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  1. I don't think this is any kind of rule but: Ballpoint pens may leak and make a mess of the cache. They may freeze and not work at all. If the cache log gets wet and a ball point pen has been used to sign the log the running ink can make the rest of the logbook unreadable. A pencil works great usually. A fine tipped marker can also work very well.
  2. This is a test. This is only a test.
  3. Tasting, tasting 1,2,3...
  4. Just looking for my User ID. Nothing to see here. Just move along please.
  5. The power line insulators can also make a crackling noise, although usually not too loud. It's a problem for the power distribution company because it means a loss of efficiency in the power distribution network. When the insulators get dirty or contaminated by salt ( like when the lines are near the ocean) the power company around here will wash them off with de-ionized water. The arcing insulators can cause pretty severe radio interferrence. I've seen the power company find these insulators by listening for the arcing with a parabolic microphone . If a power line is making an unfamiliar noise it could have been vandalized. Some people are stealing the copper grounding wire and thus removing the tower ground and causing a serious safety problem.
  6. I lost my hat... (OK. I' going... I'm going.... )
  7. Woops.... numbers are gone....
  8. Use either 1 watch or 3 watches. Never 2.
  9. If it moves, grease it. If it don't, paint it. add: I believe this was from one of my G.W.A.D.K.E. (Grandfather Who Actually Did Know Everything)
  10. Hi Mama... Looks like we're trying to do the same thing.
  11. Thank goodness I found a friendly place to test this. (posting from PDA + WIFI) ... ugh... cool
  12. I'd really love to find one of those plasma balls in a cache! As a matter of fact I think I'll go mall-caching today and try and find one. I wish I's been FTF on Brian's cache. (Do you know how hard it is to find pants that "really fit comfortably" up here? I have several small round Lock'n'Lock's that I would like to spread around along with a hard-drive magnet for each one. I was thinking I could put the magnet inside the Lock'n'Lock and stick it on the inside of the cache (which I guess would probably have to be an ammo can). I'm a bit concerned that otherwise the magnet might attract every other piece of metal in the cache... they're STRONG! Has anyone found a magnet in a cache that they thought was left inside the cache properly?... Don't mean to hijack the thread. If I found a tiny Lava Lamp I'd love that too.
  13. Testitty test test. test
  14. Mrs. davwil took this while on a caching trip in Nova Scotia. (And no, there isn't a cache there... but I know were one should go ).
  15. Mumble mumble .... Hokey Smokes... It Worked!!??!!
  16. Dd I do the right thing?
  17. I grew up in Feet or yards or miles but my kids have absolutely no idea how far away something is when I use miles. When I'm caching I use metric on the highway and actually switch to statute (so I can get feet) when I'm walking/searching. It's just a personal thing I guess. Google can do some neat conversions for you: Speed conversion
  18. My Dad and my Father-in-law had to carry a firearm for 5 or six years, many years ago. It was to defend them and their friends. It was a horrible, horrible time for them....!!! After my Dad and my Father-in-law came back home they could not pick-up a firearm again. Still brings back too many bad memories for many folks. I understand how MANY firearms work... It's just that I don't have any reason to use them. (respectfully) D.
  19. Blood pressure rising... 1,2,3,4,5,6,7.... There that's better!
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    Forum Skins

    Dave will stop playing with the new Forum Software..... NOW .... ouch...
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    ummmm... did I just say that out-loud .... ?? No consarnitall it's CYAN... Cyan I tell ya...
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