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How did you serve?

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Enlisted in Naval Aviation Cadet Program in March 1943. After flight prep school, I went to Midshipman School and got a Line Commission. Back to flight training and washed out flying biplanes. Ended up being a junior deck officer on the USS Poseidon ARL-12. Was in the ready reserve and they could call me in three days during the Korean War but they never did. Never killed anyone but bored a lot of people to death. Not many of us WWII vets geocaching. I have over 700 finds. Dick, W7WT

;) You rock!!



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U.S. Army 1979-1988 Started as a 63B Power Generation Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic. Picked up secondary as a 64C Truck Driver. Then went on to change my primary mos to

18C Special Operations Engineer. Jump Master Qualified. Basic Ft. Leonardwood Mo, Ait Ft. Leonardwood Mo, Perm Party, Ft Bliss Tx, Korea, Grenada, Ft. Bragg Nc.

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USN E1-E4 (ET3) from 1990 - 1994. Coincidentally, I had troubleshooting/repair training class on the NAVSTAR WRN-6 which was a GPSr on board our ship at the time. This was around 1993 and I think there were only 8 out of 12 satellites up at that time. Who would have thunk that GPS technology would become so mainstream?


I've got a lot of catching up to do, but so far this seems like the perfect hobby for me. :grin:

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Retired from the Army in 1995 (Still getting that retirement check, Yee Haa, which barely keeps up with my caching needs). Served in exciting places like Bragg, Campbell, Germany, Korea, Sill, Knox and Benning, with many short trips elsewhere. I still get to play with the Army equipment periodically as I now work for the Army as a Civil Service type. :grin:

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Served 3 years active army at Ft. Lewis, Wa. As a combat engineer(12B), explosives anyone?. Got my first taste of GPS there and who knew it would have evolved into this. Currently in the National Guard, actually one of the guys in my unit got me hooked on this. Been in for a total of almost 11 years now. Joined when i was seventeen. Got back in March from a year tour in Kosovo.

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US Air Force retired in 1990 after 20 years. Was in the telecommunications/information systems field. Places stationed:


Keesler AFB, Biloxi, MS

Johston Atoll

Brandywine, MD

Pentagon, VA

Brunssum, The Netherlands

Boerfink, Germany

McClellan AFB, Sacramento, CA

Ankara, Turkey

Hessich Oldendorf AS, Germany

Eglin AFB, Ft. Walton Beach, FL

Mt. Kaala AS, HI

Somewhere in the North Atlantic

Naples, Italy

Wright-Patterson AFB, Fairborn, OH


Currently an AF IT contractor.

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One-half of The Old Bet Brigade was drafted in '68, spent most of his tour (17 months) assigned to the 2nd Armored Division at Fort Hood, Texas. Trained, more or less, at Fort Sill as a cannon-cocker but worked as a clerk. Didn't leave the country except for a few sojourns in Juarez during a brief stay at Fort Bliss. (But the other half of the Brigade doesn't have to know about that.)

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Yep, I did 20 years in the Navy as a communications Electronics Technician.. My 1st ship was USS Tarawa, LHA-1 (The Eagle of the Sea). It was homeported in San Diego, CA. We deployed on WESPAC and also crossed the Indian Ocean (during the (Iran hostage crisis in 1980). Yes, I'm a trusty Shellback. After SATCOM school at Ft. Gordon, GA, I was stationed at the NATO base in Oslo, Norway. (Ja, jeg snakker litt Norsk). From there to USS Simon Lake, AS-33 in Holy Loch, Scotland. Calibration school in Denver, CO and on to the Sub Base in Groton, CT. Then to my last duty station in sunny Sigonella, Sicily, Italy. If any of you Squids (or ex-squids) were ever stationed any of those places, feel free to shoot me an e-mail.

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Joined the Pa National Guard while i was still in HS in 94, went to basic and left the guard for Active Army from 1995-97, Ft. Lewis Wa. Never went anywhere. Got back the Pa National Guard in 99 and was sent to Kosovo in 03-04. Guess i had to get out of the active army to get to go anywhere. Im still in the Guard and plan on re-enlisting sometime next year.

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Joined the Women's Army Corps Jan 1973. Traveled around ending up as a Drill Instructor at Ft Jackson. After 7+ years hung up my boots. Then went to a 4th of July pig picking and ended up in the National Guard ( another reason to not drink :) ). Was about to retire when Sept 11 happened. My unit was called up 2 mths later and I have been around the parts of the world I hadn't been to before. Now I'm working full time for the NG and about to take off on a new "active duty" adventure.

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