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  1. Give us an update on what happened with this geocaching adventure.
  2. Looks like a snake in he grass to me. he! he!
  3. Here is my poem for consideration: You have to search to find the gift of love Like the love that now unites you it had to be searched to be found Through the years and encounters true love now abounds Life is an adventure and a new journey awaits you But not before we send you on a search that will elate you We have something that will fit in the palm of your hand and with the marvel of technology send you across the land A GPS unit will guide you on this search for our gift to you and may your heart continue to guide you just as true
  4. I was using one that way with my computer cable until I purchased the Auto Kit at Best Buy that came with the car power cable, Car mount and City Select North America. It was a good deal for $100
  5. When I purchased my LEGEND Color GPS it came with piece that screws into the battery compartment cover, so I did not have any problem using the car mount. I would have to get a replacement cover for my older non-color LEGEND if I wanted to use it with the car mount. I now use color in the car and the older legend in the field I sure like the auto route function in the Color LEGEND and City Select Maps.
  6. I found the Auto Kit for Vista and Legend Color GPS at my Best Buy for $100. The kit included the USB Car power adapter. GPS car mount and City Select North America. Everything I was looking for to enhance my new LEGEND C.
  7. Took this pic on the way to a cache hunt. View of the Manasquan River looking out towards the Atlantic Ocean in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ.
  8. I am an avid Disc Golfer (PDGA 14567). My first geocache hide now archived, was called "Not an Ultimate Adventure". The cache was a Disc with directions to play the Disc Golf course in New Brunswick, NJ. The other part of the cache was for anyone finding the cache to sign the disc and I was going to take the disc and use it in my 5th Disc Golf World Championships. Unfortunately I changed jobs and did not get to go to the worlds and use the disc.
  9. I download my tracks to my EXPERTGPS software. Topo and aerial maps. I can export the map and track as a JPG file.
  10. I worked the weekend but did get up at 5AM on Sunday to play a couple fo rounds of Disc Golf then I did 3 caches before going to work.
  11. I have been very happy with the reviewers and appreciative of their volunteer efforts. The reviewer's communications were always professional and timely. The only time I did not get an approval was for a virtual but I found a way to hide a micro there instead and I am glad I did it's one of my favorite hides. Three cheers for all you reviewers out there! Hip hip horay! Hip hip horay! Hip hip horay!
  12. Some great responses on the topic. I don't want to spy on any particular person by monitoring a geocache with a webcam, I just thought it would be great to go to a website on a rainy day when I can't go caching myself and tune in to the search of the day for the cache being monitored, all in good fun. I think it would be wise to set up the cache so that everyone up front knows that they are being monitored for the enjoyment of the entire geocaching community. I understand the whole "big brother" and right to privacy concerns that have been raised, but i hope everyone understands the intention of this kind of cache. A global sharing of the hunt for all to see. Sounds like potential public relations for geocaching and a way for muggles and potential cachers to see what it's all about. Please continue the discussion, but let's be nice Let's not ruffle each others feathers over this one
  13. Here is somone I saw out on the road today. Sounds like a good hook up for the Easter Bunny Signal.
  14. I use a Zire 71 as well. It is handy to have the cam as part of the unit.
  15. It would be cool if made a webpage for all to see your cam running monitoring the cache you intend to hide and set up the page so everyone can comment on what they see. It would be like those webcams that monitor every moment of someone's life except in this case it would be monitoring the cache's life and exploits of those that seek the cache. Kind of like "You are the search engine" meets "Your engine is being monitored"
  16. Fellow Geocachers, We all get to read the logs about finds and DNF's but I thought it would be great to actually be at home on the computer monitoring a geocache via a webcam to see the hunt. Watching the cacher sneak around trying to avoid detection and making the find or watching the cacher go in circles leaving empty handed. It would be great if there was a geocache that anyone could monitor via a web cam. You could go to the webcam site and watch fellow geocachers during the hunt. I wonder if anyone has something like this already. If not I think it would be a great one to do and post it on a website for all to see. I am not taking about a webcam cache rather a traditional cache that is monitored by a webcam. Am I FTF on this idea? I guess it would have to be close to your residence or workplace or an existing webcam that is overlooking a suitable geocache hiding place. If any sites like this exist it would be great to post them here for everyone to monitor and the name of the cache that it being monitored.
  17. North N 90 South N18 East E 33.5 West W123
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