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  1. I want to change the puzzle cache symbol at the top of the cache page to a regular cache type symbol. I am doing away with the chirp requirement for two caches but the edit cache page won't let me change the type. All other changes on that page worked.
  2. IMO, this is a big enough deal to be in the full topic forum. Half a state is being archived.. I agree, this could turn out to be a "bigie", not just in Arizona.
  3. If you were to enter State land in Arizona to remove an archived cache as the Arizona State Land Dept. is requesting according to geocaching information, it would be unlawful to do so on State land unless you had a permit. Many geocachers do not have a permit!!
  4. When trying to help a friend start an account and filling in the information form, after clicking the submit button, a message appears and states that the friends email address is already being used. This is our friend's personal email address and no others use it. It prompts us to use an alternate email address. She has no other email address. How can we get her email address associated with a new account address. All the other boxes were filled in correctly. Name, address, geocaching name request etc.
  5. Thanks Chrysalides and EraSeek. I did get the unit up and running. Waiting for the approver to publish it.
  6. I am unable to find the chirp manual on the Garmin site. The mini manual with the units gives an address, but does not take me to the manual for chirp. Help appreciated.
  7. I'm chopin at the bit to get a 62st but will wait if squeeky cases are still being produced. Garmin support told me yesterday that he had only heard of a couple of complaints regarding squeeky cases??!! [] Also, do the newest units off the production line come with the latest software, or is it necessary to always go online for updates after a purchase?
  8. We can help in Arizona if need be.
  9. I'll be placing an order for the PN-40 as soon as the "send to GPS plug-in" from the Geocaching.com site becomes availablel. I use that for cache entry on my 60CSx more than any other method. Hope I don't have to wait too long. Sounds like an awesome unit.
  10. Am I correct in assuming from the above info that the PN 40 does not allow for direct manual entering of coordinates in the field. If I am doing a multi and retrieve coordinates at the first stage, how would I enter these to get to the second stage.
  11. I've been getting the same error message and am unable to upload images. I've uploaded many .jpg's in the past. I wonder if AOL or explorer is changing the file name somehow during upload???
  12. What am I doing wrong? I get--"Error Occurred. Sorry. This file not supported by site." It's a jpeg file, the type I've uploaded in the past.
  13. Donation sent for this great cause. Congrats. on your climb.
  14. Snake do not hear. Vibrations? No, I don't think so! Determining a snake's sex from casual field observations--nope.
  15. We'd be proud to help. E-mail sent.
  16. Thanks for your hard work when the chips are down. Maybe we can cheer you up a bit by sending you our bright and shiny personal geocoin with its sunny Arizona theme. Just need a mailing address.
  17. I think, the only state not to have made an "official" geocoin. I'd surely like to fill that hole on my state geocoin display board!
  18. The owner of GC19GW9 deleted a first to find log because the "first to finder" made the find during a local park's "closed" hours. I think this is bull. Am I wrong here? Are cache owners police officers now?
  19. I don't see a setting on my 60CSx for lithiums either. I have always used them in previous models and only carried them in my back pack. I found out the hard way on the trail that that unit would not power up with lithiums installed. Am I missing something here?
  20. Easter Island is not so remote anymore, at least by my definition. They land 767's there daily. Then only a tour bus ride away from the caches. We've been there.
  21. Pitcarin Island. GCKY5J Very remote and difficult to get there. Chalked up a DNF there.
  22. It depends on the position of the satellites at a particular time. It has really never mattered to me as I almost always get good reception.
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