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  1. I think that the "SLAB" team should design one for gifts at the next Champoeg Event. Hint....hint...wink....wink
  2. I know I've not been around for some time, but when I saw this.....I just had to have it....especially something by "fox-and-the-hound" Looking forward to receiving a big package soon. Go JayBee
  3. Go JayBee


    What a bunch o' whiners.... 9 times out of 10, the coords are going to be close enough...I usually put my GPSr away about 20 feet away from the cache anyway. Comon'....use your "Geo-senses"....hmmm, stick-o-flauge....rock-o-flauge...those branches are oddly aligned....that plant does not look real, etc, etc. And don't tell me..."I never read the hints"...that is like "the check is in the mail", etc. Sorry, I just get impatient when folks expect their GPSr to "zero out" while standing over the cache...
  4. Mine had the activation code on a slip of paper inside the box.
  5. Barry, I fully understand where you are coming from. When I first read your post, I looked on the E-Place and have since found at least 3 of my personal coins for sale there in the past week. On one hand, it is flattering to know that even my "non-trackable" coin is desireable. I would just like to go on record here for the benefit of some the newer collectors, I have never sold my Personal JayBee/LitLens GeoCoin and never will. My personal policy is that if I purchase a coin, then yes I have the right to re-sell it. If I aquire a personal coin via a trade, then I will only trade it or "gift" it. That's my story, and I'm sticking with it....
  6. It looks like that traveler has not been in a 3* cache in over a year....lots of events, TB Hotels, etc.
  7. My shuttles were waiting for me when I got back from GW8. They are absolutely awesome.
  8. Just as a side note to what has been said already, some trackables owners (including myself) deliberately refrain from posting a "goal" on the trackables' page. The main reason being that it puts restrictions on what may be done with it. Most folks don't do the research on a trackable until they get it home, or have already moved it north, when it wanted to go south....oops. Or, have to hold onto it for a lengthy period of time in order to fulfill the particular goal.
  9. If you read the "pinned" topics above, I think you will find the answer to your question. If you just want to make a non-trackable signature item, the sky is the limit...but that subject does not belong here., sorry.
  10. Eastshire, Check my link to "cointracking.com"....I have quite a few coins which are not available from any vendors. My prices are very reasonable too. I'm always up for trades too, if there is something interesting to me. I'll be going to GW8 and will probably see my stock greatly reduced, but will try and keep my listing current with actual inventory.
  11. Was able to order a set today....the collecting frenzy must be slowing....usually don't get a second chance after a pre-sale. From what I've been reading, it sounds like the quality is right up there with what you would expect from Coins & Pins.
  12. I hear what you are saying, dhenninger...I would not have a problem with a Volunteer Coin being auctioned for a non-profit cause such as to help defray costs of an Event or to help a family in need. I think you will agree with me in that this coin series has never been for sale by any of the Coin Vendors as a marketed item.
  13. Yes, he "owns them"....but, IMHO, the coin should not be "sold"....the Volunteer Coins have never been for sale AFAIK...someone can correct me if I'm wrong. I "own" a couple myself, but would never try to profit by selling them. In fact, the one I got from Signal the Frog was pre-activated by Groundspeak...when I politely asked if they would let me adopt it, they did. One of my promises to Groundspeak was that I would never "sell" it.
  14. I don't think that Volunteer Coins have EVER been for sale...they have traditionally been rewards given to the volunteers. Be very careful now....Signal is NOT going to be pleased with you. I don't think Signal would mind if you offered the coin as a "trade" for another coin.
  15. See link below to my trading/selling list. Prices are reasonable, but quantities may be low on some coins. Go JayBee
  16. kyler, Check out my trading list...see link below. I have very reasonable prices and, I do ship to International addresses. Go JayBee
  17. Looking forward to seeing all my fellow coin addicts...will be hauling some "old" coins for sale & my personal coins for trade...look me up. Will be bringing LitLens & Muggles the Geo-Cat...staying at the Redmond Inn Thu-Fri-Sat.
  18. Just ordered the Black ones....gotta support the COWWS...after all, I am the "Go" of: "Go-mad-Cow". See ya at GW VIII.....
  19. Eric, Howdy..............thought I would drop in here after adding some news on the GeoCoin GiveAway Group. As I mentioned there, life sometimes gets in the way of GeoCoins and other interests. And as someone mentioned, it is Summer.
  20. I just shipped out 10 coins for a trade, yesterday. Only cost $2.70 for a bubble pack, First Class. It was almost 1-1/2 lbs. I agree, $5 to $7 for one coin (domestic) is ridiculous. Even if you include the packaging...what's that....a $1? I sell coins and my shipping charge is $2.50 for the 1st, plus $1.00 each addition coin. And that includes PayPal Fees, Postage, and materials.
  21. Glad to see someone resonding to this thread... Ya sure, Yu Betcha.....keep on participating.
  22. Hi folks... Been away for awhile (other hobbies demanding my time)....but it looks like I'm still hooked on thes shiny chunks o' metal. I have a fellow cacher friend here in Oregon who goes by: "GeoGold" so thought I gota have some of these for Xmas gifts. Great idea...
  23. Check out my cointracking link (below)....I have many older coins that are not available through online stores.
  24. kayn_os, Check my link below for some older coins at very reasonable prices.
  25. I got a Lackey Coin from Da Man....yup, Jeremy himself. That has got to be my favorite.
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