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  1. What is the intended use of the portable GPS? Auto Nav? Hiking? Geocaching? --Marky
  2. Actually, this is not entirely true. They allow GPS devices on the windshield now as long as they are not obstructing the drivers view. See 12) in the posted link which refers to the GPS exemption. I live in the SF Bay Area and even before this exemption, I never once heard of anyone being cited for this. I'm guessing that if anyone got cited for this they probably had pissed off the officer already and it was enforced it to bug them. --Marky
  3. Maybe there should be Charter Member Only Caches?
  4. If I put mp3s on the SD card, will it play music when it isn't telling me where to go?
  5. A hands on review of the Montana has stated you need the optional car mount / headphones to hear the speech. I think this is an excellent design decision. There is no real need for a speaker for spoken directions on the trail, and why carry the excess weight of a good speaker when you don't need it. Offloading it onto the car mount makes sense to me. I wonder if the device can still beep (proximity alarms are useful on the trail). --Marky
  6. The Magellan eXplorist 710 is true paperless and true driving as well, and is meant to be taken on the trail. As is the recently announced, but not yet available Garmin Montana. The Nuvi line is not intended to be "trail worthy" as it is not waterproof/weatherproof. --Marky
  7. The only issue now is that when I post my find the signature is being truncated. What should be "Another fun find by KK7X of the North Idaho D's" Becomes "Another fun find by KK7X o" so "f the North Idaho D's" is being dropped. I will try a longer post without the signature line and see if the same thing happens. Thanks! I guess you're lucky it didn't just use the truncated part.
  8. I've never seen this issue on an iPhone 4 or an iPad, only on the 3GS. --Marky
  9. Too bad T9 is windows only. I wonder if we'll ever see a OSX native mapping app from Delorme. I'm not interested in running windows on my Mac just to be able to run the mapping app.
  10. I think it's important to point out that we should be discussing the iPhone 4 experience in this thread, and not confuse it with iPhone 3G or 3GS, which have inferior GPS chip sets. If you have an iPhone 4 and aren't seeing good GPS performance, it's possible that your antenna signal is being affected by the way you are holding the phone (ignore this if you have a bumper, as that should help you avoid degrading the antenna signal). If you still don't see reasonable GPS performance, especially when you have a clear view of the sky, then you might consider having your phone checked out. It's been my experience that the iPhone 4's GPS performs quite well. --Marky
  11. I don't have a problem with people using iPhones to find caches. However, due to their accuracy issues, I would like to discourage anyone hiding a cache from using their iPhone to determine the coordinates. Since the iPhone is a "real gps", I would rephrase it as: If you are going to hide a cache, you should use a gps with reliable accuracy, preferably one that averages waypoint readings. --Marky
  12. The GPS chip set in the iPhone doesn't need towers to function, it just needs a clear view of the satellites. I'm also assuming that you've never tried an iPhone 4, so can't comment on how much better its GPS reception is compared to the 3GS and 3G (the original iPhone didn't have a GPS chip in it). --Marky
  13. I don't think that is a completely true statement, I think the Magellan tough case for the 3G and 3GS is an IPX-7 rated case (that also has an external GPS chip with its own antenna that improves the accuracy). Regarding the rest of your statements, I don't completely disagree. I would like to see some stronger discouragement of using the iPhone to hide caches (maybe in the gc.com app, and on the cache submission form). Bad coords are just no fun. --Marky
  14. You may have a defective one. You should be getting as good or better than the iPad. If you can find someone with an iPhone 4, do a side by side comparison. If yours isn't performing as well, you definitely should considered returning it for a new one. --Marky
  15. I've used my wife's iPhone 4, and it has worked great for me, getting +-16ft under normal conditions. That seems perfectly acceptable. My iPhone 3GS is usually at 56ft. This past weekend, I saw it momentarily report 30ft accuracy, but not for more than a second. --Marky
  16. Event for the Bay Area posted: (this is for #17, anne.and.eli) http://coord.info/GC2DM88 --Marky
  17. Yep, the whole point of the using a barometric altimeter is for accuracy. The "fixed elevation" mode is not accurate enough to be useful other than for general trends. Definitely not useful to the statistics crowd. --Marky
  18. I agree, I've never seen an issue with the PN-40 regarding accuracy. I've only seen it stated as being as good as, or better than other units. My biggest issue with the PN-40 is battery life. I can't remember seeing any battery life improvement statements about the PN-60. Is it dramatically better? --Marky
  19. Assuming that the Android geocaching.com app has similar features as the iPhone app, then you can cache your map tiles ahead of time (maybe at home via wifi, before you start your caching day), so that they'll be available if you lose cell coverage. Of course, this requires some upfront prep work. But if you know you're going to be in an area of questionable coverage, it's a very useful feature. --Marky
  20. It doesn't appear to work on the 62. When I change to "Fixed Elevation" and press buttons while watching the elevation plot I still get spikes. I don't know which '62' you have, but unless its a '62s*', then it doesn't have barometric altimeter, so that setting isn't going to make a difference for a '62'. If you are seeing spikes in a '62', then it could be because you are changing the orientation of the '62' and it's getting difference satellite data. --Marky
  21. The processor in the PN-20 isn't up to the task being asked of it. I probably wouldn't recommend this one either.
  22. Joani and I could probably swing a drive to MT. We had a great time driving to Seattle and this is only a few hours longer.
  23. I don't recall if we ever got that tested. I know it should be cross platform, since it is just perl code (I think). --Marky
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