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  1. What can I say that hasn't been said. I just like the hiking and the hunt. What is so cool about this hobby is that you can trade if you want to or not. Cache on!
  2. Because some people feel the need to judge others. What they are actually doing is giving the impression that they are better than those they judge. Seems like the elitism that they are accusing others of. Once again...If members only caches are allowed on gc.com then don't get mad at someone for using a legit feature of the site. Complain to the site if it really ticks you off so bad.
  3. I do not make members only caches but don't see anything wrong with them if someone else wants to. Some folks on here are just giving their opinions about the topic. Good for you. Some folks are passing judgement on people who place members only caches/events. How can you pass judgement on someone for using a service/feature of geocaching.com the way it was meant to be used? Come on folks! Elitism? That is a little harsh. If the site allows members only caches and events then why not complain to the site or even Jeremy? He must really be an elitist since he is the one who allows the members only caches in the first place! WOW Jeremy, you are a bad bad man for hurting geocaching this way. My point is this. Don't judge someone for using a feature for it's intended purpose. If you really feel that it's that bad to have members only caches and events then send an email to the support team since they are the ones who allow them. Sorry if I talked your ear off....here...you can have it back now! Happy Geocaching!
  4. Keithrt, I would like to apologize for my last post mocking you. I just noticed that you are new to geocaching and only have 1 find and 1 post. Your post didn't deserve the responses that you are getting. Welcome to the forums and if you have any questions feel free to ask. As far as your post goes...it is really up to the cache owner if they want to put in the coords. Just finding the right spot to park might be part of the intended "hunt". Good luck and happy caching. Mike
  5. I would also like the coords given at least every 20 feet on the trail so I don't get lost. Thank you for your cooperation on this matter.
  6. It is just the hunt for me as well. Most of the time I forget to take anything to trade. I don't plan my trips too much. Just keep the GPS loaded with coords so when the urge hits I am ready!
  7. It eats up batteries faster...or so they say. I don't get any better accuracy with it on so I just leave it off.
  8. If you want to buy silica gel... There is a type of cat litter that is made of silica gel. You can buy a huge bag of it then just make a little bag out of cloth or something that will let moisture in. I can't remember the name of it though but it looks just like small white rocks.
  9. It seems to me that there is a lot of information being asked that would help someone out that is trying to steal your ID. It almost happened to me! (not from here though). I would send an email to the contact address just to let them know this is going on even if you do not "complain" about it. Yes, I can be over paranoid sometimes but better safe than sorry. My two cents.
  10. Can you tell me how to get to over there from over here?
  11. Zion National Park. Well, caching OUTSIDE the park but camping IN the park.
  12. I am still new and the word muggle still hasn't caught on for me. I just can't bring myself to call someone a muggle. I love the HP books and movies but just can't seem to bring myself to use muggle. I don't care if others use it but I don't . I guess it does seem a little childish...but like Jermey said..."It's only a game." Although I prefer to think of it more as a hobby like hiking or biking. Theres my two pennies now LEAVE ME ALONE! Oh, you weren't talking to me? Sorry about that.
  13. I don't have very many caches under my belt yet so with that said... I seem to always forget to get stuff for trading or I just leave it at home. I don't plan when I am going to go caching but just up and go on a whim. Maybe soon I will go and get some good swag for trading. The times that I TNLNSL I try to make sure and put a note about how I liked the cache or that it needs maint. I know that on one cache I only took some crappy stuff (junk or broken stuff) out and left nothing. I logged it and got an email from the cache owner thanking me. On another cache I noted that it had grown from a small tin into a small tin and several plastic store bags but TNLNSL. What kind of cacher am I? Do I need to do things differently? I am always learning. I thought the purpose of logging online is to provide feedback for the owner and future finders. I guess some people only do it for the numbers. To each his own. Happy Caching.
  14. "and am sick of trying to get my caches listed. Could it be that GC could be scared I might put a cache note inside and tell members about Navicache? Just my own hypothesis" Then you go off and say something stupid. I quit and I am going to bed. EDIT to shorten quote
  15. Jeremy told me a while ago, because of my name I have my work cut out for me. Does the 1000 different logs from all my hidden caches account for anything. It's kinda like, I can build 100 houses that are perfect. But If I mess one up, people will always remember that one. See, if you keep all your posts mellow like this one then, overtime, things would settle down. Also, even if you were wronged, it might be worth dropping it and trying to start over. I know that it isn't easy to do but sometimes it is the better choice to just swallow your pride and move on although you seem to have a temper and you let it get to you quite often. Personally, I think your name is tasteless and only serves to help people pre-judge you (not is a good way, either). It is not my call to judge people's usernames and I try to keep an open mind but I personally think that one is just uncalled for and I am amazed that they approved it to begin with. JUST MY OPINION! I hope that you are able to resolve your issues and find the joy in caching again. Being new I am still amazed at how fun it is and it is too bad that you seem to have lost that. Good luck.
  16. Just remember. People go read your past posts and the evidence convicts you. I don't even know and have never talked to you in anyway but after reading a bunch of your threads I think you got what you deserved. I am not being mean spirited and not trying to insult you with this post but I honestly think that you have a hard time getting along with people that don't share your exact point of view. Sorry if you don't like my IMPARTIAL opinion. Well, it was impartial. Good luck.
  17. I was just reading through some other posts of upinyachit's. I can't believe someone would take this SO seriously! Holy cow! I would have never thought this could happen. EDIT for spelling (don't want to get flamed)
  18. I wanna know what is the deal. What are you in trouble for? Warn level at 90%?
  19. Today someone going to find my cache got side tracked and ended up possibly saving a life. You can read his log END OF THE LINE
  20. Aren't GPS sats. in a geosyncronous orbit? Meaning they don't revolve around the earth but stay in the same spot?
  21. Speaking of needing to graduate to the third grade!
  22. Yes please. Sometimes, when the new post is a request for information a re-direction to a previous post is good. But generally, with new people coming here all the time, a 'new' thread doesn't hurt. Amen brother!
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