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How did you serve?

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US Army - 1990-1994 - (98C) Signals Intelligence Analyst


Presidio of Monterey (CA)

Goodfellow AFB, TX

Camp Humphreys, Korea (last 2 years in 3d MI BN)


I was going to be stationed at Ft Drum, NY after my first year in Korea, so asked to stay overseas, then found out the orders were changed to work at Ft Meade, but oh well - it was a lot of fun.

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Dang my memory is slipping--Thought I already replied to this thread.


Still serving in the Best dadgum Air Force in the Free World


Entered active duty in 1980


Been all around the World


Presently living in Japan


Leaving Japan the end of July


Moving to Hill AFB, Utah


Deploying again in January


Life is good


God Bless the USA

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Us Navy 1993 to 1996


USS George Washington CVN 73


Norfolk VA homeport


Aviation Ordanance and Aircraft structures ships company


Was in the Med in nov 1994 when we had to go in and pay saddam a visit when he moved his tanks towards Kuwait again. Was anchored of Trieste itally to make a port call but Saddam had a different Idea. Beat feet across the med, went straight through the ditch (Suez Canal) Launched our aircraft, especailly the EA6B's and then did an end around the Sinai peninsula. Was a scary eyt exciting time. Ended up doing 68 days at sea straight and was releived by the Eisenhower as we were at the end of our Med cruise.


Veteran of a foreign conflict (VFW member) and darn proud of it.


And to echo what Zach posted. Thanks to all those who went before us and came after us.


Enjoy your Freedom?? Thank a Vet. To many times we forget to do this and take our freedoms for granted. Sadly it takes 60th anniversaries of D Day or other days for so many to remember how big a price the freedom we enjoy today really cost.



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10 years teacher of "dependants" CFB Gagetown.


( HELL... She's more Army than I am!!!')


Since I grew up an Army brat I remember those teachers!!! LOL.


The one I remember most was Mr. Sertich, my 6th grade teacher in Bad Kreuznach, Germany. This was "back in the day" you understand. He picked up one kid one day and quite literally threw him toward the back of the room after becoming quite frustrated with the young man, in fact, he landed right by my desk. From then on we refered to "Sertich Airlines" with awe and respect....LOL. I made sure to never frustrate him, I didn't think I'd like flying that low to the ground...rofl.



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Us Navy 1993 to 1996


USS George Washington CVN 73



Just as an aside, while I was attending a school at Fort Lee, Virginia, back in 1990, I convinced a group of my classmates to join me in a trip to Newport News to witness the christening of the George Washington. It was kind of odd as we went in uniform and got to watch Barbara Bush and President Bush (41) as they took part in the ceremonies. There we were, about 30 U. S. Army 2nd Lieutenants amidst a huge group of Navy uniforms...lol.


It was a great day and I've always had a soft spot in my heart for the Washington ever since. I have yet to get a chance to go on board, but if I ever do I will in a New York minute!!





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2 yrs Army and 24.5 yrs USAF and Air National Guard. Retired Major, USAF Security Forces Cmdr. 13.5 yrs enlisted and 13 yrs commission. Retired 2000. It was a great time but enough was enough after 26.5 yrs. Wouldn't have missed the experiences for anything. Met great people and got to do things others just read about, and some things no one reads about.

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Enlisted in Naval Aviation Cadet Program in March 1943. After flight prep school, I went to Midshipman School and got a Line Commission. Back to flight training and washed out flying biplanes. Ended up being a junior deck officer on the USS Poseidon ARL-12. Was in the ready reserve and they could call me in three days during the Korean War but they never did. Never killed anyone but bored a lot of people to death. Not many of us WWII vets geocaching. I have over 700 finds. Dick, W7WT

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Was in USAF for 3 years 6 months and 19 days but who's counting?


Served as technician for Radar, Missile Firing Circuits, and bombing computers on F-4. While in Viet Nam served in debriefing which I enjoyed.


IMHO, I believe everyone should pull tour of duty in the military.

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