering all the good times and great caches of this cacher. So this event turned into a local satellite memorial event for local cachers. An event that the deceased himself that planned and hosted. In the days before his passing he even talked about a cache being put in or onto his headstone. He passed before talking about this in depth with his family. It may or may not still happen.
  18. This is Avroair at MWGB during our BIG OLE After Bash Party. So Cute!
  19. Aww pgh.... Hope conditions improve soon.
  20. Oh Mousie! How beautiful! I SOOOOO want one.
  21. If you make a Christmas one I will buy that too, did I mention I also have a collection of Carousel Horse Christmas ornaments?
  22. I have collected Carousel Horses since I was little. This are beautiful, I will have to have them not for the geocoin collection but for the Carousel Horse collection.
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