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  1. i was in Oregon for a few days working, limited time to cache but I did find a couple. Fast forward abt 5 years I was looking at some genealogy stuff and found a lead on my Great-grandfather who had left the family at some point. No one knew for sure where he went but it was assumed he had gone somehow back out west again. Turns out the old fellow is buried about a mile as the crow flies from one of the caches I found. Have the old fellows section and plot number even.
  2. I've always liked the concept of lists and have used them quite a bit. This defiantly has promise. I've looked at it and already had Garmin Express on my computer. Seems to work well but I haven't done the final step of actually loading the file on to the GPS. I like I can add multiple lists without affecting whatever else is on the GPS. I am wondering how they will look within the file system for clearing them off the GPS after use. One thing that would be great to add to lists is feedback to the list owner that someone had rated and/or left a comment on their list. It might help clean up some of the personal lists people make public on especially Mega events.
  3. I was just thinking the other day how seldom people come back and tell those who've tried to answer a question how things turned out let alone say thank you. You've restored my faith in people. Also work on making your own routes for the times there isn't a public one. Takes a little practice but it some sin handy. Enjoy your bike trips.
  4. I don't cache much with my phone but I have played around with it. Some of the apps, to include the official Groundspeak app, allow you to display just a PQ. Really good if you're looking for specific caches. i.e. Make a bookmark list of a group of caches then turn that into a PQ and display that PQ on the phone. So even the apps can benefit from premier memberships. I think people can find multiple different ways to use each feature. Well worth the annual $30 for the PQs alone then throw in caches along a route and bookmark list and life doesn't get much better, IMO. Of course it does relate back to how you cache. These days I mostly cache on road trips. Other people may love to grab one wherever they find themselves that day.
  5. Unfortunately, the Caches Along a Route feature does not work at this time. I had found this feature to be very nice ---- in the past.CarlfromOH CORRECTION: It appears that I am unable to create any Q's. I keep getting a "Secure Connection Failed". I am using Firefox. I was going to say I recently used it for our trip to GeoWoodstock. I love that feature.
  6. While there are several perks to bring a premium member most would argue it's the pocket queries (PQ) that is the real bargain. A PQ will allow you to get a list from the Groundspeak database based solely on what you are interested in. Say you want to find caches in your hometown in another state. You only wish to find traditional caches that are 3.5 or less difficulty with a terrain of 3 or below. You submit a PQ and will receive a .gpx file with just the caches that fit those parameters. You then import that file into your GPS any of several ways. Also PQs are great for a trip as you can find caches along a route you set up. Again you can set the distance, terrain, and type as well as distance from the road you are traveling. Of course there are other perks and I'm sure someone will post a link to the list the website has of all of them.
  7. Ah, I see you're right. So it's not just premium members but there's an additional requirement not mentioned in the announcement. I guess we have to wait. I'm off to see if I can find that option. Meanwhile if you can point me in the right direction I would appreciate it. Thanks. Never mind I found it. Under Edit Profile and Email options.
  8. I'm another Who should have but didn't receive the email.
  9. Hey Colonial Cats, 1more and I talked about you while we were there. Sure miss you and hope you come to Asheville. GeoWoodstock14 had many issues to included but not limited to: Web page was not mobile friendly. Told they were working on it - never was fixed No forums. Not everyone does FB. Under used - information was limited and sporadic FB - again under utilized. No open posting, post had to be approved which often they were not. Being open couldn't view all posts that were approved. As not everyone does FB not everyone does forums. People rely on both plus Twitter and the other social media outlets. As a result pre-event information was not up to par. Picking up registration packets VIP packets were not separated from others despite package stating VIP registration 1 line instead of multiple by name Missing registrations Poor choice of preevent pickup location No preplanned contingency for weather Giving away or selling registration items before the end of the event. Some "late" comers did not get what they paid for. Face it how something begins sets the tone for anything and this had a terrible start. Food Designated area to congested to allow people to line up for food IF all the trucks had showed up space would have mot be big enough to hold them. Water vendors - No seperate beverage Bedford. There should have been multiple places to purchase water seperate from food vendors. Parking Field was to rough for many vehicles Lab caches With all of Denver's history Beer breweries for a family event - poor choice. 7 of 10 you had to drive around downtown Denver on a holiday weekend - poor choice The FB statement telling people not to "sneak" into the event ground prior to the event rude beyond believe. It is common practice to visit the event site a day or two prior to find the on site caches then visit during the event itself. What was good? The event location was very nice Walk to caches at location Plenty of portajohns, but should have had been distributed throughout the event. Hand wash stations - something often over looked. The attendees themselves where what made things nice as most refused to let the fails dampen their fun.
  10. Not long ago.i was camping and took the dog for a walk down a trail. Saw something I thought I recognized and sure enough it was a cache. I used my phone app to identify what cache it was, signed the log, and then logged it on line. I found it, I logged it. A friend was traveling cross country and upon leaving her hotel saw a spot that "screamed geocache hide" she checked and there was a new cache with an unsigned log. GC number was clearly listed. She wrote down the nbr, signed the log, and that night claimed the FTF whiled logging it on line. I don't see where either of these finds could be interpreted as anything but legit finds. Found it, signed the log, logged online. Edited for punctuation
  11. I am so sorry she didn't get past her last bout of cancer. Denise and I have fond memories visiting with you all at the geowoodstocks in Pennsylvania and Indiana. I really enjoyed the mementoes that we traded. They are part of the collection we have hanging on our wall. I hope that you will continue caching when you are ready. Commuting with nature is good for the soul. Take care. Thanks, she thought a lot of the 2 of you. I adobted her dog and we often take long walks in the woods. Yesterday we were lucky enough to follow two deer for quite a ways, last month a coyote came out of the woods after the dog until he saw me. Jackie's mom just passed and now her dad is not doing well at all. I don't feel like I've given up geocaching, just havnt done it for awhile.
  12. Three of us used to cache together all the time. Either 2 of The 3 or all 3. Work and family had us limited to usually once maybe twice a week. Then one of my friends mother became very ill and we were lucky to see her at all let alone find time to geocache. Then the other friend's cancer returned. Once in awhile she would feel well enough and I'd take her out, if we were lucky the 3rd friend could also come. Her last outing was GeoWoodstock in Fl (forget which number that was). After that she was to ill for anything and not long after she passed. My heart hasn't been in it since. I keep meaning to get the GPS out and find some but it's not the same.
  13. Heard about it on my own but when talking to my boss at the time found out he was a cacher so maybe he's my Dad. I introduced my 2 best friends and several of my coworkers. My one friend introduced several of her friends so I know of at least 5 grandchildren. Plus when TDY (traveling for business for you civilians) often muggle co works assisted in a search and marveled at the history we discovered but never took it up on there own.
  14. How many who use these (and other) bookmark list take the time to rate the list? Did you,know you can? And do those of you with public lists read your ratings? Just got my first RV and looking forward to using the fruits of your labors.
  15. Looks like you are in SCs upstate which has a very active group of cachers. Their Facebook page is Upstate South Carolina Geocachers Association (USCGA). Good group of folks.
  16. SgtSue


    I knew the Gallery was down for a bit, but didn't think alot about it once I read it was back up. Today I was looking for some information on a cache I knew I had taken a picture of and started looking at my gallery pictures and it seems correct, right up to about 2005. Then a bunch of pictures are missing from the gallery, but they are still on the cache pages. Also the dates are way off. Some of my pictures are from 06 are dated 02, 2 years before I started caching. Anyone else see simular issues?
  17. It only "counts" those caches found with that gps.
  18. What you want to do is load the caches as POIs, that will get you all the information about the cache. You can look on Garmin's website for a how to load POIs or GSAK has a macro that automates the process, their forum is very helpful to help you find the correct macro. GSAK will also allow you to load the name of the cache they way you want it named, either name or GC number for both POIs and just loading the caches.
  19. That doesn't leave much time to go caching. You have a point there. Opps, what I meant was we only cache during daylight hours. No predawn or night caching; but I suspect you knew that
  20. Much of my caching is done with, an African American cacher who grew up in the segregated south and still lives in her home town where she sat in the balcony of the theater, wasn’t allowed to swim at the local pool, and went to a separate school. There have been a few occasions where we were stopped, questioned, or not treated well which we both interpreted was due to her color. This is despite the fact we are “careful” as to where and when we cache. We do not cache before or after dark. We don’t do much urban/neighborhood caching; but prefer to stick to back roads, parks, and forested areas. If we approach a cache location and see a confederate flag flying we drive by. Still those few times we have perceived racism it has really put a damper on the day to say the least. I know there are places I have cached when alone I would not stop at if she were with me. It’s sad but true.
  21. Easiest way is to unzip the downloaded file then drag both files to the Garmin\GPX folder on the Dakota. You should also check Garmin's free program " basecamp" to manage your waypoints. You can load a .gpx file into it then transfer to the GPS. Or start to branch out using EasyGPS or GSAK. Yes I am Army, in SC.
  22. Go to your PQs then click on the map icon to the left of the PQ's name, that will show those caches returned with your PQ on the geocaching cache map.
  23. What kind of GPS do you have? Most GPSs have several methods including software from that company or GSAK, newer models allow you to just unzip then drag and drop into the correct file on the unit.
  24. Glad you were able to be successful on your first attemp. Now go check out the Cache along a route feature, you will love it even more.
  25. You need to create a PQ to get the .gpx file. Read the Help Center's "Creating Your First Pocket Query" for a how to.
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