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How did you serve?

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"My father flew Dustoff in Vietnam. I know, it's not me, but I'm dadgum proud of him for that. "


Tradeboy, your father and pilots like him saved a lot of good men, some of them my friends.


Served US Army 1971-1974, with the 1st Cav in Vietnam, and later on as cadre at US Military Academy at West Point, NY. That was great duty in a beautiful and historic place, and if I could have stayed there forever, I'd have made a career out of it.

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i was regular army. my mos was 15D20 as primary mos and 15J20 as secondary.

a 15D20 is an E-5 in the lance missile system, which has be decommissioned since 1999. as a 15J20 i was in FDC fire direction control. i went in directly after highschool in 1981 ans was in for 6 years, until 1987.

at age 19 i was working nuetron bombs. i was a nuclear weapons and ordinance specialist. i was assigned to the radiological survey team and eventually assigned as armyd nuclear responce team. once it was determined that it was no longer necessary to have army units being nuke capable( no more pershing or lance) that was the end of my career. i was stationed at fort sill oklahoma and fiori kaserne in aschaffenburg west germany. at fort sill i was in C Btry 1st Bn 12th FA.

in Germany i was in B Btry 1st Bn 80th FA.

i was trained as rto/medic while on radiological survey team. NRT is pretty much self explanatory. army delta is also pretty much self explanatory.




ps my handle, archeangelsk2002 comes from military related issues. this place was a target in days of old(one of many)(use russian spelling to check it out)

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Judging by the replies, I suspect I'm the -ahem- 'eldest' here. My father was killed in Germany when I was too little to remember. I served four years in Uncle Sam's Canoe Club on a Tin Can [a destroyer to you landlubbers, lol] and was in on the Cuban Blockade.

As for this being a 'private' thread. remember, "They also serve, who sit and wait."



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Judging by the replies, I suspect I'm the -ahem- 'eldest' here. My father was killed in Germany when I was too little to remember. I served four years in Uncle Sam's Canoe Club on a Tin Can [a destroyer to you landlubbers, lol] and was in on the Cuban Blockade.

As for this being a 'private' thread. remember, "They also serve, who sit and wait."



I certainly hope that no one thinks this is a "private" thread, because that is not the case. If you read some of the earlier pages you'll see plenty of entries from those who served in other ways, or, were at home waiting on the return of those who served. My own mother waited on my Dad to come home from Viet Nam, Korea, and Greenland (well, we were with her too, lol) and there have been folks waiting at home for me as well from time to time.


Nope, definitely not a private thread.



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Similar to the other thread..


USAF, Master Sergeant Retired...




Couldnt keep a job in the USAF... learned early on about directing my carreer from my first supervisor.. a very wise man.



Management Analyst

Weather Forcaster



If I had it all to do over again.. I would have spent more time going to school in 'off hours'. Looking back another 4-6 years would have made a significant difference in income.

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US Army (active duty) 1984-1996, to include "combat tours" as a helicopter pilot in El Salvador (87/88) and Desert Storm.


Got out in '96 and became a Metro Nashville cop, eventually assigned to the Aviation Section (hence the username). Joined the Guard on September 11, 2001, because I was VERY angry.


In October of this year (it's still '04), I was ordered to active duty in the TN National Guard Counter-Drug Division as a Reconnaissance and Interdiction pilot.


Should I change my username?

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U.S. Navy 84-90

Served as a Sonar Tech. on board the USS LAPON SSN-661. Got interested in navigation by hanging out with the Quartermaster's. For you Army guys they don't do supplies they do navigation.

The USS LAPON has since been cut up with the sail being saved and becoming a memorial in Springfield, MO. It is being dedicated 7/04/05

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Served as a 1371 (Combat Engineer) in the USMC from June of 88 to June of 94. After Boot Camp and school my first FMF duty was with 9th Engineers in Okinawa/Korea. I then went to Camp Lejune 2nd Combat Engineer Battalion, 2nd Marine Division. Well my mail went there. I spent most of the time deployed to Africa, the Med, and the Middle East. Throw some training at 29 Palms, FT Leonard Wood, and Fort AP Hill I have officially been lost in more states and countries then anybody I know. My introduction to GPS was stomping around Oman because a Lieutenant entered the coords. wrong into the GPS we had for the unit I was attached to. We went 17 klicks out of are way that night. I swore off GPS units and Lieutenants as something useful that night.


Other then my kids the Corps was my greatest adventure.

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US Army stationed in Cp. Casey, Korea. Military Police with specialized training-enough so that Delta force took notice and invited us to try out for them. Did you know that there was a 2 year tour? Pop is retired career military that's how I found out. '81-'83. 2nd Inf. Div., 2nd M.P. Co., Tact Squad.

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My father's father served in Africa in WWII.

My mother's father served in France in WWII.

My father was in the 45th Division in Korea in 1951-52

He was wounded in Chorwon Valley April 1952 taking Pork Chop Hill. He was a medic at the time and came home 100% disabled because the VA said 100% is the most you can be. Technically he should have been 300-400%. He lost most use in both arms and right leg. Had massive injuries to his skull. Spent 2 years in Ft. Sam Houston Hospital recovering. When his mother went to visit she asked the doctor if he would ever be able to function at all normally. The doctor said, I have no idea, that is up to Sgt. Kite.

At 23 he came home to the farm and went on with life. He was a farmer, married 2 times, had 2 kids.

He lived 52 years longer than he probably should have. Without those wounds he probably would have lived to be closer to 90. Last September, the injuries finally got him and he had the last stroke that finally killed him. He had had several others before that in the last 5 years. He was in the nursing home for 3 years before his passing. In the time he was I had to repeatedly argue his case with the VA who couldn't understand why he needed nursing home care all the sudden after living 49 years in society. Finally I said to them, He has lived on his own when truely he should have had a full time nurse or at least nursing care. After that they left us alone about it. After every stroke he came back and taught himself to eat again and talk again. That was usually the only obvious effects of his strokes. The last one was massive and he never regained conciousness.


At the time the VA put the metal plates in his head to rebuild his skull that had been damaged, there was no better alternative. Those plates kept him from being able to have an MRI or CAT scan to see what was happening after the stroke.

Can you tell I miss him?


I joined the Oklahoma Air National Guard in 1988. I was a Dental Assistant. When Desert Shield started, I took a volunteer tour to Tampa, Fla. I was there when we bombed Bagdad. Watched it on CNN like everyone else in the dorm. Shortly thereafter my unit was activated for Desert Storm and I was pulled home to Tulsa to go with them.

I served my active duty time at Tinker AFB. Just my own personal note here. I joined the ANG to go New and Interesting Places. Tinker AFB was NOT on my list. I was born there. I went with my mom and dad there every darn month to the commissary. I did it and didn't complain. What was there to complain about? I was working in air conditioned buildings, on our soil, living in a hotel every night, getting good food..... geez. Besides that, I would have never shamed my dad in front of this little town we live in by being on TV protesting or something like that, no matter how much I didn't like it.

After 6 months I came home to Tulsa, got married, had a baby and decided military life wasn't for me. Been out since 94. Worst decision of my life, but you can't go backward.

Have I rambled enough? <_<

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I entered the Army Reserves when I was a Junior in high school back in 85...via the "split entry" program.....Went to basic training at Ft. Dix....then trained as a 91D---Operating room Technician-- in Ft Sam Houston and then Walter Reed AMC. Stayed in the reserves, attending drills at the 339th General Hospital unit in Pittsburgh PA until right as the Gulf war got started......my time was up and I didnt re-enlist....I have always thought about "what if". I had some friends from my old unit end up going to the Gulf war.....

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Interesting thread.


Now what about the rest of the world?


Now that you see how many American geocachers were in the military, and given that geocaching is a world-wide sport, how many cachers have perhaps faced off American troops in times of conflict?


Now THAT would be interesting.


I once came face to face with a man who, upon getting to know him, and discussing where and when we had each served, discovered, with considerable amusement, that we had actually shot at each other during a conflict in Africa.


Fortunately we both missed, as we remain, to this day, firm friends.


He also geocaches, but I won't reveal his nickname - that's for him to do.


It's a mighty small world!!!!

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Active duty USAF 1974 - 1981. Environmental Health Specialist at Vandenburg AFB, CA; Hickam AFB, HI,and Grissom AFB, IN. Most interesting were 6 months spent on the Field Radiation Survey team on Enewetak Atoll in the Marshall Islands in 1978 where all of the topsoil was being removed from the islands (they had tested nuclear bombs there in the 1950's) and made into a big concrete dome so the native islanders could be brought back to live there. I still glow - makes night caching easier :)

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Tiffany's Head Slave came from a military background since his dad was a Naval Aviator for 43 years including Guadalcanal, Berlin Airlift and Vietnam.


The Head Slave entered the Navy in 1974 as a midshipman and after 11 yrs active and the rest reserve, is still serving as an O5 in the Naval Reserve. Been many, many (MANY) places including Beirut when the embassy was bombed, the Persian Gulf to launch airstrikes against Saddam and lots of other interesting places.


One of his early jobs was Ship's Navigator in the pre-GPS days so he is one of the folks that can do it the old fashioned way with a sextant and the stars.


One of the Junior Slaves is very motivated to follow in the family footsteps and join the Navy in a few years.... Time will tell.


Tiffany Herself has spent quite a bit of time aboard a variety of Army and Navy Bases - and thoroughly enjoys "closely examining" parade fields and other ground expeditions.

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A friend of mine is currently operating in the Security Forces CoyoteTrust.


I'm looking at getting into the Air Force (Active Duty), even though I read in an article that they have no recruitment needs. I also need to work on the physical requirements.

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US Navy 1984-2004. Retired after 20 (whew). Been here and there (can neither confirm or deny) as a Sonar Technician. Was a data analyst, surveillance guru, truck driver, and other various extremely boring high stress jobs.


USS Valdez (FF 1096)

USS Trippe (FF 1075)

Mobile Inshore Undersea Warfare Unit Two One Two

Fleet ASW Training Center San Diego

USS Stephen W. Groves (FFG 29)

Mobile Inshore Undersea Warfare Unit Two One Two

USS Hue City (CG 66)


Glad to be retired and enjoying life!

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US Navy, 1972 to 1992. MMC(SS) Retired. I was a nuclear Machinest Mate and served mostly on Fleet Balistic Missle Subs. It was a good experience. Been lots of places, under water that is. Places I've actually seen are: Charleston, SC; Newport News, VA; Idaho Falls, Idaho; Vallejo, CA; Orlando, FL (From inside the fence at the base and Disney World); Holly Loch, Scotland; Guam.

Served on/at:

USS Simon Bolivar SSBN 641

NPTU Idaho (Instructor)

USS Daniel Boone SSBN 629

USS Benjamin Franklin SSBN 640

USS Hunley AS32

Glad I did it! :angry:

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USAF Electronic Intelligence -- AFSS, 1st and 8th Radio Squadrons.

Japanese Occupation

Korean Happy Days. That was another "non-war" (Police Action), despite the death of almost 40,000 American servicemen/women.


The only objection I had to serviing was the "Truman Year" we all received due to the conflict. Oh, and I didn't get enough days off after July 1950 to spend chasing all the little Japanese girls.


Here's a Kamikaze (suicide) airplane that was near the gate of Johnson AFB in late 40's Japan.


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Well, I just went through MEPS last Thursday, and I ship out on March 1st for Ft. Leonard Wood for basic. After basic, I'm going to DLIFLC (The Defense Language Institute, Foreign Language Center) which is located on the Presidio of Monterey, in Monterey CA for a year.

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14 years in Army National Guard. Getting ready in a few months for a 12 month deployment to Afghanistan as a 96B Intel Analyst. Made my E7 a few months ago.


TDY to FT's Carson, Leonard Wood, Levanworth, Huachuca, Lewis, Bliss, Hood, Riley, McCoy, Benning, Dix, Drum, Polk, Schofield Barracks, Camp Shelby, Nicaragua, Germany, Canada, Lithuania, Macedonia, and Afghanistan soon...The Army has been very good to me and I would not trade the good (nor the bad for that matter) times for anything.

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