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  1. Thanks for the quick reply. You're right regarding Facebook. They don't care. I guess I'll just go delete all of the bogus discoveries.
  2. Add me to the list of people getting a rash of discoveries over the weekend. Many have referred back to the Facebook page. I've reported it on Facebook but so far no one from Facebook has contacted me about it. Is Groundspeak aware of this? Are they taking any action?
  3. scoggins: I've sent you an email offline to make sure you're still interested. If you are I'll gladly turn the cache over to you.
  4. I've skimmed this thread and saw were there was a request for some testing with a Nuvi 200 Wide screen. If there's still a need I'd be happy to help.
  5. Greetings, I have moved from Warner Robins, GA to Charleston, SC and still have one cache in Warner Robins (I still have family and go back for visits to the cache isn't abandoned) but I would like for someone to adopt it if interested. The cache is called Cache Without a Catchy name and the cache page is listed here: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...ed-2ad83aa8450c If you're interested in adopting it please let me know. If no one adopts it by August 22nd I'll archive it. Thanks! Zack
  6. Bummer . I may have to try sending email from a different account then. Let me know when you get settled here in Georgia and we'll go field test CacheMate
  7. I'm glad it's out but how did I miss the whole beta cycle? Didn't you see any of my emails about testing?
  8. I'll be buying some. Thank you for coming out with this coin.
  9. I have had good luck getting bugs removed by sending an email to contact@geocaching.com
  10. I want one in each metal please! Thanks for the great offer!!!!
  11. Take it with you when you go caching locally before your trip to Texas. Log it into and out of a cache and post a photo or two. Then take it to Texas and drop it off. Since you've already had it for a while what's another week or so going to hurt?
  12. Great idea, I'd like to see this added as well.
  13. I don't want this month to end. Just today my son's Andrew's Scouting Trip TB started moving again after being held by the same cacher for over a year.
  14. As one who releases paper versions of coins I don't see any big issue with doing it. When losing a single coin is about as expensive as losing two travel bug tags I prefer to keep the little metal objects safe at home. I do plan to make some exceptions to this practice. I will release the real bike dog coins instead of a replica. If you're disappointed by finding a paper version instead of the real thing don't take it. Wet, moldy, bent, spindled, chad still attached or otherwise in poor condition, let me know and I'll shoot you a new on in the mail to replace the bad one.
  15. Welcome to the Peach state. What part will you be relocating to?
  16. That's a possum?? I thought it was a fox!! Nice coin.
  17. Managing email is a pretty time consuming task and I would prefer to have Groundspeak use its resources to enhance the web site and other aspects of geocahing. Email servers can and do go down and I wouldn't want my account disabled because an email message can't be delivered to me.
  18. I don't think Groundspeak should automatically disable accounts based upon a bounced email.
  19. Just a quick follow up to my post on the 21st. The brand spanking new Wally World that just opened here in town doesn't have any white jeeps on the shelf. It wasn't a totally wasted trip though as I did score a FTB* on some popcorn at the snack bar *First To Buy
  20. Here's an idea for a race. Lets have a race to have our TB's visit all of the TB hotels listed on the TB Prison bookmark list.
  21. Wonderful idea. Make sure they come south to Georgia so I can move them along . There's nothing wrong at all with asking the finder once the TB reaches its goal to contact you so you can ensure its safe return through the mail.
  22. Sounds interesting. I've entered one TB race and my entry didn't do so well, but I'm not going to let one bad experience ruin it for me. Put me down for entering a BikeDog Memorial coin in the race. What kind of race is it going to be? Is there a specific location the coins want to get to or a series of caches to visit or what???
  23. JEEOCASHER: You left off bashing the slick tires shown on the decal.
  24. If throwing more money at the problem (So Jeremy can get a top-notch SQL guru to come in and help) will help get things fixed sooner rather than later I would pay a higher fee for added benefits. Perhaps a Geocaching.com Supporter membership that costs $75 per year with the following benefits. - 10 PQs with 1000 caches in 'em per day - Instant Notification ranges greater than 50 miles - The often begged for Archived Caches in PQ's - More than 100 caches in bookmarks
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