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  1. Yep, I want distinct caches brought back.
  2. Back in the day it was pretty common to have a signature item. I have prayer flags, globe marbles, painted ladybug rocks, coins both wooden and hand poured metal coins, shrinky-dink pictures, antique fire cracker label reproductions and many more. I don't see as much any more but it still fun to come across an item from time to time. Make sure you put your caching nick-name on it somewhere and perhaps tell why you selected the item to represent you.
  3. In the past prior to the ability to grab caches via the API in GSAK the preferred method to grab caches was to set up PQ's by date placed. In fact there is a GSAK macro to help you determine the date ranges if you have the caches loaded into your GSAK database already. http://gsak.net/board/index.php?showtopic=2777&st=0entry169280 This should help you out.
  4. I am running on Samsung Ativ 500 running windows 8 with no issues
  5. The thumbnails are different than the souvenirs. You cannot put the souvenirs on the souvenir page, only the thumbnails
  6. I can only speak to what I use. I have Garmin GPS units and use maps from http://garmin.openstreetmap.nl/ anytime I am out of the United States. The maps aren't perfect but they will get you around. You cannot search for POI (IE hotels, restaurants etc) but the roads are usually all there. The GPS units will work without maps for geocaching. The only thing is that the first time you turn on the GPS overseas it may take a few minutes to acquire the satellites.
  7. As of today I am at 1658. Next week my wife and I are heading to southern Florida to increase that number.
  8. There is a cache in every county in Arizona, at least there was.
  9. You receive a favorite point for every 10 finds after upgrading to premium membership.
  10. It just occured to me that perhaps you have it set on tracking instead of heading. This would show you the direction to the line that was drawn from your initial starting point to the destination.
  11. If you have inexpensive chargers that only use induction to change the voltage the true RMS voltage will be lower because the frequency of the source is lower. It won't be much but in a cheaper charger it could make a difference.
  12. I found that sometimes if it is set to lock on road it does some funny jumping around. Also there is a setting to change the speed that it switches from compass to calculated. I know you aren't using the compass but maybe it still falls into play. I reduced my speed to something like 20 miles an hour because I wanted it to be well above the speed I can jog.
  13. You can't dig to hide the cache either.
  14. Have you guys thought about letting cachers make the backgrounds for you? I remember back in the day some really nice desktop backdrops made by other cachers.
  15. You need to delete the old PQ from the unit. Plug the GPS into your computer. It should create a new drive. Say it adds a E: drive. Open the drive and find the folder that says GPX. Open that folder and you will see files with a number.gpx Delete those files and the old PQ's will be gone. If you have a memory card installed you will need to do the same thing with the drive created for the card. Any .gpx files with a date on them are from waypoints you create by hitting mark waypoint on the gps. Don't delete those unless you want to get rid of all the waypoints you create.
  16. I am visiting Japan so I added it to all your profiles. Enjoy
  17. Try here. http://garmin.openstreetmap.nl/
  18. Webcams are no longer list able here. They have been grandfathered but no new ones can be listed.
  19. Trackables shouldn't be mailed. They are intended to travel via caches. If you would like to find some check for caches nearby that have a trackable in them.
  20. I have found several of my caches. However I found all of them before I owned them. Just make sure you don't judge someone just because they have found logs on one of their own caches.
  21. If you are heading to Salt Lake the Mormon church has a shuttle that goes from the airport to Temple Square. Neat area and lots of opportunities for caching nearby. I have never done the tour so I don't know if they expect you to take an actual tour but I am sure you could tell them you just want to wander around. http://www.utah.com/cities/slc_free_tour.htm for information and the caches near the square are at http://www.geocaching.com/seek/nearest.aspx?lat=40.771300&lng=-111.892600
  22. It is OK to have another cacher grab the trackable from you and move it on.
  23. This is one of the enhancements I would most like.
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