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  1. I'm thinking about picking up the Garmin Handlebar Mount for my Foretrex 101. Has anyone used it? Specifically on a mountain bike? I don't want my GPS flying off as I am bouncing along.
  2. Palm is a better-supported platform in general. And it's not part of the Microsoft evil empire, FWIW. I'm very happy with my Palm Tungsten with a few, very minor exceptions.
  3. Much to learn we still have. I finally figured out what it was! I thought it was talking about Premium membership or something at first! Doh! I learned that I like the OT forum. I learned that I can go away and come back and we're still giving the same answers to the same questions for most of the bandwidth. I also learned how to scale down a GPS 12 to fit in Yoda's hand!
  4. No I didn't but it doesn't surprise me. I've yet to SEE a military GPS in the military.....I already know how to use my Garmin.
  5. Carp CARP carp Post edited by moderator to correct non-family-friendly mis-spelling of "carp."
  6. To visit it, probably. At least a darned good reason....yes, it is off-limits to most of the human race still.
  7. N 33.675 W 106.475 I'd call it "the shot heard 'round the world."
  8. I don't normally get in on these debates.... I do admit, as I've got a few more caches under my belt some of the thrill of the hunt has worn off. Now I did do an "almost micro" the other day that was cool because it was a pretty clever hide. I'm not a big micro hunter though, because I don't really get my kicks out of urban areas. I have found some in the woods lately though where the cleverness of the hide is lacking, knowing what I know about how many places there are to hide an ammo can in the woods. I got into the "search circle" are on one. Looked around, walked over and kicked the out-of-place pile of sticks and pine needles. Clunk. Yep. It's a cache. On the other hand, there was a 2-stage multi that wasn't any hard to find but it was clever. It made me smile because there was something different about it. Now to date, my favorite cache is pretty lame on the "hide" aspect. It was right where it had to be hidden but the hike in and out was great. It helped that I was in a state I don't live in so everything was different. I'm learning that I'm developing a different outlook on caching. I still hunt the 1's and 2's with the kids. They get a kick out of it still. But I'm longing for the harder and longer hides. I'm starting to conceive of the caches I will place. (Heck, I've got less than 30 finds.) What will this mean? I'll still have a Saturday with the family where we get 5 or so caches. I might have another where I make a dieicated solo trip for one "big" find. Just my progression so far. Does it have any bearing on the current discussion? I dunno. You decide.
  9. Yes, they are reused, at least in garrison. I can't speak authoritatively for Iraq, not having had my turn there, yet. They are in high demand to store stuff in by soldiers, though. Being water and sand-proof. I get excited every time I see an ammo drop, a whole pallet of ammo cans. "Cache!" but allas, no......
  10. Buy 2 of the Delormes, take them apart and past together a nice BIG wall map with decent detail and grids....
  11. Well the x minutes at y pace would be simple enough to get around. You give me a starting point. I can figure distance for d=v/t! Nothing wrong with it. You could discover the math-challenged cachers by sitting there watching the "slow" ones!
  12. Too funny! My vote would have to go for Noob's "Tis better to have hiked..." as well. I don't get the Ham/sofa thing yet......
  13. That's the problem with eccentric hobbies, because the question always comes up at interviews and other get-to-know you things. That's part of the reason i still own a set of golf clubs and do emply them from time to time. I can honestly answer "golf" if I don't want to go into explaining geocaching, or why I watch birds or dragonflies or......
  14. How about allow some of the Forerunner features in the Foretrex software. I mean, they sure LOOK like the exact same platform..... Actual watertight battery compartments. (thinking GPS 12 here) Why no external power for the Foretrex 101? How hard would that be?
  15. I just leave my cable for my Foretrex plugged in......not like I use the serial port for anything else.
  16. I'd wait, too. Like has ben said, there plenty of get the coords and walk up on it caches. We need some challenging gems out there.
  17. Garmin Foretres 101. It's a lean, mean caching machine!
  18. No. I play by the rules. I have to remind myself to reserve my more smart-alec-non-constructive stuff for the OT forum, but that's me playing buy the rules, not an intimidation issue. Heck, from what I've seen with some other forums I've been on, they do a GREAT job and this is a very nice board. (Honestly, I'm not BS'ing!)
  19. I'm a Camelback kinda guy, too. I got a 2-liter one issued to me at work so that makes it nice. If I ever get to where I don't have one issued I'd buy one. I don't notice any taste....... Now when I'm surfing the forums, I usually have a cup of coffee with at least two more still in the pot!
  20. My lovely wife and I cache with our kids some. We spent all day New Year's Day and bagged 8 at a local park. It was great. We've got 4 kids, 3 girls, 11, 9 and 6 and a 3 year old boy. The 11 year old girl is too cool for anything currently (Uggh! Adolesence! ) But the other 3 love it. The trading stuff really excited the youngest two. My nine year old enjoys the hunt. I've done about 1/3 of the caches alone. Typically locationless (they don't get cache w/o a box) or when I've been gone on business trips. It's a great way to get the family out in the woods and enjoy it.
  21. Intersting ideas. That reminds me of the one feature my Foretrex lacks that my G12 had. Waypoint averaging. When marking it gave you an option to average. If you let it set there and do it's thing for a good little while you could get a fairly accurate plot, all other things being equal. If someone was really on the ball mathematically, they wouldn't need to waste time plugging coords for the 100 yard game. Just figure out which general direction it is in and sprint. You could look over a pretty good size area by them time most got their numbers plugged. Not that I'm that on the ball, but in theory....
  22. Got it. The agency is military related. I didn't realize that at first. Doesn't necessarily mean the waypoint has military significance. It could just be a fluke--an erronous point in the database that no one has removed. With the number of points that DB must have, I would say that is entirely possible.
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