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  1. Thanks for the help folks... Jon was very helpful.
  2. Just dropped him a note. Hopefully he can and will help. I would not be popular with some of my other friends if I did that
  3. Trying to drop a Moun10bike coin off at a cache and it says it is locked. I haven't geocached much in the last several years... whats up with that? How can I get it unlocked?
  4. Just a note to everyone... the Karma stick has reached it's final destination!!! Thanks to everyone who made it happen. Hmmm... what next?
  5. Thanks!!!! It seems I have a hyper-active SPAM filter. It is now filtering out everything but Spam ShadowAce, I've sent you and Email with all the particulars. Please don't hesitate in Emailing me if you have an issue. (You will pass through the spam filter)
  6. We are hoping some folks out near Colorado Springs can maybe get in touch with a cacher named Vediovis and help get the Caching Karma stick moving again. I certainly don't want to be pushy, but the stick has come so far.
  7. 4agers

    Pdf Printouts

    This really is a nice feature! Great job guys. For some reason this page just wont generate a pdf http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...8f-b68c8a00f900
  8. Sounds like your providers have been caught red handed with a poor Disaster and recovery plan
  9. Got mine... oakcoins.com seems to be down.
  10. I am on a high speed connection 99% of the time I'm on geocaching.com. During Thanksgiving I found the site very usable from a dial-up. That is an awesome accomplishment!
  11. Got'em thanks Cav... looks absolutely great!
  12. Put us down twice... My wife & I are both vets.
  13. 4agers

    Shelter Ii

    I'm sure it is no where near as devious, but it appears our "No Soup for You!" is causing a little stir as well. These people are nuts! I guess that is why I like them
  14. I'm dying here... must... have... coin.
  15. Hey Jeremy... any chance of throwing something like this on the to do list? Let me tell you why... I'm building a blog to supplement our cache hunting. My hope is to fill in the gaps between the cache logs. Anyway, I would like to place a link to that particular days finds.
  16. 2 on the waiting list... of course I will take whatever I can get.
  17. That is very close to what I'm looking for... looked right past your comment. Sorry. However, I don't see a way to pass arguements in the url not to mention for another person. Soooo close!
  18. It is easy enough to find mine or others finds by simply going to their profile page and clicking on their finds. For instance, the following url... http://www.geocaching.com/seek/nearest.aspx?ul=4agers However, I don't think there is a way to get finds for a specific date. It should be a pretty easy query and thing to implement though. For instance, the url could look like this... http://www.geocaching.com/seek/nearest.asp...d=3&m=11&y=2005
  19. Is there a way that I can list al the finds that I or one of my friends have on a particular day?
  20. I'm not sure about titles... but that one made me laugh.
  21. Wow... exciting changes coming into the next version. I'm pretty excited. I would love to see the following towards the top of the list. I've taken the liberty to make a few comments as well Export to Mapopolis Maplet You get this to work and I no longer even need my laptop for any of my cache planning. I would also dedicate a wall in our living room so the entire family can pay homage to you. Ability to record field notes using voice records. I have been actually creating audiologs and attaching them to our cache logs for some time. You can probably pick just about any of our logs for an example. Any way to have it record as an mp3 file with the waypoint as the file name? Bluetooth GPS support + navigation to cache Another awesome idea. It would be pretty cool to have it automatically sort by nearest caches. Or better yet, display only caches with x miles from you. VGA Support (PPC 2003 SE or above) Excellent! Support for Pocket Queries in .zip format This is a great idea... and I thought I was an idea man. Ability to cut, copy, paste to / from field notes Excellent! I currently have an X50v and a bluetooth GPS. I have the upgrade in the mail as we speak to upgrade it to OS5. I would be happy to help you test. We get out caching just about every weekend.
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