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  1. I got in on a pallet of cans some time ago. I now have a lifetime supply. It worked out to around $2.00 ea. they were all .30 cal
  2. 1. Eagle accunav sport 2. Magellan trailblazer above were before geocaching 3. Magellan sportrak map. 4. Magellan explorist 600 5. Geomate jr. I have an omnitech dash mounted unit in my truck and several GPS pucks for my netbook/laptops. I held a Garmin once. Took 2 weeks for the rash to go away. My next will be the pn40
  3. It takes something more than a hope...to be a thread killer. The reference and accompanied brainbug to "it's a small world" doesn't die easily. It's going to take some time this time.
  4. And that Dear ones is the loop that this thread is stuck in. So... Nomex was misinformed? Nice try.... I was simply pointing out the error you made in your definition of a lie. My opinion of who may or may not have lied or been misinformed is my own...and I choose not to share.
  5. Actually... It can only be a lie is I knew my posted "fact" was untrue. If I were colorblind but believed the sun to be green and I am wrong...than I'm simply misinformed.
  6. American Embassy in Japan, or England. Perhaps the Embassy in Ireland or even the one down under. My passport could use a few more stamps.
  7. Reviewers are just people who have volunteered to keep the game moving along. They have a wide range of personalities across the board. Some have ego's to feed, some do not. Some are PC, others are not. Some are funny and full of wit, others are dry as a bone. My point is that they are normal folks, subject to making a mistake now and then. The few bad seeds are eventually removed for the most part.
  8. Objectionable? It's apparent that some here feel that it is....and some don't. Racist? Again, some feel it is and others don't. Worthy of banishment from GS's pages? Nope. A few years ago when a moderator chose a name that I found to be highly objectionable, I contacted him and GS with my concerns. Both replied that since there was no intent to offend anyone and it was kinda funny, the name was ok. Basically...My own dislike of the name was mine to deal with (grow a thicker skin). Same rule applies here.
  9. That would be the software revision date. Actually, thats the date of the last geocache database update. That date will change once the update kit is used to refresh your cache database. It's a nice indicator of how long it's been since the caches were updated.
  10. Pewter is a much better metal for this. Heavy like gold, melts and stamps easily and isn't hazardous. Most thrift stores have pewter mugs or candlesticks for pretty cheap.
  11. She got home from her trip, logged her DNF, then her SBA. Reviewer dude gets the SBA notice as he's online doing his thing. He sees the string of DNF's and the fact that it's an oldschool vacation cache, hits the archive button and moves on. He should have sent and email or notice first but by archiving it he knows well that any replacement you may be able to arrange will not meet the current guidelines and he scores a clean kill in the process. This cache has 113 finds over the span of 6 1/2 years. It's gone missing twice before and replaced both times. I'd call it a quality cache and don't see why it was archived at all, let alone without warning.
  12. I noticed a nifty anagram for shuflar. Flu rash Thought that was funny.
  13. I'm not so concerned about geocaching classes or seminars. As it's been pointed out we need the fresh blood to keep things lively. I'm much more concerned with geocachers reaching out to government agencies. For someone without experience dealing with bureaucracies the process can and usually does backfire resulting in permit systems or bans. If it's a big enough problem that they have to attend a class or seminar to manage it...manage it they will.
  14. The problem is that he used the Obamas middle name (Hussein). Supporters of the Obama tend to strip the middle name out when identifying him by name. Opponents like to include and emphasize his middle name.
  15. A Geomate jr would be an awesome choice. Look in the Groundspeak shop or your local REI.
  16. I cruised over to REI during lunch today. The peg that held over a dozen Geomates last week had only one left. Thats pretty brisk sales.
  17. I'm not sure what you are referring to. Do you mean the date that is displayed when you mark a geocache as found? Or the date that is displayed at start up. I believe the date shown at startup is the date of the database version.
  18. My Dad has a technique that renders him invisible. He keeps an orange vest, hardhat and a clipboard in his rig while geocaching. When the muggles get thick, he dons his urban camo and virtually disappears. It's a sickness.
  19. This is best done on a clear day. Once you hide your cache, set down your gps and let it average for a few minutes before marking the coords. Walk a few hundred feet and set a goto to your coords and return, making sure you still zero at the cache (within a few feet is ok). Return to the cache after a day or so and recheck. Publish and wait for the finders.
  20. Some tips from my world... Use a proven watertight container. The more rural the setting the longer it should last. Place it on open public property. Include something special for the first to find. Triple check your coords.
  21. 1996 Tracker. It takes me anywhere.
  22. I don't believe it's either one but if I had to side one way or the other, I'd go with ALR on odd numbered days and Challenge on even days. Today is the 29th so I vote ALR cache. I'll check back in tomorrow.
  23. I've just recently moved from Idaho to Denver, so most of my local caches are unfound by me. I also tend to shun urban caching altogether so it's really not an issue for me.
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